All Vehicle Loan Special! - First Community Bank of Galena


All Vehicle Loan Special! - First Community Bank of Galena
Summer 2013
A newsletter for customers and neighbors of Apple River State Bank and First Community Bank of Galena
All Vehicle Loan Special!
APR* %
on 20
or 20 2, 2013
for up
to 65 icles
In celebration of our 65th anniversary, we are offering a special rate on many consumer
vehicles. Rates haven't been this low in years. Now is the time if you've been waiting
for a new car, truck, RV, boat or motorcycle.
You may also save hundreds by refinancing your current vehicle loan.
*The Annual Percentage Rate
(APR) that you would be charged is
based on your loan-to-value and
credit worthiness. Loan is subject to
credit approval. Terms and
conditions are subject to change
without notice. Some restrictions
apply and may not be combined
with other offers.
Bank Awards Scholarships To Area Students
Apple River State Bank and First Community Bank of Galena recently awarded $1,000 college scholarships to
four area high school graduates. Congratulations to our award recipients and best wishes for the future!
High School
River Ridge
High School
Scales Mound
High School
High School
Anna Gerlich,
daughter of Marvin
and Kathy Gerlich
Sam Veltkamp,
son of Lee and
Gwen Veltkamp
Jordan Wienen,
daughter of John and
Karen Wienen
Susanna Thompson,
daughter of Steve and
Marcia Thompson
Lynn Berning
Nikki Frank
We’re here to help when it
comes to mortgage lending
Borrowing money for your home can be intimidating.
The same holds true when it comes to refinancing,
which means you may be paying hundreds, if not
thousands, of dollars more in interest than need be.
Valerie Stocks
To get pre-qualified for your
real estate loan, contact
Lynn Berning or Nikki Frank
at (815) 777-6300 or Valerie
Stocks at (815) 745-2194.
Unsure if it’s worth your while to refinance? We’ll
provide a free analysis of your current mortgage loan
and tell you if it makes sense to refinance.
We offer a wide array of real estate financing options—
From application to loan closing, we’ll help you every whether you are buying, building or refinancing your
home. We can also provide financing for that special
step of the way to make the process as simple as
home project.
can be. Call any of our mortgage lenders and they
will help complete the application forms.
Staff news
On the Go? Go Mobile.
Join us in welcoming these staff
members to their new positions.
Laura Busch
Warren Office
First Community
Bank of Galena
I need to transfer
$500 to my
savings account.
Did check
#987 clear
my account?
Mobile Banking
is here!
Access your account information
from any mobile phone using text
messaging, mobile web, or smart
phone app. Signup is easy. Simply
visit your Online Banking account at
What’s my
Avoiding Scams:
Sticking to the
Basics Can Go
a Long Way
There is plenty of information available
to consumers to help avoid being a
fraud or theft victim. Here's a short list
of simple ways to avoid many financial
Never provide passwords, credit or
debit card information, Social
Security numbers and similar
personal information in response to
an unsolicited text message, e-mail,
call or letter. An identity thief can use
this information to apply for credit cards
or loans, access your bank accounts
online or otherwise commit fraud using
your name.
accurate. Instead, find the telephone
number, Web site or e-mail address
from an independent, reliable source.
For guidance on whether a bank or
bank Web site is legitimate, you can
call the FDIC at 1-877-275-3342 or
use Bank Find, our online directory
of FDIC-insured institutions
that provides Web sites, at
Deal only with reputable merchants,
service providers and charities.
Friends and family may be able to
provide recommendations. You can
search for complaints against a
Crooks often send e-mails, text
business by contacting your state or
messages or phone messages that
local consumer affairs office
appear to be from a legitimate, trusted
organization asking consumers to
and your local Better Business Bureau
"verify" or "update" personal
( There also are
information. The scam is called phishing popular sites on the Internet for
(pronounced "fishing") because the
consumer ratings and reviews of
criminals throw out bait in hopes of
luring a consumer into biting.
Fraud artists also claim to be from
Criminals also create bogus Web sites
legitimate charitable organizations —
in hopes that consumers will enter
especially after a major disaster — and
valuable personal information. Some of ask for "donations." The Better
sites offer incredibly low prices or other Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance
enticing promotions. Always be
( and other organizations
suspicious of these types of requests
can help you find legitimate charities
because a legitimate organization would with good reputations.
not solicit updates in an unsecured
Be on guard against counterfeit
manner for information it already has.
checks, cashier's checks or money
Think twice before opening
orders. These often are associated with
attachments or clicking on links in
scams that say you have won a lottery
unsolicited e-mails and text
or other prize, are bogus work-frommessages. These messages may
home offers, or are attempts to steal
install "malware" (malicious software)
something you are selling on the
on your computer or cellphone.
Internet. They can also be associated
with offers to purchase items you are
To confirm a message's validity, contact selling online or through classified ads.
the supposed sender. Don't
Be especially leery if you get a check
automatically assume the contact
for more than the amount due and
information listed in the e-mail is
you're instructed to return the difference
Source: FDIC Consumer News
by depositing the check and wiring the
excess amount to the other party's
account or to an associate. If the check
turns out to be counterfeit, you will be
out the money regardless of whether
you sent a check, wire or cash.
Be wary of unsolicited investment
offers that sound too good to pass
up or that require you to act fast.
Statements about low-risk investments
with “guaranteed returns” that are
unusually high are red flags. Walk away
from any offer that involves pressure to
pay cash or provide personal
information right away.
Protect your mail and other
documents at home. Thieves know
that credit card or bank statements and
other documents contain valuable,
confidential information. Try to use a
secure mailbox for your incoming mail.
Keep bank and credit card statements,
tax returns, credit and debit cards and
blank checks secure, even at home.
Also shred sensitive documents before
discarding them. Similarly, use an
updated security program to protect
your computer.
Look at your bank statements and
credit card bills as soon as they
arrive. Immediately report any
discrepancy or anything suspicious,
such as an unauthorized withdrawal or
charge, to your financial institution.
Periodically review your credit reports
and dispute any inaccurate information,
which could indicate identity theft. You
are entitled to a free copy from each of
the nation's three major credit bureaus
every 12 months. To request a
credit report, go to or call
toll-free 1-877-322-8228.
Find an ATM
near you
Our network of 20 ATMs may be
one of the largest, if not the
largest, in Jo Daviess County. That
means our customers have ready
access to cash without having to
worry about expensive surcharges.
If you are not already a customer,
come to Apple River State Bank
and First Community Bank of
Galena and enjoy the convenience.
Visit for
our ATM locations or
scan this code with a
mobile QR reader:
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Hundreds of people belong to the
Community Club
at First Community Bank of Galena
and Apple River State Bank.
For a list of upcoming
Community Club events, visit
Call LaVonne
Ohms today at
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exciting club.