DICTIONARY PROJECT Standard Bookplate label


DICTIONARY PROJECT Standard Bookplate label
Conducted by
Rotary District 6110 Foundation
· Our bookplates are printed 6-up on a Sheet of “Peel and Stick” label stock,
suitable for imprinting with an inkjet or laser printer.
· Please order full carton quantities, as the publisher cannot split cartons.
Quantities less than full cartons are not available.
· List the names of the individual schools where you’ll distribute the books.
(See Page 4). Be sure to include Pages 3 & 4 along with your check before mailing.
· Please provide at least two additional club contacts should we need
to contact you regarding your order.
· Payment in full must accompany your order.
· Allow approximately 21 - 28 business days for delivery.
The prices on this order form are subject to change so please don’t save
forms from year-to-year. Prior to placing your order, be sure to download
a current form from our web site: http://www.RotaryLiteracy.com
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Standard Bookplate label
Our goal is to present a personalized dictionary to every student. Children find it “pretty neat”
when we take the time to learn their names, print a bookplate, and present them with their own
personalized dictionary. The lower portion of the artwork includes Rotary’s Four-Way Test.
Our www.RotaryLiteracy.com website has simple, easy to follow instructions on how to imprint
the bookplates using the Microsoft Excel files that you request from the school(s). Our
bookplates are suitable for personalizing ALL books and are compatible to work in either inkjet or laser printers.
Price for 6-labels up per sheet: $ .90.
A Student’s Dictionary
This 524-page dictionary contains all the elements of the Best Dictionary for Students; it
also includes over 150 pages of supplemental information in the back. Key features
include the Constitution of the U.S., the Declaration of Independence, brief biographies
of all U. S. Presidents, world maps, and information about all 50 states, countries of the
world, and the planets in our solar system – making it a complete Gazetteer. It ends with
the longest word in the English language. It is suitable for grade 3+.
Price per book: $2.50, sold in full cartons of 24 books @ $60.00 carton.
Webster's Dictionary for Students
This 512-page dictionary contains 37,000 words and their meanings with definitions that
are easy to understand, with both U. S. and Canadian spellings. It also includes
abbreviations, ten general spelling rules, ten rules for forming plurals, and a list of
frequently misspelled words. It is suitable for grade 3+.
Price per book: $2.25, sold in full cartons of 24 books @ $54.00 carton.
Webster's Worldwide Spanish / English Dictionary
This 320-page dictionary provides wordlists in Spanish and English and uses each entry
word in a sample sentence. It includes over 50,000 words and everyday expressions.
May be used for English as a Second Language classes. It is suitable for grade 3+.
Price per book: $1.75, sold in full cartons of 60 books @ $105.00 carton.
Webster's Thesaurus for Students
This 336-page Thesaurus provides 122,000 synonyms and antonyms providing more
word choices to best express one’s thoughts. It is suitable for grade 4+.
Price per book: $2.25, sold in full cartons of 24 books @ $54.00 carton.
Webster's International Atlas
This 400-page, full-color atlas features of the countries of the world and the states and
territories of the U.S., as well as fascinating facts about each; flags, population sizes,
principal exports and much more. It is suitable for grade 4+.
Price per book: $3.50, sold in full cartons of 24 books @ $84.00 carton.
This form can be filled out on your computer. Once you fill in the required data,
you must print the form, and then mail it to us. Unfortunately you can't save the
filled out form or email it. (You may print two copies of the completed form and
keep one copy for your records.) Once you close this PDF, all data is lost.
Dictionary Project
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cartons of “A Student’s Dictionary” @ $60.00/carton [24 books/carton] ...................................
sheets of “standard bookplate” @ .90¢ per Sheet of 6 labels .....................................................
cartons of “Webster’s Spanish/English Dictionary” @ $105.00/carton [60 books/carton] ........
cartons of “Webster’s Dictionary for Students” @ $54.00/carton [24 books/carton].................
cartons of “Webster’s Thesaurus for Students” @54.00/carton [24 books/carton] ....................
cartons of “Webster’s International Atlas” @ $84.00/carton [24 books/carton] ........................
Shipping charges for bookplate labels - Add $4.00 per order ......
Total ..........
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Enclosed, please find our check #
in the amount of $ _
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Rotary District 6110 Foundation
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Please print clearly. List the names of the individual schools where you’ll distribute the
books. Where able, please provide the full school name. (ie: “Thomas Jefferson
Elementary” instead of just “Jefferson.”)
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Revised: August 2014