The Original Magazine for the people of



The Original Magazine for the people of
February 2014
The Original Magazine for the people of Huntington Harbour
Volume XLIV
Our 44th Year in the Harbour
No. 6
Most Beautiful Award, 2013 HHPC Cruise of Lights
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$2 84 , 2 53 , 546
sold $472,000
sold $1,650,000
sold $1,195,000
sold $2,300,000
sold $875,000
sold $1,875,000
sold $555,000
sold $1,295,000
sold $2,500,000
sold $1,310,000
sold $1,405,000
sold $1,033,000
sold $1,244,000
sold $825,000
sold $3,750,000
sold $1,500,000
sold $2,850,000
sold $1,735,000
sold $900,000
sold $1,270,000
sold $2,825,000
sold $1,225,000
sold $659,900
sold $1,422,000
sold $1,005,000
sold $2,100,000
sold $1,649,000
sold $887,000
sold $1,100,000
sold $305,000
sold $1,880,000
sold $1,750,000
sold $1,790,000
sold $620,000
sold $1,450,000
sold $1,050,000
highest sale in 2013
S T A N F I E L D G R O U P. N E T
s e a n s ta n f i e l d
71 4 . 4 2 1 . 3 3 7 7
over $2 billion in sales
#1 real estate team in california
#5 team in the entire united states by
bre no. 01024996
2124 main street, suite 100
huntington beach, ca 92648
Trans-National Escrow
Celebrating Over 35 Years of Quality Service to the Community
We thank you for
the opportunity
to serve you!
Residential, Commercial, Exchanges
In House Accommodator, Refinance and
For Sale by Owner Escrows
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& Diana Wood
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Inquire how easy it is to
714-863-9158 • Licensed• Insured • Bonded • Contractors Lic. # 951140
The Rector GROUP Wishes You
A Happy New Year 2014
38 Years of Experience as a Top Real Estate Consultant, Superb
Negotiator, Excellent Marketing Skills, Highly Professional, and
Over $Half A Billion in Personal Sales*
Email: [email protected]
*per MLS 1976 to Present
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21141 Richmond Cir., Huntington Beach
6161 Palisades Dr., Huntington Beach
310 Lake St. #213, Huntington Beach
9821 Chance Cir., Huntington Beach
16947 Bluewater Ln, Huntington Beach
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For and about the PEOPLE of
Huntington Harbour, since 1970
A Land Lover’s Garden Club
by Eustelle Bosler
Published by Boris & Dorothy Ralphs
Volume XLIV Number 1
February 2014
In this issue:
A Land Lover’s Garden Club..............................................5
Assistance League Huntington Beach ..........................6
Huntington Harbour Yacht Club .....................................7
IOBG ...........................................................................................8
Huntington Harbour Garden Club .................................9
Stop California State Land’s Commission Tax ......... 10
HHPOA ....................................................................................11
Little Mermaid Guild of CHOC Children’s ..................11
Sea Isle Garden Club ..........................................................12
Cathy Thomas Cooks .........................................................13
La Familia ...............................................................................13
Seagate Yacht Club ............................................................14
FINS ..........................................................................................14
Huntington Harbour Philharmonic Committee .....15
HHPC Parade/Home Decorating Winners................ 18
HHPC Admiralty Group.....................................................19
HHPC Sandpipers................................................................19
HHPC Donors and Underwriters .................................. 21
HHPC Marina/Windjammers ......................................... 22
HHPC Trinidad Group ....................................................... 22
HHPC Islanders.................................................................... 23
Huntington Harbour Art Association ......................... 24
Anglers of Huntington Harbour ................................... 26
USC Orange County Beach Cities Alumni................. 27
Flying Dutchman Chapter-Sergerstrom Center ..... 28
On the Cover
Ramy Elias was awarded “Most
Beautiful” for his display of lights
on his home, Christmas 2013
sponsored by HHPC.
HARBOUR LIGHT Magazine is published
on the even months. Advertising deadline
(usually): 1st of odd month. Advertising
rates on request. Subscriptions: $15.00 per
year. Address: Harbour Light Magazine,
16033 Bolsa Chica Street, Suite 104, #606,
Huntington Beach, CA 92649.
Phone us at (714) 840-0995 or e-mail us at
[email protected]
Lunch at Tommy Bahama’s
At the January meeting of the ALL
Garden Club, we created our own terraria,
thanks to the guidance of Catherine
Rouseau of Green Thumb Garden. She
supplied to plant material and the knowhow; we supplied the enthusiasm and
creativity. It’s exciting to discover how to
create a micro-climate which will foster
life and growth in a bottle. Ms. Rouseau’s
presentation was preceded by a short
business meeting, and lunch at the Yacht
Club followed.
We won’t have to travel too far on the
February excursion. Thanks to Linda Axel,
we will be meeting at the Harbour Mall,
Hidden Talents. There, we will enjoy each
other’s company, while painting an item
chosen from a good variety of vases, hot
plates, tiles, etc. They will then be “fired”
and we’ll be able to take home a treasure,
and lots of fun memories. We plan to
order lunch out, so we can have plenty of
time to create a masterpiece.
The March meeting will find us
traveling once more---this time, to Rancho
Los Lomas in Silverado. Toni Aquino has
made arrangements for this excursion,
where we will tour an area which is host
to a myriad of native wildlife, along with
a permanent collection of wildlife from
around the world. Lions, and Tigers,
and Bears: Oh MY! The gardens which
surround the wild life exhibition make for
an unparalleled visual experience.
At the All Garden Club, we have a
short, informational meeting, followed by
a presentation by a local expert in some
form of gardening. Every other month,
we plan an excursion to a near-by garden,
shop, park, or museum that features some
aspect of gardening. Our final excursion
of the year will be to the Huntington
Library and Gardens in San Marino.
Of course, in the world of gardening,
there’s no end to the many, many
topics and special interests available. In
upcoming months, we’ll spend some time
discovering new ways to display our love
for all things growing with lectures and
visits to local gardens and the myriad
of beautifully landscaped sites which
Southern California is so famous for.
Our membership chair and VP,
Terri Feterik, is continuing a lovely, new
practice initiated by Sally Cohen. Linda
will present a rose (our club flower) to each
new member as well as to the member
who introduces someone to ALL.
As usual, we extend a warm invitation
to any who would like to join us in these
kinds of activities, or might just like to
visit once to check us out. Terri Feterik is
membership chair; she can be reached at
626-712-6513. Come on over!
Advertise in the
DEADLINE for the
April 2014 issue is March 3
For advertising rates, visit
If you wish to advertise in the magazine,
phone us at (714) 840-0995 or e-mail
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Please send articles and pictures to:
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Alternative drop off at H.H. Mail
Service at Bolsa Chica and Edinger.
Assistance League Huntington Beach
by Susan Bjork
Assistance League® Huntington
Beach annual fundraiser “Treasures By
The Sea” will be Saturday April 5, 9:30am
– 2:30pm, at the Hyatt Regency Resort
and Spa in Huntington Beach.
This year, the fundraiser features
Juliet Funt as the guest speaker at the
luncheon. Juliet is a nationally known
speaker who will inspire, motivate, make
us laugh and maybe make us cry. Juliet
comes with high credentials of her own
and she is also the daughter of Allen Funt
of “Smile, You’re on Candid Camera”
fame. Juliet shares many of her father’s
story telling gifts. Juliet’s appearance
is being sponsored by harbor resident,
Claudia Martinic, a very generous
member of Assistance League® HB, for
which we are deeply grateful.
The fundraiser includes a Boutique
shopping experience including bargain
priced fashions, accessories and jewelry.
There are also “DreamCatchers baskets,”
a Silent Auction, games providing
opportunities to win prizes including
cash, a luncheon, and a Live Auction. The
proceeds from the fundraiser go back to
our community to fund the philanthropic
programs that help improve the quality of
life for children and adults.
Assistance League® HB are women who
limit their volunteer hours to evenings
and weekends. DreamCatchers are
intimately involved with all aspects of
the “Treasure’s by the Sea” fundraiser
including creating highly sought after
‘DreamCatchers baskets’. At last year’s
fundraiser DreamCatchers prepared
sixty-eight baskets that sold for a total
of $8,815.00. Key to the success of the
baskets are two DreamCatchers founding
members: Linda Eide who provides the
entire first floor of her home and spends
hundreds of hours working with Franke
Tseunyoshi, the creative genius behind
most of the baskets. For more information
please contact Marlene Ryan [email protected] or (714) 969-8805.
