The Pure-Pak® Carton a beverage classic The Pure



The Pure-Pak® Carton a beverage classic The Pure
The Pure-Pak® Carton
a beverage classic
The Pure-Pak® Carton
a beverage classic
for fresh and extended shelf life products.
An aluminum board is a maximum
performance barrier option applicable for
aseptic or hot filled long life products.
Paperboard is the ideal surface for print
and gives a clean reassuring image.
Elopak provides offset lithography and
flexography standards of print. Today's
printing techniques allow top quality colour
reproduction and economic qualities of
Quality is the strength of our carton. It is
precisely manufactured and thoroughly
tested. When the carton reaches the
consumer, it will have successfully passed
over one hundred checks for strength and
accuracy. The result is a package that easily
satisfies the most rigorous demands of
production, distribution and retail tests.
Elopak's expertise in food science has
led to product development partnerships
with our clients. New laminated board has
been created to match the filling performance of a variety of foods and their
handling characteristics.
The raw material
The main raw material in a Pure-Pak®
carton originates from wood fibres. Wood
is a renewable resource, and our policy is
to source paper supply only from sustainable managed forestry.
The paperboard has different layers of
laminate to keep the carton liquid tight,
to guarantee oxygen barrier performances
and light protection. The choice of laminate
is dependent on the product to be used.
Fresh and short shelf life products are filled
into polyethylene board, whereas the
transparent EVOH barrier layer is utilised
The carton is easy to open and
excellent to pour from. It can be
re-closed or fitted with a cap, making
it resealable after use. It performs
with consistency and reliability on
the filling line and in shops and
supermarkets world-wide.
Consumers all over the world
recognise the classic Pure-Pak®
carton as the premium package with
a fresh appeal. The Pure-Pak® carton
comes in a variety of sizes, laminates,
shapes and closure technologies to
make it on of the most enduring
packages yet created.
Photo: Bård Gudim AS Print: Allkopi Date: Feb. 2003
The Pure-Pak® carton is the primary
package in the Elopak portfolio. The
classic design of the Pure-Pak®
carton was approved as a patent back
in 1915. Since then it has been used
daily by millions of consumers
throughout the world. It provides a
convenient, cost-effective,
strong and lightweight
paperboard solution and
may be used for virtually
every type of pourable
Choice of size
The Pure-Pak® carton comes in a myriad
of sizes, from 0.25 litres up to a 2.0 litres
maxi pack and 4 litres or 5 litre king sized
packs for the catering market.
Prior to filling cartons are stored and
shipped as flat blanks before arriving at the
filling machine. This makes the carton
highly efficient in distribution and storage.
Choice of openings
The original Pure-Pak® carton easy opener
is designed with a silicone abhesive in the
top to assist opening. The opening forms
a perfect pouring device. Elopak now offers
a variety of different closures and features
with each carton. The different caps give
excellent pouring and reclosing performance. For smaller portion packs a straw is
a popular consumer choice.
Advertising medium
The Pure-Pak® carton is a powerful
promotional medium. High volumes
constantly reinforce the brand identity and
alert consumers to new product developments. The processor can experiment with
Quality control is the essence of Elopak’s delivery.
Specialising in every component of the packaging supply chain
provides the end user with the premium package.
various marketing techniques such as
special offers, seasonal messages,
educational promotions, coupons
and on-pack offers.
Pure-Pak® carton brand
The Pure-Pak® carton is a real alternative
for fresh, extended shelf life, hot filled and
aseptic beverages. Elopak is one of the
worlds leading packaging system
suppliers. Eight European plants are
manufacturing cartons that are sold
world-wide under the Pure-Pak® label.
Cartons are produced under licence in
Japan and Australia.