Young Farmers` Clubs of Ulster


Young Farmers` Clubs of Ulster
How much is membership of YFCU?
Membership subscriptions vary depending on
your age:
How do I join YFCU?
Young Farmers’
Clubs of Ulster
Contact YFCU HQ to find out where your nearest
club is and for an application form.
No, there are
many aspects of
the YFCU which
are not farming
related at all, for
example, all the
culture and arts
competitions and
club meetings.
What sorts of competitions and
activities take place?
YFCU offers members the chance to take
part in a range of competitions and activities
Drama & Arts festivals
Tag Rugby
Tug of War
Sheep Shearing
Exchange trips to Europe & beyond!
Young Farmers’ Clubs of
475 Antrim Road
BT15 3BD
Phone: 028 90 370713
E-mail:[email protected]
Find us on
About Us
The Young Farmers’ Clubs of
Ulster (YFCU) is an exciting and
fun-filled organisation that is for
young people and run by young
YFCU is for young people
aged 12 and 25 years. The
Association is strictly non-political, non-sectarian
and is open to anyone.
Young farmers is all about…
Learn new skills and realise your full potential
You don’t need to be a farmer or
come from a farming background
to join, the only requirement for
membership is an interest in rural life!
Club meetings are usually held on a
fortnightly basis during the months of
September and April. After the formal
commencement of each meeting comes
the main programme which can be almost anything
the members want to do. The only restriction is your
imagination and the practical constraints on putting
your plans into action! Clubs also meet many times
during the summer months but on a more informal
Through the YFCU you will have the opportunity to
meet loads of new people – other members of your
club, members from other clubs and members from
our sister organisations throughout the world.
Enjoy a wide range of social and travel
Working together to do what you
want to do
YOU – the members. Annually, each club elects a
club leader, secretary and other office bearers who,
together with the members, organise the club’s affairs
for the year. Each club also has representation on its
county committee which co-ordinates YFC events and
activities in the county. All six county committees,
together with other office bearers, make up the
council which is the governing body of
the Association.
The council meets once a
year at the annual AGM
during which time it
elects officials to handle
the day-to-day business
of the Association.
Some young
members are
keen not to sit
back but like to
manage and run
their own club.
Junior clubs are
assisted by an older
member who is
known as the senior
These clubs are specifically for members aged
between 12 – 16 years. They elect office bearers
just like any other Young Farmers’ Clubs and
organise events and activities which specifically
suit them.
Make your mark in Young Farmers.
Get involved, get active and reap
the rewards!

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