In October, Assistance League®
HB provided 6,500 books to 22 new
teachers from 12 elementary and middle
schools and to representatives from the
Boys and Girls Clubs of Huntington
Valley and Westminster. The Make A
Difference Day committee spent two
months collecting books with help from
Huntington Beach City School District
and Think Together. Think Together, a
Santa Ana-based educational foundation,
supplied nearly half of the 6,500 books.
The book give-away was part of ‘Make A
Difference Day’, a national charity event
put on by USA Weekend magazine and
Points of Light, a volunteer organization
that encourages people to enact positive
change through community service.
Assistance League® Huntington
Beach has a close relationship with
Golden West College with support
and funding for scholarships to help
with college tuition, books and school
expenses. This support includes the
Golden West College Veterans program.
DreamCatchers members first recognized
the importance of the Veterans Resource
Center. In 2009, Golden West College
became one of 4 colleges in the U.S. that
developed a Veteran’s Resource Center on
campus. As men and women return from
combat, many are looking to go back to
school to better themselves to find a job to
support them and in many cases a family.
The resource center provides Vets
with the opportunity to learn at a different
pace, to reintegrate with their families, get
a job and find housing.
Operation School Bell® is Assistance
League® HB signature philanthropic
program. During September, October and
November, Operation School Bell clothed
1,272 students with a documented need
in Huntington Beach, Westminster and
Fountain Valley. We are well on our way
to reaching our goal of clothing 1,839
students in need.
Students in need exist throughout
our communities, even in our own
backyard. Already during this school year
Harbour View Elementary School has
referred 16 students with a documented
need to Operation School Bell®. Last year,
14 students were clothed. Before the end
of this school year, we anticipate that we
will assist more students from Harbour
Links to Learning - During the
month of September, Assistance League®
“Links to Learning HB” committee
members presented checks to fifty-three
deserving teachers from seven elementary
and two middle schools in the Huntington
Beach City School District and to ninetyfour teachers from seven Fountain Valley
elementary schools. The total of the
awards presented to the teachers was
$62,575. The program provides funds
for teachers to purchase learning tools
that are not supplied by the State such as
books, iPads, and math programs.
Assistance League® HB is a nonprofit
volunteer organization whose members
are dedicated to improving the quality
of life for children and adults in our
community. In 2012, Assistance League
HB gave $452,674 in goods and services
to children and adults from Huntington
Beach, Fountain Valley and Westminster.
Help our community as a New
Member! If interested in joining
Assistance League® HB, please contact
Carole Daniels at [email protected]
com or (714) 964-7962.
DreamCatchers, please contact Cheryl
Guest, DreamCatchers Membership
Chairman, at [email protected]
The majority of the funding for our
philanthropic programs is made at our
Thrift Shop and Boutique. The Thrift
Shop and Boutique are located at 8071
Slater Ave., Huntington Beach. We are
open 11am-3pm on Tuesday, Wednesday,
Friday and Saturday. Our Thursday
hours are 1-5pm. We are closed Sunday
and Monday. Donations of clean, gently
used items are greatly appreciated at our
Shop and can be dropped off during our
business hours.
Huntington Harbour Yacht Club
by Vice Commodore Kimberley Harrison
HHYC Flag and the HB Fire Department (Toy Drive).
I hope that everyone is enjoying (or
enjoyed as the case will be when you read
this) the holidays. We had an amazing and
busy Fall at HHYC and are now enjoying
a cozy (and still busy) Winter. We
installed a new Board and Flag Officers
in November, which includes our New
Commodore Phil Ventura, myself, our
new Rear Commodore Marie Thompson
and Fleet Captain Larry Madoski. The
four of us have an amazing year planned
out for our members.
We just finished the HH Boat Parade,
the event went off smoothly thanks to
our Grand Marshall Bill Wheeler, the
Philharmonic and all the volunteers and
captains that gave their time. The boats
were spectacular as are the houses in the
harbour. I know we all take great pride
in our community and it is wonderful to
see everyone participating in showing off
our stunningly beautiful harbour. I am
very proud of our Fleet Captain Larry
Madoski together with his Committee
Chair Person Jeff Posthumous and an
amazing group of volunteers for taking
home Best in Theme. Other HHYC
members, the Fighting Irish (Bob Flaig)
and Someday (John Atton, Sandy James
and skipper John James), also took home
trophies! Congratulations!!
At the Club, the elves have been
busy decorating and getting ready for a
New Year’s Eve Gala that won’t soon be
forgotten. A Black and White Ball with
an amazing line-up of music, a delightful
menu, a ball drop at 9 PM and one at
midnight together with an evening of
surprises. Our members generously
gathered a number of toys for the HB Fire
Department toys for tots, thank you for
all the generous donations.
As for the year ahead, our Rear
Commodore, have a tasty menu and
happy hour 7 nights a week. They put on
a brunch that will leave your taste buds
watering. The brunch, 10-1 Sunday is
open to the public so come and check it
out. Our Fleet Captain is putting away
the Boat Parade decorations and is now
busy planning his cruise season, which
will be a lot of fun. In addition he is
organizing Duff y events in the harbour,
working with our Sailing Foundation on
this year’s sailing program and putting
together a Boat Show (which will be
coupled with an open house) at the end of
Mim Strickler
The Most Highly
Regarded Travel Agent
May. Also in store, birthday nights once
a month, Big Band nights, Movie nights,
pool tournaments and a Havana Night.
There is no shortage of events to keep our
members out of trouble.
We also have Men’s cruises once a
month and our organization of woman,
the Sea Belles, who are putting together
more fun events than I can list here. We
are more than a Club, we are a family.
We enjoy gathering, laughing, sharing
stories and just generally being there as
a community. We would love to show
you our home so please come down for a
brunch or contact me and come in as my
guest. I would love to show you around
and tell you more about being a member.
You can reach me at 949-309-8346 or
[email protected] or contact
the Cub at 562-592-2186. Hope to see
you soon!
Cruise Tour Specialist
Fabulous Pricing for the Best,
Call Mim's Hot Line First!
(562) 592-2367
International Order of the Blue Gavel
by LaVon Plumlee, District Director, District 10
The IOBG Humanitarian Foundation awarded the Huntington Harbour Sailing Association with a grant
check in the amount of $1500 in support of the HHYC junior sailing program at the fashion show.
The International Order of the
Blue Gavel, District 10, hosted a
Fashion Show and fundraiser at the
Seal Beach Yacht Club. As a result of
this event, $1200 was donated to the
IOBG Humanitarian Foundation in
support of youth sailing, safe boating,
educational programs, and many other
supportive endeavors. Sally Cohen,
District 10 IOBG Auxillary President,
was charged with making this a very
enjoyable afternoon, and she did a
wonderful job. Thanks also to the Seal
Beach Yacht Club, the Seal Beach
Yacht Club Sea Bells, and all those that
assisted in making this possible.
The International Order of the
Blue Gavel Humanitarian Foundation
awarded the Huntington Harbour
Sailing Association with a grant check
in the amount of $1500 in support of the
Huntington Harbour Yacht Club junior
sailing program at the fashion show.
The check was presented to Dr. Mark
Monroe for the association. Rosalie
Davis-Green, IOBG Southwestern Vice
President was also present for the award.
Dr. Monroe is the President of IOBG
District 10, and Past Commodore of
Huntington Harbour Yacht Club.
District 10 International Order of
the Blue Gavel officers and members
look forward to 2014 for another year
of boating activities. The mission of
the IOBG is to recognize past yacht
club commodores and promote the
highest ideals of yachting through
social, educational, and humanitarian
Live the Waterfront Resort Lifestyle
Huntington Harbour’s
Pools, Spas, Tennis Courts, Clubhouses and
Private Yacht Club Residents Can Join
FOR SALE - 16112 Tortola Circle
3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Bath, 1860 square foot Townhome on
Seagate Lagoon with Water and Mountain views
Offered at: $688,000
Thank You for Your Business & Referrals!
[email protected]
[email protected]
BRE# 01280580
BRE# 01159534
residential & investment
real estate
Huntington Harbour Garden Club
by Kitty Rozenstraten
Excursion to The Plant Stand. From left to right Charlene Bauer, Elise Masseling, Doreen Hill, Jo Anne Greenway, Marian Galanis, May Johnston, Kitty
Rozenstraten, staff member Debbi, and Pearl Holmes.
