2011 Activity Report - Keep A Breast Europe



2011 Activity Report - Keep A Breast Europe
Keep A Breast Foundation Europe
Activity Report 2011
December 9th 2011
Keep A Breast Foundation Europe - 23, rue de Ruat 33 000 BORDEAUX – FRANCE –Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif.
Siret : 509 713 012 00011 Contact : [email protected] - www.keep-a-breast.org/europe
1. Traveling Educational Booth: 110 days of education
Music Festivals
Extreme Sports
2. Keep A Breast Exhibitions: 586 days of Art Show
Series Keep A Breast Collection 2011 – KABE HQ
Series Tivoli 2011 - France
Series Strychnin Gallery 2011 - Allemagne
Series The Don Gallery di Milano 2011 - Italie
3. Information Campaign
« Non Toxic Revolution »
« Check Yourself »
« I Love Boobies »
4. Support Program
« Treasured Chest Program»
5. Developement and prospects of the organization
Social Media
Partners and Prospects 2012
Keep A Breast Foundation Europe - 23, rue de Ruat 33 000 BORDEAUX – FRANCE –Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif.
Siret : 509 713 012 00011 Contact : [email protected] - www.keep-a-breast.org/europe
2 Keep A Breast Foundation Europe "is an association law 1901, non-profit organization
founded in 2008.
Its mission is to help eradicate breast cancer by providing youth with methods of
prevention, early detection and support. Through art events, educational programs
and informative, "KAB" seeks to increase awareness of breast cancer in young people
so that they ability to adopt lifestyles that benefit their health and well being the long
"Keep A Breast Europe Association" ("KABE") was established in France with the
support of "Keep A Breast" ("KAB"), American Foundation non-profit state-approved.
Although the incidence of breast cancer is much lower for young women are generally
more aggressive and diagnosed at a later stage, they involve a lower survival rate.
Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women under 40. Despite these
facts, many young women are not sufficiently informed and mistakenly believe that
breast cancer is a problem that only affects older women. Therefore, the diagnosis is
delayed and the lives of these young women may be upset.
"Keep A Breast" is trying to help professionals
health care to educate young women and to identify specific threats and warning
signs of breast cancer, which can lead to early diagnosis and save lives.
The members of the association and its partners are aware that when breast cancer
strikes a family, the whole environment of the patient who is affected, men or women.
The pink ribbons are now very well known, but they receive may be less effective in
young audiences. Also, "KAB" foundation that works with artists and musicians, some
young hopes to raise awareness, through other means such as music or art that they
are fans, and the dissemination of information on social networks they consult daily.
The year 2011 was a year of very active and constructive as the geographical expansion
of our territory from intervention by the multiplication of the events themselves.
Our programs have expanded, the number of volunteers and partners is constantly
growing, as the public interest, health partners and the media for the association.
Travelling Educational Booth
To meet and reach youth with prevention messages that are broadcast, "Keep A Breast
Europe", "KABE" moves and participates in events: gatherings of skateboarding,
surfing, snowboarding, concerts, meetings and artistic fashion. Each time, at least one
representative of the association helps raise awareness on issues related to breast
cancer through an informational display and exhibition of breast casts, and the
distribution of information materials and the development of interactive activities.
This year 2011, we mobilized to be present in major music festivals throughout
Keep A Breast Foundation Europe - 23, rue de Ruat 33 000 BORDEAUX – FRANCE –Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif.
Siret : 509 713 012 00011 Contact : [email protected] - www.keep-a-breast.org/europe
3 Music Festivals and Extreme Sports
April 2011 :
- Hit the Deck, UK
- Groezrock, Belgique
May 2011 :
- Hub Festival, UK
- Slamdunk Festival, UK
- FISE, France
- Disoriented Girls Camp, Italie
June 2011 :
- Rock AM Ring, UK
- Rock AM Park, UK
- Download, UK
- Vainstream, Allemagne
- Novarock, Autriche
- Southside Festival, Allemagne
- Riviera Summerfest, Italie
- Hurricane Festival, UK
- Val Senales Candy Week, Italie
- All The Time Low Tour, Italy
July 2011 :
- Sonisphere, UK
- T in the Park, UK
- Sonsisphere, France
- Roxy Pro, France
- Dour Festival, Belgique
- Beach Volley Torneo, Italy
August 2011
- Hevy Festival, UK
- Salinas Longboard Festival, Espagne
- Boardmasters, UK
- Lacanau Pro, France
- Ghost of Summer, Italie
- Highfield, Allemagne
- Betty Jam, Albi
- Area 4, Allemagne
- V Festival, UK
- Download, Hollande
- Reading, UK
- Leeds, UK
- V Festival, UK
October 2011
- Nissan Ski Pass, Italie
November 2011
- Billabong Pussy Bus, Italie
- Etnies Rock your Week End, Sunday
Our presence in these 27 festivals and two-month tour of Angels and Airwaves has
mobilized three volunteers in England, 1 German, 3 Dutch, 7 french, and five Italians.
