VIPs arriving at the venue
The Inauguration of INDEE took place on 4th October 2010 at 10.00 a.m. at Centro Internacional de Negocios y Exposiciones
de Bogota. The Inauguration was attended by Mr. Andrés López Valderrama, CEO of Corferias; HE Mr Riewad V Warjri,
Ambassador of India in Colombia; HE Mr Juan Alfredo Pinto, Ambassador of Colombia in India; Mr Aman Chadha, Chairman,
EEPC India; Mr Mahesh K Desai, Vice Chairman, EEPC India; Mr R Maitra, Executive Director, EEPC India and host of other
distinguished guests and exhibitors.
The formal ribbon cutting and lamp lighting ceremony took place outside the exhibition Hall No 4 and the exhibition was
formally inaugurated by HE Mr Riewad V Warjri, Ambassador of India in Colombia; HE Mr Juan Alfredo Pinto, Ambassador
of Colombia in India and Mr Aman Chadha, Chairman, EEPC India.
Formal Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and inauguration of India Pavilion by Mr Andrés López Valderrama, CEO, Corferias;
Mr Mahesh K Desai, Vice Chairman, EEPC India; HE Mr Juan Alfredo Pinto, Ambassador of Colombia in India; HE Mr Riewad V Warjri,
Ambassador of India in Colombia and Mr Aman Chadha, Chairman, EEPC India (L – R)
Lamp Lighting by Mr Aman Chadha, Chairman, EEPC India
Mr Andrés López Valderrama, CEO of Corferias, lighting the ceremonial lamp in India Pavilion
VIPs and Team EEPC India at the inauguration of India Pavilion
Glimpses of VIP tour
VIP Tour continued…
VIP Tour continued…
Inauguration of Bogota International Trade Fair
Feria Internacional de Bogota,
Monday, 4th October, 2010, at 6.00 p.m.
Feria Internacional de Bogota, (Bogota International Trade Fair) organized by Corferias Bogota – Internacional Business and
Exhibition Center was formally inaugurated later during the day. On this occasion a large number of dignitaries were present
which included Mr Juan Manuel Santos, President of the Republic of Colombia; Mr. Aman Chadha, Chairman, EEPC India;
Mr Samuel Moreno, Mayor of Bogotá; Mr Andrés López Valderrama, CEO of Corferias; Mr Camilo Botero, President Acaire;
Mr Carlos Garay, President Asoplásticos; Mrs Consuelo Caldas, President of Bogota Chamber of Commerce; Mr Luis Gonzalo
Giraldo, President of Board of Directors of Corferias; Mr Gonzalo Giraldo, President of Board of Directors of Corferias and
Mrs Patricia Acosta, President of Bafyc.
Inauguration of Bogota International Trade Fair
Address by Chairman, EEPC India, Mr. Aman Chadha
and it is an honour for EEPC India to be able to present the
best of India’s engineering talent at this Meet.
Good Evening, Distinguished Guests, Friends, Ladies and
Sir, in recent times, Colombia has become very close to the
hearts of the people of India the reason is Shakira,
Buenas noches, estimados invitados, amigos, senoras y
the Waka Waka Song sung by her has become the most
downloaded ringtone in India.
Mr. Juan Manuel Santos the President of Colombia
Mr. Samuel Moreno the Mayor of Bogota
Indeed, this brilliant artist has done wonders in bringing
Colombia to the hearts and minds of not only Indian football
fans but also the citizens of India.
Mr. Andres Lopez – President of Corferias
To the captains of industry in Colombia
a warm and affectionate welcome from the people of India.
I believe the way forward for countries to grow together is
not only commercially but also culturally.
It is, indeed, a proud privilege for EEPC India to be a part to
the formal inauguration of this prestigious fair.
Once we are able to understand each other’s culture
business will automatically flow.
India is an “Invited Country” at this international exhibition
Hence we are here not only to do business but also to know
each other better.
India churns out 400,000 engineers every year as compared
to only 60,000 in the US and 100,000 from the whole of the
European Union. As a result of which large multi national
corporations like Boeing, GE, Honeywell, SKF etc are making
India as their R&D base.
Our Trade links has also grown considerably and an effort
is being made to further boost trade and economic relations
between our two countries.
Another example of our engineering skill is production of the
Nano Car, this engineering marvel has been completely
designed and manufactured in India at a sale price of
US$ 2000.
The target for bilateral trade has been set at USD 1 billion
in 2010-11 which is an increase of around 23% over last
year’s bilateral trade of USD 813 million.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Hence we are able to manufacture high quality products at
reasonable costs.
I take pride in being able to lead the largest trading
contingent ever from India to Colombia and I forsee that in
the near future India will be your neighbour country inspite
of the oceans and continents that separate us. Today we
have with you the 151 companies from India showcasing
the advances we have made in the last six decades.
