Mid-America 2009 - American Iris Society


Mid-America 2009 - American Iris Society
Mid-America Garden
Wizard of Odds
Symbols and Terminology
F Foreign - other than North American varieties
R Varieties that bloom spring & again in summer or fall
Standards - 3 upper petals
Falls - 3 lower petals
Hafts - Top (upper part) of falls
Beards - Fuzzy, raised projections in upper center of fall
Style arms - Small stiff segments above the beards
Plicata - Stippled, stitched, dotted or lined pattern
on a different / paler ground color
up to 8” tall
Page 46
8 - 16” tall
Page 42
Aril - AB
3-28” tall
Page 47
Coming from the north - Portland
Take I-5 south & exit at #263, Brooks Exit. Proceed to top of off ramp &
turn left onto Brooklake Rd. Go 0.7 miles to stop light in Brooks. Turn right
at stop light onto 99E (Portland Rd). Go 0.7 miles to Quail. Turn left onto
Quail. Go 1.1 miles to stop sign (Lakeside Dr). Turn right onto Lakeside Dr.
Go 0.4 miles & look for Mid-America / Sebright Hosta Garden signs. Go to
end of gravel & paved drive to 2 story teal green house. If gate is closed,
punch in code (1 2 3 4) posted on keypad on driver’s side of vehicle & enter.
Gate will close automatically.
Coming from the south
55th N
54th N E
Howell Prairie
Take I-5 north and exit at #260 (Chemawa Rd / Keizer exit). At top of
ramp, turn right onto Chemawa and go 0.8 miles to stop light. Turn left onto
99E (Portland Rd). Go 0.3 miles to Lakeside. Turn right onto Lakeside Dr
and go 1.5 miles.
You will encounter
3 right angle turns Schreiner's Quin
aby Rd
and at the fourth
Mid-America Dr NE
right angle turn,
instead of turning right, turn left
Lakeside Dr N E
onto gravel drive.
You will see MidHazelgreen
America /Sebright
Garden signs. ProKeppel's
ceed through gate
n Rd
to two story teal
To Cooley's
green house at end
Map not to scale
of drive.
Portland Rd or
99 E
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Mailing Address:
P O Box 9008
Brooks OR 97305
Garden Location:
7185 Lakeside Dr N E LLC
Salem, Oregon
Phone / FAX: 503 390 6072
e-mail: [email protected]
Web site: www.mid-americagarden.com
April 17 through June 2 • Friday, Saturday, & Sunday • 10:00 am to 5:00pm
You are welcome to visit at other times, but please call ahead to let us know.
We are here most of the time, but want to be sure we are here for your visit.
The best time to reach us by phone is later in the evening - Pacific time. If
we’re not available, please leave a message. Also, e-mail works very well
this busy time of year. There is a lot of ground to cover (slopes included free),
so wear comfortable, mud resistant shoes. An umbrella is always a good
idea. Please make arrangements in advance for group or club visits.
SPECIAL OFFER Johnson and/or Black 2009
Purchase three (3) of the same Introduction - any class
Purchase any 3-5 Introductions - any class
Purchase any 6-10 Introductions - any class
Purchase any 11-15 Introductions - any class
Purchase 15 or more Introductions - any class
E xcludes 2009 Introductions. Do not include 2009 Introductions or shipping
charges in your total. See 2009 Introductions listing on pages 1 - 7 for
descriptions of these bonus irises. Cheap Frills, Circle of Light, French
Riviera, Lost in Love, Magical Moment, Spring Madness
With $75.00 purchase, receive your choice of one bonus iris
With $150.00 purchase, receive your choice of two bonus iris
With $225.00 purchase, receive your choice of three bonus iris
With $300.00 purchase, receive your choice of four bonus iris
With $350.00 purchase, receive your choice of five bonus iris
With$400.00 purchase, receive your choice of six bonus iris
* Limit of two (2) per variety on bonus plants *
Bonus selections must be entered on order form.
16 - 27½” tall
Page 40
16 - 27½” tall
Page 39
16 - 27½” tall
Page 39
over 27½” tall
Page 8
Aztec Art
All My Dreams
ALL MY DREAMS (Black 09) TB Midseason-Late 30” (76cm) All
My Dreams is one of those delightful dreams composed of all good things.
Tightly formed flowers have peach standards blushed pink up midribs and
blended to lacy butter margins. Strongly flared falls are white with large
ochre gold to peach spots and bisected by white lines down their centers
and finished with narrow, lacy butter tan bands. Vivid red orange beards
startle one awake from this sweet dream. Smaller flowers are in keeping
with the shorter stature. Waxen substance plus three branches and spur
carrying 8-10 buds insures All My Dreams will bloom a long time. Sdlg.
M111A: Padded Shoulders X (Blush of Color x Taunt)
of Color
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2009
aztec art (T.Johnson 09) TB Early-Midseason 33” (84cm) The
Aztecs made extensive use of gold and so it is with Aztec Art. Bright
yellow gold standards and styles are reinforced by large yellow gold sunbursts on heavily ruffled dark mahogany falls. Mahogany veins flow over
sunbursts. Vibrant orange gold beards add fire. Husky plants produce
strong stalks with 2 branches and 7 buds. Aztec Art makes a superb
garden display. Sdlg. TW6A: Bold Vision X Next Millennium
CARNIVAL OF COLOR (Black 09) TB Early-Midseason 35”
(89cm) Carnival of Color brings a very lively splash of color to your
Cheap Frills
garden. Warm white standards are blushed metallic pink at their bases,
blending upward and rimmed with tan gold lace. Heavily ruffled, falls are
white across hafts and veined plum. Golden peach outer haft narrows as
it descends to encircle mauve pink central falls that are lined dark purple
and washed mid purple. Haft edges are rimmed white changing to gilt
gold lace as it moves around the falls. Beards are bright orange. Foliage
is healthy blue green. Stalks have 3 branches plus a basal branch and
9-11 buds. Sdlg. M86BB: City of Gold X Conjuring Cat $50.00
CHEAP FRILLS (Black 09) TB Early-Late 38” (97cm) The only
thing cheap about this heavily ruffled and laced beauty is the price you can have it as a BONUS for free. This excitingly different plicata
has darker buff peach styles that peer from between light buff peach
standards. White falls give way to heavily laced subtle cinnamon peach
plicata washed and dotted margins and hafts. Zingy red orange beards
terminate in greenish stripes extending 3/4 way down falls. Strong, vigorous growth produces exceptional show stalks with 3-4 branches and
10-11 buds. Barry Blyth said it gave a splendid performance as a guest in
Australia. Expect exciting seedlings in a wide array of colors and patterns.
Sdlg. N19A: Decadence X (Secret Admirer x Chiffon Ruffles)
of Light
CIRCLE OF LIGHT (Black 09) TB Mid-Very Late 39” (99cm) In
addition to having a gorgeous flower, Circle of Light is also a brawny
garden performer. White standard centers are washed and veined mid
violet blue, then blending to dark indigo and then to a bit lighter purple
margins. Heavily ruffled falls are a repeat of standard color and patterning. Styles are dark indigo black. Show stalks have 3 branches and
9-10 buds. Healthy blue-green foliage is impervious to leaf spot. No
pampering needed here. Strong parent for black and white plicatas.
Sdlg. N108A: (Thunder Spirit x American Classic) X Inside Track BONUS
Web Site
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2009
Deep Currents
Fancy Dog
Dancing Star
dancing star (T.Johnson 09) TB Early-Midseason 39” (99cm)
Sharp moves, colorful attire and poise are all a part of Dancing Star.
Crisp white standards and styles shimmer above dark, inky blue purple
falls. Bold white sunbursts are etched with dramatic dark blue purple
veins. Paler fall edges create more drama. Spectacular show stalks with 3
branches and 8-10 buds insure success on the show bench. Creates spectacular, showy clumps. Sdlg. TX43A: Queen’s Circle X Starring $50.00
deep currents (T.Johnson 09) TB Early-Midseason 36”
(91cm) Deep Currents is beautifully formed with just the right amount
of ruffles and a classy lilt to draw you closer. Standards are dark red
purple with cream centers heavily sanded dark red purple. Cream falls
have black purple bands and hafts with inner circles of lighter red purple
sanding and dotting. Smoldering burnt orange beards end in short red
purple darts. Stalks have three well-spaced branches and 8-10 buds.
Sdlg. TX87A: (Silk Brocade x Epicenter) X Gallery
Fashion Diva
fancy dog (Black 09) TB Early-Midseason 33” (84cm) My
husky, Fancy, was tough yet beautiful and sweet. Her death on December
20 leaves a big void at Mid-America. This iris named for her embodies
those same traits. Pastel ivory pink standards are infused light grape up
midribs and encircled with narrow tan butter rims. Styles are light peach.
White luminata patches on wide, heavily ruffled falls blend to mid violet
blue sanding, then to darker purple fancy plicata wash. Glistening narrow
gilt tan rims give the finishing touch. Strong stalks have 2 branches and 7
buds. Sdlg. M85AA: First Page X High Master
FASHION DIVA (T.Johnson 09) TB Early-Midseason 38” (97cm)
She’s bigger than life, all decked out in the latest haute couture. She’s
Fashion Diva! Rich, mid dusky rose standards are heavily ruffled and
tightly swirled. Expansive falls with overlapping hafts are velvety, dark
rose wine and adorned with heavily ruffled mid rose bands. Show-off
orange beards are accented by short white veins on each side. Huge
flowers are indeed a sight to behold. Husky, vigorous growth produces
stalks with 2 branches and about 7 buds. Sdlg. TX35A: Louisa’s Song X
(Confidante x Crazy for You)
FLASHY SHOW GIRL (Black 09) TB Midseason-Late 37” (94cm)
Show Girl
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Give her a liberal amount of make-up, lots of glitter and ruffles galore
and you’ve got Flashy Show Girl. Standards are medium salmon pink and
styles slightly darker. Strongly flared falls are salmon peach around fat,
vivid dark orange beards with hafts overlaid brown plum. Lower 2/3rds
of falls are blended from light to dark red purple toward edges. A much
darker stripe flows down centers, widening toward margins. Strong show
stalks with 3 branches and 8-9 buds present these Flashy Show Girls.
Sdlg. J445B: Notorious X Blush of Color
Phone: 503 390 6072
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2009
French Riviera
Holiday Spirit
french riviera (T.Johnson 09) TB Midseason-Late 36”
(91cm) Bright sun, sandy beaches and darkly tanned sun worshipers make
French Riviera an alluring destination. Heavily ruffled dark yellow standards blend paler toward margins to accent darker yellow styles. Jaunty
yellow falls are washed mid red brown below yellow beards and becoming more solid mahogany toward dark yellow bands. Mahogany veins
traverse white patches on each side of beards. Stalks have 2 branches
with 7 buds. Sdlg. TX16D: Impulsive X Whispering Spirits
grapetizer (T.Johnson 09) TB Midseason 35” (89cm)
Grapetizer is a tantalizing thirst quencher distilled from rich, concentrated
grapes. Hints of white plicata sanding wash over the centers of satiny
dark purple black standards. Styles are near black. Heavily ruffled pristine white falls are set off by one inch dark purple black plicata bands
and dotting with a sparse peppering over centers and thin dart at ends of
dark purple beards. Three well spaced branches carry 6-7 buds. Strong
growth and increase. Nice advancement in overall quality of black and
white plicatas. Sdlg. TW139YY: Storm Track X Blackberry Tease $50.00
holiday spirit (T.Johnson 09) TB Midseason-Late 34” (86cm)
Warm and comforting as the soft glow of candles is Holiday Spirit.
Cream standards are washed mid chestnut overall and gold styles burn
softly within. Heavily ruffled falls are completely sanded rich mahogany,
becoming darker and more solid at margins. White area around old gold
beards is heavily sanded plum. Show stalks have three branches and 7-8
buds. Sdlg. TX54A: Tangled Web X Ring Around Rosie
Hoo Doo
Hoo Doo (T.Johnson 09) TB Midseason-Late 45” (114cm) Once
you’ve seen this colorful ensemble, you’ll understand the magic that makes
it so special. Medium violet blue standards arch above red plum styles
with crests veined darker purple. Mysterious black purple falls have a
unique, black metallic sheen over hafts and paler edges. Super-saturated,
plush dark orange beards cast the final spell. Flowers are displayed on
strong stalks with 3 to 4 branches and 9-11 buds. Sdlg. TW179ZZ: Paul
Black X (Tom Johnson x Romantic Evening)
I hope you dance (T.Johnson 09) Midseason-Late 36”
(91cm) Big, buxom flowers have porcelain finished palest flesh pink stan-
dards tinted lavender up midribs. Overlapping falls are pearl blending
imperceptibly to pastel violet and edged light tan. A mysterious pearlescent haze lends a haunting quality and deeply incised gold texture veins
add depth. White beards touched light tangerine add a soft contrast.
Strong stalks have 2-3 branches and 8-9 buds. Strong growth produces
robust clumps Sdlg. TY16B: Paris Fashion X Amiable
Web Site
I Hope
You Dance
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2009
Kiss of Passion
Lost in Love
inspired (Black 09) TB small flowered Early-Midseason 34”
(86cm) Inspired demonstrates the versatility Dolce possesses in creat-
ing lovely smaller flowered tall bearded irises. Glittering apricot gilt
rims encircle medium dusky rose standards. Medium apricot peach styles
lead your eye to mid apricot tan falls incised with darker amber texture
veins and rimmed apricot gilt. Bushy red orange beards set the falls
ablaze. Rapid growth creates massive clumps filled with well branched
and budded show stalks. Inspired makes a compelling case that bigger
isn’t necessarily better. Become Inspired! Sdlg. M166E: Dolce X (Flights of
Fancy x Black I144A = Fleece as White sib)
kiss OF PASSION (Black 09) TB Midseason-Late 38” (97cm)
Expansive white blooms open with a slight violet haze over the falls that
quickly fades to white. Light yellow hafts flank bold red orange beards.
Strong show stalks have 3 widely spaced branches carrying 8-10 buds.
Sdlg. M263B: ((Blush of Color x Taunt) x Tropical Magic) X sib $50.00
lost in love (T.Johnson 09) TB Midseason-Late 37” (94cm)
It is easy to become Lost in Love with this exquisite vision of loveliness
which appears to have been crafted from fine marble. Soft white standards are blushed palest pink over centers and veined slightly darker.
Extravagantly ruffled and laced falls are palest soft pink white with
greenish texture veins giving a serene ambiance. A little fire is added
by white beards brushed red. Strong stalks have 2 branches and usually
only 6 buds but who’s counting when each flower is a priceless work of
art. You can choose it as a bonus but act fast. We’ll undoubtedly run
out of it before season’s end. Sdlg. TU174B: Tropical Magic X Chasing
Lynette Blue
lynette blue (T.Johnson 09) TB Late-Very Late 37” (94cm) If
you like your iris blue, this one is for you! Complementary white beards
on strongly ruffled mid sky blue flowers make Lynette Blue stand out. This
iris, named for Kirk’s mom, is just as bubbly and full of life as she is. Strong
show stalks carrying 8-9 buds help insure Lynette Blue will be a winner.
Closing the season with her late bloom, Lynette Blue will leave a lasting
impression. Sdlg TW10B: Capital City Jazz X Sea Power
magical moment (Black 09) TB Early-Midseason 34”
(86cm) There is nothing harsh or garish about this Magical Moment.