This team took place over 180 days to the public, affecting about 30% of the total
population of each festival, a total of nearly 400,000 people across Europe.
Keep A Breast Foundation Europe - 23, rue de Ruat 33 000 BORDEAUX – FRANCE –Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif.
Siret : 509 713 012 00011 Contact : [email protected] - www.keep-a-breast.org/europe
4 Festivals de musique :
"Keep A Breast" has always collaborated with many musicians and artists such as No
Doubt, Katy Perry, Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, Hot Rod Circuit, Bayside,
Paramore, Jacks Mannequin, Say Anything, Reel Big Fish, Katy Perry , Cobra
Starship, Circa Survive, Chiodos, Meg & Dia, All Time Low, Maylene and the Sons of
Disaster, Oliver Peck, Shwayze, Arturo Vega, Anthony Green, Tom Delonge, Mark
Hoppus, Kat Von D and many others. This year new artists have agreed to become
spokespersons of the fight against cancer for young people and thus have donated
their time and ability to convince, to help educate the youth and their fans, through
their music, art and inspiration: Michiel Veenstra: Dutch radio DJ and TV presenter,
Cristina Scabbia, ... hard rock star Italian, Jesse Leach, Blink 182, Destine, Toby from
H20, Billy from Biohazard, Andrew WK, rocker, and wife Cherie Lily, Emanuela
group Hike Has the Gigli, Syria, Zack Merrick from All Time Low, Dominik dei
Dufresne, Come Back Kid, Dargen D'Amico and finally Forty Weeks.
In this context, "KAB" invites musicians, producers, turners, agents, press agents, to
invest with him.
The support of ambassadors also to draw public attention to the message of "KAB."
Extreme Sports Events :
Roxy Jam The support of the "godmother of heart," Maritxu Darrigrand, allowed
"KAB" again this year to be present at the site of the international competition in
Biarritz for 5 days. The enormous commitment of surfing champions for "Keep A
Breast" always ensures a successful educational booth of the association. These
frequent visits allow to know the association and its objectives in the fight against
breast cancer (more than 500 information materials distributed). It is also an
opportunity to find new members and realize significant sales of t-shirts and bracelets.
This event can also mobilize artists and to mold busts. This year, Brandon Lomax, and
Colin Whitbread and Robin Falxa were available and have facilitated the booth. This
year too, and as expected last year, a creative workshop was set up.
A concert at "Ventilo Caffé " was also organized by "KAB" to raise awareness of the
association and to raise funds. The world-renowned surfers attended the charity
concert, and sale of the cocktail to Benefit Keep A Breast has raised 37euros…
On the surf side, our presence in the Lacanau Pro for 15 days was much less
successful than expected: too expensive, difficult working conditions. We should
evaluate next year the capacity of volunteers to develop communication about the
presence of the educational booth, to the public of the event as the organizers.
Another first in the world of skiing this year, our presence in the Boardmasters in
England. Great public enthusiasm, probably also related to the professionalism of the
volunteers present, and ease of communication of our message, in English.
Keep A Breast Foundation Europe - 23, rue de Ruat 33 000 BORDEAUX – FRANCE –Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif.
Siret : 509 713 012 00011 Contact : [email protected] - www.keep-a-breast.org/europe
5 On a smaller scale, the Ride and Rose was cut short due to weather conditions.
On the snowboard side, you can count on the Italian team: Disoriented Girls Camp,
Italy, Val Senales, Candy Week, Nissan Ski Pass, Pussy Billabong Bus and Rock
your Etnies Weekend had a great success with the public and the press.
Finally, in the extreme sport, the first edition in the International Fair of Extreme
Sports (FISE) in Montpellier this year (350,000 visitors): A first step towards this world
which are already part of future ambassadors of Keep A Breast. According to the
financial terms, of course, we plan to repeat the experience, but we are closer to the
athletes present at the different sports represented.
