THE SOURCE (international)


THE SOURCE (international)
THE SOURCE (international)
384 colour pages
Format: 190 x 200 mm
Retail price France: 25 Euros
15,500 words
Published in October 2011
An ode to women – and the love of women
If there were a prize for the intensity and loudness of an audience clapping, Radu Mihaileanu’s film The
Source would have won it at the 2011 Cannes film festival official screening.
His subject, a universal one is simple: women are man’s future. Even on Islam ground. We’re driven to it
in this richly illustrated book, full of photographs and testimonies gathered during the long period of research
location and film shoot in Morocco.
Once upon a time, somewhere in the Maghreb or Middle-East mountains, in a village where tradition,
dryness and men’s indifference force women to go and fetch water, a difficult and tiring task. Leïla, a newlywed
who met her husband far from the valley, Leila who reads the Quran and One Thousand and One Nights and Laila,
who has a great love of justice and liberty suggest the other women to go on a love strike: they will not give
themselves to their husbands until the latter bring water to the village.
That is the story told in this book, published after the film, with pictures full of light, life and humanity.
Over 300 photographs are included in the book, which tackle the film’s themes: woman’s condition, access to
water, religion, love, singing and dancing…
This book also shows the great shooting adventures in Morocco, with brilliant actresses such as Leila
Bekhti (A Prophet by Jacques Audiard, Mesrine by Jean-François Richet), Hafsia Herzi (The Secret of the Grain
by Abdel Kechiche) and Sabrina Ouazani (Of Gods and Men by Xavier Beauvois)…
French, Rumanian of origin, Radu Mihaileanu is a director hailed by the critic and recognized by the
audience. His cinema is a human manifest, committed but popular, full of life, of emotion, of warmth and humour.
Live and become (2005) received the best script award at the 2006 César Awards in Paris, and the Public award at
the Berlin film festival. His last film, Le Concert, staring Mélanie Laurent moved 1,9 million viewers in France.
Key points:
- The official film book with stunning photographs of the actors and actresses on set.
- The film was praised at the last Cannes film festival and in the press.
- Great success of Radu Mihaileanu’s previous film Le Concert (1,9 million viewers in France).
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