ABBIT Bematrix 14 02


ABBIT Bematrix 14 02
Panel based construction
Counters, kiosks, stands, sets, ...
Faster building, more flexibility.
Sponsors get a prominent and clean display.
“Abbit designs, prints ships, builds and
dismantles. Your sponsors feel well supported
and the Program is visible for all ...”
Meter boards
“For the program, the sponsors, etc. ...”
Design and result
Kiosks for many purposes.
“For an exhibition, a desk, an internet corner, etc.
Abbit designs and builds kiosks, provides computers or
tablets and supports the internet connection ...”
Stand building
“Yes, the stand can ...”
10 x 4m stand: Design and result
Mini stands: Design and result
Presentation with impact
“Building an overview of the key messages
during a presentation. The set is part of the
presentation canvas ...”
A set that speaks
“for smaller meetings a nice set can have a serious
impact. Abbit provides design and execution
including borderless screens ...”
Transformer set
“The set can change shape from day to day
or from session to session ...”
Set: Design and result
Mini set: Design and result
A wide screen set
“With white panels and screens, a big canvas emerges
for blending and media server design. Abbit designs,
composes and projects for impact ...”
Innovating technology
A living set
“Every speaker can get a personalised set. The
projected image to support the message.
Thinking out of the box, out of the screen ...”
A small, branded set
“Easy and quick to set-up. For the online
presentation, a video interview corner, ...”
A cool background
“All pictures, and video you produce at your
event look better with a professional set ... ”
Abbit Meeting Innovators
Reliable teams with smarter budgets for more impact
[email protected]
+32 1 444 88 33

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