Each enchanted fiber is woven together into a mystical creation. Heavily
ruffled and laced flowers have light mauve pink standards overlaid with
a fine network of darker texture veins. Gently arched falls are milk glass
white blending imperceptibly to pale lilac margins. Soft white beards
nestle below flesh pink styles. Vigorous, healthy plants produce show
stalks with 3 branches and 7-8 buds. Splendid parent for blue and pink
combinations. Sdlg. L27B: Lotus Land X (Intimidator x Fogbound) BONUS
Magical Moment
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2009
Painter’s Touch
mambo italiano (Black 09) TB Midseason-Very Late 37”
(94 cm) It is a fantastical song popularized by Rosemary Clooney in
1954 with a fun, whimsical remake by Bette Midler in 2003. Mambo
Italiano exhibits all the spice and color of the song. Large, heavily ruffled
and lightly laced flowers have standards of bright rosy claret with narrow
claret plum bands. Expansive falls are rich, iridescent rose claret with
brick red hafts and narrow rims. Thick auburn gold beards burn from the
heart. Strong show stalks, having 3 branches and 7-8 buds, emerge from
vigorous clumps. Sdlg. N52A: Regimen X Rustle of Spring
PAINTER’S TOUCH (T.Johnson 09) TB Early-Midseason 32”
(81cm) A splash of paint here and a splash there and you have Painter’s
Touch. Crisp white standards are delicately rimmed gold. Strongly flared
white falls have bright yellow gold hafts with remainder of fall washed
and lined violet, markedly intensifying over centers. The final stroke is
bright yellow orange beards. There are normally three branches with 7-8
buds. Sdlg. TX74FF: Blanket of Snow X Starring
polka (T.Johnson 09) TB Early-Midseason 38” (97cm) This Polka
is lively and spirited with plenty of bright color and flair. Palest violet
white standards are blushed violet at bases and bouncing with ruffles
and lace. Super wide and heavily ruffled falls are mid orchid, becoming
paler and bluer around vibrant red orange beards. Strong, husky growth
produces exceptional show stalks with 3-4 branches and 8-10 buds. Let
the music begin. Sdlg. TX58B: Broken Heart X Decadence
sordid lives (T.Johnson 09) TB Early Midseason 41” (104cm)
Sordid Lives is as colorful and twisted as the movie by the same name.
Pure-hearted white standards haloed in gold are in divine contrast to the
raucously colored and blatantly ruffled falls. Falls blend from white to
light yellow with centers wildly washed, mottled, and dotted rose magenta
to darker rose over centers leaving wide blended bands of off-white to
yellow. Hafts are veined and sanded plum. Add to it zany yellow gold
beards and you have an unforgettable experience. Strong show stalks
with 3-4 branches and 8-11 buds arise from clean, healthy purple base
foliage. Sdlg. TX56A: Whispering Spirits X Impulsive
Sordid Lives
Spring Madness
Spring Madness (T.Johnson 09) TB Midseason-Late 35”
(89cm) Spring arrives and with it comes the crazy weather, the Spring
Madness that gardeners have learned to cope with. Ruffled, bright white
standards have a fine network of yellow veins overall and yellow intensification at bases. Hafts of ruffled white falls are overlaid with brown
veins and sanding between veins. Centers are washed mid yellow, lighter
below beards to darker descending the falls and ending in wide white
bands. Centers have muted brown veins that become clearer and darker
at lower, middle edges. White styles with yellow crests arch above bright
yellow orange beards. Well branched stalks produce 7-8 of these unique
and colorful flowers. Sdlg. TX16B: Impulsive X Whispering Spirits (This is
the reverse cross of Sordid Lives) BONUS
Web Site
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2009
stilettos (T.Johnson 09) TB Midseason-Late 39” (99cm) Think
Tina Turner, think spike heels, think slender violet horns at the end of orange
beards, think Stilettos, now you have the picture. Strongly ruffled and
laced blue pink standards surround peach pink styles. Ruffled and laced,
paler buff pink falls have slightly darker hafts and margins. Statuesque
stalks have 3-4 branches and 8-10 buds. Stilettos is a real class act. Enjoy
the show. Sdlg. TW3B: Ballet Royale X Corps de Ballet
strut (T.Johnson 09) TB Midseason-Late 34” (86cm) Like a
peacock with dazzling color, this one will Strut its stuff. Standards are dazzling mid orchid with matching styles. Frilly style crests are accented with
dark red plum edges. Velvety black falls have an unusual metallic sheen
and are enhanced by deeply chiseled texture veins. Narrow, iridescent
fuchsia purple laced edges reinforce the standard color. Very dark root
beer brown beards are a perfect finishing touch. Three branches have
9-10 buds. Sdlg. TX73B: T77C - Guatemala sib X Starring
stylized (T.Johnson 09) TB Midseason-Late 35” (89cm) It
definitely is highly Stylized with ruffles, ruffles, and more fluted ruffles
and fascinating color. Large icy white flowers have 2/3rds of fall centers
heavily and overall washed mid lavender, blending paler to leave wide
icy white bands. Plum hafts direct the eye to smoldering dark orange
beards laid over what appears to be almost black bases. Stylized makes
a stunning clump full of show stalks with 3 branches and 9-10 buds. It
should be an exceptional parent for exciting colors and great plant habits.
Sdlg. TX74HH: Blanket of Snow X Starring (Painter’s Touch sib) $50.00
Stolen Sweets
stolen sweets (P.Black 09) TB Midseason-Late (35” 89cm)
Yes, you’ll smell the Stolen Sweets of this very fragrant iris with a little
whiff of citrus coupled with a little sweet talcum powder. It is a lovely
fragrance. Satiny, heavily ruffled cold white flowers are decorated with
narrow, bright yellow lacy edges and hafts. Bright neon orange beards
draw you closer to enjoy the perfume. Growth is robust giving show stalks
with 3-4 branches and 10-12 buds. Stolen Sweets is a real show stopper
in clump. Sdlg. M13BB: Fundamental X Jersey Bounce
Stolen Sweets
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
There is no doubt the wizard lives up to his name. Wizard of Odds gives
a strong performance where other streakers have failed. Tightly formed
flowers are carried on strong show stalks with plenty of buds. Its robust
growth will keep its magic going season after season. No two flowers are
alike, not even close. The basic color is bright ruby red and bright gold
but applied to both standards and falls in whatever whimsical pattern the
wizard conjured up at the moment. Have a look at the pictures and you’ll
see this is one mixed up wizard. The pod parent, Pure as Gold, is a strong
rebloomer and while Wizard of Odds hasn’t rebloomed here, it has great
breeding potential for both rebloom and broken color. Try it and see what
your odds are. Sdlg. K89A: Pure as Gold X Infernal Fire
of Odds
a star is born (G.Moorhead 09) TB Early-Midseason 35” (89
cm) We fell in love with this gorgeous creation of Gerald Moorhead’s
when it bloomed as a guest at the 2006 AIS convention. We wanted to
make sure that as many people could enjoy it as possible and asked him
if we could introduce it. He agreed. Gerald is working for dark brown to
black beards and A Star Is Born is a solid accomplishment in that direction. Standards are yummy mid champagne peach which is repeated over
the hafts and paler diffuse bands around pale butter champagne falls.
Spectacular dark reddish sienna beards are the piece de resistance. A
Star Is Born offers exciting breeding possibilities. These ‘Stars’ are presented on well-branched show stalks having 3 branches and 8-9 buds.
Put a ‘Star’ in your garden. Moorhead Sdlg. 98-141: (Bubble Up x (Lady
Friend x Trousseau Lace)) X Electrique $50.00
Tall Bearded Iris Introductions 2009
wizard of odds (P.Black 09) TB Early-Midseason (34” 86cm)
of Odds
of Odds
Dancing Star
A Star is Born
Web Site
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
AARDVARK LARK (Black 02) Luscious apricot with falls
heavily washed grape juice. Bright orange beards.
ABSOLUTE TREASURE (Tasco 06) Heavily ruffled sky
blue, paler fall spot. Nice stalks and good growth.
ADOREGON (Keppel 04) Lavishly ruffled. Lilac-blue standards and silvery blue falls. Strong growth.
AFTERNOON IN RIO (Schreiner 05) Lacy rich violet-
purple. Well spaced branching on tall stalks.
ALL ABOUT SPRING (Kerr 06) Mid lilac with lacy gold
margins around standards and falls. Gold hafts.
ALL NIGHT LONG (Duncan 05) Short, heavily ruffled dark
purple-black. Very classy.
All About
ANNOUNCEMENT (Black 02) Cameo pink and mid blue
lavender falls. Beards end in mid lavender flounces or horns.
Adornments are very stable. Well branched stalks. $6.00
APPLAUSE LINE (Ghio 05) White standards and rim on
strongly flared black-purple falls. Showy.
arctic burst (Duncan 08) Wonderfully unique! White
with bright yellow hafts and beards. Lower half of fall peppered
& dotted purple becoming heavier at margin.
Ask A
ARISTOCRACY (Keppel 06) Heavily ruffled royal purple;
blue haze around beards. Well branched stalks.
art design (Meek 04) Ivory standards flushed brown;
burgundy falls with deep gold hafts. Exciting color.
ASK A LADY (Blyth 05) F White standards. White falls
flushed champagne pink with deeper hafts. $10.00
astrobubbles (Blyth 05) F Huge and heavily ruffled.
Buff standards and edge on deep red violet falls. 20.00
ASTROLOGY (T.Johnson 07) Mauve-pink standards. Dark
wine-purple falls wildly veined white around mauve beards.
Broad ruffled falls. Well branched.
ATHENS (T.Johnson 06) White standards with centers
washed mid blue. Fancy white lumi-plic falls heavily washed and
veined violet-blue. Cream beards. Lovely ruffled form. $12.00
ATTRACTIVE LADY (T.Johnson 07) A taller, more vigorous
update of Santa. Peach standards and narrow bands around
white falls. Ruffled & laced.
au contraire (T.Johnson 08) Very late, palest slate
standards and paler falls with hafts brushed yellow. Heavily
ruffled and laced. Classy show stalks.
augustine (Schick 05) Lacy pinkish orange with roseorange shoulders and orange beards. Luscious colors. $10.00
badlands (Schreiner 03) Smooth dark purple standards
and band on black-purple falls. Show stalks.
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
baja boys (Black 07) Mid violet-blue standards and
narrow rim around rosy-violet falls. Interesting parent. $22.00
balancing act (T.Johnson 03) HUGE flowers. White
standards over mid blue falls. Robust. Show stalks.
ballet performance (T.Johnson 07) White and deep
rose lilac plicata. Beautiful garden presence. Excellent parent to
boost vigor and winter hardiness. Show stalks!! $22.00
ballroOm (Black 03) Heavily ruffled and laced. Mauve-
pink standards flushed lilac. Bluish orchid blended falls with
coral beards. Opens easily even with so much lace.
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
baltic sea (T.Johnson ‘08) Extremely ruffled clear mid
marine blue. Strong growth. Show Stalks.
barbara may (T.Johnson 07)White and mid purple
plicata. Purple styles. Impressive show stalks with 3 open flowers.
Healthy, strong growth. Disease resistant foliage.
belgian princess (T.Johnson 05) Blue lilac standards.
Blue white falls. Super branching and buds. Strong, clean growth.
Spectacular clump! Very popular.
belle de provence (Baumunk 06) Mid apricot standards and wide band on warm white falls. Lovely.
berry scary (Black 06) Mysterious pastel grayed orchid
with large red-purple fall blot. Super branching. Interesting
parent for large fall spots.
birthday girl (Keppel 05) Flamboyantly ruffled mid
peach flushed apricot. Lovely.
black suited (Innerst 00) VERY black self including
beards. Probably the blackest on the market.
blackalicious (Schreiner 06) Large, nicely ruffled purple-black.
blackberry tease (T.Johnson 04) Cream and dark pur-
ple-black plicata. Great color contrast. Super parent. $8.00
blanket of snow (T.Johnson 06) Stark white with
lemon shadings at base of standards and on hafts. Strong
growth. Super SHOW STALKS! Beautiful.
blazing beacon (Tasco 05) Gold standards and bronze
gold falls with darker hafts. Intense, pretty color.
blowing kisses (Keppel 07) Pink standards and styles.
Orchid-pink falls and coral beards. Pretty color.
blue persuasion (Aitken 05) Mauve lavender standards. Paler falls with wide brassy mauve bands. $10.00
blue rising (Blyth 06) F Nicely ruffled icy white with
standards heavily shaded blue. Well branched stalks. $22.00
blue temptation (Schreiner 05) BIG, ruffled medium
cerulean blue. Web Site
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
blushing bashful (Black 06) Peach-pink to ivory standards. White falls have apricot hafts. Very pretty clump. Superb
branching. Good parent for contrasting haft colors. $14.00
bold encounter (Black 03) Old gold standards.
Smooth, dark mahogany falls. Great color. Show stalks. $6.00
bollywood (Keppel 07) Light yellow standards. Soft lavender-blue falls shading to buff-yellow bands and gold hafts.
Well-branched stalks. Excellent parent.
bridal icing (T.Johnson 03) Heavily laced and ruffled
cold white with yellow hafts and beards. Show stalks.
bridal party (T. Johnson 06) Ruffled and laced warm
white with peach standards centers and fall edges. Tall show
stalks give a regal appearance. Vigorous growth.
brilliance (L.Painter 05) Ruffled and laced bright orange
with falls paler around orange beards. Strong color.
brilliant disguise (T.Johnson 08) Bright apricot
orange standards. Velvety dark maroon falls with firery orange
beards. Accent on color. Vigorous growth.
broken heart (T.Johnson 06) Buff-peach standards.
Blue to red-violet blended falls with buff-peach hafts. Strong
show stalks. Very pretty ruffled form.
Sugar Spice
broken pattern (Black 04) Medium blue bitone with
darker purple splashes. Well branched stalks. Vigorous. $9.00
brown sugar spice (O.Brown 02) Warm russet brown
blended to gold centers. Old gold beards. Laced.
brussels (T.Johnson 04) Ruffled mid blue standards and
ice white falls. An elegant beauty. We think it is the best of this
color. Robust growth and strong SHOW STALKS!
bubble bubble (Ghio 05) Black purple with fall centers
heavily plicata sanded over white. Striking color.
bubbling waves (Ghio 06) Clear medium blue with olive
blush on hafts. Heavily ruffled. Blooms early. $14.00
burst of glory (Jedlicka 08) Vivid deep yellow stan-
B us
ac k
dards and sunburst on dark maroon falls. Color!
bushwhacked (Black 06) Tan-gold standards infused
violet. Red-plum falls with light peach patch around orange
beards. Nice, well-branched stalks. Fun parent.
by design (Kerr 05) Blue-white standards. Blue-black falls
with white spray around orange beards.
By Popular
by popular demand (Black 06) Buff peach standards
and large sunburst in middle of velvety red-purple falls. Tangerine beards. Showy clumps. Tall, show stalks.
bye bye love (Schreiner 05) Pink standards. Lavender
falls with tangerine beards. Ruffled and laced. Pretty. $14.00
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
calling (Blyth 03) F White standards. Deep blue falls with
white spray around lemon beards. Strong show stalks. $15.00
cameo appearance (Black 06) Smoky pearl violet
standards and pink styles. Soft pearl pink falls with pink beards.
Heavily laced. Strong stalks. Excellent parent.
cameo dawn (Blyth 04) F Pastel apricot-peach standards and edge on lavender falls Pretty colors.