Keep A Breast Exhibitions
The Original Keep A Breast Art Events program is designed to celebrate and create
awareness by harnessing the power of art to communicate complex feelings and
thoughts about health, the female form and ultimately about breast cancer. The
Original KAB Art Events program targets long term partnerships with organizations
having a broad reach.
Combining sculpture, philanthropy, and symbolic artistry, a KAB Art Event exhibits
one-of-a-kind plaster forms of the female torso’s, customized by artists and auctioned
off to raise funds for KAB’s breast cancer awareness programs. Our Keep A Breast has
had the privilege of hosting exhibits all over the world in well-known museums, five
star hotels, luxurious boutiques, phenomenal clubs and world-renowned galleries.
The figures cast as the artists participating in these exhibitions, become ambassadors,
role models and leaders for the young, spreading our message of prevention, early
detection and emphasizing the importance of living a healthy life without toxic
These events have made the cover of numerous magazines and took place in the
world: Canada, Australia, Europe and the United States (Hawaii, New York, Los
Angeles ...). Of internationally renowned artists such as Shepard Fairey, Thomas
Campbell or Carole Bielicki, Jean-Marie Angles, participated in these programs.
In Europe, the exhibition of casts of famous people customized in 2010 has started his
« Keep A Breast Collection 2011 » international exhibition
25 casts of celebrities and artists were first exposed to the Tivoli Clinic. Alain Juppé,
Mayor of Bordeaux and Foreign Minister inaugurated the extension of the clinic, and
thereby the exposure.
- 60 days of exposure in France at the Tivoli in Bordeaux
- 300 days of exposure to the Gallery of Keep A Breast Europe in Bordeaux
Some of these beautifull pieces have been loaned during the year at various galleries.
Keep A Breast Foundation Europe - 23, rue de Ruat 33 000 BORDEAUX – FRANCE –Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif.
Siret : 509 713 012 00011 Contact : [email protected] - www.keep-a-breast.org/europe
6 « Tivoli Collection 2011 » - France
20 women working in the Tivoli Clinic, participated in an internal competition: they
have cast their bust and offered customized to their environment. The exhibition was
opened Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux to launch in October Rose.
- 1 day of exposure to launch October Rose, organized with the city of Bordeaux.
- 5 days of exposure in Espace Saint Remy, in Bordeaux, in partnership with
the Hospital Bergonié, organizer of the exhibition.
- 70 days of exposure in France at the Tivoli Clinic
- 70 days of exposure in France in the European headquarters of Keep A Breast.
We can rejoice in the number of people affected by these exposures.
These exhibitions also help recruit new artists, and have created the need for a
permanent exhibition space for "Keep A Breast in Europe."
« Strychnin Gallery Collection 2011 » - Germany
Yasha Young, owner of Strychnin Gallery in Berlin, lives in New York. She is from
this year's curator Keep Breast International, and as she organized an exhibition for
the event "guide for COP Etiquette" in August in Berlin.
- 45 days of exposure to Strychnin Gallery in Berlin in August
- 5 days of exposure at Blooom Art Fair in Cologne
This magnificent series become in 2012 the exhibition KAB 2012 Collection.
« The Don Gallery di Milano Collection 2011 » - Italy
Rita Mastrorilli and her team Blue Distribution held in Italy on the occasion of the
coming of Lorene Carpentier, casting celebrities fashion bloggers, singers,
snowboarders, journalists, feminists, a 15 groin celebrities have played the game and
busts, having been painted by talented artists were brought together in an exhibition
in Milan, the Dom Gallery, for 1 month.
Some of these busts will join our series "Women for Rock and Soul."
For these exhibitions: 300 days of exposure in our own walls and 286 days of exposure
in various galleries, the situation is the same as last year: we miss communication !!
Information Programs
« Non Toxic Revolution »
This Campaign is to inform and educate young people about the dangers of toxic
chemicals in our environment and food supply and their link to breast cancer
initiation. Its aim is to inspire a focus on prevention as a means to maintain long-term
Keep A Breast Foundation Europe - 23, rue de Ruat 33 000 BORDEAUX – FRANCE –Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif.
Siret : 509 713 012 00011 Contact : [email protected] - www.keep-a-breast.org/europe
7 health and well-being. NTR will also provide alternative choices so that young people
everywhere can make smart choices.”
Support information is provided by the American Foundation, so in English, and
"KABE" seeking a partner to have it printed in German. The campaign was unveiled
this year United States. It’s been pre-released in Cologne during Blooom Art Fair, the
campaign will be launched in Germany next spring.