Members of the Huntington
Harbour Garden Club extend their warm
wishes for a Happy New Year to all their
friends in the community. Garden Club
members have many friends in many other
HH clubs, and it is always interesting to
read and share in the exploits of other
We thought we could take it easy
after the whirlwind of organizing our
fundraiser in October 2013. Not so! A
gardener’s work is not unlike that of a
farmer; there is always something to do,
to plan, to organize. Barbara Simone
keeps members informed about what to
do in the garden during the winter month.
Marian Galanis is always looking ahead
to plan excursions to places of gardening
interest, Elise Masseling keeps busy lining
up speakers for our monthly meetings.
And our president Doreen Hill keeps
everyone and everything on schedule.
Three events in the last two months
of 2013 are worth sharing. On November
13, Marian arranged for a field trip to
The proof is in this picture of long-time friends
Wynne Hayes and Bette Hastie who had much to
reminisce about Christmases past.
the Plant Stand in Costa Mesa. Members
were pleasantly surprised to find a large
nursery and gardening accessories shop
behind the modest store front. Debbi,
Plant Stand staff member, gave a tour of
the facilities and demonstrated putting
together containers.
The week after that, members met
again, this time at the home of Mary
Johnston. After socializing came the
business meeting and then the floor was
given to Steve Eldredge from the Fullerton
Arboretum. Steve gave an overview of the
history of the arboretum. The arboretum,
located on the campus of Cal State
Fullerton, opened to the public in 1979.
With a collection of more than 4,000
unique plants growing on more than 26
acres of land, it is the largest botanical
garden in Orange County. To find out
more about the arboretum log on to its
website. If you have never been to this
hidden gem in Orange County, plan to
visit it soon. You will not be disappointed.
In December we met for our
annual Christmas Celebration at the
home of Laurie Hill. Laurie’s home was
beautifully decorated with Christmas
green and poinsettia reds. Offerings of
wine enhanced the Christmas spirit.
Members had used their favorite recipes
and brought the results to Laurie’s house
for sharing with friends. Several recipes
came from the HHGC 2013 Cookbook.
If you are looking for a hostess gift, locally
written, printed and test-kitchen tried,
Pam Smart still has copies for sale. The
Christmas Celebration was well attended.
It was a great time to catch up with
friends on the latest news while enjoying
scrumptious food.
Members of the HHGC meet every
3rd Tuesday of the month. In January
Wendy Gingerich, our in-residence
Master Gardener, will give a presentation
on Gardening in Small Spaces. For the
February meeting Elise Masseling has
lined up a speaker from the Bonsai Society
to do a presentation on the history and
maintenance of Bonsai. Anyone interested
in attending a meeting or becoming a
member can contact Connie Mandic at
16881 Algonquin Street, H.B. 92649
714·846·0688 562·592·3020
Fax 714·846·7083
Selection of
Gift Items,
Napkins &
r for All Occasions
Power Wheel Chairs
Incontinence Supply
Diabetes Supply
Blood Pressure Check
We will match/beat any chain
store prescriptions prices.
AARP prices
& honor Medi-Cal/Medicare.
Stop California State Lands Commission New Tax
by Frank Singer
We had our November 18 Case
Management Conference at the Santa
Ana Court. The CSLC tired to pull a fast
one saying “both parties” have agreed
to everything. Of course our attorney
objected saying that we are as far apart
as ever. Consequently the court told us
to Demurrer or protest (once again) our
differences. As of the first of the year no
new Case Management Conference date
as been set. It will probably be in March
or April. It is very clear one of CSLC’s
strategies is to run up our legal expenses
and hope we give up. With new annual
charges from $1,500 to $3,000 I know
you will not let that happen.
I asked our new State Senator Lou
Correa to write a letter to Lt Governor
Gavon Newsom, who oversees the
CSLC, to not waste State money going
after residents of Huntington Harbour.
Senator Correa sent the letter a few
months ago. Our new State Legislator
Travis Allen will also see what he can do.
A further development is that property
owners on Lake Tahoe who have also
been affected by SB 152 are taking action
against the CSLC.
It’s a new year so once again I am
asking all property owners in Huntington
Harbour to make an annual donation to
our legal fund. We have already spent over
$100,000 but only raised about $70,000.
If every one of the 4,000 Huntington
Harbour property owners donated $50
we would have enough money in our
fight against the illegal money grabbing
by the CSLC. Unfortunately less than
100 HH property owners (and realtors)
have so far donated.
I have received a number of calls
of what to do with leases and invoices
received from the CSLC. Our attorney
recommends to sign leases with the
notation: “Signed under protest without
waiver of rights”. If you receive an
invoice you should pay it and in the
memo section (or under your signature)
write: “Paid under protest without waiver
of rights”.
Talk to your neighbors, we need
everyone’s support! Please contribute
to our legal fund in one of two ways.
Use our website or by check. Make
check payable to: Zumbrun Law Firm
Client Trust Account and mail to: Ron
Zumbrun, 47 Robert Court East, Arcata,
CA 95521. In the memo section you
may add: “Huntington Beach Property
Owners”. The website can be found at
Please contact me with questions
or suggestions and check our website
for the latest information, Frank Singer,
3552 Venture Drive, Trinidad Island,
714-840-6476, [email protected]
Huntington Harbour –
End of Year Market Update
By Scot Campbell, Realtor
The Huntington Harbour real estate market “Bounced
Up” in 2013, and it was a welcome improvement for
area homeowners. Here
is a summary of market
statistics looking at all of
2012 Vs. 2013:
Attached Homes –
Total sales increased
4.48%, the average price
increased to $630,891 (up
12.25%), average price
per square foot increased
to $416.16 (up 11.14%).
The inventory of available homes in Huntington
Harbour dropped all the way down to 56 homes in
December 2013. It was up in the 85 to 95 range for
most of 2013. This is a very good time to be a home
seller in Huntington Harbour!
For an instant list of all homes currently for sale in
Huntington Harbour, visit
For answers to questions about buying or selling real
estate call 714-336-0394 or email [email protected]
Detached Homes – Total sales increased 6.78%,
the average price increased to $1,618,026, and the
average price per square foot increased to $531.02
(up 10.65%).
Little Mermaid Guild of CHOC Children’s
by Fran Gitsham
CHOC Children’s, as a non-profit
hospital, relies on community support
to provide leading-edge care for infants,
children and adolescents close to home.
The purpose of the CHOC Guilds is
to raise the community’s awareness
of CHOC Children’s and CHOC
Children’s at Mission Hospital, while
raising much needed funds in support
of CHOC’s mission to nurture, advance
and protect the health and well-being of
children. Gifts of time, talent or treasure
helps ensure that our children get the
best pediatric care possible.
With the continuance of life
saving care for children in mind, the
Little Mermaid Guild is excited to
jump into the New Year with the goal
of creating and instituting fundraising
opportunities. LMG raises money in
a variety of ways and is always looking
for new avenues to further their support
of CHOC Children’s. In 2014 the guild
will be striving to organize special events
that appeal to their members so, while
supporting the CHOC mission, fun
together will be had throughout the year.
The ages of the woman of the Little
Mermaid Guild span six decades and
any age gaps that could have been, have
been bridged by founding a sisterhood
based around a common goal, that of
helping to insure the well being of future
generations. With no time commitment
requirements for membership in the
guild, some members participate in
all the events throughout the year,
while others participate in only one or
two. Although LMG primarily serves
the cities of Huntington Beach and
Fountain Valley, anyone from anywhere
is welcome. LMG urges anyone with a
heart to attend a meeting to see if joining
the guild will warm that heart as much
as it does those of the current members.
For information, please contact Judi
Van Houten at 714-401-4254.
Huntington Harbour Property Owners Association
by Dorothy Ralphs
In case you have been curious and
are sick and tired of all the torn up streets
along Algonquin and Warner Avenue
HHPOA inquired about this long-term
construction and the details follow. We
conducted an interview with a City
Official and he gave us this information.
The project on Algonquin Avenue
is a New Modern sewer lift station
replacement that should have been
completed last summer. Due to
contractor problems it is now scheduled
for completion March 1, 2014. I am
sure you all heard about 1000 gallons
of raw sewage that was spilled, but the
contractor managed to contain some
with a vacuum truck and the City
estimate that approximately 800 gallons
made it to the Harbour.