F Light coral pink with paler
fall centers and magenta haft veins. Fantastic parent. $8.00
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
cape perpetua (Schreiner ‘06) Lacy mid blue. $21.00
carnival ride (Ernst 02) White standards rimmed gold.
White falls with overall plum purple sanding and spray pattern
around yellow beards, plus wide gold bands.
cascadian rhythm (Schreiner 07) White standards.
Mid blue falls blended to white margins. Large flowers.$18.00
cast a spell (Blyth 96) F Lilac blue standards. Rich gar-
Cast a
net-red falls with deep bronze beards. UNIQUE color. $8.00
cat call (Black 08) Mid yellow standards. Lavender falls
with unusual dark plum center cascade. Show stalks. $30.00
champagne bubbles (Ghio 05) Ruffled opaque pale
lavender-blue with rose-pink shoulders.
chardonnay and ice (Blyth 02) F Big and broad.
White standards and ray pattern on upper half of brassy chartreuse, strongly flared falls. Strong growth.
cheap (Black 08) Short. Light apricot standards. Pearl lilac
falls with dark grape hafts and mauve band. Cool. $30.00
and Ice
CHELSEA BLeu (Cayeux 05) F Clear blue-lavender standards. Velvety blue-violet falls. Bright orange beards. $10.00
chinook arch (T.Johnson 05) Golden yellow stan-
dards. Orchid falls with gold hafts and very wide brassy bands.
Super growth produces show stalks. Very colorful.
chinook winds (T.Johnson 03) Laced, translucent light
blue bitone. Strong growth, show stalks. QUALITY!
christmas present (Ghio 07) Opalescent blue orchid
with darker edging. Coral beards. Very feminine.
cimarron trail (Black 05) Yellow standards blushed
rose. Red-violet washed and sanded falls with white luminata
patch and gold rims. Pretty colors. Vigorous.
citronnade (Cayeux 05) F White standards. Lemon falls
become darker around yellow beards. Strongly flared.$10.00
city of gold (Black 05) White standards heavily veined
and rimmed gold. Yellow gold falls with red veins down center
and red sanding over lower quarter. Show stalks! 5th place at
2008 Premio Firenze in Italy.
Web Site
City of
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
classic wine (Blyth 04) F Shimmering red-purple with
fine blue texture veins and blue violet fall blaze below old gold
beards. Vibrant, colorful clumps. Excellent parent.
clear choice (T.Johnson 07) Very early, clear blended
pink to peach glaciata. Excellent growth and stalks. $22.00
clothed in glory (Kerr 05) Gold with red-brown fall
bands and cream centers. Yellow beards.
clouds of glory (Richardson 05) Elegant icy white
with blended blue margins. Strong growth and stalks. $10.00
cloudscape (Black 08) Mid blue to light blue standards.
Icy white falls. Classy flowers on fabulous show stalks. $30.00
clownerie (Cayeux 07) F Pale mauve standards. Cream
falls with narrow purple plicata band.
code red (Aitken 03) Smooth, matte, cranberry red. Tangerine beards. Reminiscent of Lady Friend.
coffee trader (Blyth 06) F Coffee cream brown with
lavender fall flash around burnt orange beards. Unique and
entrancing color. Strong show stalks. A MUST!
comedy (Ghio 07) White standards banded tan. Blackpurple falls with wild white sunburst over hafts and irregular
marbling over falls. Red-orange beards. $14.00
comfortable (Ghio 07) Warm pink standards. Cream to
warm pink falls banded rosewood. Pretty color.
compassionate (Black 07) Mango apricot to pink blend
and falls edged in gold lace. Show stalks.
conjuring cat (Black 05) Warm white standards edged
peach-gold. Warm white falls with mid violet lines, stippling and
yellow peach hafts. Lovely show stalks. Unique.
coral splendor (Black 08) Luscious coral pink standards
and coral peach falls. Fabulous stalks and clumps.
of Kent
country kisses (Blyth 05) F Pastel pink standards.
Creamy pink falls darken toward edges. Show Stalks. $12.00
county cork (Schreiner 07) Huge greenish yellow
flowers carried on strong show stalks. Strong growth. $15.00
county of kent (Baumunk 05) White with mid lavender fancy plicata pattern. Orange beards.
crackling caldera (Aitken 03) Orange standards
and bands on light yellow falls. Red beards. Pretty.
cranberry sauce (Black 02) Luscious bluish cranberry.
Vivid yellow beards. Great depth of color. Excellent growth and
stalks. Wonderful garden presence. Yummy.
crash course (Black 08) Slate purple to mauve standards. Blue lilac falls blending paler to brass tan margins.
Superb parent for various pink and blue combinations. $30.00
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
crazy in love (Schreiner 04) Gold standards & hafts
on warm lavender falls. Old gold bands on falls. $6.00
creative vision (Kerr 05) Oyster-buff standards. Velvety
red-black falls. White rays beside red beards. $10.00
crete (T.Johnson 08) Deep purple standards and band on
black falls. Orange beards. Show stalks. Superb.
CRYSTAL PLUMAGE (Black 05) Elegant form! Lacy pale
orchid standards and icy white falls. Show stalks.
dakota smoke (Schreiner 08) Violet infused claret stanDearie
dards. Magenta, violet and purple blend falls.
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
dance recital (Keppel 05) Stately presence. Nicely
ruffled and laced light lilac blue with paler fall centers.$10.00
dancing dolphin (L.Johnson 06) White with narrow
violet blue plicata bands and styles. Lovely.
dangerous mood (Schreiner 04) Pale blue standards.
Blue-black falls. Strong plants and stalks.
dark drama (Keppel 05) Peach-buff ground with fancy
sanded and veined dark plum plicata patterning covering most
of standards and wide band around falls. Wild!
dark HOLLOW (Davis 05) Inky, metallic red purple standards and blot on pale violet blue falls. Great color. $12.00
dearie (Keppel 06) Lavender standards and paler falls with
lacy pink edges. Pretty, delicate feminine look.
decadence (Blyth 04)
F Apricot standards and bands
around rich red-purple falls. Showy. Excellent parent. $10.00
deliciously different (Aitken 04) Soft orange standards and bands on cream falls. Lots of personality. $10.00
devil’s own (Blyth 04) F Greenish, brassy gold with stan-
dards infused violet. $9.00
dialect (T.Johnson 08) Rosy orchid standards. Dark,
velvety wine falls with stunning white luminata patch. $30.00
DINNER TALK (Blyth 05) F Pastel lavender standards. Rich
purple falls with darker texture veining and paler margins. Light
burnt tangerine beards. Stunning color contrast.
discovered treasure (T.Johnson 05) Buff-pink standards. Mid red-violet falls blending to orange-buff around burnt
orange beards. Rugged growth. Show stalks. $10.00
disguise (T.Johnson 06) Mauve champagne standards.
Satiny black-cherry falls with rust orange beards. Gorgeous
ruffled form. Robust growth & loads of show stalks. $13.00
dolce (Black 03) SPECIES-X TB Adorable small flower based
on species aphylla breeding. Mid pink standards. Pale warm
white falls. Tall, well-branched and budded. Terrific breeding
potential. Fertile with most bearded classes
Web Site
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
dollar (Black 06) Early, mystical blending of gray-violet
to darker violet. Burnt orange beards. Show stalks.
donaghcloney (Richardson 07) Huge. Mid dark blue
standards. Darker blue falls. Robust. Show stalks.
doodads (Black 04) Ecru to smoky yellow standards. Redlavender falls with gold hafts. Gold beards end in lilac horns or
spoons. Unique and very popular.
double ringer (Ernst 07) White standards and fall
centers with wide yellow bands and white rims.
douce reverie (Cayeux 07)
F White standards and
band on salmon pink falls. Pretty pastel color.
drama queen (Keppel 03) Lacy black-purple standards
and sanded plicata bands on peach buff falls. $7.00
dramatic style (Black 05) Off white standards. Velvety
dark blue purple falls. Dark orange beards. Showy. $10.00
dream team (T.Johnson 07) White standards finely
to Kill
veined citron. Mid citron lime falls. Superb, strong show stalks
produced by healthy, vigorous plants. Wonderful.
dream ticket (Lauer 06) Pink standards. Cream falls
edged violet. Deep purple hafts. Burnt orange beards. $12.00
dreaming clown (Muska 99) F Ivory with falls plicata
washed and dotted lilac and brown. Delightfully unusual.$8.00
dressed to kill (Black 06) Soft mink standards finely
veined gold. Black cherry falls blend paler to grape edges.
Strong growth. Show stalks. Excellent parent.
drifting bubbles (Ghio 05) Pale pink standards. Light
pink falls with deeper shoulders. Nicely ruffled.
at Sunset
drinks at sunset (Blyth 03)
F Terra-cotta rose bitone
with red toned fall centers and red beards. Amazing color. Exciting creation with loads of breeding potential. A MUST!$10.00
drive me wild (T.Johnson 07) Medium blue-violet standards. Dark purple falls with upper half veined white. $20.00
Me Wild
dude ranch (Black 00) Dark gold standards. Deep
saddle tan falls. Premio Firenze winner 2002.
dusky he-man (Richardson 05) Humongous mid violet
with rosy edges. Strong stalks.
edgar poe (Loktev 06) F Light beige standards washed
red-violet. Garnet falls covered with cream sanded veins. Cream
luminata patch. Very different.
edmon dantes (Loktev 06) F Light blue standards. Blueblack falls with cream rays on hafts. Robust. Popular. $14.00
elegant (Cayeux 05) F White with wide blended lavender
fall margins. Strongly flared and ruffled.
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
Face of
an Angel
elizabethan age (Baumunk 05) Apricot to white ground
with dark purple luminata pattern. Robust growth. $12.00
Emilo (Richardson 07) Opaque blue white with frosted dark
blue beards. Wonderful form and strong growth.
enchanter (Blyth 03) F Light lilac with dark purple hafts
blending outward over falls. Unique pattern.
endless waltz (Blyth 06) F Icy blue white standards.
Pale lavender falls heavily washed and veined violet. $20.00
entice (Ghio 04) Heavily ruffled & lightly laced HOT, pulsing
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
escalator up (Richardson 05) Pale yellow standards.
Cream falls with yellow hafts and washed blue bands. $10.00
evening drama (Black 04) Violet-white standards.
Velvety purple-black falls. Brown beards. Great color. $8.00
explicit (Ghio 05) Bright gold standards and sunburst on
black mahogany falls. Short but showy.
exposÉ (Ghio 04) White standards. Yellow falls with white
centers veined dark purple. Unique. Fun parent.
eye for style (Blyth 07) F Alluring dusky rose orchid.
Hazy lavender blue fall blaze. Super stalks & growth. $35.00
fabulous one (Nicodemus 06) Light blue standards.
Dark blue falls and beards. Strong growth.
face of an angel (Black 07) Icy blue standards. Crisp
white falls. Flawless form. Show stalks open 3 flowers at once.
Strong growth. Super parent for blue bearded whites. $22.00
Eye for
fade to black (Schreiner 02) Immaculately ruffled black
with self beards. Strong show stalks. Wonderful.
fall fashion (T.Johnson 07) Heavily laced. Mid orange
standards infused pink. White falls have amber-gold hafts
blending to wide gold margins. Super branching.
fall rerun (Hager 01) R Clean violet-blue self. Consistent
Fancy a
fancy a flutter (Blyth 06) F Warm white & mid yellow
bitone. Brown rays over haft. Cute smaller flowers on well
branched stalks. Excellent parent for plicatas.
fancy stuff (O.Brown 01) HEAVILY LACED, mid-light blue.
Gorgeous form and garden presence. WONDERFUL! $10.00
fancy tales (Shoop 80) White standards. Upper half fall
orange and lower half purple. Unique. Weak stalks.
fanfreluche (Cayeux 04) F Laced pale yellow standards. Lilac-pink falls. Golden yellow beards.
fashion queen (Schreiner 04) Bright apricot standards.
Plush purple falls. Tangerine beards. Very colorful.
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Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
Flash of
feudalism (Ghio 08) Peach tan standards. Velvety maroon
falls overlaid black. Uniqe striped styles. Nice stalks. $25.00
fiery figure (Innerst 00) EYE POPPING, vivid orange with
orange beards. You won’t overlook it. COLOR! $7.00
fiesta orange (Black 06) Laced. Peachy orange stan-
dards. Gold orange falls. Strong growth. Nice stalks. $12.00
final episode (Blyth 01) F Tan to brassy gold standards.
Plush violet falls narrowly banded slate. Red-brown hafts and
old gold beards. Strong, thick show stalks.
fine porcelain (Black 05) Ivory standards. White
blended to peach falls. Waxen finish. Show stalks.
FINISHING SCHOOL (Ernst 05) Light orchid standards and
narrow edges on light peach falls. Tangerine beards. $10.00
first wave (Tasco 03) Extremely ruffled mid blue. Pale
violet beards. Short.
fit for a king (Schreiner 06) Light lavender standards.
Rich, dark purple falls. Superior stalks and growth.
Fly Your
For Lovers
flash of light (T.Johnson 08) Bright white standards
and large sunburst on dark violet blue falls. Yellow beards.
Stong, clean growth. Show stalks. Very popular.
florentine silk (Keppel 05) Peach pink standards. Lavender falls with wide lilac bands. Coral to violet beards. Strong,
vigorous growth. Very pretty and much in demand.
fluent mandarin (Blyth 06) F Buff standards infused
rose. Red burgundy falls. Colorful. Show Stalks.
fly your colors (Black 08) Wild assortment of colors.
Mid mauve rose to tan standards. Big slate claret blended spot
on brass gold fall. Strong growth. Exciting parent.
For the
FLYING DOWN TO RIO (Moores 06) Light lavender standards. Darker falls with brown hafts. Strong growth. $10.00
for lovers only (Black 08) Absolutely gorgeous clear
mid pink with paler fall centers. Unique red pink over white
beards. Superb show stalks and robust growth!
for the soul (Ghio 04) Blue white with pinkish centers in
standards and on fall hafts. Heavily ruffled.
foreign storm (Innerst 03) Purple standards. Black
falls. Purple beards.
foreigner (T.Johnson 06) Ultra smooth color. Mid oxblood
standards. Brown-black falls with brown beards.
forever blowing bubbles (Ghio 07) Heavily ruffled
pure white.
fortunate son (Schreiner 06) Smooth brownish red
with unusual dark violet beards. A very unique and interesting
combo. Can’t wait to use it in hybridizing.
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
french lilacs (Keppel 08) Light lilac blue standards and
darker falls. Lots of ruffles. Nice stalks.
full figured (T.Johnson 05) White standards. VERY
broad and ruffled red-grape falls. Orange beards. $12.00
gallery (T.Johnson 05) Dark mulberry banded plicata.
Vigorous growth. Show stalks with many buds. $10.00
gaze (Blyth 05) F Oyster white standards. Plush dark violetblue falls with reddish black hafts. A quality of color not seen
before. Excellent parent. Superb stalks. A MUST!
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
GENEALOGY (T.Johnson 08) White standards flushed
yellow. Honey gold falls. Show stalks. Fun parent.
gettysburg address (J.Roberts 03) Light smoky
yellow standards and margin on medium blue falls. $10.00
gilt-edged bond (Richardson 05) Lavender cream
standards edged gold. Soft violet falls edged gold. $10.00
gilt trip (Ghio 06) Cranberry black bitone with irregular
crystalline edges that you’ll either like or hate.
gitano (Keppel 08) Peach standards and sunburst on dark
purple falls. Cool color and pattern. $35.00
glamour pants (Blyth 06) F Apricot standards blushed
rose. Red burgundy falls. Wide apricot band. COLOR! $16.00
glitterati (Blyth 00)
F Apricot orange standards. Dark
plum magenta falls with paler bands. Very pretty.
glory of dawn (Greenfield 07) Buff pink standards.
