Cym canaliculatum - Cymbidium Orchid Club of Western Australia


Cym canaliculatum - Cymbidium Orchid Club of Western Australia
May 2015
Cym canaliculatum
Cymbidium Orchid Club of W.A. Inc
Committee 2015
95 262 871 139
Patron. Ian Gilmore
President. Ian Beeson 0419049013
Vice President. Courtney Rogasch 0407049717
Treasurer. Maggie McLauchlan.
Secretary. Janine Giorgi.
0407470 888
Registrar of Judges Kevin Butler
Registrar Brad Burrell
08 9343 2761
Newsletter Editor Malcolm & Ann Davis 9477 4248
Garry Campbell 08 9313 6020
Helen Stretch 0419197043
Diane Duncan 08 92495806
John Ruckert 0412192292
Kath Hall
Tea Roster
Carlo . and Leonie
, If you would like to help on the tea roster
Or if you can't make it on your day please phone
Ann 9477 4248
The Cymbidium Club of Western Australia and its editors assume no responsibility for
Omission of articles, information presented. The editor reserves the right to edit or reject
All material without notice. Published materials are of the opinion of the authors and not
Program for Monday 18th May
Courtney will show how to straighten a raceme which can
sometimes be very difficult, also new growth which needs
guiding in the right direction.
Malcolm is going to talk a load of rot about bulb rot, what
to do and the best way to stop it and trying to save your
WINTER SHOW—24th—26th July at Ezi Gro Orchids, Darch.
SPRING SHOW 29th—30th August at Cannington Show grounds
If anyone needs fertilizer, Polyfeed, strike back Liquid,
Trisodium for sterilizing your tools, let Malcolm know by ringing
9477 4248 and he will bring it to the next meeting.
From front Cover
I Found this photo of a Cym.canaliculatom in an old
Australian Orchid Review, it amazed me, because of its size
growing in the wild , N.S.W. EDITOR. The following text
came with photo: This specimen was found growing in the
forest near Gunnedah in N.S.W. A Really magnificent
specimen, the plant was about 8 feet across and almost
perfect circle, carried around 200 sprays of a lovely clear
yellow with deep maroon spotted flowers.
General Business
With some space in the newsletter the Editor would like to show
one of his favourite plants, I have always loved One tree Hill
“Doris” The plant is an old crossing but still wins some of the
shows, best grown as a specimen. One day I hope to win the
specimen class with one. Ha,Ha,Ha, says everyone.
Just a note for the New Members ,
If you see any One Tree Hill planta for sale, buy them, they are all
good orchids.
Keeping Your Bushhouse Moist

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