vTuner Internet Radio Rapid Prototyping SDK USB


vTuner Internet Radio Rapid Prototyping SDK USB
vTuner Internet Radio
vTuner enables you to listen reliably thousands of Internet Radio Stations with perfect sound quality.
This offers a new dimension to your audio device connected to the Internet. Internet Radio and Video
can be integrated into each Media Device at any time. User friendly access is guaranteed to a wealth of
Internet Radio and Video Stations.
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Rapid Prototyping SDK
The Rapid Software Development Kit (SDK) for USB 2.0 High Speed Input/Output Solution provides
an ideal basis for a low cost and fast development of a great variety of measurement devices. The RDK
fits also quite well for direct integration into prototype devices and pilot series. The SDK includes first
class PC drivers, application software and the development board.
The software development can easily be conducted with Visual Studio (C, C++, C#), no embedded tools
are required. Programing is performed on a standard PC.
Read more USB Audio Development Kit (USBPAL)
The USPPAL (USB Professional Audio Link) is one of the world class USB 2.0 Multichannel Audio
Solutions. With 16 channels Input and 16 Channels Ouput (24 bit, 96 kHz) and sampling rates up to 192
kHz (8 input / 8 output channels) USBPAL provides you the ideal interface between musical instruments
and your computer. USBPAL is used world wide for Audio devices, which are produced also for studio
recording. USPAL supports the well known Audio Standards such as ASIO, WDM or Coreaudio. Read more