Extend Lube Filter life and reduce operating cost


Extend Lube Filter life and reduce operating cost
Extend Lube Filter life and reduce operating cost
Extreme temperature manifold seal
Advanced MFT™ filtration media
Corrosion resistant heavy gauge
E-coated canister
Efficient reduction of soot, water
and solid particles to 4 Microns
Full Flow
Double lock seam extends burst
and impulse pressure limits
High integrity welded base plate
provides robust mounting
Full flow element with extended
capacity eliminates large contaminants
Super clean oil is returned to
the engine
Bypass flow to
engine sump
Integrated bypass flow media doubles
filtration capability and provides 99.9%
efficiency at 4 Microns
Extend Oil Drain Intervals 2 to 5 times standard filtration
SPX Filtran guarantees a minimum
extension to twice the oil filter change
intervals in most applications using
DoubleDuty® filters.
Patent 7,090,773 and other patents pending
SPX Filtran Bulletin No. DD0901-1
Easy Installation
DoubleDuty® filters install in approximately the
same time required to complete a standard oil
and filter change. DoubleDuty® filters replace
the original equipment design, utilizing identical
mounting thread and canister diameter.
Each DoubleDuty® filter incorporates the use of
standard SAE-4 standard hose connections,
returning super clean oil to the engine oil pan.
DoubleDuty Performance Tracking
In conjunction with DoubleDuty® filtration, SPX
Filtran offers state-of-the-art testing services that can
provide regular oil sample analysis for diesel engine
oil. OilTracker™ testing:
Verifies oil cleanliness and oil change
interval dates
Provides optional particle counts for extreme
service duty
Offers On-Line management and personalized
data & summary reports
Available Testing
Particle Counts
Spectrometric Analysis
Total Base Number (TBN)
Water Content
Viscosity Analysis
Digital photomicrograph
Can be used with DoubleDuty® field studies
to validate extended life filter performance
SPX Filtran provides fluid
analysis for automotive,
industrial, heavy duty, and
aerospace industries.