This was also a Contractor Problem.
Most of it was vacuumed up from the
gutters before it got into the Harbour
and no raw sewage was involved at all.
The City engineer informed us that it
was a small amount compared to the
millions of gallons flowing in and out
of the Harbour every day and that it
quickly cleans and dilutes itself. The
Contractor is being held liable and is
responsible according to his agreement
with the City.
The second big project on Warner
Avenue is called “Warner Avenue Gravity
Sewer And Lift Station Replacement
Project.” There are currently three
old lift stations along Warner Avenue
that are being replaced with one larger
modern lift station tank. The lift stations
pump the sewer up to a higher elevation
through several stages and it is then able
to flow to the Orange County District
Sewage Treatment Plant. New sewer
pipes are also being installed. For your
information the Sanitation District
purifies this sewage to clean water state.
Much of it goes into tanks and is used for
irrigation, and various other projects. A
very small amount finally runs out into
the ocean.
At present the Warner Avenue
Project is on schedule and should be
completed by October of this year.
Regarding the Huntington Harbour
Home Owners Association, we are a small
group of interested caring homeowners
who maintain the integrity of the CC &
R’s of the Harbour and attempt to further
improve various aspects and appearances
in the Harbour. We cannot do anything
without your dues so please send them in
when you get the invoice.
Wes Warvie, one of our Board
Members, will be on the City Planning
Committee that is updating the future
plans for the City. In our area their
concerns are for water quality, water
levels and the seawalls. If any of you are
interested please join our group and get
29 Years of Sincere - Professional - Expertise in
Real Estate Sales
Specializing in Huntington Beach’s Finest Properties
Listing & Sales
(714) 323-6188
Email: [email protected]
License # 00848295
Sea Isle Garden Club
by Cindy Allen and Caron Mount
Members at the Holiday Luncheon: Seated: Jan Nagele, Cathy Kelly, Jean Worden and Mary Ann Brinket. Standing: Bonnie Specht, Carolyn Lloyd, Linda
Cassidy, Lucille Mascoli, Lu Mendenhall, Anne Blayden, Terry Hayden, Caron Mount, Carolyn Platt and Cindy Allen.
Another year of accomplishments
was celebrated by Sea Isle Garden Club
members on December 11th at the
Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club during our
Traditional SIGC Holiday Luncheon.
President Cathy Kelly thanked all those
who worked to complete our latest
project. The Donor Recognition Plaque
was installed on the Edinger Parkway,
which acknowledges the dedication of
the Sea Isle Garden Club members, the
contributions of many residents and the
City of Huntington Beach. The meeting
was followed by a exquisite luncheon
choice of salmon salad or spinach stuffed
chicken breast. Adding to the holiday
spirit, we exchanged exciting mystery
gifts, where wrapped treasures were
unwrapped, though some gifts were
“stolen” a few times!
After our SIGC meeting at Caron
Mount’s lovely waterfront home on
January 8th, members were treated to
a fascinating demonstration by Shaile
Socher, Sugar Artist, who creates realistic
flowers with sugar gum paste. Caron had
Shipwright Services
Fiberglass/Gelcoat Repair
Bottom Paint
Outdrive Specialist
Custom Fabrications
All Sportfishing Services
Call Us for All Your Boat Repair
and Service Needs
2901 Edinger Avenue • Building B
Huntington Beach • CA 92649
(562) 592-2841
met Shaile at the Orange County Fair at
her working/display booth and both were
anxious to share the discovery with the
Sea Isle members. Shaile showed us how
to make the Phaius Orchid in all the
steps, bringing pieces already done since
the parts had to be dried before doing the
assembling steps. Usually Shaile teaches
just one of the various types of flowers in
two sessions of 2 hours each, but it was
obvious there were years of practice that
went into her edible art. The roses, peonies,
hydrangea, sweet peas, daffodils, tulips,
iris, and succulents last forever and are too
beautiful to eat. If you were to look at the
pictures on her Shailesedibleart.blogspot.
com website, you would not believe they
are made of sugar. Her creations include
full arrangements as you would find at a
florist’s shop.
The life-like orchids continued to
be the topic of conversation as we enjoyed
lunch on the waterfront patio, surrounded
by real flowering plants and fruit-filled
citrus trees in pots. As the east coast
and midwest froze, we marveled at the
tomatoes still ripening on the vines, and
the cymbidium orchid spikes showing
their buds preparing to bloom here in our
lovely Huntington Harbour climate.
Please be sure to mark your calendars
for our February 12th meeting at the
SeaGate Clubhouse where the Orange
County District Award Team will
share their reviews of outstanding club
members’ gardens. Carolyn Platt’s garden
has already been recognized as among
those selected for Orange County awards.
Please contact our VP of
Membership, Cindy Allen, at 310-2458702 for information on becoming a
member of the Club. We meet the second
Wednesday of the month.
Cathy Thomas Cooks
by Cathy Thomas
I love dishes that look beautiful and
taste delicious, yet don’t require much
work. Gravlax, a Swedish-style cured
salmon made by coating a fresh salmon
fillet with a salt-sugar-fresh dill rub, is a
dandy example. Once quickly slathered,
it is weighted (often using a plate topped
with a heavy can or two, or a pot filled
with water) and refrigerated for three to
four days.
Years ago I did a gravlax-themed
interview with Ulf Anders Strandberg,
chef and co-owner of Gustaf Anders in
South Coast Plaza Village, Santa Ana. It
was a sad day for Orange County when
that glorious restaurant closed. Gustaf
Anders’ gravlax was delicious.
“Use a perfectly fresh Norwegian
salmon or a farmed Atlantic salmon - a
king salmon is too lean,” Swedish-born
Strandberg told me. “You want the fish
to have a little fat. And you can remove
the (pin) bones with pliers, or simply ask
them at the market to do that.”
Strandberg said to use one cup sugar
and one cup salt, plus one teaspoon of
crushed white peppercorns, plenty of
chopped fresh dill and a little aquavit
(Scandinavian distilled liquor). He tightly
wrapped the salmon in both plastic wrap
and aluminum foil; weighted down, the
fish was refrigerated for at least 48 hours.
La Familia
Before thinly slicing, he said, remove
most of the dill, but don’t wash it off.
Some salt-sugar mixture should stick to
the surface. Wiping with your hand, in
one gentle swipe, seems to be the ticket
to removing the appropriate amount of
dill. Then thinly slice it; place it fleshside up on a cutting board, and slice on
the diagonal using a sharp (thin-bladed)
knife. When the knife reaches the skin,
turn it so it is parallel with the work
surface and continue cutting (the slice
will separate from the skin and the skin
will remain in one solid piece).
A traditional Swedish way to serve
it is thinly sliced, accompanied with a
mustard sauce. To make it, combine 4
tablespoons Dijon mustard, 1 teaspoon
dry mustard, 3 tablespoons sugar and
2 tablespoons white wine vinegar in
food process; pulse to combine. With
the motor running, add 1/3 cup room
temperature vegetable oil in a very thin
stream through the food-tube. Stir in 3
to 4 tablespoons finely chopped fresh dill.
Accompany the gravlax and mustard
sauce with toast and lemon slices.
Ah, delicious dining memories. At
Gustaf Anders they sometimes made
thicker cuts of gravlax and quickly grilled
them; they were served with tomato and
cucumber salad with honey vinaigrette.
Sign up to receive Cathy Thomas’
e-newsletter at, the
Website she writes for food lovers and cooks.
prizes and decorate trees for the raffle.
Lots of prizes make for many guests going
home very happy.
Mim, as usual, was so generous
allowing us to use her wonderful party
room to address invitations as well as
decorate several trees.
Ruth Otis was in charge of getting
the invitations out and Madeline
Campbell was in charge of getting trees
decorated. How fun it is to work for a
good cause. The proceeds of all of our
work with the Christmas Tree Luncheon
went to Orangewood Children’s Home.
We always like to get new members to
have fun helping to support the children.
by Mary Busche
The Christmas Holidays are always
made special because of Our Christmas
Tree Wonderland Luncheon and Fashion
Preparation for the Luncheon starts
way ahead. Besides getting invitations
out we sell tickets, invite our friends and
most importantly we collect silent auction
Seagate Yacht Club
by author
Commodore Josef Davydovits, Kim Davydovits, Bonnie Specht, & Jr. Staff Commodore Jeff Specht.
