Activities related to film in the Department of Literature during the



Activities related to film in the Department of Literature during the
DEPARTMENT OF LITERATURE FILM ACTIVITIES 2014 Participation in the annual Film Festival The department produced a short film titled The Epitaph which focuses on the cause of indiscipline in schools and the post-­‐traumatic stress that follows the affected students at the University level. The film was shot in Kakamega High School in February 2014 involving two lecturers, Dr. Kimingichi Wabende and Mr. Edwin Nyutho who both acted alongside the student cast. The film was judged 2nd overall out of 15 films presented by other Universities winning ‘the best actress’, ‘the runners-­up best actor’, ‘best non-­student actor’, ‘best scripted film’, ‘best visual effects’ and ‘runners-­up best producer’ Coordination of the Schools, Colleges and Universities Film Festival The department for the third year hosted, coordinated the film activities in schools, colleges and universities countrywide on behalf of the Ministry of Education, which culminated in 121 films at the National Festival held at Kagumo Teachers College Production of an International Film In August 2014 the department signed an MoU with Rakueisha Film Company from Japan in co-­‐
producing a film titled Lion Standing in the Wind. 18 students worked as interns in the production. 200 students and 4 lecturers acted alongside famous actors in Japan directed by a word re-­‐known director, Takashi Miike. The movie is due for release in March 2015. The company also re-­‐innovated ED 116 with new modern furniture complete with an overhead projector and an electronic screen. Mr. Takao Osawa, a famous actor in Japan poses with Masaai actors in the film Community Service Two lecturers from the department were involved in community service in training children and youths in performing arts with a bias to film in Kayole slums. This is a project that has been going on for 10 years. The films produced by the children are to go on TV in 2015 under a children’s TV show called Talent Empire. Some of the children performed very well in the auditions for the Japanese film and one, Stanley Wahome, was picked as one of the main child characters. The Kayole Children’s film project 

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