Participant Bios - Stanford University


Participant Bios - Stanford University
September 28 and 29, 2015 STANFORD UNIVERSITY
SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 10:00-­‐11:00: Dos Hítleres (Uruguay 2007), by Ana Tipa 11:00-­‐12:00: El Bella Vista (Uruguay 2012), by Alicia Cano 12:00-­‐13:00: Break 13:00-­‐14:30: Entre lo sagrado y lo profano (México 2014), by Pablo Marquez Cervantes. 14:30-­‐16:30 Conversación sobre Dos Hítleres, El Bella Vista y Entre lo sagrado y lo profano 16:30: RANTÉS, 29 AÑOS DESPUÉS: 16:30-­‐18:10: Hombre mirando al sudeste (Argentina 1986), by Eliseo Subiela 18:10-­‐18:20: My dinner with Rantés, by J. Ruffinelli SEPTEMBER 29, 2015 10:00-­‐11:30: En el hoyo (México 2006), by Juan Carlos Rulfo 11:30-­‐13:00: Preso (Uruguay 2015), by Ana Tipa (estreno) 13:00-­‐14:00: Break 14:00-­‐15:35: La delgada línea amarilla (México 2015), by Celso García 15:40-­‐17:00 Conversación sobre En el hoyo, Preso y La delgada línea amarilla 17:00 Cortometrajes Subiela UN LARGO SILENCIO SOBRE TODAS ESTAS ESTRELLAS EL TEATRO SAN MARTIN EL COCTEL MOLOTOV LA VENTANA RELACIONES CARNALES QUE RISA LA MUERTE EL DESTINO DE ANGELICA ANGEL PELICULAS DE 1 MINUTO Eliseo Subiela: 50 años haciendo cine… y puedo contarlo Pigott Hall, Room 253, Stanford University PARTICIPANTS ELISEO SUBIELA (Argentina) is one of the most important
film directors in Latin American cinema. He will talk about
his five decades making films such as Hombre mirando al
sudeste, Last Images of the Shipwreck, Wake Up Love, El
lado oscuro del corazón, Don’t Die Without Telling Me
Where you’re Going, Little Miracles, The Adventures of God,
Vanishing Landscapes, among other great films. Subiela was
a Tinker Visiting Professor at Stanford University.
ALICIA CANO (Uruguay). Her first feature film, “The Bella
Vista” (2012), has been selected for more than 40 film
festivals, receiving awards and special mentions in Zurich, La
Habana, Valdivia and Mar del Plata. She completed an MA in
audiovisual creation in the Catholic University of Milan,
Italy. For two years she directed the Italian documentary
series “Reparto Maternità” produced by Fox Life.
CELSO R. GARCIA (Mexico). Before presenting his first
feature film last year, The Thin Yellow Line (winner of the
Audience Award), at the Guadalajara Film Festival, Celso
made some short films, such as Milk and Water, one of the
most beautiful short films ever made.
VALENTINA LEDUC (Mexico). Cinema is all over
Valentina: she is married to Juan Carlos Rulfo, and is the
daughter of Paul Leduc (director) and Bertha Navarro
(producer). She has made several short films, most of which
were awarded the highest Mexican film prize, the Ariel. Her
five Arieles: Best Short Fiction Film: Un volcán de lava de
hielo (1995); Best Short Fiction Film: Mr I and Mrs. O, 2000;
Best Editing In the Pit, (2007); Best Editing -shared with J.C.
Macías and N. Bruschtein- for Cobrador: In God We Trust,
(2007) and Best Editing for Las oscuras primaveras, (2015).
surprised all film audiences in 2014 with a 74-minute
documentary, Between Sacred and Profane, a strong visual
anthropological interpretation of Guadalajara, and at the same
time a love letter to the city in which he currently lives. He
studied Audiovisual Arts at the Universidad de Guadalajara,
made a number of short films and now teaches filmmaking in
the same university.
JUAN CARLOS RULFO (Mexico) is one of the most
important and innovative Mexican filmmakers of the last
decades. He is masterful in the documentary genre. He is the
son of literature author Juan Rulfo. Juan Carlos is currently a
Visiting Professor at the Center for Latin American Studies,
and ILAC, at Stanford University. He made very important
and memorable films such as Grandfather Cheno and other
stories, Juan, I Forgot I Don’t Remember (Gran Coral,
Havana Film Festival), In the Pit (Grand Jury Prize, Sundance
Film Festival; Ariel, Best Feature Length Documentary,
2007), Those who Remain, De panzazo, Carriere 250
metros… He is married to filmmaker and film editor
Valentina Leduc.
ANA TIPA (Uruguay) is a filmmaker and producer. She
created the production company called Huerfanita in
Barcelona, Berlin and Montevideo. She studied in the
Accademia di Belle Arti Pietro Vannucci. She filmed two
documentaries: From the Far South. The Chinese Community
in Montevideo, and Two Hitlers. She has just finished filming
her first feature length film Preso-Prisoner: “While working
at Uruguay´s biggest prison construction site, Miguel leads a
double life and struggles to find the courage to disclose the
truth to his loved ones.”

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