Setting the camera - Photographic Memorabilia


Setting the camera - Photographic Memorabilia
Loading t h e Sporti 4
Always load and unload your Sporti 4 in the shade, out of direct
sunshine, otherwise you may fog and spoil your film.
Open the camera back by pushing upwards the locking catch
on the top left hand side of the camera (5).
If the empty take-up spool is in the left-hand chamber, it must
be transferred to the right-hand chamber before the film can be
To do this, lift out the spool, hold the spool by one of its flanges,
and push back the spring plate in the right-hand chamber. Place
the slotted spool end into the top recess first, so that the slot
engages with the small bar in the recess at the bottom of the windon knob. Allow the other end of the spool to drop into the spool
guide at the bottom.
1 Wind-on knob
2 Shutter release
3 Accessory Shoe
4 View-finder
5 Locking catch
6 Exposure lever
7 Flash socket
8 Tripod thread
As you are now the owner of an Ilford Sporti 4 you will want to
know how to get the best performance out of this camera. This
booklet is especially designed to help you, and a careful study of
it will be repaid by perfect results.
T h e Sporti 4 Camera takes 12 pictures, if inches square, on 127 size roll film, and the camera is
fitted with a fixed focus lens which is in focus from 6 feet to infinity.
Adjusting the camera for the right exposure is easy. All you
have to do is to load up with Ilford Selochrome Pan 127 roll film
for summer snapshots, and Ilford HP3 127 roll film for the winter.
T h e exposure lever above the lens (6) is then set either for a sunny
day, or for a cloudy day.
T h e large shutter release (2) is conveniently placed on the front.
T h e single speed shutter is also synchronised for making flash
T h e viewfinder (4) is of the optical eye-level type, and gives a
brilliant image of the scene to be photographed.
Before you take any photographs, buy an Ilford 127 size roll
film from your photographic dealer, and read through these
instructions carefully with your Sporti 4 camera and film beside you.
Setting the camera
Setting the Sporti 4 is extremely easy; just move the
small exposure lever above the lens (6) either to
S U N N Y or to C L O U D Y according to the weather.
To obtain correctly exposed pictures during the
summer months, use Ilford Selochrome Pan roll film.
In winter, still use the exposure settings in the same way
but, because the days are not so bright, you must change
over to Ilford HP3 which is a faster film than Selochrome
Pan. Do not use HP3 in the summer, otherwise your
pictures will be over-exposed.
Break and remove the film sealing band and pull out about 5
inches of the backing paper. Take care to ensure that the film does
not unroll during loading and unloading, or it may be fogged.
Push the spring plate in the left-hand chamber outwards, and
place the film into the chamber with the spool ends resting in the
spool guides.
Now put the pointed end of the film backing paper through the
slot in the take-up spool on the right, making sure it enters the
wide slot first. Give the wind-on knob (1) one or two turns in the
direction of the arrow to make sure the film is correctly attached
to the spool and is passing centrally over the aperture. Close the
camera back.
Wind on the film until No. 1 appears in the window at the back
of the camera. Now you are ready to take the first picture.
Unloading t h e c a m e r a
When the last exposure, number 12, has been made,
wind on the film until the coloured paper disappears
from the window. Give a few more turns to make quite
sure that the film is completely wound-off, and then
open the camera as described previously. Remove the
film (making sure it does not unwind) then fold over the
end of the backing paper and seal it with the adhesive
paper strip which is attached to it. T h e empty spool
should be transferred to the take-up position ready for
the next film to be loaded.
T a k i n g the pictures
After making sure that the subject is more than 6 feet
from you, and the exposure lever is correctly set, hold
the camera firmly in both hands, view the picture you
are going to take through the view-finder (4), and then
gently press the shutter release (2) downwards with the
forefinger of the right hand.
After you have taken the picture, turn the wind-on
knob (1) in the direction of the engraved arrow (on top
of the knob). At the same time look through the window
at the back of camera, until you see the next number.
Make a special point of winding on the film to the
next number immediately after a picture has been taken.
Otherwise you may forget and take two pictures on the
same piece of film.
Always keep the camera clean and free from dust, inside
and out. When at the seaside, keep it dry and off the
sand—sand in the shutter will prevent it from working
T h e camera should always be treated with great care
and respect; sudden jolts can spoil its performance, so
never drop your camera. Dirt scratches or finger-prints
on the lens surface will scatter the light and give hazy
pictures, so always keep the lens spotless. It is best
cleaned with a clean and very soft handkerchief. T h e
best way of protecting your camera is to purchase
the ever-ready carrying case made specially for the
Sporti 4.
Finally, never try to take the camera to pieces yourself; it has been carefully adjusted to give sharp pictures.
In case of trouble, take it to your camera dealer for
Flash pictures w i t h t h e Sporti 4
The shutter of the Sporti 4 is synchronised for flash, which means
that when a flashgun is fitted to the camera, the bulb fires only
when the shutter is open. In this way you get the maximum
amount of light on your subject for the duration of the camera
The camera has an accessory shoe (3) which holds the foot of
the flashgun. The plug on the end of the flashgun lead is then
pushed into the socket at the bottom of the lens mount (7) and
the bulb inserted.
The Ilford Sportilux flashgun is ideally suited to the Sporti 4
camera. Your dealer will give you full particulars.
Taking pictures by Flash is easy. First load an Ilford Selochrome
roll film into the camera. Next, set the exposure control to
FLASH (6). For pictures between 8 and 10 feet away, fit a PF1
flashbulb to the gun. For subjects 10 to 15 feet away, fit a PF5
Make sure that that flash plug is pushed home firmly into
socket (7) before you take the flash picture.
Printed in England
Colour pictures w i t h your Sporti 4
Your Sporti 4 will take excellent colour snapshots too. With
Ilfacolor 127 Colour Negative Film colour photography is
just as easy as taking black-and-white pictures.
Load your Sporti 4 with Ilfacolor in just the same way as you
load a black-and-white film, and follow these simple rules:—
For outdoor pictures, just remember to use the 'Sunny'
setting in bright sunlight, and the 'Cloudy' setting in hazy sunlight or cloudy bright conditions. For indoor pictures with
flash, set the exposure lever to the 'Flash' position and use
clear PF 1 bulbs at 4-6 ft., or PF 5 bulbs at 6-8 ft.
Return your exposed Ilfacolor film to your Ilford Photographic Dealer. He will arrange for the film to be processed,
and for full colour, 3½ in. square, en-prints to be made.
Colour photography is so easy with Ilfacolor. Start using it
right away—you'll be delighted with the results.
Printed in England