The engineering sector is very important for the Indian
economy as it generates 30% of the employment in the
country, 65% of joint ventures take place in this sector and
21.8% of the exports of the country are from the engineering
We have companies that are producing products, for fighter
aircrafts, for the nuclear sector, for defence sector, sugar
industry, automotive sector and so on.
And I am proud to say that my Council EEPC India is responsible
for these exports which amount to US$ 40 billion.
This event will pave the way forward for joint ventures and
investments not only in India but also in Colombia.
Infact I would like to point out that more than 40 % of
engineering exports from India go to the US and EU.
With these words may I request you all to visit our pavilion.
Our automotive sector is highly developed and fast moving
to be a global hub for small cars.
Thank You.
I believe more than 50% of taxis on the roads of Bogota are
from India, the Hyundai Atos is manufactured in India by
Hyundai India.
India is also being considered as the global hub for R&D
because of the large skilled manpowe r that w e have.
Address by HE Mr. Juan Manuel Santos,
President of Colombia at the inaugural function
Bogota, 4 OCT , “Eight days ago, when we were passing the
project for victims law, I mentioned a paradox that helps to
frame this event, even more when this new versión of the
Bogota International Trade Fair has India, a wonderful
country, which is a guest country of honour.
For the last five years its economy has been growing at a
rate of 8 percent. - What a envy! and has increased
exponentially its services sector, with also good results in
the industrial sector, as it has already been said here.
What a good example for our country!
Asians, with a history of millenniums, have advanced a lot
because they do not really focus on what happened but on
what is coming.
A decade ago India became part of the BRIC – term initials
used by the president of the Goldman Sachs Banks referring
to Brazil, Russia, India and China, as the countries with better
perspectives for the global economy in the future. That was
10 years ago and that president was not wrong.
It is estimated that, in their daily conversations, they talk
about the past 20% of their time, and the other 80% is used
to talk and think about the future. We should do the same
in Colombia, because sometimes we just concentrate in the
Recently the president of another bank, Shangai Banking
Corporation, may be the biggest bank in the world, spoke
about other group of countries, the CIVETS that are coming
behind the BRICs as the countries with better future.
Let’s take a look at the case of India: according to a recent
article of an international publication, thanks to the stimulus
for the innovation and filing of capitals, in two decades they
have accomplished a real structural transformation that
makes India the 12th economy of the world.
CIVETS means: Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey
and South Africa. According to that bank, they are the
countries of the future.
During the past assembly of the UN in September 2010, we
wanted to meet most of the presidents of those countries
and I met the presidents of Turkey and Vietnam.
information from official representatives, but also from many
economists and analysts w ho have been studying the
colombian economy:
The Chancellor then met South Africa’s Chancellor because
not all the presidents went to New York, but we decided to
have a meeting all together, hopefully in Colombia.
For 2017, 7 years from now, the country will have more than
2,600 kms of advanced highways – at least 1,600 more than
the current ones – with such important roads such as la Ruta
del Sol, from the capital to the caribbean region; the
Transversal de las Américas, which connects the country
with Panamá from one side and with Venezuela from the
other; the Autopista de la Montaña, in Antioquia and the
Cofee Zone, and the advanced highway (doble calzada) from
Bogotá to Villavicencio.
When the BRIC met for the first time about 9 years ago –a
year ago after the idea of those countries was launchedon the day of the meeting the external debt of those
countries decreased and, like magic, they took off. Today
we see that those countries are the engines of the world’s
For 2014, just 4 years from now, we expect to produce at
least 1.16 million of oil barrels per day, and for 2020 at least
1.3 million of oil barrels per day, which puts Ecopetrol into
the 30 biggest oil companies of the world.
I hope that something similar happens if we gather the
CIVETS. That’s why we did that effort in New York.
That is why I want to point on this unsurpassable scenario,
which is the tweny eighth Bogota International Trade Fair.
For 2019 the coal production could reach 144 million tons
per year, a double production compared to 10 years back.
Like Asians, we Colombians must focus in the future by
establishing the bases for our social and economic take off.
For 2020 there has to be a 100% coverage of power, and our
power sector will be leader in Latin America and will also
have presence in the USA.
Last Thursday I enjoyed and read carefully a supplement
that came along with the economic newspaper Portafolio,
heading “Colombia 202 0: the economy looks good”.
In only three years, 2013, Colombia may be the first country
in Latin America that consumes in all its territory diesel with
less tan 50 particles per million of sulfur, and will be a world
power in biofuels production. As a matter of fact, we are the
region’s second etanol producer and the first in biodiesel
This is the beginning of this 32-pages interesting articles:
“How will Colombia be in 2020? If the country does the
announced reforms and executes the projected construction
works, Colombia will have another face. The public funds will
be under control due to the fiscal regulations –that were
presented this week –the f unds of royalties will be better
distributed-I hope it is approved (the reform to)royalties in the
House of representatives tomorrow- the displaced people will
come back to their lands – I also hope that the law of lands
passes on its first debate next week – access to health will be
equitable –we are in process of approving a health reform in
this context – the productive sector will have modern highways,
modern sea ports and modern airports. Bogotá would have
subway (metro) and the tunnel of “Línea” will be on work. This
scenario sounds optimistic, but everything is taking place.”
