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Marjorie Saulson
Message Consultant, Public Speaking and Networking Coach
Helping businesses and organizations set themselves apart from the crowd
by using the
Enhance emails, blogs
and newsletters with
audio messages
Today, people are inundated with huge
amounts of information. Decisions are
made in a split second about whether to
read a particular email, blog post or
An authentic
audio message
can invite
attention and
reinforce the
message you
wish to convey
to current and
potential clients
and customers.
Take advantage of
recorded training
materials for staff
Staff training is on-going challenge. Any
business that wishes to attain and
maintain a high standard of quality and
productivity needs to invest in it.
Setting aside specific times for staff
training may not always be possible.
Providing recorded training that the
staff can access at any time (for example,
while commuting to work or doing the
dishes) is an effective solution to
this problem.
To discover more, please visit
Add value with
recorded information
on why to buy and how
to use your products
The instructions for new products can be
handled very efficiently with audio
This type of audio training can be created
in conjunction with a video showing actual
use of the product.
Voice mail can either attract or irritate, depending on
the message and the quality of the voice delivering it
Your welcome message can be
enhanced by a message designed for
people who are on hold. That message
can market your company, your products
and services, plus any up-coming
special events you wish to advertise.
Benefit from voice mail messages
that promote your company, specific
products and/or up-coming events.
To discover more, please visit
Bonus Tip
Use music to enhance your
messages and commerials
The power of music is well-known. Often
people can hum or sing commercials
that they heard years ago.
Well-chosen music enhances the
meaning and retention of your
message. It is the most powerful
magnetizer of all.
Increase the stickiness
of your website with
your personal audio
Studies show that you only have a few
seconds to lure people into staying on
your website long enough to access the
information you have provided for them.
Audio messages can welcome people,
highlight the value of your company, and
inform them about any product or
service that you wish to publicize.
Contact Marjorie Saulson
to discuss
with the power of
your personal voice
telephone: 248-217-0346
email: [email protected]

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