Julissa Villatoro 6667 El Colegio Road #38
Goleta, CA 93117
(213) 810 - 6168
Primary email: ​
[email protected]
Secondary email: [email protected] SUMMARY
College Ready Academy High School #5 — Diploma, 2011 University of California, Santa Barbara — L&S/BA/ [email protected] Studies (On­going) EXPERIENCE
Associate News Director, KCSB-FM
Goleta, CA — 2014-present
I am employed to become Associate News Director, which means I work with the News Director to train volunteer reporters, serve as a member of the KCSB Executive Committee, file my own news reports, and help ensure the KCSB News programming runs accordingly. I would like to add that as of the summer of 2014, the News Director had resigned and I have had to assume more responsibilities until the station finds a new director. Accomplishments ●
Recruiting and training reporters. ●
Providing consistent news programming over the SKILLS
Writing: ● News (Broadcasting) ● Research papers ● Textual analyses ● Oral histories ● Creative writing (i.e. poetry, scriptwriting, fiction, transformative works) Computer Softwares: ● MS Word ● MS Powerpoint ● Photoshop ● GIMP ● Audacity ● Windows Movie Maker ● iMovie Miscellaneous: ● Conducting interviews ● Cinematography summer. ●
Successful coverage of the UC Regents Conference at San Francisco in September. Reporter, The Bottom Line
Relevant Courses
Goleta, CA — Winter 2014 - Spring 2014
For two quarters, I joined The Bottom Line newspaper Film editing Illustrations Intro to Communication ­ Fall 2011 ●
Women, Representation, seeking to find another way of writing journalism. Ironically, and Cultural Production ­ I found myself reporting for their multimedia section, which Fall 2011 mostly entailed video recording and photography than ●
2011 writing. These videos are then posted on the newspaper’s Youtube channel. I also served as an illustrator, providing ●
Accomplishments Showing consistency to provide work ●
Becoming the paper’s illustrator and multimedia reporter ●
Communication Research Methods ­ Spring 2012 drawings for some of their news pieces. ●
Hollywood Industry ­ Fall Chicana Writers ­ Fall 2012 ●
Academic Writing ­ Fall 2012 ●
Spoken Word Art Meeting the qualifications for the Multimedia Editor’s Performance ­ Winter position 2013 ●
Volunteer Reporter, KCSB-FM
Goleta, CA — Winter 2012 - Spring 2014
Spring 2013 ●
Before I was hired to become the next Associate News Director, I served as a volunteer reporter for the first three Blacks in the Media ­ Survey of Chicano Literature ­ Spring 2013 ●
Theories of years at KCSB. My role was solely to file stories I wished to Communication ­ Spring cover, and anchor the newscasts. 2013 ●
Accomplishments ●
Best Culture Feature Story­ Opening of Jim Crow Studies ­ Winter 2014 ●
Museum Racist Memorabilia (Spring 2012) ●
Certificate of Appreciation for Dedication and Acquiring position to anchor the newscasts ●
Los Angeles, CA — Spring 2011
Grammar and Stylistics ­ Summer 2014 ●
Filmmaker, Bullying Documentary
Poetics of Struggle ­ Spring 2014 (2013­present) Religion and Social Movement ­ Spring 2014 Long­standing Commitment (Spring 2013) ●
Writing for Chicana/o Writing about Film ­ Summer 2014 ●
Chicana/o Media ­ Summer 2014 One of the extracurricular activities I participated in high ●
school was the Drama Club. Despite the name, the club (current) encouraged any kind of creative work and writing other than ●
drama performance. I was able to continue writing poetry, short stories, but it was the first time I even considered De­colonizing Feminism ­ Media and Information Culture ­ (current) practicing filmmaking. A professional from the film industry also attended the club to offer crash courses on filmmaking. One film I am particularly proud of is a short documentary I wrote and directed titled​
, which explores the issue of bullying particularly at my high school at the time. Accomplishments ●
Bresee Social Justice Film Festival 2011, First Place ●
Latin American Cinemateca of Los Angeles Student Film Festival Cinemateca 2011, Festival Favorite