Mauve pink blended falls. Darker mauve hafts.
golden panther (Tasco 00) Ruffled rich gold overlaid
bronze and darker toward margins. Very popular.
Gee Whiz
Golly gee whiz (Burseen 03) Light lavender standards.
Bright red rust marbled falls with golden edge. COLOR! $8.00
good as it gets (Ernst 07) Rose purple with blue blush
over falls. Nice branching and buds. $22.00
gothic lord (Blyth 06) F White standards. Lavender fall
with big diffuse blended spot. Unique pattern. NICE! $25.00
gothic romance (Black 08) Pastel violet to mauve stan-
dards. Peach buff falls. Robust. Lots of bloom.
grain exchange (Ragle 07) Old gold standards. Red
brown plicata edge on cream to yellow falls. Neat.
grand classic (Tasco 07) Ruffled rich black-cherry,
lighter fall centers. Caramel beards. BIG flowers.
guardian angel (Keppel 05) Heavily ruffled, blousy
clear pink, lighter below big coral beards. Nice stalks. $10.00
guatemala (T.Johnson 05) Slate white standards. Ecru
to tan falls with brown veined hafts. Brown beards.
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Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
of Glass
Who I Am
GUESS WHO I AM (Black 08) -small flowered TB - Lots of
small peach pink flowers on tall well branched stalks. $30.00
Guilt Free
guilt free sample (Black 07) Nicely laced. Peach standards and hafts on white falls.Vigorous. Show stalks. $20.00
gypsy lord (Keppel 06) White standards and striking
large white sunbursts on blue violet falls. Red beards. $15.00
half dollar (Black 06) Pearl mauve standards. Pinkish
pearl falls with pinkish beards. Pretty. Strong growth. $10.00
halloween trick (Ghio 07) Mid orange standards.
Maroon-black falls with tangerine beards. Colorful. $20.00
happy hugs (Black 07) White standards blushed yellow.
Broad white falls have wide yellow bands and hafts. Strong
healthy growth produces excellent show stalks. $22.00
harvest maiden (Schreiner 07) Copper cinnamon standards and hafts on old gold falls. Interesting colors. $20.00
haut les voiles (Cayeux 00) F Best of the yellow and
blue bicolors. Superb stalks and growth.
It’s Me
heart of glass (T.Johnson 07) Heavy ruffles and lace.
Clear mid pink standards, hafts and wide, diffuse bands on white
falls. Strong, healthy plants. Super stalks.
hello it’s me (Blyth 06)
F Apricot standards. Rose
magenta falls. Super ruffled. Great parent for ruffles and fun
colors and patterns like its sib Decadence.
hi there gorgeous (Jedlicka 08) White standards.
Unusual, wide grape-purple sanded plicata band between white
margin and sunburst. Totally wonderful and unique! $32.00
Hi There
HIGH CLASS (Black 03) Icy blue standards. Velvety purple
black falls with paler edges. International award winner.$6.00
high master (Blyth 00) F Light lemon standards flushed
light rose. Rose-magenta falls with white & yellow luminata
patch. Early and very colorful. Nice parent.
HIGH OCTANE (Keppel 08) Red brown washed standards.
Dark wine falls with sanded, veined bright yellow plicata sunburst. Showy contrast. Tall.
high priestess (Baumunk 05) White standards and
orchid styles. White falls heavily washed orchid-pink. $10.00
hold my hand (Blyth 03) F Heavily ruffled. Creambeige standards. Wide rosy violet falls. Robust.
hot secret (Blyth 04) F Vibrant apricot and burnished
rose-red bicolor. Tangerine beards. Intensely hot!
house afire (Ghio 03) Bright rusty red with slight violet
blaze below orange beards. Tall and well-branched. $7.00
house warming (T.Johnson 06) White standards. Soft
lavender-blue falls. Stately show stalks. Strong growth. $22.00
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
I Love a
I’m Back
i feel lucky (T.Johnson 06) Claret purple with showy
navy beards. Nice stalks. Strong, healthy foliage.
i love a parade (Black 07) Icy blue standards. Brownish
tan to lavender blend falls. Interesting parent.
i’m back (T.Johnson 07)
R Superbly formed strong
rebloomer. Medium lilac standards. Velvety black-cherry falls
with paler rims. Good rebloom parent. NICE!
ice capades (T.Johnson 08) Lovely, translucent azure blue
standards and paler falls. Heavily laced. Nice stalks. $30.00
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
I Feel
IMAGERY (T.Johnson 06) Impeccable form. Mid lavender-
orchid. Drapery style pleated ruffles. Show branching. $12.00
impostOr (T.Johnson 06) Creamy apricot with fall heavily
overlaid dark red-purple. Great color.
in living color (Black 04) Yellow standards. Plum, mid
violet to tan-violet blend falls with gilt gold edges. Robust growth
produces fine show stalks. Interesting parent.
in love again (Keppel 04) Pretty ruffled and laced pink
including beards. Stronger growth than many pinks.
In Living
in style (T.Johnson 06) Heavily ruffled and laced warm
white with pale yellow fall bands. Lovely form.
in the morning (Innerst 04) Laced rose pink with pink
beards. Strong growth. An overlooked gem. NICE!
indulgence (Blyth 04) F Butterscotch standards. Dark
burgundy falls with pink-buff bands.
In Love
infrared (Ghio 02) Smooth, crimson red with gold beards.
Well-branched. Still our favorite red. Great color.
ink patterns (T.Johnson 07) Crisp white with dark blue
plicata bands around all petals. Dark blue styles. Superb show
stalks. Strong, clean growth. Very classy.
inside job (Ghio 06) Blue-white ground lined and dotted
overall deeper blue. White luminata patch. $12.00
into the blue (Schreiner 07) Ruffled, early light blue with
cream beards.
irish jig (Keppel 05) Greenish yellow. Yellow beards have
a greenish cast.
Island coral (Black 05) Pink standards. Mid pink falls
pale in centers. Tan hafts. Orange beards. Very pretty.$10.00
it’s a pleasure (Black 05) Classically formed, heavily
ruffled translucent mid orchid with paler centers. $9.00
italian velvet (Keppel 06) Violet standards. Rich velvety
black-burgundy falls with caramel-brown beards. Island
jazz band (Keppel 06) Rich apricot with blended wide
solid wine-red band. Red beards. Unique!
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Jazz Band
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
Just Kiss
Jack Flash
jealous halo (Painter 05) Ruffled, clean white with standards banded bright yellow. Very pretty.
jerilee (Nebeker 04) Crinkle laced white with rose orchid
plicata wash standards and fall band. Unusual.
joyce ragle (Kerr 06) Pink standards, bands and hafts on
ivory falls. Laced. Strong, well branched stalks.
joyful skies (Schreiner 05) Light blue with paler fall
centers. Cream beards.
Just too Mauvelous
Just for Kicks
juicy rumours (Blyth 06)
F Pinkish champagne standards. Champagne falls veined overall red violet.
jumpin’ jack flash (L.Painter 04) Dark purple streaked
white. Good growth. Nice.
just for kicks (Black 05) Icy blue-white. Tan beards end
in consistent violet horns. Excellent vigor. Show Stalks. $9.00
just kiss me (Black 07) Light peachy pink standards and
blended bands around white falls. Tangerine beards. Makes a
beautiful clump full of show stalks. Vigorous.
Kissed by
the Sun
just too mauvelous (L.Johnson 06) Taupe stan-
dards and hafts on rose violet falls. Pretty form.
at Dawn
kali julia (Innerst 01) Laced white with glowing red
beards. SUPERB!!
KALIGAZAM (Grosvenor 02) F Heavily ruffled and laced
raspberry-pink. Unusual color. Strong growth & stalks. $9.00
kathy chilton (Kerr 06) Gold standards. Plush red-black
falls. Ruffled. Classy show stalks. Vigorous.
king of light (Baumunk 07) Deep old gold with old
gold beards.
Kitty Kay
kissed at dawn (T.Johnson 07) Heavily ruffled white
with glowing yellow flush up standards and over fall hafts. Bright
yellow beards. Very pretty colors.
kissed by the sun (Schreiner 06) White standards with
yellow bases. Yellow falls. Big flowers. Show stalks. $10.00
kitty kay (Keppel 02) Rich pink with ample lace and
Kona Waves
ruffles. Very pretty.
kona waves (Annand 05) Warm yellow standards and
narrow edge on blue-violet falls. Strongly flared.
La Scala
la scala (Keppel 08) Violet orchid standards. Pale pink
falls. Nice show stalks and plenty of buds.
laced credentials (T.Johnson 07) Ruffled and laced
rich medium violet-blue. BIG fuzzy old gold beards. Husky
growth. Show stalks. Popular.
lady laree (Barrows 02) Violet standards. White and
blue violet plicata. Blue beards. Robust. Show stalks. Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
Lady Laree
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
Let’s Be
lecture (T.Johnson 07) Medium to pale violet-blue standards. Plush dark violet-blue falls. Intense dark orange beards.
Superior garden as well as show iris. Superb.
Light and
legacy of love (Nicodemus 07) Super laced, wellformed silvery violet. Strong, well branched stalks.
legerdemain (Keppel 08) Pale blue standards. Light blue
to tan violet blend falls. Nice branching and buds.
Let’s Romp
let’s be brazen (Blyth 05) F Dark rose-wine standards.
Darker burgundy falls. Fantastic showy color. $10.00
let’s romp (Blyth 06)
F Ecru cream standards. Lavender
falls with dark purple blended patch. Awesome color! $25.00
liberal bias (Ernst 05) White with falls sanded and lined
highly contrasted dark black-wine. Thin white rims around falls.
Entrancing color and pattern. Not widely distributed. $14.00
Light and shadow (Black 03) BIG, blocky blue-violet
and white plicata. Strong show stalks on robust plants. $7.00
light up my life (Jedlicka 08) Yellow and red purple
Linda’s Child
fancy washed plicata. Colorful.
linda’s child (Innerst 03) White with pretty gold rims and
red beards. One of the best of this type. Wonderful! $8.00
living easy (T.Johnson 08) Rampantly vigorous. Icy white
standards. Wide lilac falls tinted blue around orange beards.
Forms massive clumps filled with show stalks. Quality! $30.00
lois parrish (Black 97) Heavily laced medium lilac with
pearly fall centers. Very pretty. Popular.
LOOKING BEAUTIFUL (Blyth 05) F Apricot buff standards. Coffee cream falls with faint blue blaze.
Loopty Loo
looky loo (Ernst 05) White with wine sprayed plicata
pattern over lower 2/3rd of fall, banded pale yellow. $10.00
Louisa’s Song
loopty loo (Black 08) Mid lilac violet with wide, feathered light slate blue bands around standards. Very pretty.
Interesting genes for pink and blue breeding.
Love Me True
louisa’s song (Blyth 99) F Lilac-orchid standards and
wide edge on red-lavender falls. Heavy lace and ruffles. Strong
show stalks and growth. Fabulous parent. Still a delight.$10.00
love me true (T.Johnson 08) Lovely ruffled clear mid
pink with paler fall centers. Strong growth.
lovely senorita (Schreiner 02) Apricot orange stan-
dards. Burnt orange falls with root beer beards.
luscious lace (Black 08) Coral pink standards shading
to ivory cream edges. Ivory falls completely washed mid coral
pink. Heavily ruffled and laced. Gorgeous!
luxury ruffles (Black 07) Lavishly ruffled. Light blue
standards with darker medium violet-blue falls. Short. $20.00
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Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
May Debut
machismo (Blyth 03) F Mid wine standards and blended
band around very wide red-black falls. Rich color.
made of magic (Schreiner 04) Rose-violet standards.
Dark plum falls. Wonderful stalks and growth.
magdalena louisa (Kasperek 03) Pink bitone with
silver streaks.
magic happens (Ghio 06) White with falls heavily lined
and speckled smoky purple. Gold hafts. Wild.
magical (Ghio 08) Peach pink standards. Creamy peach
falls with peach hafts. Lots of lace. Majestic
magic masquerade (Black 08) Pale slate violet standards with wide tan bands. Velvety dark wine falls with white
haft spray. White laced hooks around falls. Unique! $30.00
MAGICAL GLOW (Schreiner 03) Gargantuan flaming
orange with red beards. Exceptionally vigorous orange. $7.00
majestic ruler (Schreiner 07) Ruffled cerise-purple with
fascinating violet-blue beards. Big flowers.
making memories (Black 05) Salmon pink standards.
Medium orchid to rose falls. Strong growth and stalks. $10.00
mandarin morning (Blyth 02) F Tan-pink standards.
Rosy cocoa-pink falls with red beards. Exciting parent. $10.00
mango daiquiri (Blyth 05)
F Light apricot to mango
standards and more yellow falls with blue haze.
marching band (Ghio 06) Orange with orchid violet
band. Interesting color and pattern.
material girl (T.Johnson 05) Late blooming. Crinkle
laced, light yellow standards and band on deeply texture veined
snow white falls. Tall, elegant show stalks. FABULOUS! $12.00
may debut (Black 08) - small flowered TB - Mid yellow
standards and paler margins on white falls. Tight clumps filled
with lovely, refined show stalks. Exciting parent.
medici prince (Schreiner 07) Big and tall. Rich burgundy
falls complement lighter ruby standards. Show Stalks $18.00
merchant marine (Keppel 07) Copiously ruffled
medium blue; falls slightly darker. Creamy beards.
mercury rising (Keppel 07) Bright yellow standards and
large, solid sunburst on oxblood falls. Color!
mexican holiday (Schreiner 04) Brass gold standards.
Maroon falls with bronze-gold bands. Colorful.
miami beach (Keppel 05) Yellow-gold with paler spot at
end of red-orange beards. Vigorous. Nicely branched. $10.00
Mercury Rising
midnight passion (Keppel 08) Smoky mauve purple
standards. Velvety red black falls. Orange beards. $25.00
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
Tr id
e a ni
t g
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
Money in
Your Pocket
midnight treat (Schreiner 06) Mid purple standards
and blended band around velvety purple-black falls. $10.00
milan (T.Johnson 07) Exuberantly ruffled. Pink blended
to butter standards. Cream falls with big buff-peach hafts and
narrow lacy bands. Show stalks. Amazing parent.
ming lord (Blyth 05)
F Lilac-violet standards. Velvety,
dark red-purple falls. Smaller flowers on tall, well-branched
stalks. Ruffled & laced.
Ming Lord
mistress of camelot (Baumunk 04) Rosy lavender
with lacy gold edges and brown hafts. Gold beards.
modern Woman (T.Johnson 05) Mid blue-orchid stan-
dards and shaded margins on pearl white falls. Superb sib to
Belgian Princess. Strong growth and show stalks.
money in your pocket (Black 07) Blue standards
and darker falls with paler margins around both. White rays
around beards. Outstanding clumps full of show stalks. $22.00
monsoon moon (Keppel 08) Olive yellow with standards flushed charcoal purple. Nice greenish look.
montmartre (Keppel 08) Rose purple standards trimmed
straw yellow. Darker red purple falls with white luminata patch
and margins. Loads of looping ruffles. Very pretty.
moonlit water (Keppel 05) Luminata of white to butter
heavily washed dark lavender. Stalks a bit willowy.
morning frost (Schreiner 04) Light lavender stan-
dards. Heavily laced lavender-white falls. Nice stalks. $8.00
morning sunrise (T.Johnson 05) White with bright
yellow rims, wide hafts and beards. Tall, show branched stalks.