Seagate Yacht Club Commodore’s Ball
What a beautiful Commodore’s Ball.
The Westminster Rose Center put out all
the fi xings for us and made SeaGate Yacht
Club feel right at home. Commodore
Jeff and Bonnie Specht hosted over 80
elegantly dressed members and guests.
The evening began with light piano music
by “Dead Men Rockin”, followed by trays
of hot appetizers. The ceremony began
with Commodore Specht honoring all the
attending veterans, Staff Commodores
and guests. Staff Commodore Mike
Courtway did the invocation and Pledge
of Allegiance. Everyone feasted on salmon
and prime rib with all the trimmings
including enough wine on each table to
get everyone ready to party.
the past board and gave them gifts of
appreciation. Also, all the events hosts
were given gifts and thanked for all their
hard work and a “Job well done” for a
truly fun year. The new board was sworn
in by Jr. Staff Commodore Dale Giali.
Our new Commodore, Josef Davydovits,
was sworn in and wished good luck by
all. Commodore Jeff Specht and Bonnie
were thanked for all their hard work and
leadership for the year. Members then
danced the night away with “Dead Men
Rockin” a four piece live band. At one
time the dance floor was full and there
was not one person sitting at the tables.
Truly a fun event not to forget!
New Years Eve Party
Happy New Year from SeaGate
Yacht Club. Members of SGYC celebrated
the arrival of 2014 with a great New Year’s
Eve Party. There was lots of dancing to
the theme music of the 50s/60s, and
Elvis arrived just in time to count down
the midnight hour as we watched the
Balloon Drop on TV. Everyone enjoyed
creating fun memories with the special
photo booth that was set up just for this
occasion. There was plenty of drinks,
champagne, and light catered munchies.
A good time was had by ALL!
by Barbara Devlin
Donna Longman, Pearl Holmes & Bob Longman at the Boat parade party
at Sara & Bill Wilson’s.
Lois Hohly Shell Grossman, Mary Berge, Betty McCarthy, Barbara Devlin
at the Day Gourmet Christmas party.
FINS Members had a ringside
seat at the Boat Parade this year at
the main channel waterfront home of
Sara and Bill Wilson. Members arrived
early for Cocktail hour and enjoyed the
many delicious hors d’oeuvres prepared
by members. Rita Collins was the
chairperson of the Boat Parade Party
and arranged for a catered dinner of
Chicken Fettuccini, tossed green salad
and delicious desserts… chocolate cake,
brownies and a scrumptious Raspberry
Trifle made by Donna Longman.
In December, Daytime Gourmet
Members enjoyed their yearly Christmas
Party Luncheon Extravaganza and Gift
Exchange at the home of Loretta Maiorana
with June Ascolesi as cohostess. The main
entree was broiled lobster tails, potato
latkes with applesauce and green beans
with tomatoes. Appetizers were spicy
chicken meatballs from the Nashville
Music City Easts food festival and stuffed
celery sticks with assorted cheeses and
olives. Dessert was a wonderful raspberry
trifle made by Pearl Holmes (Donna
Longman’s recipe). Members gathered
in the living room for their Christmas
Exchange of food and gifts. Mary
Berge’s cookie selection and Christmas
Apron was the first gift chosen as usual
and was picked by Marian Galanis who
promptly lost it to Betty McCarthy. The
big hit of the evening was a coffee cream
pannatoni. It seems that Jerry Galanis was
so impressed with the pannatoni that he
bought out Trader’s Joe’s whole supply
to give as gifts to his extended family in
Long Beach.
Huntington Harbour Philharmonic Committee
by Eva Kilgore
The HHPC office was full of happy volunteers this past December.
Wow! We did it. This past holiday
season was, in a word, incredible. Our
HHPC volunteers not only stepped up
to the plate, they hit it out of the park.
The boat parade was beautiful. Grand
Marshal Bill Wheeler expertly navigated
his team, and made sure all details were in
place. Roxanne Talley, Joanne Fernbach,
Margie Bogart, Alysa Morallo, and
Parade Captain Sharie Sneddon, Night
Captains*, plus Lieutenants* all did a
stellar job. “Music Around the World”
was the theme, and many boat decorations
reflected that. Home decor, too. See the
list of winners this year for waterfront,
and off-water. Thank you!
Right after the boat parade, we
present the Cruise of Lights. Our
volunteers did whatever it took to make
sure our guests had incredible narrated
boat tours to see thousands of lights on
roofs, balconies, decks, and docks.
Passengers came from far (tickets
were bought in Taiwan), and near (right
here in Huntington Harbour). Thank
you to Sheree Novak, Susie Scott,
Susan Qaqundah, Marlene Nielsen,
Anita Osgood, Bett Walton, Christine
Faubert, Kim Willingham, Karen
Ridout, Charlene Bauer, Cathy Liddle,
Lolly McHardy, Kim Weddon, Melissa
Banning, Pam Myers, Bea Swanson,
Admiralty, Sandpiper, Islanders, Marina
Windjammer, and Trinidad for all their
hard work. And, Patty Reilly, applause to
you too for making sure our commentators
were on point. Mike Novak wrote the
Cruise of Lights script, which added to
Cruise perfection.
We presented Chili Night, and gave
out funds to schools. Our own members,
plus Philharmonic Society of Orange
County members were on hand to share a
wonderful night of fun, friendship, and to
take the Cruise of Lights.
Thanks to those who brought in
homemade goodies, carried flashlights,
wore big smiles along with their blue
and white HHPC sweatshirts, braved
the cold, and warmed everyone’s hearts.
HHPC, you rock!
Thanks to Charmaine Rood and
CeCe Lorthier for getting the word out to
everyone from radio to television to print
media. To those who put up banners,
took them down, handed out information
cards, and made it all happen. And, to
Madeline, our office guru. She helped out
Best Tribute to Theme winner, The Fields Family
at every turn, and was an integral part of
our success.
Please see the list below of more
people that need to be thanked, and
deserve big applause. What’s in store
for the new year? Lots of things. You’ll
see us promoting the music programs,
presenting the juniors fashion show, and
having lots of fun. We are proud of our
51st year accomplishments.
Why do we do it? To make sure our
children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews
and every child in Orange County from
kindergarten through 12th grade receives
quality, continuing music programs and
education. We would love to have you join
us. Call 714-840-7542 for information.
*Night Captains: Brian Metherell, Dave
Caubel, Dean Stanton, Jeff Silver,
Norman Huniu, Scot Campbell.
*Lieutenants & Skippers: Calvin Free,
Chris Cole, Chris Janielli, Cliff Robbins,
Dave Fell, Davin Day, Dean Volvin, John
Roddin, Kate Douglas, Mark Headland,
Courtway, Michael White, Paul Hasse,
Rick Wood, Ron Martin, Sean Gallagher,
Victoria Stephens.
At MemorialCare, we specialize in minimally invasive,
cardiac robotic-assisted surgery. We operate through
a few tiny openings, instead of the traditional,
foot-long incision, so our patients experience fewer
complications, greater comfort and faster recoveries.
Distinguished as a leading heart and vascular center,
Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center offers
personalized prevention programs, expert surgeons
and innovative care. Call for a referral to a top Orange
Coast Memorial cardiac specialist.
Orange Coast Memorial
HHPC: Parade and Home Decorating Winners
Sweepstakes Trophy Off Water Winner, Crowley family.
Most Traditional Waterfront Winner, Griley family.