For 2020 our country will have several valid comercial
agreements with about 50 countries, including (hopefully)
several from Asia, such as South Korea, Japan and Turkey.
This week, in Cali, we are in the fourth stage of negotiations
with Korea.
And who knows: may be in the future, hopefully a near one,
we may start a similar process with India.
As Ambassador Riewad Warjri said, the big industrial
delegation from that country that is visiting us today, will
not only increase the number of business between our
nations, but is also a path for the possibility of having a free
trade agreeme nt with that this gre at country, India.
What an encouraging diagnosis!
By my side, as goverment, having the awareness that we
are going ahead firmly with the mentioned reforms, I feel
very satisfied of endorsing this prediction made by Portafolio.
In the next year technology will make the banking system
easier and more accesible for more and more Colombians
and several measures such as the gradual elimination of
taxes to financial operations and the creative efforts of the
financial sector will have contributed to “bank” the majority
of the population.
Colombia –like India- has been through difficult times of
violence, lots of poverty, –times that are not over – but it’s
facing today, as it had not happened since several years
ago and thanks to the improvements in security, a clearer
horizon that allows us to dream about prosperity.
In 10 years we will have sea and airports capable of improving
our competitiveness, starting by a world class airport here
in our capital city.
How will that Colombia of the future be? Let’s take a look
to some examples mentioned in that suplement, based on
We will also have – thanks to the reform of royalties that is
in process – better developed regions, with more equity
and building works of regional impact that will help them
to successfully compete in the world markets.
This trade fair –which has been taking place continuously for
56 years every two years – is a real symbol of our capital city,
and it is good to know that the city is moving forward in vigour
and business force, Mr. Mayor (Samuel Moreno).
As another support to this good predictions, today I read
a press interview to José Juan Ruiz, Analysis and Strategy
Director from Santander Group in America, which also
mentioned the good time of the región and specially of our
I recently read that Bogotá, according to a survey done by the
Bogota Chamber of Commerce, is Latin America’s city with
the highest entrepreneurship rate, 22.8%, ahead of Guayaquil
and Sao Paulo’s 1 6% an d Santiag o d e Chile’s 11 %.
Last year, more than 700.000 citizens of Bogota were involved
in the creation of new business, good for the Bogotans, with
this high vocation for the future!
According to Ruiz, “ Today there is no one who does not ask
about Colombia as a place for investment. Added to its
traditional institutional strength, the country has included
other facts such as security”.
Dr André s López: I congratulate you for the e fficie nt
managment of Corferias which keeps summoning Colombians
and foreigners to know the latest trends in technology and to
make business to create prosperity.
According to his forecasts – and he is someone whose duty
is the financial and economic analysis – the income per
capita of Colombia should get close to US$16,000 in five y
ears, which is 2015.
Two years ago more tan 53.000 visitors came to the fair, in
which there were 26.000 professional buyers and more than
1.500 international buyers; 328 participated in the event, and
there were business expectations for about US$ 150 million.
n summary, as I said in my possession speech on 7 August, w
e are living a new dawn and we have the historical o
pportunity to transform Colombia and lead a positive role i
n the world scenario.
I am quite sure that this year, in this day by day more favourable
environment, and if it doesn’t keep raining this much, we will
widely exceed this figures.
new dawn to develop the skills of our people, our lands, o
ur regions, in order to conquer the global opportunities o
ffered to us in the next 50 years.
Welcome then to this twenty eighth Bogota International
Trade Fair!
new dawn in which by our efforts we can make our c
ountry, in less than a decade, to be internationally r
ecognised because of its high human resources quality, its s
ocial equity and its e conomic, entrepreneurial and t
echnological capabilities.
A trade fair for dreaming.
A trade fair to speak about the future!
Thank you very much”.
"Translated in English from the original Spanish version"
new dawn in which we will be recognised as important i
n vital topics for mankind such as sustainable use of b
iod iv ersit y, cle an en ergie s, alime ntar y securit y, t
echnological deve lop me nt and cre at ive industries.
t won’t be easy, but we can make it if we work together by r
eaching a national consensus and pushing everyone in the s
a me d ire ct ion , w h ich is pe ace an d p ro sp er ity.
s you see, dear friends, today I have followed the eastern p
hilosophy and I have used most of my words to speak a
bout the future.
et us hope Colombians get used to this new approach.
vents such as this one, such as this Bogota International T
rade Fair, which gathers a complete exhibition of industrial m
achinery, equipment, new technologies and other p
roducts related to industry, not only from Colombia but f
rom countries such as India, Belgium, Spain, Poland, G
ermany, France and Austria, invite us to do something v
ery important: to think big.
Strengthening ties…(Mr Aman Chadha, Chairman, EEPC India and HE Mr J M Santos, President of the Republic of Colombia)