Winner of 2008 Premio Firenze International Competition and
also award for most original color. Fantastic!
moroccan magic (Blyth 04) F Peach standards and
rim on black-wine falls. Orange beards. Very dramatic.$10.00
music lesson (T.Johnson 07) Crystalline rims encircle
white standards. Lavender-blue falls have white patches around
big orange beards. Strong grower.
musician (Keppel 04) Rich pink standards. Peach falls with
wide raspberry-orchid plicata bands.
my oh my (Schreiner 07) Apricot to peach standards,
bands and hafts on white falls. Strong growth.
my stitches (Innerst 04) White, feather stitched blue-purple. Blue purple styles. Very pretty, eye-catching clumps.$9.00
mysterieux (Cayeux 04) F Violet blue standards. Black
falls with velvety sheen. Bronze beards. Showy color. $10.00
mysterious ways (Keppel 04) Tan-yellow standards
flushed slate violet. Cream falls edged darker. Ruffled $8.00
My Oh My
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Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
New Face
mystery book (Black 05) Gray-violet standards. Mid
violet falls. Robust growth. Show stalks! Great parent.
mythology (T.Johnson 03) Dark violet-blue with paler
shaded falls. Dark blue beards. Excellent parent.
naples (T.Johnson 01) Buff standards infused purple.
Velvety black cherry falls with cream rims. $6.00
natural blond (Ghio 03) Peachy cream with light peach
hafts and fall centers. Peach beards. Tightly ruffled.
Nectar of
the Gods
naughty nights (Keppel 06) Rosy purple standards.
Velvety burgundy falls. Zingy yellow beards. Rich color.$12.00
navajo code (Christopherson 06) Gold standards.
Brick red falls. Yellow beards end in brick-red flounces.$12.00
nectar of the gods (Black 07) Standards are blended
amber-apricot to butterscotch. Gold falls have amber hafts. Lots
of smaller flowers on tall, well-branched stalks.
nehalem bay (Schreiner 02) Big! White standards and
blue falls. Late bloom. Perfect form & presentation. $7.00
NEW age dawning (Richardson 06) Cream standards.
Lighter falls washed and banded pale blue.
new face (Black 08) Closest approach yet to blue standards
Ask A
and pink falls. Created a lot of excitement in the garden. Superb
parent for yellow or pink falls and blue standards.
new perspective (Kerr 04) Medium blue-violet novelty
flat. Six styles & falls. Reasonably stable for flat form. $8.00
night moves (Lauer 06) Violet standards. Dark plumpurple falls with fire red beards. Nicely branched.
Oh So
no doubt (Lauer 04) Bluebird blue with darker fall edges
and white area around white beards.
noble poet (Blyth 06) F Tan yellow standards. Rose violet
blended fall with amber hafts and band. Fun color. $25.00
nouveau riche (Keppel 08) Rich caramel standards and
yellow gold falls. Excellent color impact.
novel idea (Ghio 06) Pink with purple lines radiating from
tangerine beards to dotted outer F edges. Unique.
oasis patches (Chadwick 02) Pink with dark violet
splashes of broken color. Orange beards. Very nice.
oh so yummy (Black 07) Peach pink standards. Lighter
apricot falls with darker hafts. Vivid orange beards. $20.00
okapi poppy (Kasperek 04) Mid lavender pink standards. Vibrant poppy pink falls. Pretty color.
oklahoma centennial (Black 07) Proudly named in
honor of Oklahoma’s Centennial in 2007. Show stalks have 10-12
buds and large, mid to dark lilac-purple flowers. $22.00
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
Paul Black
Person & iris
Paul Black
on the move (Schreiner 06) Stark white with wide violetblue plicata bands around standards and falls.
open sea (Keppel 02) HUGE, ruffled mid blue.
orange titan (Aitken 07) Bright orange standards and
band on white falls. Tall. Pretty color combo.
oratorio (Blyth 05) F Champagne standards. Deep lilac
falls Heavily ruffled and laced. Robust. Show stalks. $18.00
Oreo (Keppel 04) Black-purple standards and plicata bands
on snow white falls. Great color contrast. Popular.
Osay Canuc
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
original cast (T.Johnson 07) Pastel apricot butter standards and paler falls. Very attractive. Superb stalks. $22.00
osay canuc (Burseen 01) White with purple fall stripes
and white horns at end of orange beards. Nice. Popular.$7.00
out of the dark (Black 07) Dark beetroot standards
and wide plicata band on apricot-buff falls. Later blooming
plicata with strong show stalks and husky growth. $22.00
Out of the Dark
over and over (Innerst 01)
R White with lavender
banded plicata falls. Strong rebloom. Fragrant!
pacific depths (Ernst 07) Heavily ruffled medium blue.
Blue beards.
pacific fire (T.Johnson 07) Rich violet-blue with orangered beards. Imposing clumps full of show stalks.
padded shoulders (Black 05) White standards with
peach centers. White falls with wide apricot-peach hafts and
orange beards. Superb show stalks. Very popular.
palace symphony (Blyth 06) F Rich magneta burgundy
blend with bluish fall blaze. FABULOUS!
parisian dawn (Keppel 06) Creamy apricot with rose
mauve shaded fall margins. Unusual and alluring color. $15.00
patriotic heart (Maryott 01) White with violet plic rims.
Lovely contrasting purple styles. Unique and pretty.
paul black (T.Johnson 03) Rich mid to dark purple-blue.
Orange beards. SHOW STALKS! Strong growth. Lovely perfume.
Excellent parent. Winner of many top awards. $9.00
and Gold
peace prayer (T.Johnson 05) Crisp white with pale lemon
flush on standards base. Show stalks. Pretty & appealing. Fragrant. ‘Best Scented’ award at 2008 Premio Firenze $10.00
pearls and gold (O.Brown 84) Warm white with
heavily laced gold edges. Burnt orange beards. LOVELY!$8.00
peekaboo zebu (Kasperek 05) Smoky red-purple
streaked with silver white.
peggy sue (Lauer 06)
R Dawn pink standards. Pink falls
with orange-red beards. Excellent rebloom. $12.00
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Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
pep rally (Ghio 08) Cranberry wine with showy white
sanded plicata veins on falls. Very popular.
performing arts (Keppel 06) Laced pinkish orchid with
paler centers. Melon beards. Feminine and lovely.
perky and pretty (J.Roberts 05) Yellow standards and
rim on white falls. Tangerine beards. Fragrant.
PERRYMOUNT (Richardson 07) Dark violet purple. Large
flowers with overlapping hafts. Clean, vigorous plants. $22.00
phantom ship (Baumunk 07) Light blue standards. Dark
blue purple falls. Great contrast.
phoebe’s frolic (Ernst 06) Cream standards. White falls
sanded cherry-berry and banded bright gold. $12.00
photogenic (Ghio 06) Standards rosy pink flushed violet.
Lavender-orchid falls. Heavily ruffled. Gorgeous!
pianoforte (Ghio 08) Rosy maroon standards. Velvety
black maroon falls. Big and blocky.
picture book (Ghio 07) Heavily ruffled mid-light pink
Your Bets
with fall centers paler around coral-tangerine beards. $20.00
pink avenue (Schick 06) Lacy rich shrimp pink. $12.00
pink pincurls (Hager 03) Ruffled and laced intense
medium pink with fat tangerine beards. Strong growth. $8.00
pirate ahoy (Blyth 05) F Bright yellow standards and sun-
burst on red-black falls. Vigorous growth. Nice stalks. $16.00
place your bets (Schreiner 07) Warm white and grape
purple plicata. Classic form. Superb show stalks.
platinum class (Blyth 06)
F Pastel lavender to pearl
tan standards. Lavender falls. Lovely suede finish.
please come home (Kerr 06) Black red standards. Plush
black purple falls.
poet’s rhyme (Keppel 06) Clear violet standards. Light
violet blue falls aging paler with darker texture veins. $9.00
poetic walk (Blyth 06) F Iridescent lilac with plum hafts
and purple dart on falls. Wonderfully unique!
popstar (Blyth 05)
F Spectacularly unique color! Vibrant
garnet rose, heavy on the rose. Tall & well branched. $22.00
posh place (Hager 03) Lavishly ruffled orchid-violet.
Lovely branching. Robust.
power point (T.Johnson 05) Pale lavender-pink bitone.
Tangerine beards end in perky violet horns. Tall show stalks.
‘Most Commercial’ variety at 2008 Premio Firenze. $10.00
Prague (T.Johnson 05) Rich colors. Apricot peach stanPower
dards. Velvety burgundy-black falls. Showy clumps.
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
t io n
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
Pr e s
en t a
Pursuit of
presentation (T.Johnson 05) Greenish cream standards
and band on white falls. Show stalks. Strong growth.
pretty bubbles (Ghio 05) Creamy apricot with deeper
standards, midrib and hafts. Ruffled and laced.
prime power (Tasco 06) Moderately ruffled and laced
cantaloupe orange with tangerine beards.
psychic reader (Ghio 08) Wine standards and plicata
band on white to cream falls. Nice color.
psychic (T.Johnson 08) Big, billowy white with steely blue
violet fancy plicata wash. Super show stalks.
puff the magic (Blyth 06)
F Apricot cream standards.
Smoky dark purple falls. Pleated ruffles.
pure and simple (Maryott 04) Yellow standards and
bands on heavily ruffled white falls. Gorgeous form. $8.00
purple people eater (Cadd 03) Red-purple to plum
Pure and
blend. Bronze beards end in purple horns
purple ritz (L.Painter 03) Heavily ruffled, rich, metallic
blue-purple. Super form. Vigorous. Show stalks. Popular. $8.00
purple serenade (Schreiner 05) ENORMOUS, ruffled
mulberry claret. Great color impact. Strong stalks.
pursuit of happiness (T.Johnson 07) Icy white
standards. White falls have wide dark lavender-blue blended
bands. Tangerine beards. One of the best of this type. $22.00
pyroclast (Ernst 08) Mahogany standards. Red black falls
with big yellow to white veined sunburst. Fun pattern. $30.00
queen anne’s lace (Maryott 98) BIG! Ruffled white
flowers. Bright orange beards. Strong growth .
Queen of
queen empress (Filardi 07) White with falls sanded and
dotted wine on lower half.
queen of angels (Schreiner 95) HEAVILY laced white
tinted lavender.
queen’s consort (Kerr 04) White with wide, diffuse
dark blue fall bands. Very much like Queen’s Circle.
racing heart (Blyth 01) F Icy violet-white standards.
Dark violet falls with paler bands. SHOWY!
raging tide (Keppel 07) Mid violet-blue shading lighter
toward standard and fall edges. Strong growth.
rare find (Ghio 03) Cream standards. Coral orange falls
with very faint lines and speckles. Bright and pretty.
rarer than rubies (Blyth 07)
F Burgundy rose standards. Velvety burgundy plum falls. Rich color.
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nc e
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
recurring delight (Lauer 98)
R Straw yellow standards. Lavender falls. Strong rebloom. Quality.
red handed (Ghio 08) Mahogany red standards, hafts
and bands on rosy mulberry falls. Show stalks.
red masterpiece (Schreiner 04) Velvety wine-crimson.
Rich smooth color. Strong growth and stalks.
red skies (Ghio 07) Claret wine standards. Red mahogany
falls with blue blaze. Strong growth and stalks. $18.00
regimen (Ghio 00) Chocolate red with blue fall blaze.
Ruffled and laced.
resonance (Ghio 06) Pastel steel blue with pink blush over
falls. Tangerine beards. Heavily ruffled. Subtle beauty.$10.00
restless heart (Keppel 06) White with wide violet-blue
washed fall band. Red orange beard. Clean & pretty. $12.00
rhinelander (Schreiner 06) Very late mysterious mauvegrape. Ruffled. Tall show stalks and plenty of vigor.
Rippling River
rippling river (Schreiner 95) Heavily and precisely
ruffled dark navy blue. Great color and form. Popular. $6.00
rite of passage (Ghio 07) Extremely ruffled pearl pink.
Falls have a bluish haze. Gorgeous in every way.
river romance (Painter 06) Mid violet blue. $12.00
rodeo girl (Schreiner 05) Wine standards and wide
plicata band on yellow falls. Strong growth. Showy.
Rite of
romantic gentleman (Blyth 02) F Mid burgundyrose standards and wide bands around deep rose-burgundy
falls. Lots of ruffles. Proving to be an excellent parent. $10.00
Romantic lyric (Ghio 06) Ruffled and lightly laced
clear medium pink including beards. Nice branching. $12.00
romantic melody (Black 08) Mid mauve pink stan-
dards. Light pearl pink falls. Superb branching & buds.$30.00
roxanne (M.Roberts 04) Mulberry claret with blue beards.
Rich color.
royal estate (T. Johnson 03) White with clear mid-dark
true blue plicata bands. Great color. Strong growth.
royal majesty (Keppel 07) Imposingly large dark winepurple. Blackish sheen over hafts. Super color.
royal snowcap (Schreiner 07) White standards and
styles. Velvety plum-purple falls. Nice color contrast. $18.00
royal sterling (Keppel 05) Heavily ruffled sterling lavender with paler falls. Perfect ruffled form. $10.00
royal togs (L.Miller 06) Hazy slate violet standards.
Dark plum falls overlaid velvety black. Dramatic color. $12.00
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
Royal Togs
Rustle of
Sharper Image
ruby haze (Blyth 06)
F Rose mauve with darker reddish
rose sanding over hafts. Nicely branched. Very pretty. $25.00
ruling lord (Blyth 02) F Lemon-honey standards. Rubyplum falls with narrow buff edges. Muted gold beards. $6.00
rustle of spring (Grosvenor 99)
F Bright coppery
tan-rose. Tangerine beards. Very unique and pretty color. As a
parent it allows a wide expression of other colors.
ruth black (Black 96) Orchid-pink-buff blended stan-
dards. Pearl lavender fall centers blended to orchid and edged
in heavy salmon lace. Long bloom season. $7.00
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
safari sunset (Blyth 01)
F Coppery terra-cotta blend
with blue fall flash. Fabulous color. Super parent.
saladancer (Blyth 05) F Smoky salmon standards.
Peachy apricot falls. Lovely color. Well-branched.
sassy tart (Ernst 07) White standards. Dark brick red
falls with white spray hafts. Colorful, showy clumps.
saturn (T.Johnson 05) Dark beetroot standards. Smooth
black-cherry falls. Commanding color in the garden. $10.00
scatterbrain (T.Johnson 08) White standards. Dark
ruby falls heavily veined white on upper half. Showy! $30.00
scented wonder (T.Johnson 07) Pale slate blue stan-
dards. Darker slate lavender falls. Red beards. Smaller flowers
on super show stalks. Very pleasing perfume. $20.00
sea power (Keppel 99) Super formed and ruffled medium
blue bitone with pale edges. SUPERB! Very popular.
secret agenda (Blyth 04) F Warm white standards.
