Sizing Guide



Sizing Guide
here are a few questions you need to ask yourself
prior to deciding which weight range of
Poweriser is the correct one for you, hopefully the
below will help you make an informed decision
as to the correct size for your own particular requirements.
All jumping stilts, “Powerisers” included, have a number of
options or variants available to the user based on the user’s
weight, relative fitness and athletic “outlook”.
The “power” in Poweriser comes from the springs, these are
specially reinforced glass fibre and rated for different user
weights, as you load the spring with your body weight the
compression of the spring stores energy that enables the
user to gain great heights and distances when this energy is
So now we understand the physics of how Powerisers work,
you can see that the user weight is critical.
An example would be a very light person say 30kgs (about
4 ½ stone) trying to use Powerisers designed for a user
weight of 90kgs (about 16 ½ stone), it would be like
walking on rigid stilts, as the users body weight would be
unable to compress the springs. This example but with a
heavier person on Powerisers designed for a lighter person
would over
compress the springs and result in “ bottoming” of the spring
and would not give enough energy.
As you can see from the above examples this is a sport
where the equipment needs to be “just right”.
So our general rule is buy your weight category. This is to
say if you where an adult of 80kgs you would go for the
xx7090 depending on the model (Standard, Advanced or
EVO I) as this has a weight range of 70-90 kgs and you
would be right in the middle. This would give you the best
performing stilt for your weight category.
But we do have a few exceptions to the rule! Let’s say you
are a young extreme sports type, wanting to really get into
Powerisers and start some exceptional tricks and get some
big air. Your body weight is 84kgs, in this case we would
recommend going up to the next weight range xx90120
(90-120kg user weight), this would give much more power
to the user. But would require a lot more energy and effort
to get the best out of the spring, but would reward you with
more power and more air.
To recap the normal and best strategy is to buy within your
weight category, unless you are close to the upper weight
recommendation (say within 5 kgs) and an athletic
aggressive sports person, we then recommend going to
the next category up.
For more detailed information on the different product models
and individual features please consult the product pages on
our website. For all adult models the springs are
interchangeable, you only add the product code to the
beginning of the springs, so for Standard (PRS), Advanced (PR)
and EVO I (PRE). If you were looking to purchase the
“Advanced” model and weighed 80 kgs the product code
would be PR7090.
Poweriser Junior model - user weight
Stone approx
4.7 - 8
Junior (PR)
Note: Minimum recommended age 8 years +
and a body weight of at least 30 kgs.
Standard (PRS)
Poweriser Adult Model - user weight
Stone approx
Then we may have what you are looking for…..
Introducing the 90120 Plus+
HOWEVER this is not for your average bocker,
we believe this is the stiffest spring on the
market and has only been made possible by
our advanced manufacturing techniques. Other
manufactures are unable to match this design
due to failures in there composition. The design
has undergone stringent cycle and defection
tests so you can be sure of our usual
exceptional manufacturing standards.
If you are into extreme aero’s and want maximum
air, then this is the product for you. But be warned
this product requires the user to be of an
exceptionally high fitness level, and technical
ability, as the stiffness values are well in excess of
the upper 90120 values.
Available as Advanced model complete, or the
springs can be purchased separately to upgrade
any existing pair of adult Powerisers.