Casey Cochran is coming in Europe in january in order to visualize and organize the
launch of this campaign in Europe.
« Check Yourself ! »
This year, 15,000 information on "breast self-examination" and "advice to love her
breasts" were distributed in English, Italian, French and German. This information
forms the basis of what "KAB" can convey. We translated this information in Italian,
English and German, as recommended in the General Assembly last year.
"KABE" seeking a partner to print new cards, with soy inks and on recycled paper of
« I Love Boobies »
Keep A Breast’s “I Love Boobies” Campaign is a unique national campaign that
develops a new approach and positive style of communication about breast cancer.
The campaign is meant to encourage young people to target their breast health. The tshirts and bracelets act as an awareness-raising tool, allowing young people to engage
and start talking about a subject that is scary and taboo and making it positive and
By wearing a “I Love Boobies!” bracelet or shirt you are proclaiming, “I love my boobies,
and I choose to take care of them!” It is a message about how important it is to appreciate,
respect and love your breasts and yourself. Many women develop a negative attitude
towards their breasts and put so much energy into criticizing them or wishing they
were different somehow.
Keep A Breast and their “I Love Boobies” Campaign is the proud winner of the
following honor and awards:
-Yoplait Champion Award to Shaney jo Darden, Executive Director
-Alternative Press, 25 most influential people in the music industry, Award to
Shaney jo Darden, Executive Director
-Glue Network Beneficiary
-The SIMA Humanitarian Fund Award Recipient
-Emergen-C “pink lemonade” Beneficiary
-The Quiksilver Foundation, International Breast Cancer Initiative
-The “MySpace Impact Award” for Health and Safety
Finally this year, Shaney Jo Darden, was named Humanitarian of the Year by SIMA.
I Love Booobies campaign was developed especially in Italy, Germany, England,
Belgium and Holland this year.
Keep A Breast Foundation Europe - 23, rue de Ruat 33 000 BORDEAUX – FRANCE –Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif.
Siret : 509 713 012 00011 Contact : [email protected] - www.keep-a-breast.org/europe
8 4-
Program Support
« Treasured Chest Program»
This program allows newly diagnosed women to illustrate their bodies and their
feelings at a particular time of their treatment. It is one for which "KABE" looking for
a financial partner urgently.
Indeed, these women may face a radical change in their bodies following the loss of a
breast (mastectomy), the partial removal of a breast (lumpectomy) or narrowing of the
breast caused by the radiation. The " Treasured Chest Program " is designed to help
these women.
The cost of this program is still estimated to € 229 per kit.
Again this year, "KABE" sought partners for this program. Clinic Tivoli in Bordeaux,
is also a great supporter (target of 50 boxes per year). We are looking forward to
include other activities to support women affected by breast cancer : yoga, sophrology,
TCP talk…
Developement and prospects of the organization
Social Media
The Keep A Breast Europe page of Facebook has seen its number of fans multiplied
by 2, reaching the number of 2074.
Keep A Breast Italy also created a Facebook page that she has 750 fans
It is important to communicate more about Facebook, but also Twitter and blog of
Keep A Breast Europe who are good channels of communication via the public of
young people.
For the record, the website of the Foundation "KAB" provides a million hits.
La page Keep A Breast Europe de Facebook a vu le nombre de ses fans multiplier par
2, atteignant ainsi le nombre de 2 150 fans.
Keep A Breast Italy has also created a Facebook page that she has 750 fans.
It is important to communicate more on social media : Facebook, but also Twitter and
the blog .
For the record, the website of the Foundation "KAB" provides a million hits.
Partnerships exist and will be reinforced with associations such as "among the
women." This friendship has already enabled both organizations to have more
visibility to women.
We also naturally developed partnerships in different areas:
Keep A Breast Foundation Europe - 23, rue de Ruat 33 000 BORDEAUX – FRANCE –Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif.
Siret : 509 713 012 00011 Contact : [email protected] - www.keep-a-breast.org/europe
9 - Regarding Keep A Breast programs,
we are partner with the Basque Country Health, Tivoli Hospital, and we are newly part of the committee organizing Pink month, We are creating this year new activities in our headquarters : Yoga, Sophrology,
Organic Market.
- Regarding fundraising,
partnerships with Obey, Billabong, Beach Access, and Macbeth have resulted in products whose sale proceeds is donated to Keep A Breast Europe: one for Billabong Snowboard jacket, a set of accessories beach to beach Access (parasols, towel, sneakers), and a line of Tee Shirts and Sweat Shirts signed Shepard Fairey Obey and finally to a pair of sneakers for Macbeth.