Dusky, mustard falls. Child of 2 blue parents. $22.00
secret recipe (Ghio 07) Mulberry standards. Black-mulberry falls with white luminata patch. Ruffled.
secret rites (Keppel 05) Gray green infused violet standards. Green gold falls with orange-yellow beards.
secretary (T.Johnson 06) Mulberry standards and narrow
plic band around falls. Vigorous. Show stalks. Pretty.
Senior Moment (Richardson 06) Soft lavender standards. Orchid lavender falls. Pretty ruffled form.
shadow warrior (Kerr 02) Straw yellow standards.
Tan yellow falls with big blue-violet fall blot. Robust!
shadows of night (Tasco 06) Heavily ruffled dark
purple black. Dark blue beards. Nice stalks.
sharper image (Black 05) Heavy substanced bluish milkglass with light violet horns. Show stalks. Popular.
silent screen star (Ghio 06) Golden apricot standards
and very wide band on palest blue falls. Very pretty. $10.00
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Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
Silk Run
silk and honey (Blyth 06) F Cream standards shot
lemon. Cream falls with super ruffled lemon bands. $28.00
silk road (Keppel 08) Cream standards. Deep lavender
falls, paler toward edges. Lovely flower. Show stalks. $35.00
silk run (Blyth 04) F Clear, pretty pink-lavender blend with
violet chevron at end of tangerine to white beards.
simply sensational (T.Johnson 07) Breathtakingly
beautiful. Precise, controlled ruffles. Wide, white falls transition
gently to icy lavender white standards. Elegant.
Smoke and
sing a song (Schreiner 08) Carmine red standards and
narrow plicata band on white falls. Superb stalks.
Sirocco mist (Blyth 05)
F Light pink-mauve with large
deeper rose-lavender blended fall spots. Pretty.
six pack (Slade 84) Novelty, six light violet blue falls. Con-
sistent flat form. FUN!
sky and sun (Spoon 99) Ruffled sky blue with yellow
beards. Commanding presence. Super strong growth. $6.00
sky king returns (Lauer 03)
it Home
o t Li k e
R Yellow standards.
Violet falls with ochre-yellow rims. Reliable rebloom. $8.00
skyland ranch (Richardson 06) Blue white standards.
Mid blue falls with paler margins.
slapstick (Meek 98)
R Peach standards. Light red violet
falls with darker plic wash and veins. $6.00
smoke and thunder (Blyth 06) F Honey-buff standards. Smoky grape falls blend to buff margins.
snapshot (T.Johnson 08) Bright yellow standards and
sunburst on dark mahogany red falls. Very showy.
SOCIALIST (T.Johnson 05) Medium lilac standards. Iridescent red-purple falls with black-purple texture veins. $10.00
soiree girl (Blyth 06)
F Mid lavender-blue standards.
White falls tinted lavender and a bit darker margins. $20.00
solar fire (Tasco 03) Gold standards. Oxblood-red falls.
Yellow netting near gold beards. Oxblood flounces.
solo flight (L.Johnson 04) Sky blue standards and
edges on deep blue-lavender falls. Nice branching.
some like it hot (Black 07) Awesome sizzling color!
Dark apricot standards. Velvety black-cherry falls have narrow
iridescent bands. Burnt orange beards. Spectacular! $22.00
speechless (Meek 04) Claret purple bitone.
spice lord (Blyth 02) F Red-brown standards and wide
plicata bands on white falls. Very eye-catching.
spiced lemon (T.Johnson 06) Gold standards. Yellow
falls with ginger sanded plicata bands. Robust. Stalks! $12.00
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
Spirit in
the Sky
Your Stuff
spirit in the sky (T.Johnson 07) Sky blue with wide,
blocky falls that pale in centers around red beards. Exceptionally strong growth. Super show stalks. Lovely form.
spirits rising (L.Miller 06) Lacy soft pink with pink horns
or flounces.
spot starter (Schreiner 07) Rich, dark purple with large,
zingy white zonal patch. White beards. Startling.
st louis jazz (J.Roberts 05) Rose pink standards. Rosy
red burgundy falls. Nice fragrance.
starring (Ghio 00) Violet white standards. Purple-black
falls. Brick red beards. Startling contrast. Very popular. $7.00
starship enterprise (Schreiner 99) White standards
with yellow midribs. Wide blended rosy magenta border on
white falls. UNIQUE! A very interesting parent.
steeples (T.Johnson 07) Lovely white tinted palest lavender. Coral beards end in hairy lavender horns. Stalks! $22.00
Stile Libero
stile libero (Bianco 07) F Lavender standards. Terracotta
falls with heavy white venations over hafts. Neat color. $25.00
stop flirting (Blyth 02) F Ruffled buff-lavender with
bluish fall flash. Very classy. Great parent. Popular.
a Pose
Sun Ada
strange sensation (Ernst 05) Smoky gray-violet standards. Peach falls with bright tangerine beards. $10.00
strike a pose (T.Johnson 05) Butter gold standards and
showy sunburst on rich mahogany falls. Late bloom. $10.00
strut your stuff (Black 07) Dutch chocolate standards
and wide bands on mid lavender violet falls. Show stalks. Great
breeding potential for pink and blue combinations. $22.00
sugar coated (Schreiner 06) Classy white with just a
whisper of pink coating. Tall show stalks.
sun ada beach (M.Roberts 04) White standards. Light
blue falls with white zonal patch. Very distinctive.
sun power (T.Johnson 04) Beautifully formed, precisely
ruffled, bright yellow gold. Splendid show stalks. $8.00
sunblaze (Keppel 04) Brilliant dark gold with chromeyellow beards. Superb show stalks.
sunset silhouette (Black 07) Bright yellow standards
and hafts on lavender to rosy mauve falls. Plenty of smaller
flowers on well proportioned show stalks. Lovely.
super model (T.Johnson 07) Very late bloom. Heavily,
crinkle laced mid lilac. Excellent incease. Show stalks. $22.00
sweet geisha (Blyth 04) F Light lavender standards. Pale
lavender falls with darker, dramatic eyelash pattern around
white tipped red beards. Essence of distinctiveness. $15.00
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Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
sweetly sung (Blyth 03)
F Soft buffy-pink with violet
haze on falls. Very pretty. Some tendency to rebloom. $10.00
swordsman (Blyth 04)
F Mid rose-red standards and
edge on dark, plush burgundy falls. Rich color!
symphony of light (Meininger 03) Warm pink standards. White to light violet falls. Blue-lavender horns. $8.00
t-rex (Richardson 02) HUGE light blue. Darker blue hafts.
Substantial flowers and strong stalks to carry them.
tahitian pearl (L.Johnson 03) Black with pearlescent
Team Spirit
sheen. Nice.
the Magic
tangled web (Keppel 98) Plum-purple standards and
sanded web patterning on apricot falls. Great color. $6.00
taste the magic (Blyth 06)
F Oyster white standards
and narrow band on black-cherry falls. Colorful.
team spirit (Keppel 05) Light lavender-blue standards.
Royal purple falls with white haft spray. Robust growth.$12.00
temporal anomaly (Tasco 07) Butterscotch standards. White falls heavily dotted and stippled wine. $22.00
terracotTa bay (Blyth 05)
F Rich reddish terracotta
with bluish fall blaze. It’s all about color. Show stalks. $26.00
that’s all folks (Maryott 05) Bright gold standards,
veining and wide bands on white falls. Super ruffled. $10.00
thinking of you (Ghio 03) Heavily ruffled, rich rosepink with darker edges and red beards. Nice ruffles. $8.00
Th u n
de rm
a ke r
of You
through the clouds (Ghio 08) Strongly flared and
ruffled satiny milk glass blue.
thundering ovation (Black 07) Snow white with
upper half of falls veined and sanded rosy violet to plum. Lower
half of falls sanded and washed plum. Unique!
thundermaker (Blyth 02) F Rich, deep plum with blue
blaze and darker plum hafts beside burnt tangerine beards.
Classic form with plenty of ruffles. Fantastic parent.
toile de jouy (Cayeux 05) F Salmon standards. Mauve
pink bands on white falls with red beards. Colorful. $12.00
torero (Cayeux 05)
Tour de
F Apricot orange standards. Straw-
berry red falls . Very pretty color combo. Nice stalks. $12.00
tour de france (Keppel 04) White standards. Velvety
gold falls. Excellent growth and stalks. Nice color.
treasured (Ghio 04) Tall opalescent alabaster pink with
midribs flushed darker. Heavily ruffled. $7.00
trend master (Blyth 04) F White standards. Pastel lav-
ender-blue falls, hafts flushed tan. Amazing, heavily saturated
burnt tangerine beards over dark violet bases
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
My Heart
en t
trial by fire (Ghio 06) Heavily laced and ruffled dark
red-wine with lacquer finish. Nice color.
tropical evening (Aitken 06) Light blue standards.
Un d e
Velvety black falls. Red beards. Nice color contrast.
tropical passion (T.Johnson 05) Warm white. Apricot
hafts blend to pink. Fiery tangerine beards. Gorgeous color.
Excellent growth and show stalks.
tropical twister (Black 05) Tall. Peach-pink centers
blend to apricot-peach margins on standards and falls.$10.00
tullyherron (Richardson 07) Deep blue violet standards. Near white falls. Big, blocky flowers. Robust. $22.00
unchain my heart (Schreiner 07) Nicely ruffled mid
peachy pink with peach beards. Strong growth.
under the tuscan sun (Kerr 06) Warm lavender with
honey tan bands around standards and falls. Venetian
undercurrent (Keppel 04) Light peach standards.
Expansive plum-violet falls with peach sunburst. Red beards.
Very pretty. Proving to be an excellent parent.
undivided attention (Ernst 04) Laced medium pink
with coral beards.
upper hand (Ghio 04) Old gold infused magenta standards. Violet-blue falls with mahogany hafts & bands. Vibrant,
bright colors give great carrying power. Nice stalks. $10.00
venetian glass (Keppel 03) Palest pink with pale blue
undertones. Nicely branched. Very classy.
venita faye (Keppel 08) Pale pink standards. Broad light
lilac falls. Very pretty pastel. Nice branching.
versailles (Keppel 07) Blue white standards. Mid blue falls
with silvery white patches beside tangerine beards.
vienna waltz (Keppel 00) Heavily ruffled & lightly laced
milky orchid. Beautiful classic form. Great substance.
Vigilant (Ghio 06) Light blue-lavender standards. Blackpurple falls. Dark sienna beards. Unusual style-arms. $12.00
viking dancer (Blyth 06) F Beige pink standards. Dark
magenta violet falls with darker veins. Heavily ruffled. $22.00
visual intrigue (Tasco 05) Violet-blue standards. Dark
purple falls with white spray around orange beards. $10.00
vivid look (Hager 04) Heavily laced violet-pink standards. Deep magenta falls. Intense brick red beards.
warranty (T.Johnson 04) Dark black-purple standards.
Velvety black falls. Big flowers on tall show stalks.
Waterfall Mist
waterfall mist (Black 06) Bluish milk glass standards.
Milk glass falls. Vigorous growth. Show stalks.
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Wild Angel
Tall Bearded Iris General Listing 2009
Weekend update
Wild Angel
What a
wearing rubies (Blyth 01) F Garnet-rose standards.
Velvety, rich ruby falls. Vivid red beards. Great color! $7.00
wedding belle (Keppel 08) Pastel peaches and cream
blend with lots of ruffles. Nice stalks.
weekend update (Black 05) Fuchsia-rose reverse bitone.
Blue fall flash. Vigorous, healthy growth. Show stalks. $10.00
what a mixture (Grosvenor 99)
F White standards
splashed blue. Blue falls splashed white. Consistent six falls. A
wonderful flat / streaker. FANTASTIC!
My Line
What’s my line (Black 04) Big, iridescent mid purple
standards & centers on black-cherry falls. Show stalks. $9.00
whispering falls (Schreiner 05) White standards.
Violet-blue falls with paler edges. Ruffled.
Who’s a
whispering spirits (Ernst 01) White standards with
gold rims. White falls with wide gold bands and burgundy
sanding inside bands. Gold beards. Very pretty.
white hot (Tasco 08) Pristine white with big red orange
beards. Superbly branched show stalks.
who’s a toff (Blyth 04) F Intense magenta plum with
unusual black sheen over upper part of falls. Great! $12.00
wild angel (T.Johnson 06) White with gold fall bands
and hafts. Area around bright yellow beards is veined violet
becoming mottled , then solid violet toward edges. Popular! Fantastic parent. Show stalks. Unique.
wild sugar (Blyth 05) F Icy white standards. Cream falls
with hafts blended yellow. Quiet elegance. Show stalks.$15.00
Winsome Dancer (Blyth 05) F Pastel lavender falls and
blush up white standards. Wide and ruffled.
winterfest (Schreiner 05) Huge ruffled white inlcuding
wintry sky (Keppel 02) Mid violet-blue to white standards. Cool white falls. Heavily ruffled.
wonderful news (Ghio 07) Very smooth wine-claret
with interesting metallic sheen. Old gold beards. $18.00
wonderful world (Schreiner 04) Rose standards and
styles. Cream falls with wide rose plicata bands. $7.00
wonders never cease (Black 07) Cream standards
edged in soft gold lace. Upper 1/3 of fall is white covered with
a fine network of wine sanded & dotted veins. Lower 2/3 is
mid yellow-gold with brick red veins becoming a heavier wash
terminating in startling cream, pie crust ruffles. Unique! $22.00
young at heart (Schreiner 05) Apricot standards and
paler spot on dark purple falls. Tall and showy.
at Heart
Never Cease
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
blue splash (Black 09) IB Midseason 25”
bad intentions (Black 09) SDB Midseason-Late 13” (33cm) He’s a pretty sinister
character with Bad Intentions on his mind. Super
classy, moderately ruffled flowers have dark
red black standards with a satin finish and styles
are same color. Darker, velvety red black falls
are decorated with dark purple beards frosted
an interesting dark bronze brown. Sdlg. K321B:
Hoodlum X Sweet Baby
BIT OF GILT (Black 09) SDB Midseason-Late
15” (38cm) Don’t worry, you can truly enjoy this
Bit Of Gilt. We’ve been experiencing a rapid
development of guilt gold rims and bands in tall
beardeds and now it begins evolve in SDBs. It
is an unbelievably exciting avenue to explore.
Super ruffled standards are bubblegum purple
with a small area of white plicata marking over
lower quarter and decorated with variable, glittering guilt gold edges. Palest pink white falls
have wide bubblegum purple plicata bands with
brown plum hafts and short veins on each side of
orange to violet white beards. Exciting parent.
Give it a try. Sdlg. N271A: Stormy Circle X Bamboozle
Web Site
(63cm) Sculpted icy white flowers are tinted
glacial blue. Bold mid blue beards make sure it
won’t get lost in the landscape. Healthy disease
resistant clumps produce stalks with 2 branches
and 6-7 buds. Sdlg. N258A: Black J386A Dime sib X Mythology
Early-Midseason 26” (66cm) Smoky orchid standards blend upward to violet and are overlaid
with a network of fine bronze veins. Falls are
washed rust auburn below beards to old gold
edges. Area around burning rust orange beards
is sanded and marbled dark brown as well as
dart at end of beards. Vivid gold styles add
bold contrast. Easy, healthy growth. Stalks with 2
branches have 4-5 buds. Sdlg. M123AA: Sheik
X Amusing $25.00
cat in the hat (Black 09) IB Early-Very
Late 27” (69cm) Cat In The Hat is a fanciful
creation that is sure to win your heart. Classically
formed, heavily ruffled flowers have mid raspberry rose standards with overall network of fine
dark violet blue veins. Cream falls have super
wide raspberry rose plicata bands, darker hafts
and lines and dotting over centers with an accent
stripe at ends of orange beards. Perfect show
stalks have 2 branches + spur and 7-9 buds.
