Thank you, UALC, for supporting 168 Film


Thank you, UALC, for supporting 168 Film
Thank you, UALC, for supporting 168 Film The 168 Film Project’s mission can be summed up in four words, “to help disciple
filmmakers.” Our vision is to seed the global entertainment and media industry with
followers of Christ who, with excellent, tested skills, can influence the content the
culture consumes. “We’re not just making films, we’re making filmmakers.”
Our primary means of doing this is
through competitions. The original
“168 Film Project” challenges
filmmakers worldwide with the task
of making a short film based on a
randomly selected Bible verse in 168
hours (one week). The pressure of a
hard deadline prompts teams to turn
to prayer and God’s guidance to deliver excellent films. The films screen for capacity
crowds at the annual 168 Film Festival in Los Angeles.
Many other future initiatives have been envisioned to help disciple filmmakers,
including training workshops for actors and directors, additional innovative
competitions, and a global online community of Christian media professionals.
We are also working on ways to package many of the 1,000 films for use by churches
and other individuals as discipleship and evangelism tools. Already members on the
168 Website can view hundreds of films from previous years.
168 is a donor and sponsor supported nonprofit mission organization, receiving
some funding from UALC Domestic Missions, for which we are grateful. We welcome
small one-time or monthly donations as well as major gifts and sponsorships to
provide ongoing support and launch new initiatives. Online giving is available on
our Website. We also welcome volunteers to join us in short-term mission. Please
contact us to explore how you can participate.
Please pray for:
Nearly 1000 films have been made
since the ministry started in 2003.
Teams are free to recruit any
talent they can, and so some films
feature Hollywood stars including
Eric Estrada (CHIPS) and Michael
Learned (The Waltons). But the
most valuable part is that for some
people participating in teams, this is the first contact they have with the Word of
God. There are many stories of people who have come to Christ through the making
of a film, and many more of people who have experienced miracles and answers to
prayer, deepening their faith.
Our mentored screenwriting competition, “Write of Passage” gives screenwriters a
chance to explore writing a screenplay based on scripture in 168 hours. Hundreds of
writers participate each October, and several of the scripts are produced each year
and screen at the Festival.
 Filmmakers and their teams participating in the competition, that the Word of
God will bless them richly as they create a story to illumine their verse.
 Protection for filmmakers, cast, crew, as well as 168 staff in this season’s activity
 Financial support to administer the competitions and festival in an excellent
fashion to honor Jesus’ name.
 Financial support for future initiatives to help disciple filmmakers and media
professionals worldwide, and to make the library of films more accessible as
discipleship tools
168 Film
John David Ware, Founder and Director
1827 W Verdugo Ave, Unit C
Burbank CA 91506
Steve Puffenberger
(board member and UALC contact)
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 818-557-8507
Fax: 818-942-6076
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 614-538-1622
Ground Zero: Burbank, CA
Burbank is home to the most powerful and influential content creators in the world (including ABC/Disney, NBC, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and many legal
and admin offices). In fact, 80% of the industry is in Los Angeles. 168 Film is here purposefully. By guiding those who are here to create toward a relationship with the Lord,
we can change the world! Help us light a candle in this place! Support us with prayer and financial gifts and be glad we are here!
Successes from 168 Film participants:
 Joshua & Rebekah Weigel got their filmmaking start with 168, and won Best Film Honors with "Stained" in 2008. A feature film
based on their short, “The Butterfly Circus” (2009) is now on the slate of "Lord of the Rings" trilogy Executive Producer, Mark Ordesky.
Court Five's Ordesky and partner Jane Fleming (Exec. Producer: "The Quest") will produce a feature film adaptation of the popular
short, (
 Nathanael & Christina Matanick’s “Removed” (Best 168 Film of 2013) has over 1 million views and they have raised over $100K
for the sequel. The films depict the struggles of children in the US foster care system.
 Maggie Elizabeth Jones' career was launched with her Best Actress Award in "The Party" (Best 168 Film 2010). She also starred in
"Footloose" and with Matt Damon in " We Bought a Zoo."
 Kevin Sizemore (Best 168 Actor 2011) was cast in feature film “Red Line” (directed by 168 vet Robert Kirbyson). Casting director and
168 Juror Beverly Holloway auditioned Kevin based on his performance in (168 Best Film 2012) ‘Useless.’ Kevin works regularly in
TV and film. L-R Rebekah Weigel, NickVujicic, Joshua Weigel
Past and present Hollywood participants include 4X Emmy-Winner Michael Learned (The Waltons), Nathan Kress (iCarly) Actor Max Gail (Barney Miller),
Actor/Director, Corbin Bernsen (Psych), Actor Kevin Sorbo (Soul Surfer, Hercules, God’s Not Dead), Howard Kazanjian, Producer (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars: Return
of the Jedi, Empire Strikes Back), Ralph Winter, Producer (X-MEN), David McFadzean, Co-Creator (Home Improvement), Actor Stephen Baldwin (The Usual Suspects),
Zachary Levi, (Chuck), Sean McNamara Director (Soul Surfer, Hoovey), Grammy winner Rebecca St. James, Actress Candace Cameron Bure (Full House), Mark
Clayman, Executive Producer (The Pursuit of Happyness) and Gary Hall, Sr. VP of Post at Fox TV.