- Concerning the development
of Keep A Breast, the partnership with A3C Audit Council allows us to have a global view of our ability to grow and the administrative structure of Keep A Breast along with our business. The internationalization of our Board of Directors can also develop in-­‐depth our actions in European countries where we are already present. - On the artistic point of view,
the choice of a curator such as Yasha Young, who lives in New York and is a recognized figure in the contemporary art scene. Strychnin owner of Galerie in Berlin, is offering to Keep A Breast a wonderful collection of new casts. 2012 Outlook
"KABE" Headquarters :
We study the relocation of the headquarters of Keep A Breast Europe: the shop
attached to the current location, although ideally located, does not allow us to cover
the costs of rental space. After considering the results of the first quarter of 2012 and
the final landscaping of the premises, we will consider two possibilities:
-Renting a small space in a neighborhood over from Saint Pierre, for example,
-or location within the project Darwin sufficient space enabling us to implement our
programs and projects.
Other antennas in Europe :
Lenneke Knappe Dutch created the antenna at Amsterdaam to be responsible for
fund raising through the sale of the collection Keep A Breast.
Rita Mastrorilli set up the antenna Italian in Milan, it allows us to touch the world of
fashion and many celebrities.
Members are extremely active over from Keep A Breast in Germany, Austria, Belgium,
Switzerland, and England, but no antenna was formally established in these countries.
The new board of directors, more international, we will implement and develop our
programs in these countries.
10 Keep A Breast Foundation Europe - 23, rue de Ruat 33 000 BORDEAUX – FRANCE –Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif.
Siret : 509 713 012 00011 Contact : [email protected] - www.keep-a-breast.org/europe
Casts :
« Kings and Queens »
Skateuses casts painted by "street artists"
An international exhibition in Milan in October 2012, to mark the closure of the
Fashion Week. With an art exhibition: « My Dad's favorite Cover ».
« Comics and Icons »
This series was started in the United States, the busts of icons are painted by artists of
the medium of comics. A partnership with the festival of Angoulême BD is under
consideration, with an opportunity to propose a stand on the site.
« Women Rock And Soul »
The series began in the United States: the busts of rockers are painted by artists from
the middle of the band music. Partnerships with venues, or distributors of music
would contact the artist.
New activity:
European headquarters of Keep A Breast Foundation Europe:
The headquarters of Keep A Breast was held from January to May by volunteers:
Carole Bielicki, Stéphane Getas, Charlotte Fisher, Maylis Aumonier ; Mathilde
Delfour and have provided open space during four months.
We wish of course this year to open our doors to new players: young artists of course,
but mostly we focus on the support we can give to women with breast cancer.
By providing experienced professionals to our area, we hope to hold regular sessions
in yoga, relaxation therapy, art workshops supervised by artists or by psychologists,
and the availability of organic baskets. This weekly.
We also plan to create a photo studio and video.
Distribution of Keep A Breast Europe:
Lenneke Ion Knappe and her husband opened a warehouse that stores the collection
that is distributed in Europe. What are the benefits of this activity is providing 83% of
the budget need for our programs.
Presence on events
To meet the growing needs of different communities, we decided to expand our
presence in the field, particularly in France where we are best known for our sports
and musical interventions
Need for better visibility with different media, social networks, and with potential
11 Keep A Breast Foundation Europe - 23, rue de Ruat 33 000 BORDEAUX – FRANCE –Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif.
Siret : 509 713 012 00011 Contact : [email protected] - www.keep-a-breast.org/europe
Job Creation
Considering the development of Keep A Breast Foundation Europe, the three
positions needed are :
Executive Director
General responsibilities:
The responsibility of the president, the incumbent plans, develops, organizes,
coordinates, supervises all activities of the association
Specific Responsibilities:
Identifies and analyzes the programs to be developed, the target audience and target
Sets the entry strategy.
Establishes development strategies.
Prepares extension strategies.
Directs the design of communication tools and development.
Supervises the preparation of strategic communications.
Suggests the selection of niches covered.
Represents the association and its president.
Liaises with the Keep A Breast Foundation, Keep A Breast and Merch
Directs and coordinates through responsible activities in the short and long term
association or areas related to programs, maintenance, development, volunteer
management, public relations and human resources, administration, legal ..
Initiates, maintains and improves the management process: organizational structure
and development, strategic planning and management philosophy.