Strong, healthy plants insure superior performance. Sdlg. N253A: J344B - Bright Flash sib X
(Waiting for George x Cimarron Trail) $22.50
CREATIVE ACCENT (Black 09) IB Early-
Midseason 26” (66cm) Ruffled, smoky orchid
standards blend upward to wide metallic tan
bands. Light peach hafts are lined and dotted
light brown. Fall centers are washed and
marbled rose magenta blending to smoky rose
and edged tan. Peach styles and orange beards
add a bold Creative Accent. Stalks have 2
branches + spur and 6-8 buds. Sdlg. M132AA:
Fancy Woman X Amusing $22.50
Median Iris Introductions 2009
AMOROUS DUET (Black 09) SDB Midseason-Late 14” (36cm) Soft pink flowers with
mid cocoa pink spots provide the melody while
pastel lavender beards sing harmony. Lovely
clumps. Sdlg. O351B: (Baby Soft x (Honey Bunny
x sib to pollen parent of Sequel)) X ((Touch of
Mink sib x Cachet) x First Dance sib) $18.00
delayed development (Black 09) SDB
Late-Very Late 14” (36cm). One of my hybridizing goals is to breed SDBs that bloom later
than normal; therefore, Delayed Development.
Bloom begins as most other SDBs are finishing.
Perfectly formed flowers are bright yellow gold.
Falls have a network of darker old gold veins
over hafts and below beards, then changing to a
heavy wash of old gold. Big orange beards jazz
it up. Sdlg. O304A: ((Ballet Lesson x (Tweety
Bird x Hot Jazz)) x Marksman) X (Ballet Lesson
x Black I245A - Clash sib)
ELECTRIFYING (Black 09) SDB Midsea-
son-Late 15.5” (40cm). Mid violet styles are
ensconced between white standards that are
sanded, lined and dotted mid violet overall.
White falls have wide, darker purple plicata
bands with sanded lines and dotting over
centers. Beards are Electrifying, glowing, neon
orange. WOW! Sdlg. N302A: (Rebus x ((Tweety
Bird x Hot Jazz) x Voices)) X Hugs
Median Iris Introductions 2009
See page 48 for introduction IGNITE.
EYE OF SAURON (Black 09) SDB Midseason-Late 14” (36cm) From ‘Lord of the Rings’
comes the all seeing Eye Of Sauron. It is unique
to say the least. Mid steely violet blue standards
blend to paler violet gray margins. Similarly
colored falls have very round eyes (spots) of
dark charcoal plum with greenish cream lightning bolts on each side and wide stripes at ends
of orange to white beards. Beautiful round form.
Use to breed for unusual tangerine bearded
green SDBs and even plicatas. Sibling to Meow.
Sdlg. M200F: (Buddy Boy x Lumalite) X (Near
Myth x Fires of Fiji)
intoxicating (Black 09) IB MidseasonVery Late 25” (63cm) It is pretty heady stuff,
Intoxicating is very close to perfection - tight,
exquisitely ruffled, classically formed flowers,
show stalks with 9-10 buds, strong healthy
growth and superb proportion. Standard centers
are cream dotted and lined dark rose magenta
and surrounded with wide rose magenta plic
bands that are finely veined darker. Pale yellow
falls have half inch dark rose magenta plicata
bands, darker hafts and dart at end of orange
beards. Sdlg. N254F: Black J344B - Bright Flash
sib X (Waiting for George x Cimarron Trail)
midribs. Saddle shoe burgundy plicata hafts
quickly transition to minimal plicata bands. Fascinating styles are dark wine. Kaching is totally
uniques one of the finest parents I’ve ever used.
I numbered 35 quality seedlings out of one
cross - unbelievable! Sdlg. O358A: Ghost Ship X
(pollen parent of Subtle x Minidragon)$18.00
KEENO (T.Johnson 09) MDB Midseason 6”
(15cm) Break out the sun glasses. You’re going to
need them for this dazzler. Standards and styles
are mid red purple. Huge, vivid orange beards
erupt from coal black falls. Keeno screams for
attention.You can’t overlook it. Amazing color.
Sdlg. TY139A (Chemistry X self)
FIDGeT (T.Johnson 09) SDB Midseason 12”
(30cm) A network of fine dark blue veins overlays
ruffled claret purple standards. Deeply ruffled
dark black cherry falls have wide, blended
iridescent claret bands. Neon orange beards
are laid over a violet base, making them seem
even more intense. Vigorous, healthy growth
creates colorful clumps full of bloom stalks. Sdlg.
TX141E: Chemistry X Clever
JELLICLE CAT (Black 09) SDB Midseason-
LEMON TWIST (Black 09) 15” (38cm)
Ruffled, light yellow standards pale to near
white margins. White styles carry the theme
downward to white falls with bright yellow circular blended center bands leaving white patches
around lavender beards. Very pretty combination. Sdlg. N325B: Experiment X Black L258:
(((Spin Again x Black C137A) x Troubadour’s
Song) x Black J386D - Experiment sib) $18.00
kaching (Black 09) SDB Midseason-Late
14” (36cm). Kaching - that’s the sound of the
cash register ringing up sales of this dynamic
and wonderful creation. Perfectly formed and
precisely ruffled flowers are light sulfur yellow.
Standards have burgundy stitching around
edges, sparse dotting over centers and up
MOSTLY SUNNY (Black 09) SDB Midsea-
Late 14” (36cm) Jellicle Cat is laid back and
easy going but possesses lots of personality.
White standards have violet blue plicata bands
and midribs. Very round white falls have narrow
violet blue plicata bands, hafts and lines beside
and below violet beards. It is a very happy
cat. Sdlg. O334C: (Black I245D - Clash sib x
Glamour Cat) X Chart
gold digger (T.Johnson 09) SDB Mid-
season-Late 10” (25cm) This little Gold Digger
will certainly endear itself to you with all its
charm and good looks. Blooms are perky, dark
bright yellow. Falls have large, diffuse rusty
chestnut spots surrounding plush dark yellow
beards. Floriferous clumps make a very bold
accent in your garden. Sdlg. TY160A: (Stardate
x Marksman) X Clever
Mid-America Garden, LLC
son 15” (38cm) This Mostly Sunny glaciata is
light yellow tinted green. Greenish texture veins
give it a cool effect. Standards and hafts are
blushed light peach. Light tangerine to white
beards are the perfect complement. Superb
form. Sdlg. O282A: Frenetic X Chart $18.00
Phone: 503 390 6072
pink style (Black 09) SDB Early-Midsea-
PARTING GLANCES (Black 09) IB Early-Midseason 25” (63cm) Parting Glances
establishes healthy clumps full of kaleidescopic
flowers. The accent is on color! Old gold standards are rouged violet to plum up centers.
Styles are old gold. White area around old
gold beards is heavily washed lilac, blending
to wide dark wine bands. Plenty of buds and
branches. Sdlg. N249C: Cimarron Trail X Stormy
PINKY RING (Black 09) SDB Midseason-Late
13” (33cm) Light flesh pink styles are captured
between palest pink standards marbled mid
orchid. Very wide rose orchid plicata rings surround circular white centers of falls and are
edged smoky light pink. Zingy orange beards
create a wild contrast. Interesting parentage
with great potential. Sdlg. N344B: Microwave
X Black K365E: (M.Smith 95-03B - Seafire sib x
Black I225G - Fires of Fiji sib)
riveting (Black 09) SDB Early-Midseason
15” (38cm) A big clump of these highly contrasted beauties is definitely Riveting. You won’t
be able to take your eyes off them. Snow white
flowers have large inky blue purple blended
spots. Short white darts alongside white beards
adds more pizzazz. Sdlg. O255B: Ajax the Less
X Big Blue Eyes
PETITE CHARM (Black 09) IB Midseason-
presto change-o (Black 09) IB Midseason 25” (63cm) Horizontally flared cold
white falls have sparse violet blue plicata rims
and darker hafts and thin line descending from
beards. Presto Change-o and you have white
standards completely sanded, dotted and
stitiched dark violet blue and darker midribs.
Alluring styles are heavily saturated, dark, inky
violet blue. Refined stalks have 2 branches and
4-5 buds. Bold, clean and impressive. Sdlg.
N263A: Chart X Progressive Attitude $22.50
SKIMBLESHANKS (Black 09) SDB Midseason-Late 15” (38cm) Here’s another cutie to add
to your cast of ‘Cats’. Skimbleshanks, the railway
cat, is in charge of getting your mail to you.
Ruffled, dark beetroot standards show a touch
of cream plicata ground along midribs. Round,
pale cream yellow falls have half inch beetroot
plicata bands, widening to encompass hafts.
Picture doesn’t do it justice. Sdlg. O285A: Frenetic X Black M250B: ((pollen parent of Subtle
x Minidragon) x Dynamic)
Late 25” (63cm) Petite Charm lives up to its
name - small, delicately colored and perfectly
proportioned flowers presented on slender show
stalks. Icy blue white styles are displayed within
white standards with wide pastel violet blue
plicata bands delicately edged pale gray. Falls
are greenish white with greenish texture veins
and 3/8 inch wide pastel violet blue plicata
bands. It is fertile and a lovely parent. Sdlg.
N237B: Alberta Clipper X Silverberry $22.50
Web Site
son 13” (33cm) The name tells the story. Mid
pink styles are nestled in the center of wide
open but well held and symmetrical light violet
standards. Heavily washed light violet falls have
networks of fine gray veins and slightly darker
flash below dark lavender beards. Very unusual.
Sdlg. N331C: Black J339A: (((Dark Blizzard x
Unknown) x Black C135B) x pollen parent of
Pink Frosting) X Be My Angel
season-Late 14” (36cm) AWESOME! Dark
raspberry rose standards are finely veined
darker. A webbing of near black veins is shot
over entire dark raspberry maroon falls, ending
at mid raspberry rose margins. White beards
are brushed bright orange and end in short
white darts. It is an amazing parent. One seedling is purple with black veins. It has been named
Purple Tiger. Sdlg. N328F: (Black J392B: pollen
parent of Subtle x Minidragon) X Bamboozle
Median Iris Introductions 2009
OUR GANG (Black 09) SDB Midseason-Late
14” (36cm) Our Gang is of note because of the
number of stalks and even distribution of stalks
through the clumps. Light sulfur yellow standards
have wide stitched charcoal purple plicata
bands, dotting over centers and line up midribs.
Paler yellow white falls have sparse plicata rims
and dark brown, near solid saddle shoe plicata
hafts. Dark plum styles add an exciting touch.
Sdlg. N307A: Chart X Breezy Blue
Median Iris Introductions 2009
snitch (T.Johnson 09) SDB Early Midsea-
son 13” (33cm) Snitch has classy, well-formed
flowers displayed on stalks evenly distributed
throughout the clump. Ruffled standards are a
soft hue of mid blue lavender. Falls are darker
rosy lavender. A lovely mid blue flash around
pleasant tangerine to light blue beards imparts
a serene quality to it. Sdlg. TY161A: TU336A Cub Cadet sib X Microwave
Star IN THE night (Black 09) IB Midsea-
son-Late 25” (63cm) What a breathtaking sight
a clump of Star in the Night makes! Darkness
descends as dark blue purple standards turn to
inky blue black falls. White beards laid over
violet bases shine brightly. Flowers are gently
ruffled so as not to diminish the simple beauty
of Star in the Night. Muted white rays amplify
that brightness. Clean, healthy plants support
bountiful stalks with 2 branches and 6-7 buds.
Spectacular garden show. Sdlg. O247C: Ocean
Depths X Wish Upon a Star
squeal (T.Johnson 09) SDB Midseason 10”
(25cm) You’ll Squeal with delight upon seeing a
clump of these adorable little flowers. Their color
impact is impressive given their size. Ruffled
mid beetroot standards flow easily downward
to velvety black cherry falls. Paler edges and
near black veins add contrast. This rather sedate
ensemble is brought to life by blazing orange
beards, accented by a few short white veins on
each side. Sdlg. T141C: sib to Fidget $18.00
stunt double (T.Johnson 09) SDB Midseason-Late 12” (30cm) Standards and styles
are rich medium beetroot. Plush black cherry
falls are decorated with 3/8 inch bright garnet
bands. Unusual beards have mid violet bases
with tips brushed mustard to old gold. Striking garden presence. Sdlg. TY154A: B279BB
- Puddy Tat sib X Ultimate $18.00
THREATENING (Black 09) IB Midseason-
Late 27” (69cm) Thunderclouds roll in and the
sky becomes Threatening. Slate violet blue
standards are brushed gray on top. Styles are
clearer mid blue. Slate violet blue falls have
subtle, hazy gray margins and ominous charcoal
brown hafts. Amazing dark indigo beards end
in dark violet flashes. Show stalks with 7-8 buds
and super healthy plants are its heritage passed
on by its parent Mythology. Sdlg. N245A:
Mythology X Experiment
date with destiny (Black 09) Species
X - most closely resembles a very short IB Midseason-Late TB season 18” (46 cm) Date
With Destiny, along with its sib Alberta Clipper,
has the potential to add an almost unimagineable dimension to the SDB class and to a lesser
degree the IB class. Traditional SDBs usually
have one branch and 2-3 buds. On occasion one
will have 2 branches and 4-6 buds. The problem
has been that the later types tend to open multiple blooms on branching that is too close to
display them without becoming a bunchy mess.
In this respect, Date With Destiny overcomes this
problem. Amazingly, the foliage remains short
so as not to interfere with the flowers and wellspaced branching provides plenty of space for
them to open properly without bunching. Flowers
also remain proportionately small. The other
major effect is pushing SDB bloom time well into
TB season. I say FABULOUS! Classically formed
flowers have mid violet blue standards and
blended band on darker red violet falls. This
represents an amazing pool of genetic material. Sdlg. K297B: ((Echo Pond x (Gentle Air x
Chubby Cheeks sib)) x P.Black unknown tet MTB)
X (Sinister Desire x Delicate Image) $35.00
Twitter (T.Johnson 09) SDB Midseason
12” (30 cm) Twitter, Twitter sings the happy
little canary. Most of the time Twitter is a
glaciata but on rare occasion there is a light
brown haze around the standards. Ruffled
standards are bright canary yellow that pale
slightly toward edges. Curly ruffled falls are
bright canary yellow washing inward to large
white spots surrounding yellow orange to white
beards. Such a bright and cheerful little bird for
your garden. Sdlg. TX123AA: T.Johnson T315B
(Easter x Music) X Scholar
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
imbroglio (Keppel 08)
Smaller proportioned version
of Tall Bearded with stalks 16”
to 27½”. Nice for windy areas
where TBs aren’t as stable.
island harvest (Lott 01) F
Smaller flowers on thin, graceful stems 16” to 27½”. Normally blooms late IB through
TB season. Terrific for gardens
that have no room for giant
TBs. Very nice for arrangements.
Heavily ruffled smoky rose violet
with red orange beards. $15.00
Brightest, flaming orange with red
beards. COLOR!!
it’s all right (Lauer 08)
crow’s feet (Black 06) White
with spider web of purple veins
over falls. Orange beards. Winner of Ben Hager median award,
2008 AIS convention.
Yellow blushed violet standards.
Hazlenut falls.
keeper (Craig 03) White with
blue plicata markings.
