Who We Are: FILMCLUB is a free educational program that provides


Who We Are: FILMCLUB is a free educational program that provides
Who We Are:
FILMCLUB is a free educational
program that provides schools with:
• Free DVDs for your department to use
• Teaching resources
• Support to enable leaders to run free
weekly film clubs
Who We Are:
Why run a film club in school?
General knowledge
Inclusion – social skills
Critical thinking
Explore new ideas
Cultural engagement
Subject links
Linking Schools in your Cluster or Network
What do you get?
DVDs are distributed free from
What do you get?
FILMCLUB Resources
FILMCLUB Guide to GCSE English
Key Stage Target
Curriculum Links
This resource is designed to enhance the teaching of novels at GCSE level by encouraging students
to think critically about film adaptations and will increase students’ appreciation of a range of prose
texts used at Key Stage 4. It will appeal to all students aged 14-16, regardless of ability, because of
the universal appeal of film to engage, enthrall and inspire.
The films for this resource are adaptations of popular novels that are included in the specifications
across the various GCSE exam boards. Film can generate a multitude of discussions ranging from
the interpretation of an author’s work by a director, the suitability of actors to portray the novel’s
characters, to how effectively the narrative elements such as structure, themes, setting, point of
view and symbolism are adapted for film.
Running a film club in your school can enrich the curriculum, and may allow young people to
experience cultures beyond their own, explore a wide variety of issues and stimulate their
imaginations. After watching a film, students can comment during a post-screening discussion with
their peers, before writing reviews on the FILMCLUB website (which has a real audience of other
young people) where they can analyse the film and develop their independent critique while
relating it to the original literary text. Above all, students and teachers can enjoy the shared
experience of watching and discussing a film together.
Please visit www.filmclub.org for further details.
The films in this resource are:
Anita and Me (2002, 12) 11+ 93 mins
Tsotsi (2005, 15) 14+ 94 mins
To Kill A Mockingbird (1962, PG) 9+ 129 mins
Touching the Void (2003, 15) 14+ 106 mins
Of Mice and Men (1939, PG) 11+ 106 mins
Great Expectations (1946, PG) 11+ 118mins
The Great Gatsby (1974, 12) 11+ 135 mins
Review Writing
Members are provided with a login which allows them
to review the films on our website:
• Improves literacy skills
• Encourages critical thinking
• Review of the Week competition
Industry interaction
We organise webcasts, industry visits, screenings, red carpet interviews
and press junkets to raise vocational aspirations and student
confidence. We have a Talent Development Scheme.
The Website
• Website is interactive & content rich including competitions.
FILMCLUB’s impact
FILMCLUB’s impact
FILMCLUB themed projects & partnerships
• Parliament Week
• Department of Health
• SEN Inclusion
• Identity and Belonging (new arrivals)
• Rural Inclusion
• Curated Season
• Resources
Future Plans
FILMCLUB are part of a wider charity that will
be launched next month, future opportunities
will include:
• Filmmaking and film education.
• Support in making films in and out of the
• CPD Training – using film in the curriculum.
• Increased opportunities for youth voice and
FILMCLUB’s impact
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