VALUE Ad Sheet


VALUE Ad Sheet
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The World Leader in Recyclable Filter Technology
Commercial • Retail • Education • Hospitality • Government
VALUE Series HVAC Air Filters
Lightweight, highly durable and cost effective, the purECOgreen™
Value Series filter is an ideal primary filter to prevent contamination and build-up on coils, fans & ductwork or as a pre-filter to
higher efficiency final filters.
Constructed with the same cutting edge filtration media as our DURABLE Series, the Value Series is an inexpensive filtration solution
with low initial pressure drop and high filter loading capacity. The
corrugated plastic frame provides both durability and flexibility.
Available with efficiencies rated at MERV 7, 8, & 11 Efficiency as
per ASHRAE 52.2 standard.
The purECOgreen™ Value series filter is well suited to windy & high
moisture environments such as rooftop applications and is completely reusable and returnable for rebate credit.
Available in 1”, 2” & 4” depths*
• High Dust Holding Capacity
• Durable Construction
* 1” Filter constructed with galvanized
aluminum frame enveloped in filtration
• Extended service life
• No collapse or filter blow-out means cleaner coils & health-
Minimal, Flexible Frame
Moisture Resistant
Recyclable & Reusable
Return Rebate Credit
Low initial price
ier indoor air
Easier installation, Improved air flow
Resistant to mold growth & filter collapse
Lightweight for easier shipping & installation
Less harmful to the environment; LEED Compliant
Increased cost savings
Environmentally friendly option for less than throw-away
Better for the Environment
Conventional air filters are thrown out after just one use creating a significant
amount of waste. Delta M filters are less impactful on the environment since
they can be used again and again, decreasing the amount of new manufacturing required and reducing the amount of waste going to already overflowing
Delta M even rewards you for your commitment by paying you a rebate credit
for every purECOgreen™ filter that is returned to us!
The World Leader in Recyclable Filter Technology