Stachti Thermal Springs



Stachti Thermal Springs
Thermal Springs of Stachti
Nafpaktia — Greece
Thermal Springs
of Stachti
Aitolia and Akarnania
Thermal Springs
of Stachti
Known since the ancient times, the
waters of the Thermal Springs of Stachti
are good in curing different health
problems such as arthritis, dermatitis and
rheumatism. In some cases, the water
can be drunk as well.
The Thermal Springs, located in the
Loutra Stachtis village, in the Municipal
Department of Pylini (situated at 30km
from Nafpaktos city), are surrounded
by a forest area of 95 acres, the natural
habitat of many fauna and flora species.
Its current use includes thermal spring
facilities, as well as a small hotel and
a restaurant that need reconstruction.
Spyridoula Papathanasiou
[email protected]
Since the asset is located in mountainous
Nafpaktia, the only transport
infrastructure available is the asphalted
road from Nafpaktos to Loutra Stachtis.
The local public authorities are looking
for investors to create a modern
hydrotherapy centre, equipped with
additional support facilities. These
investments would make the Thermal
Springs fit for sustained tourism activity,
which will bring significant long-term
economic benefits.

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