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Highly innovative carton packaging for dairy and juice products –
this is the world of Elopak. Julia Snow reports on the company and
the newest member of its product family.
oday a carton has to be more than just a generic package for liquid. With over
13 billion produced annually, Elopak’s paper based packaging solutions are top
of the class in terms of design, functionality and innovation. The company offers
complete packaging solutions, including blanks, closures and filling lines with maintenance and service.
Based in Norway, and wholly owned by the Ferd Group (one of Norway’s largest privately owned industrial groups) Elopak is continually developing its packaging expertise
to match the changing demands for packaged food. Over half a century of continuous expansion and growth has turned it into a global corporation operating on every continent.
Through a network of market units and associates in more than 40 countries, the Elopak
Group is able to bring its international expertise and product technology to new markets.
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Trendsetting in Aseptic: the new generation of filling lines
With the development of the first fully aseptic gable top system, Elopak is pursuing the
strategy of highly functional packaging concepts, offering convenient and cost-attractive
packaging solutions for products in ambient distribution.
Elopak´s new aseptic filling machine (E-PS120A) sets new standards in the
market and ensures fully aseptic filling technology. It benefits from its modest space
requirements and high effectiveness with an output capability of up to 12,000 cartons
per hour.
The machine offers a multitude of unique benefits in manufacturing, assembly, operation and maintenance. The versatile design makes it capable of processing high as well as
low acid products.
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Pure-Pak® Sense: Next generation gable top carton
Contributing to a more sustainable future
Brand new in 2014 is Elopak’s latest carton innovation for fresh products: the Pure-Pak®
Sense carton. The name has been derived from the fact that the design is focused on an
appeal to the senses. This latest highlight is a result of thorough market research and
analysis as well as internal workshops across Elopak’s technical, design and development
departments. It was developed to appeal to consumer preferences and enhance brand
differentiation through both its look and innovative functional features. It has a new,
eye-catching design that communicates better on-shelf, and improved functionality with
more convenient handling.
Elopak aims to replace all fossil-based raw materials with renewable alternatives and is
working in partnership with key customers wanting to boost the environmental merits
of their packaging. An increased use of bio-based PE helps reduce the use of fossil-based
materials. In addition, this reduces one of the largest sources of CO2 emissions in the
beverage carton value chain.
“The beverage carton is the environmentally superior packaging choice, consisting
of at least 75% renewable paperboard derived from responsibly managed forests. The
remaining materials are mostly made of polyethylene, a polymer usually produced from
fossil-based raw materials. Renewable PE brings us much closer to our vision of a 100%
renewable carton. At the same time, we are further reducing the carbon footprint of
the carton; a footprint which was already best in class within beverage packaging”, says
Kristian Hall, Director Corporate Environment at Elopak.
In addition, the bio-based PE is certified through the entire value chain, by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification system (ISCC PLUS). ISCC PLUS sets
strict requirements for sustainability and traceability through the entire value chain, with
chain of custody certification based on a mass balance system. Differentiating on shelf
The carton features an arched top fin with a print option that provides a tool for better
range navigation and enhanced communication of promotional messages. This carton
both looks and feels different with an embossed ‘first touch’ zone on the top sides of the
pack, giving consumers a new tactile experience with better handling.
Reflecting the global trend to combat food waste, the Pure-Pak® Sense carton features
new easy-to-fold lines. The feature enables consumers to fold the carton and squeeze out
more of the product from the pack which is ideal for high viscosity products. The easy-tofold lines also enable convenient flattening of the empty carton, reducing volume in waste
or recycling facilities.
Elopak has developed this latest solution as a cost-efficient and flexible option running
on existing filling lines with a minimal investment in a retrofit kit. Customers could run
both the new Pure-Pak® Sense carton and the Pure-Pak® Classic carton on the same line.
Importantly, the technology gives users the flexibility to switch from one carton format to
another with minimum changeover time. In a marketplace that demands ever-increasing
diversity and innovation, this is a key enabler for business growth.
The Pure-Pak® Sense carton has been tested and launched in several Beta sites across
Europe with a strong positive response from customers, retailers and consumers.
The Greenest Pure-Pak® carton ever
Elopak is the first company to offer beverage cartons with renewable coating to the European market. As an industry first, Elopak uses second generation renewable polyethylene
(PE), made of European-sourced biomass not in competition with food supply.
| 4 | Packaging Europe
Madern is one of our key suppliers providing us high quality cutting- and
creasing tools and rotary die-cutters for our global EloBrick™ aseptic carton- and
Pure Pak® carton production. Our partnership with Madern goes back more
than 20 years and it has been instrumental for the development and efficiency
of our production processes. For our new business developments, such as the
new Pure Pak® Sense carton, Elopak worked closely with Madern to achieve
the optimum carton design. Also, for our new EloBrick™ production line in
Denmark, Madern supplied their latest development for creasing and punching
of aseptic liquid cartons.

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