Keeping up to speed with Superfast Essex



Keeping up to speed with Superfast Essex
Keeping you up to speed with Superfast Essex
up to speed
with Superfast Essex
Why am I receiving this?
Welcome to the first of our regular updates regarding the Superfast Essex programme. You are
receiving this because you are an elected Council member, Essex MP, or a business or a resident
who has signed up to be kept informed about the programme being rolled out across the county.
These updates will be emailed out every other month or so to give you an overview of what has
been happening on the programme. They will also be added to our website, which we are
keeping updated with the latest information.
The Superfast Essex story so far...
In August 2013 Essex County Council signed a contract with BT to improve broadband coverage
across greater Essex and this became the Superfast Essex programme. It is part of a national
government-led programme to improve broadband connectivity across the UK, Superfast Britain,
which the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) is coordinating through a team called
Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK).
BDUK, Essex County Council and BT are jointly investing £24.6m into the Superfast Essex
programme. As part of the programme, the Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) contract uses public
subsidy to complement and accelerate the broadband offering by commercial operators.
The aim is to improve broadband coverage so that around 87 per cent of Essex has access to
fibre broadband by the end of 2016. We want to ensure that a minimum of 2Mbps download
speed is available across Essex, and that the fibre network - with the potential to provide
superfast speeds of 24Mbps and above - is extended as much as possible with the available
What's new?
Our new website is now live: Check it out at! We hope you will find this
redesigned site much more accessible and easier to navigate and find the information you want and
need to know. New features include:
• Postcode checker - find out the latest for your area
• A video about the fibre broadband rollout programme
• A comprehensive section answering Frequently Asked Questions.
• More information on the benefits of faster broadband at home and work
There is also an overview coverage map, events list, and background information about the
programme, as well as links to our Make the Connection Survey where you can also sign up to have
these programme updates emailed to you.
Delivery update: We are currently in the implementation stage for Phase One of the programme and
expect to launch the first new fibre-enabled cabinets in June. So keep an eye on our website and
Twitter feed for announcements on this.
New funding: In February, DCMS announced that additional grant funding has been allocated to
Essex to support an extension of the Superfast Essex Programme, allowing us to reach even more
premises in Essex. Essex County Council is currently reviewing the options for taking this forward. We
will publish updates on our website and in this newsletter when they become available.
Superfast Facts
• You can help improve your own broadband speed simply by changing the way you are connected at
home or work. Check out this list of tips BT has compiled to help you achieve your optimum speed:,4740,5520
• Nobody will automatically receive fibre broadband once it is enabled. Once a cabinet is installed in
your area and it is connected to the exchange this means the fibre is now live and ready for service.
However, you will need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to find out what services and
speeds are available to you and ask to switch to fibre. You may have to switch your package or
change your internet service provider to get a faster connection if your current one does not provide
fibre broadband services.
• If you haven't already found us, we are live on Twitter. Follow us and join the conversation @SuperfastEssex. A link to our Twitter feed is available on our website.
This Programme Update was produced by the Superfast Essex Team at Essex County Council
Contact: [email protected]

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