Waterfront Home Winners
Sweepstakes: 8 Seagate Condos, Brad Goodrich
Best Tribute To Theme: Lois Lacy
Best Tribute To Holiday Season: Z & Becky Zadro
Most Eff ective Use Of Lights: Thomas Dao
Most Whimsical: Ray & Raven Beeso
Most Traditional: The Griley’s
Most Contemporary: William Jones
Best Animation: Elmer & Coco Malchow
Most Beautiful: Ramy Elias
Judges Special Trophy: John Gilbert & Diane Stump
Award Of Excellence: Frank & Jeanie Gibson
Best Tribute To Holiday Season: Lucky Days Ii By Jon Yarchever
Most Religious: Kahuna By Calvary Chapel Of The Harbour, Pete
Best Animation: Eagle’s Nest By Thomas Dao
Design Excellence: Bet T Jo By Elizabeth Fertig & Bernard Brooks
Most Contemporary: Jersey Devil By Harbour Rod & Reel Club,
Tony & Julie Sabatino
Most Whimsical: She Said Yes By Steve & Sherri Giron
Most Eff ective Use Of Lights: Pescado Loco By Curtis & Clay
Best Yacht Club: Fin-Tastic By Seagate Yacht Club, Gil Morris
Best Of Harbour: Ice Time By Admiralty, Richard & Alice
Award Of Excellence: Someday By John James
Award Of Excellence: America Jane By Russ Turk
Best Group Entry: Laura David, Ken Huss, Ginger Nelson
Best Individual Entry: Ron & Joni Kodimer
Best Tribute To Theme: Guy & Caron Mount
Judges Special Trophy: Dennis Huffman & Peggy Allison
Award Of Excellence: Mike & Lolly Mchardy
Off -Water Home Winners
Sweepstakes: The Crowley Family
Best Tribute To Theme: The Fields Family
Best Tribute To Holiday Season: Ed & Beth Ann Kendzierski
Most Eff ective Use Of Lights: Ron & Brooke Schilling
Most Whimsical: Brad & Kimberly Willingham
Most Traditional: The Frlekin Family
Most Religious: John & Susana Wilde
Most Contemporary: Norman & Julie Huniu
Best Animation: The Singhi Family
Most Beautiful: Tom & Mary Griley
Judges Special Trophy: Thomas Dao
Huntington Harbour Boat Parade Winners
Sweepstakes: Always Rushed By Tom & Mary Griley
Best Tribute To Theme: Luna Seas By Huntington Harbour Yacht
Club, Larry Madoski
Best Display Of Originality: Fighting Irish By Bob Flaig
Most Beautiful: Hooligan Vi By Ron & Joanne Foland
Judges Special Trophy: Alexandra Marie By Willingham & Faubert
Most Beautiful Off Water Winner, Tom and Mary Griley.
HHPC: Admiralty Group
by Mim Strickler
Lorraine Garafalo and Patti Kenmore.
Alice Zamboni, Mim Strickler and Anita Osgood.
Richard Zamboni whose boat won “Best
of Harbour” for our Admiralty entry.
Their perpetual trophy was donated by
Churee Kakimoto in memory of Dr.
Howard Stein.
Cruise of Lights work night was a
great success due to the organizing of
Anita Osgood, the presence of a singing
group and fabulous weather plus a great
display of holiday lights!
January our President Marie Edwards
gave a Board of Director’s spotlight
report on the history and info about our
Admiralty group. Our luncheon/meeting
was held in the private room at Panda
Palace where we welcomed all to the Year
of the Horse and Aurea Hoad announced
our plans for ushering and Music Mobile
work ahead.
Hosts Herb and Mary Lundin, Sandpiper Pres. Helene Rowlette, Mike McHardy, HHPC Co-Chair Lolly
McHardy, Keith Liddle, HHPC Office Manager Madeline Fields and Les Kelly at the Holiday Party.
venues in Orange County. They also
had sign-up sheets for the Music Mobile
presentations to the local elementary
schools. Sandpipers eagerly volunteered
to be ushers and signed up for the Music
Mobile presentations.
Future February Meeting
On Thursday, February 20th, the
Monthly meeting of the Sandpipers will
be held at Loretta Patterson’s home.
Save the Date
On Saturday, April 5th, the Grand
Marshall Event will be held at Huntington
Harbour Yacht Club.
More Information
Philharmonic Sandpipers are one of
the five committees comprising the
Huntington Harbour Philharmonic
Committee (HHPC). Our monthly
meetings are held in the afternoon on
the 3rd Thursday of the month at various
members’ homes. Following our meetings
we have happy hour with delicious
appetizers provided by Sandpipers.
Please call Membership Chair
Loretta Patterson at (714) 840-9125, email
[email protected] for more information
about the Sandpipers.
Admiralty group continues to keep
busy as ever. We kicked off the season with
a dinner/meeting at Mim Strickler’s home
arranged by Elaine Montgomery. We
announced holiday plans with a special
intro and enthusiasm from our own Bill
Wheeler (we are so proud of him as our
Grand Marshall of the Boat Parade).
During the festivities of the Parade,
we congratulated our members Alice and
HHPC: Sandpipers
by Cindy Allen
December Events
Sandpipers were busy in the month of
December to help make the 51st Annual
Cruise of Lights a success. On Friday,
December 13th, our annual Holiday
Party was held at Mary and Herb Lundin’s
beautiful waterfront home. On Thursday,
December 19th Sandpipers volunteered
to work for the Cruise of Lights Chili
Dinner at the Huntington Harbour Yacht
Club. Checks were presented to Orange
County educators for music education
programs. Our HHPC Sandpipers work
Night was Friday, December 20th.
Sandpipers helped people board buses
and boats for an enjoyable time viewing
the holiday lights.
January Meeting
On Thursday, January 16th, the
Monthly meeting of the Sandpipers was
held at Nicole Stewart’s home. Karen
Tribble and Carol Travis organized the
ushering dates for January for the Music
Education Youth Concerts held at various
Our Team Specializes In Selling Homes in Huntington Harbour
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Call Coldwell Banker’s #1 Team in Orange County: 714.454.9763 | Who You Work With Matters
L on
Christiana Bay Channel
l i za
b et
Midway Channel
Tiburon Ba
Coral Cay
Marina Basin
Weatherly Bay Marina
*in correction of December’s Harbour Lights ad
The Smith Group has over $244 Million in Closed 2013 Sales
Coldwell Banker’s #1 Producing Team from Orange County to the Desert for the Fourth Straight Year
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[email protected]
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HHPC Donors and Underwriters
Thank you to our generous Donors/Underwriters for making this year a success.
Anthony Salcido
Betty Gallyon
Bill Younis
Bruce & Betty Fleming
Chris & Marlene Nielsen
Cleve Sproule & Mark Arizmendi
Deborah Anderson
Dave & Vivie Price
David & Marjie Betz
Diane Hoover
Donna Hieshima
Elizabeth Fertig
Drs. Greg Smith & Ana Chang-Smith
Hank & Toni Sobel
Howard Geoghegan
Jarrick Family
Jim & Bett Walton
Lisa Heindl
Margie Finlay
Margie Lewis & Jim Kossler
Michael & Terri Feterik
Ned & Karen Ucker
Rich & Dianne Rector
Robert & Susan Garey
Ron & Dora Harford
Ron & Glory Horn
Ruth Roe
Steve & Mayda David
Virginia Nelson
William Newfield
Cruise of Lights® and Boat Parade Donors And Underwriters
D.D. Dunlap Companies - Huntington Harbour Mall
Churee Kakimoto - The Powers Team
Cristi Ulrich - Smith Group
Dean Zitko - Star Real Estate
Edison International - Lory & Sharon Larson
Harbour Light Magazine - Boris & Dorothy Ralphs
House of Brews Restaurant
Huntington Marina HOA
Red Table Restaurant
Roosters Foundation of Orange County
Ross Family Foundation
Swift Slip Dock & Pier Builders
Super Yacht Gift $1000
Dama Claire Chasle
Sharon & Joe Hernandez, Melissa’s Fruits & Veggies
Yacht Gift $500
Cor & Lauren Claus
Ra Beeso
Schooner Gift $250
Court & Missy Prowell
Del & Jane Brault
Michelle Brenner
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Lester
Robert & Roberta Bissell
Robert L. Stanley
Catamaran Gift $100
Bob & Connie Mandic
Bob Flaig
Bobbitt C. Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Saylin
Chris’ & Pitt’s Restaurants
Christopher & Dawn Hernandez
Daryl & Sandy Phillips
Douglas & Barbara Stephen
Ellen & Don Goodwin
Emma Lou Pierce
Gary Bassett
Gloria & Rosalinda Menoni
Go With Jo Travel
Greg & Jane Kriesel
James Herbold
Jerry & Mary Ann Huisken
Jim & Judy Fleming
Jim & Patty Manhire
Joy Ritchie
Kelly Ireland
Lorraine Garafalo
Mary Ellen Houseal
Nancy Nicola
Oren & Carol Langston
Roger & Lynne Wilhelm
Roger & Pam Bass
Ronald Schilling
Sabra Bordas
Snyder Family
Van Vlahakis
Wayne & Sue Esplin
Gondola Gift $50
Alan & Marlene Dauger
Amos & Kitty De Groot
Special Thank You
AFH Photo - Adeeb Howrani
Bob & Linda Axel
Chris Cole - City of Huntington Beach
City of Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce
Huntington Harbour Yacht Club
Les Kelly - Photographer
Orange County Sheriff ’s Dept - Harbor Patrol
Sea Tow
The Druggist
Trader Joe’s
Trophy Sponsors
Churee Kakimoto
Past Chairmen
Sean Stanfield
Past Grand Marshals
Interior And Exterior Design
Conception Thru Realization
Mark Bullock
Cell: 714-325-1164
Office: 714-846-3557
16089 St. Croix Circle
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
[email protected]
HHPC: Marina/Windjammers
by Sloan Gallipeo
People waiting to board the bus for the Cruise of Lights.