Initiates, maintains and improves the communication process.
With the participation of financial manager in the United States, ensure the
preparation of budgets and financial reports, the gap analysis periodically and makes
changes if necessary.
Coordinates meetings of the Board.
Event Manager
The successful event manager is responsible for organizing our presence at events in
the areas of trade (trade fairs, product launches), culture (art openings, exhibitions,
concerts, festivals), sport (competitions, galas ), tourism (events in the stations,
animations) to the authorities (official event, events) or private (birthdays, weddings,
baptisms, etc.).. It occurs at all stages of the process, ranging from fundraising to
promote the event.
The main activities are:
-Planning the event
-Identify the wishes and expectations of our partner (purpose, audience, etc.).
-Propose using the concept of a file (images, graphics) and negotiate the
12 Keep A Breast Foundation Europe - 23, rue de Ruat 33 000 BORDEAUX – FRANCE –Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif.
Siret : 509 713 012 00011 Contact : [email protected] - www.keep-a-breast.org/europe
-Clarify issues of copyright, seek the necessary approvals from the authorities,
take out insurance;
-Solicit donations, obtain sponsorship contracts;
-Power and maintain an address book and calendar of events;
-Define the equipment and facilities; find companies responsible for providing
the services, negotiate contracts;
-Define a specification for the various stakeholders;
-Develop or adapt communication strategies and managing media relations,
preparing files for promotion campaigns, use the name and image of the event;
-Hire staff (fixed and temporary), recruit volunteers;
-Management of the event
-Track orders by overseeing the work of different providers and stakeholders;
-Arrange transportation and installation of infrastructure (scenes, screens, Party
tents, etc.).
-Supervise and direct the staff and volunteers;
-Managing the unexpected, to find alternative solutions if necessary;
-Ensure compliance with safety standards and accident prevention;
-Closing Event
-Oversee the dismantling of the infrastructure and ensure the rehabilitation of
the premises;
-Establish a balance sheet and a record of the event;
-Depending on the size of the event, hold a closing meeting and distribute a
press release;
-Ensure billing infrastructure provided and the payment of staff salaries and
Assistant Manager
Over from the Executive Director of its missions, in contact with the various
departments of Keep A Breast Foundation Europe identifies the needs for each
Support for progressive and independent management of stocks: centralization of
needs, advance orders. It will provide monitoring systems to promote the optimization
of management.
Ongoing maintenance of the assets of the association.
Administrative management of the association, and timely support to other
departments of the company.
Daily contribution in terms of logistics: deliveries storage, folding and postage, host
weekly speakers as part of our campaigns.
Accounting Office
Given the recognition of public utility requested, we have an obligation to present an
accounting certified by an accounting firm, then covered by an auditor. And regarding
the operation of the organization with employees, we must establish a strict social
13 Keep A Breast Foundation Europe - 23, rue de Ruat 33 000 BORDEAUX – FRANCE –Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif.
Siret : 509 713 012 00011 Contact : [email protected] - www.keep-a-breast.org/europe
management. For both tasks we used the services of A3C, accounting firm and
business consulting …
Regarding the law and development activities in Keep A Breast Europe we are advised
by Master Antonio Garnier.
Introduction of new members of the Board:
Dr. Claudio Lombardo of the National Institute for Research on Cancer of Genoa, and
the Alliance Against Cancer in Rome.
Peyrelade Xavier, manager of real estate.
Merlijn Langenhuijsen, landscape architect, architect, interior design, specializing in
art history and photography. Merlijn lives in Belgium where she is manager in the
Michal gold Nadine Edelstein, member of the board of the Research Center Chaim
Sheba, it is recognized one of the organizers of charity event in Europe's most
and always
Karen Decoster, Shaney Jo Darden-Philippe Laburthe and Carmela Fleury in France.
Secretary : Xavier Peyrelade
Treasurer : Miguel Rideau
14 Keep A Breast Foundation Europe - 23, rue de Ruat 33 000 BORDEAUX – FRANCE –Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif.
Siret : 509 713 012 00011 Contact : [email protected] - www.keep-a-breast.org/europe
Expenses Programs 62 381eu Operating Budget 46 858eu Fundraising Cost 7 767eu 7% 36% 57% 15 Keep A Breast Foundation Europe - 23, rue de Ruat 33 000 BORDEAUX – FRANCE –Association loi 1901 à but non lucratif.
Siret : 509 713 012 00011 Contact : [email protected] - www.keep-a-breast.org/europe

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