December was a fun and busy month!
Kudos to Joanne Fernbach and Margie
Bogart who kept us organized with our
duties for the boat parade. Our members
helped in the HHPC office with banners,
numbers, scouting, and providing cookies
for the skipper’s meeting. Kathy Bunch,
Kathie Saveliev, Elise Masseling, Lisa
Weller, Margie Finlay, Pearl Holmes,
Susie Sampson, Karen Ridout, and Sloan
Gallipeo all helped out.
Next up was our holiday celebration
at Seacliff Country Club on December
10th. President Lani Martin commented,
“Our party was super wonderful. The
tables and party goers were beautiful
and the music was delightful. Marsha
Waldman, Ellie Matthews, and Joanne
Fernbach really know how to put on a
Several of our members including
Joanne Fernbach, Lani Martin, Linda
Shaul, and Karen Ridout participated
in the December 19th Chili night at the
Karen Ridout did a wonderful job
organizing our group to work the Cruise
of Lights on December 22nd.
Joanne Fernbach and Kathy Bunch
were commentators on the boats and
entertained all the passengers. At the
HHYC we had the following members
helping out: Maggie Van Eck with
husband Tim, Barbara Sentell, Susie
Sampson, Karen Ridout, Carlone
Herman, Elise Masseling with husband
Jack and her grandson. Joanne Fernbach’s
two granddaughters also helped out. At
the Mall we had the following members
helping: Pat DeCou and her grandson,
Sloan Gallipeo, Pearl Holmes, Margie
Bogart and her son, Ellie Matthews and
husband Dan, Joanne Fernbach’s son and
grandson, Lisa Weller and husband Gary,
Lani Martin and husband Dave, Ruth
Roe, Charlene Bauer, Phil Ridout, and
Jean Ramirez. I think Joanne Fernbach
deserves a round of applause for having
the most family members helping us out
over the holidays!
Thank you to Karen Ridout for
hosting the January meeting and
luncheon at her house. This was a very
special meeting featuring the talented
Dean Corey lecturing on the music of
George Frederic Handel.
We are looking forward to helping
with the Music Mobile in February.
Kathy Bunch is in charge of coordinating
this program for our group.
Interested in learning more about
Marina/Windjammers? Please contact
our membership chairman, Barbara
Sentell, for information at 562-430-8387
or email: [email protected]
Our meetings are held in the
morning on the third Thursday of each
month, followed by lunch at the host
member’s home.
HHPC: Trinidad Group
by Mark A. Arizmendi
Linda, did you hear what happened to Sheree’s kitchen, no Pam what happened?
As many of you know Sheree and
Mike Novak’s Beautiful Waterfront
Kitchen is literally a Hershey Candy
World. But, the Novak’s started a remodel
of their Candy Kitchen and the Kisses
tiles are gone. The remodel will show us
another side of Sheree Novak’s Culinary
taste. We can’t wait to see it. Do I hear
a “Trinidad Open Kitchen” party in the
works? Kisses to Sheree!
The Huntington Harbour Boat
Parade was wonderful. We all had a great
time working the Mall parking lot, and
Yacht Club Dock for the Cruise of Lights.
It is now the time to move on to the next
fun venture.
The Grand Marshal Celebration
Dinner/Dance-April 5, 2014, is right
around the corner. It celebrates a
great 2013, and kicks off 2014 for the
Huntington Harbour Philharmonic
groups. Be sure to attend. I’m sure your
Dance Card will be filled for the night.
Philharmonic House of Design 2014!
Save the date-June 3-29, 2014. The house
is a custom designed Mediterranean
Modern Estate in The Strand at Headlands
in Dana Point. I’ll see you there.
Join our group and start your fun, all
to benefit Music in Schools for Children
of Orange County. Call Linda Axel, our
VP of Membership at 714.325.6111, and
join Trinidad Group!
HHPC: Islanders
by Eva Kilgore
Christine Faubert, Robin Silver, Rocio Griley toasted to a wonderful holiday
season for Islanders and all of HHPC.
One of our HHPC co-chairs this
year is Kim Weddon, a proud Islander.
She’s got an even bigger smile after a most
successful holiday season. Islanders were
out in full force to help with the boat
parade, and Cruise of Lights.
Thanks goes out to Marlene Nielsen,
Christine Faubert, Kim Willingham,
Sharon Larson and all of the Islanders
who helped in the office, on the docks,
loading and unloading buses, and all with
super enthusiasm and professionalism.
Brenda Austin, Diane Ferguson, Jenny Huntsinger were festively celebrating.
Islander president Janet French
was there to lead the way. Janet brings
leadership, humor, and a can-do attitude
to everything she does. It doesn’t matter
whether she is running our meetings,
hosting parties at her incredible home, or
by just being there to answer any and all
Robin Silver, our juniors chair, is
now getting ready for the annual fashion
show. She’s in charge of our youngest
volunteers, the teenagers. They get service
points for their activities, and make
lasting friendships. There will be more on
the HHPC Juniors fashion show in the
next issue of Harbour Light Magazine.
We’d love to have you join Islanders.
We meet once a month, and you’re sure
to have a wonderful time, while helping
to raise funds to help continue music
programs for all of our children. Call
714-840-7542 for more information on
our wonderful group.
Jo Andrews, Owner
Celebrating 30 Years of Service and Success
Cruise and Family Travel Specialists
us on Facebook at
~ Celebrating 40 Years Islanders Philharmonic! ~
714-840-GOJO (4656) or 714-379-3755
5500 Bolsa Ave. Suite 130 • Huntington Beach, CA 92649
CST #2050480-40
[email protected] •
Huntington Harbour Art Association
by Jackie Dvorman
Calendar Girls: Kathleen Preble, Rhea Black, Betty Viers, Nancy Philips, Jackie Dvorman, Kay Sullivan, Carrol Wolf.
The Art Association is more than just
a club for artists. It is, more importantly,
a center where women in the area share
their art interests, have a place to learn
more of that craft and have opportunity
to display their work for the community.
The Coffee Chums is one time/place
when members meet Tuesdays at 10:00
a.m. at Eastgate Clubhouse, bring coffee
and/or a snack and chat for awhile as they
work on their project, or not. It doesn’t
matter for the friendship and mutual
interest is what is important. Kay Sullivan
found such friendship when she joined
Needles and Friends after she retired. She
found a friendly group of women who
shared her interest in quilting, gave her
support for her work, and helped her as
she entered competitions. Since then she
has joined the Painting Pals group and is
winning prizes with her skill in watercolor
Come and join the Coffee Chums.
Get to know the Art Association members
in a friendly way, and explore the world of
arts and crafts. Call Marsha Hendler at
714-840-8843 for more information.
The Winter Luncheon, planned by
Rhea Black and Barbara Simone was held
at Mularkey’s Pub. The speaker for the
day came from the local yarn and knit
shop to display new materials and new
projects available at the shop.
A quilting workshop was held in
January at Marsha Hendler’s home.
Members brought their sewing machines
and Marsha demonstrated, using jelly
roll and/or scraps to make a table runner,
pillow or any size quilt. Each member
came away from the day with the
beginnings of a colorful quilting piece.
Joyce Johnson has organized a field
trip to the Bowers Museum in February to
see the exhibit, “A Quest for Beauty; The
Art of Van Clef and Arpels”. The exhibit
spans 100 years of jewelry, watches and
precious accessories. Luncheon follows at
the exciting Tangata Restaurant.
Painting Pals members presented
Linda, the office manager of the Seagate
Clubhouse, with a 2014 Calendar
illustrated with watercolors done during
the painting times at the Clubhouse and
produced by Carrol Wolf in appreciation
for Linda’s help with our meetings.
The members are looking forward
to the annual Fine Arts Show to be held
during March at the lovely Windows
Gallery in the main library. Over 60
entries are expected in all media of
fine arts. Judges will award prizes in
six categories including Best of Show
and Viewer’s Choice at the champagne
reception on Opening Night.
Come and join the Art Association
and be part of the exciting events for 2014.
Coff ee Chums: Betty Viers, Linda Sackin, JaAnn Rossi, Kay Sullivan, Marsha Hendler.
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on A
Lyn Senske
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DRE #01128048
John Bernatz
5231 Argosy Ave. (California Faucets Building) · Huntington Beach
Tel: 714.846.1339 Fax: 714.840.8380
[email protected]
Deadlines for 2014
February ............. January 6
April .................... March 3
June .................... May 5
August ................ July 7
October ............... September 2
December ........... November 3
These are our deadlines for submitting articles for the coming year. We
will do our best to accommodate
your busy schedules when sending
us material. Thank you for effort and
continued support.
Dentistry 5 days a week in
Huntington Harbour Mall.
Call for an appointment.
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• Cosmetic Dentistry
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Teeth Whitening
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Anglers of Huntington Harbour
by Kathy Bayless
The Anglers of Huntington Harbour 2014 elected officers, (L to R): Jim Martin, Bob Hetzler, Jo Andrews, Bob Campbell, Paula Hetzler and Jim Walton. Lou
Earlabaugh is not pictured.
Ladies Annual Potluck Luncheon
November 7th thirteen Anglers of
Huntington Harbour spouses gathered
at the waterfront home of Rosalie
Zazzu for their annual Ladies Potluck
Luncheon to plan the Angler’s social
activities for 2014. Planned activities
include the Annual Inland Cruise and
golf tournament in the desert March
28-29; the annual Fish Fry at Ed and
Millie Dempsey’s June 28th; the
annual Progressive Dinner by Duff y
August 23rd with appetizers and
drinks at Paul and Linda Sackin’s and
unique custom interior designs
Alicia Kaye • 714.914.1050
dinner and dessert at Nick and Cindy
DiBenedetto’s; the annual TGIF/
Halloween Party October 24th at Gary
and Paty Whitener’s and the Annual
Ladies Luncheon November 6th at Jo
Andrew’s. The last Friday of each month
the Angler TGIF hosts for 2014 are
Boris and Dorothy Ralphs in February,
Jim and Linda Armor in April, Mim
Strickler in May, Jo Andrews in July
and Carmen and Linda Morrow in
TGIF, Annual Meeting and Election
Friday evening November 22nd 45
members of the Anglers of Huntington
Harbour met at the waterfront home of
Jeanne Sprague for the organizations
November TGIF, Annual Meeting
and Election of Officers. Each of the
Anglers brought one of their favorite
appetizers or desserts to be enjoyed by
all as they socialized and conducted
their business. 2013 President Tony
Zazzu previewed the planned activities
for 2014 and announced the results
of the election of officers. For 2014 Jo
Andrews was elected President. Bob
Campbell was elected 1st Vice President
in charge of fundraising for the Angler
philanthropies. Jim Martin was elected
2nd Vice President in charge of the Kids
Fishing Trip for at-risk children in our
community. Bob Hetzler was elected
continued next page
Anglers continued…
Treasurer. Lou Earlabaugh was elected
Tournament Chair in charge of the
Anglers Intra-Club Tournaments and
other fishing activities. Paula Hetzler
was elected Secretary. Jim Walton was
elected Parliamentarian.
Upcoming Events
The Anglers of Huntington
Harbour are celebrating their 50th year
in the Harbour and have many exciting
social, fishing and philanthropic
activities planned including the
February TGIF at the home of Boris
and Dorothy Ralphs on February
28th, the annual Inland Cruise and
golf tournament the weekend of March
28th-29th and the April TGIF at the
home on Jim and Linda Armor April
25th. If you live in the Harbour and
would like to be considered for one of
the Anglers open membership positions
and attend one of our events please
call membership chair Paula Hetzler at
(714) 969-2570 for more information.
USC Orange County Beach Cities
Alumni Club
by George Demos (Past President USC-HB Club)
USC Huntington Beach Alumni Club has merged with the Orange County Club. Members enjoyed the
Trojan win over Fresno State in the Las Vegas Bowl at Coast Point Restaurant.
Pictures, Mathew Christianson
(Past President of the Orange County
Alumni Club), Nina Nichols, George
Demos and Byron Johnson viewed the
USC victory of Fresno State in the Las
Vegas Bowl last month at the Coast
Point Restaurant in Newport Beach. A
good time was had by all! The USC-HB
Club has merged with the Orange
County Club. Fight on!
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Design by George •
16917 Algonquine St., Suite C • Huntington Beach, CA 92649 • (714) 377-7419
Near Warner Avenue in Huntington Harbour Mall
Flying Dutchman Chapter - Segerstrom Center for the Arts
by “Mike” Nielsen, Publicity Chairman
Bert Nielsen, Chris Nielsen, Joan Foote, John Foote, Charlene Bauer (Ways &
Means Chair) and Jim Walton.
Judy and Leigh Ross, Hospitality
Chairmen, had a Wine & Cocktail
party and members were very generous
in delivering a large amount of toys for
Toys for Tots.
Our November meeting was at
the Long Beach Yacht Club and our
January 19th Brunch was at Bobbitt
& Bill William’s, our Ways & Means
chairmen’s home. This is also our annual
Bob Mah, Leigh Ross, Jim Connors, Judy Ross, Joy Connors, Adeline Mah,
Carryl Hytopoulos, Greg Hytopoulos, Mary Shebell and Merle McCormick.
White Elephant Sale. It’s always a kick
to see some of the “stuff ’’ people want to
dump and also fun to get a real bargain
on some wonderful goodies.
Our chairmen, Marcia Kay and
Ron Radelet are taking it easy this
Holiday as Ron underwent triple bypass
surgery this past November. Thankfully
he is healing beautifully and Marcia
Kay has to work at holding him down.
Orthopaedic and Spine Care
Cindy Shaw, PT, OCS
We’ve had a good year in 2013 and
we are looking forward to a great 2014.
Please remember that the Segerstrom
Center for the Arts has a Family Series
on the weekends. More information can
be found at the website,
Hope Santa brought you everything
you asked him for and then some.
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Owner and Director
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New custom waterfront. Brand new, approx.
4,200 SF, 4BR, 5.5BA Cape Cod Davenport
Island estate. Large dock.
(554673) CALL (800) 229-3488 $3,895,000
Private courtyard entry to stunning approx.
4,300 SF, 4BR, 5.5BA w/custom Venetian plaster,
Travertine & granite. 3 suites, pool & 60 FT dock.
(554677) CALL (800) 387-7925 $3,649,000
Spectacular approx. 4,600 SF, 5BR, 6BA
Davenport Island masterpiece. Built in 2010.
Model perfect. 50 FT dock.
(554676) CALL (800) 229-3488 $2,985,000
Security gated entry to approx. 2,814 SF,
3BR, 2.75BA Portofino Cove estate. 45 FT
(554675) CALL (800) 229-3488 $2,275,000
Dramatic approx. 3,000 SF, 4BR single-story
Admiralty Island estate. 3 master suites plus
boat dock.
(554678) CALL (800) 387-7925 $1,899,000
Guard-gated entry to stunningly appointed
approx. 4,426 SF, 6BR, 4BA estate. Premier
oversized lot.
(554674) CALL (800) 229-3488 $1,695,000
Gorgeous Cape Cod in prime location on
Trinidad Island. Sunny backyard w/lattice
gazebo & in-ground pool.
(554672) CALL (800) 229-3488 $1,199,000
Model perfect waterfront home, 4BR, 2.5BA,
expansive master suite w/loft. Balcony. Dock
for 30 FT boat. Close to the beach.
(554670) CALL (800) 387-7925 $1,199,000
Island bargain. Stately approx. 1,384 SF, 2BR,
2BA attached house. Built in 2004. Elegantly
(554671) CALL (800) 387-7925
Above seller provided information to be verified by buyer. © 2014 First Team® Estates. All rights reserved.

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