R Shell pink blending to peach.
Reliable rebloom.
cut above (Aitken 05)
be my baby (Black 04) Beau-
tifully ruffled creamy pink. Robust.
Show stalks. Very popular. $6.00
Bronze-brown standards. White
falls with gold hafts and markings.
Tangerine beards.
darktop strutter (Aitken
06) Blue violet standards. Soft blue
white falls. Red beards. $10.00
dear diary (Black 02) Warm
white standards finely veined gold.
White falls with yellow haft and
band. Ruffled. Classy! $6.00
elegant lass (Craig 02)
border control (T. John-
Pale lavender standards. Pinkish
lavender falls. Nice stalks. $6.00
son 00) White S flushed violet.
Violet-blue falls. Ruffled. $6.00
eye candy (Keppel 04)
BORder guard (Ghio 03)
fascinating (Craig 05) Mid
Oyster standards flushed cocoapink. Cocoa pink falls with oyster
flash. Tangerine beards. $6.00
Heavily laced mid pink.
magenta with darker hafts around
gold-bronze beards.
lady of the night (Black
08) Dark purple standards. Velvety
black purple falls. Fantastic proportion and show stalks. $20.00
lost in space (Aitken 05)
Orchid standards. Pink falls with
pink horns.
07) Peach-pink standards narrowly banded gold. Falls are white
blending to ivory around tangerine
beards. Show stalks supreme! An
exceptionally fine parent giving
quality seedlings in all bearded
classes. A MUST HAVE! $11.00
go for bold (Black 01) Yel-
low standards. White falls blend to
wide purple bands. Yellow beards.
Bright color and pattern! $6.00
00) Salmon with standards flushed
orchid and falls striated and
washed dark orchid. Eye-popping
red-orange beards.
hafts & tangerine beards. $7.00
Niche (Ghio 07) White with
wide dark blue blended fall bands
and red beards.
orange rush (Craig 07)
violet. Blackish velvet fall sheen.
Gold-orange beards.
waiting for october
Color My world (Black
haunted (T.Johnson 05)
Buff infused plum standards. Plush
mahogany falls rimmed buff. Chocolate beards. $10.00
Web Site
White with falls streaked dark
purple. $8.00
pel 05) Slate violet with apricot
snazzy (Keppel 07) Dark
ange. Marigold beards. $14.00
bach fugue (Baumunk 05)
morning twilight (Kep-
Petite mid orange.
coconut frosty (Aitken
07) White with hafts flushed or-
LOW PROFILE (Ghio 98) Dark
orange with red beards. Screamingly bright color!
moontime (Craig 05) Ruffled
creamy white with brown plic marks
deep in hafts.
Stark white. Pale yellow beards.
Super buds and branches. $8.00
Anna’s angel (Rumbaugh
07) Petite white.
Light lilac-orchid. Bright coral red
Dusky yellow with fall centers
sanded & dotted brown. $12.00
fleece as white (Black 05)
ah yes (Fisher 02) Lavender
standards & rims on dark purple
falls. Orange beards.
love power (Aitken 06)
magic quest (Tasco 07)
bundle of love (Black
aglow again (Fisher 04)
Median Iris General Listing 2009
(Lauer 03) R White standards
flushed pink. Yellow falls. $6.00
zingerado (Baumunk 04)
White with large prominent gold
fall spot. Papaya beards. $6.00
bach toccata (Baumunk
05) Mid gold standards. White
falls streaked purple. $8.00
bumble boogie (Probst 03)
Gold standards and rims on lavender falls.
butterscotch wine (Bunnell 05) Old gold standards.
Red-purple falls. White haft veins
& orange beards.
cheerful doll (L.Miller 05)
Deep orchid. Orchid-pink styles.
Tangerine beards.
Median Iris General Listing 2009
dancing lilacs (S. Mark-
orchid-lilac. Pretty clump. $5.00
with pale yellow beards. $8.00
ham 02) Well proportioned
crystal (S.
Markham 05) Petite pure white
RED TROOPER (Fisher 07)
red vision (Fisher 05) Mid
peebee and jay (Schmie-
Blooms between end of Standard Dwarf & beginning of
Tall Bearded season on stalks
16” to 27½” tall. EXTREMELY
vigorous border plants.
performer (Fisher 03)
ABBEY (Black 05) Mid slate
violet standards and paler falls.
Healthy & floriferous.
ozark maid (Fisher 03)
Dark violet falls washed white
below yellow beards.
Smooth deep garnet with yellow
garnet. Yellow beards.
der 06) Copper-bronze standards.
Shocking grape falls. Fabulous
color! UNIQUE! A MUST! $9.00
dividing line (Bunnell 05)
Pale blue-violet standards and line
down centers of light purple falls
with darker spots. Very popular
and rightly so.
Dodger (L.Miller 07) Gold
Ruffled soft blue with fall centers
white. Yellow beards.
persona (Keppel 05) Rosy
tan standards. White falls veined
dark violet & banded tan. $7.00
standards. White falls veined plum
& edged gold.
pink flyaway (Craig 02)
garden imp (Fisher 07) Red
brown standards. Ruby red falls.
White patch veined ruby. $10.00
please (Craig 05) Light yellow
standards. White falls with diffuse
lavender band. $7.00
Ruffled pink. Pink beards. $5.00
redrock princess (Witt
06) Cinnamon standards. Garnet
falls boldly striped white. Orange
beards. OUTSTANDING! $9.00
sailboat (Craig 06) White
standards. Mid blue falls. $9.00
action adventure (Black
06) Caramel standards. Chestnut
falls with yellow plic spot. $10.00
jack’s pick (Bunnell 06)
Gold standards. White falls veined
& washed burgundy.
jiggity-jig (S.Markham 07)
White standards and whiskers on
red purple falls. $10.00
sailor’s dream (Fisher
04) Clear mid violet-blue. Yellow
beards. Super clumps.
lighter moments (Fisher
05) Blue-lavender paling to near
white with fine blue lines. $8.00
look here (Fisher 06) Old
gold standards. Smooth amethystred falls with gold rims. $9.00
plum quirky (Probst 05)
Yellow standards. Cream falls
veined / washed plum.
poker chips (L.Miller 03)
Old gold standards & edge on
rosy-plum falls.
pretty jazzy (Probst 04)
Yellow standards & rim on white
falls with purple lines.
Priceless (Craig 06) Orange
pink with orange beards. $12.00
purple study (S.Markham
veins on falls. Gold beards. $7.00
spell (Craig 06) Bright white.
Greenish texture veins.
Steffie (Fisher 93) White with
vivid violet-blue fall spot. $5.00
stitched in blue (Fisher
06) Dainty white with blue-lavender plic dotting. Pretty.
Bright red-violet blended falls
edged yellow. Pretty.
rayos adentro (Morgan
07) Purple black, falls veined white
sun spirit (Craig 07) Rich or-
overall. Yellow beards.
Dainty chrome yellow with white
hafts. Cute garden clump. $10.00
pink standards. White falls with
blended violet margin.
survivor (L.Miller 07) Cara-
that’s red (Fisher 00) Classy
think spring (S.Markham
03) Luscious orchid pink with gold
04) Light orchid standards. White
my fantasy (Craig 05) Pale
Bright yellow. BIG vivid orange
beards. Fertile.
ange with orange beards.$10.00
deep oxblood red.
mermaid street (Baumunk
alliteration (Black 06)
mel standards. Violet purple falls
with gold orange beards. $10.00
maslon (Spoon 02) Yellow
standards. Velvety lavender purple
falls rimmed white.
falls veined lavender.
Classy, icy blue-white flowers carried on show stalks. Great parent.
Fertile both ways.
Soft peach with darker peach
07) Dark purple bitone. $10.00
Marjorie l (Fisher 07)
alberta clipper (Black 07)
spring blush (Fisher 02)
madam president (Thur-
man 01)Canary yellow standards.
sky tracery (S.Markham
03) Pale blue-violet with darker
razzleberry dressing
(S.Markham 05) Cream with falls
veined raspberry. Rampant growth
provides an instant clump. $8.00
Mid-America Garden, LLC
beards. Rampant growth. $5.00
wistful wisteria (Wulf 98)
Dainty wisteria lilac self. Lovely in
all respects.
Phone: 503 390 6072
arctic wind (Black 06)
Lovely snow white with muted tangerine beards. Fertile. Fantastic
show stalks.
banshee (M.Smith 05) Redblack & black bitone.
bordello queen (Black
06) Lilac to buff standards. Mauve
fire in the sky (Black 06)
Mid violet-blue. Fery orange
beards. Strong growth.
bugaboo (Keppel 06) Gray-
flying circus (Keppel 04)
wine falls. Pretty color. violet bitone. Peach hafts. $9.00
calLigrapher (M.Smith 07)
Wine standards and darker plicata band on cream falls. $10.00
Light salmon standards. White falls
lined & washed red-violet. $6.00
forceful (Craig 06) White
standards edged light blue. White
falls washed lavender.
in a flash (Black 01) Vibrant
dark purple bitone. Burning orange
beards. SHOWY CLUMP! $5.00
infinity ring (Black 00)
White with violet plic standards &
purple plic banded falls. $5.00
irish darling (Blyth 06)
Smoky rose with big, showy burgundy rose fall spot.
nickel (Black 06) Butter standards with wide violet plic bands.
White falls with narrow blue-grape
plic bands. Well branched show
stalks. UNIQUE!!
pretty blush (Black 06) Mid
to light pink. Cocoa pink fall spot.
Well-branched. Fertile.
Procession (Black 02)
Peach with shrimp pink beards.
Fertile. Show stalks!
Median Iris General Listing 2009
hot topic (Keppel 03) Rosebrown standards & darker falls
with yellow luminata patch.$5.00
latino (Keppel 05) Caramel
standards. Rust-brown falls lightening at edge, lemon hafts. $5.00
cashmere rose (Black 07)
Rosy mauve washed standards and
wide, darker plic bands on peach
falls. Orange beards.
limonada (Keppel 07) Bright
forged in fire (Black 07)
Beetroot standards. Velvety winered falls. Clean colors. $10.00
cayenne (M.Smith 06) Dark
red black bitone.
lemon glaciata.
love the look (L.Blyth 06)
F Apricot coral with large lilac
pure heart (T.Johnson 06)
veined spot. Red beards. $9.00
White glaciata with yellowish tints.
Soft tangerine beards.
man’s best friend (Black
08) Slate violet standards & rim
quarter (Black 06) Mid rose-
on mid brown falls. Spectacular
clumps. Well branched show stalks.
A must have.
claret bitone. Unique frosted blue
beards. Unusual color should be
fun to breed with. Fertile. $9.00
many mahalos (Aitken
ray of hope (Black 06)
commotion (Craig 05)
White with wide diffuse violet
bands. Cream beards.
dark forces (Tasco 07)
Dark red black bitone.
frisky frolic (Black 08)
Mauve pink with falls sanded overall red purple. Color.
05) Dark burgundy standards.
Wine-black falls.
dazzling (Black 08) White
R Papaya orange. Deep or-
ange beards. Reblooms.
standards and band on purple
blue falls. Fabulous color. $15.00
Heavily ruffled fancy dark redpurple luminata plicata. $9.00
rimaround (Aitken 07)
White with dark violet blue plicata
bands. Round and pretty. $10.00
devil may care (Black 00)
Velvety coal black bitone. Big redorange beards! Popular. $5.00
doe z doe (Kasperek 05) Tan
standards & lavender falls both
streaked silver-white.
dragonmaSter (M.Smith
good to go (Black 07)
04) Red-black with contrasting red
Light to mid orchid bitone with gilt
tan margins. Many branches and
buds. Very fertile.
extreme orange (Aitken
hot glow (Tasco 06)
04) Bright orange with deeper or-
ange beards.
Bright yellow with darker fall spot
around tangerine beards. $9.00
Web Site
MISFIT (T.Johnson 06) Reddish
ginger standards. Wide brown plic
bands on falls.
my fantasy (Craig 05) Pale
pink standards. White falls banded violet. Pretty.
rosy romance (Black 07)
Perfectly formed. Mauve-rose
standards and wide plic bands on
butter ground. Pretty.
Median Iris General Listing 2009
royal quackers (Kasper-
ek 06) Violet bitone.
silverberry (Black 07) Pas-
tel lavender bitone. Fantastic stalks
with many buds. Excellent parent
allows for much variation. $10.00
ballistic (Black 02) Yellow
with burgundy plic bands. $5.00
Early blooming clumps with
flower stalks 8” to 16” tall.
Extremely vigorous. Fantastic
edger for front of the border .
bombay sapphire (Black
07) Pale sky blue with turquoise
ABSOLUTE JOY (Aitken 06)
Bright pink with big fuchsia fall
spot. Coral beards.
bamboozle (Black 07) Pink
spots on falls. LOVELY!
with falls plic marked vivid lilac.
Fabulous color! Cute.
soft word (Keppel 08) Light
lemon & peach glaciata. $12.00
sparkling (Tasco 07) Red-
violet & white luminata. $10.00
alamo joe (Black 07) Mauve
standards and bands on brick red
falls. White beards. $10.00
amusing (Black 04) Coral-
tan with grape flecks in standards
& falls. Amazing parent! $5.00
spiced peaches (Black 04)
Peach-pink standards. Buff-pink
falls sanded mid grape. Pretty
clumps. Very popular
banded tiger (Schmieder
06) Light yellow with plum brown
plic marks. Unique! Robust. $7.00
artful tradition (B.
Jones 06) White with brass hafts
and large blue spot.
bright (Black 06) Golden
spooky (Keppel 08) Wine on
apricot luminata.
bourgeois (Black 03) Intense
claret-purple . Small plum fall spot.
Super vigorous!
best buddy (Black 06) Slate
lavender with white to brown patch
around white beards. $7.00
sunbreak (Keppel 05)
Smoky lavender luminata. $6.00
apricot standards, hafts & bands
around red-brown fall spots. Red
beards. Great color.
astro (T.Johnson 07) Dark
violet-blue luminata plicata.$9.00
bright flash (Black 05)
big blue eyes (Black 06)
Purple standards & darker bluepurple falls. Yellow beards.$7.00
attack cat (Black 04) White
bling (Baumunk 05) Bright
and dark purple plicata. $5.00
yellow glaciata.
bright note (Black 04) Mid
yellow. Pretty blue beards. Unusual
metallic sheen.
attendant (T.Johnson 04)
bluebeard’s ghost (Black
sweet potato pie (Black
06) Creamy peach standards.
Buff-peach falls. Vivid dark orange beards. Fertile.
White standards and precise
bands on violet-blue falls. $8.00
twilight delight (Black
08) Blue lavender standards &
rim on rosy lilac falls. Very pretty
clumps filled with well-branched
stalks. $15.00
Brown-plum standards & wide plic
bands on yellow falls. $6.00
Mid-America Garden, LLC
06) Pristine, ruffled white with dark
blue beards. Wonderful! $8.00
Phone: 503 390 6072
by candlelight (Black 07)
Soft medium yellow with bright orange beards. Interesting mixed
chromosome breeding. $10.00
Round & ruffled violet plic on white
ground. Legendary parent. $4.00
devil baby (Keppel 05) Red-
black with brown beards. $6.00
devil’s Night (Keppel 08)
Metallic dark red-black with
pumpkin brown beards. $9.00
eye of newt (Black 03)
Brass-gold standards & rims on
pearl-white falls. Chestnut chevron
spot. Unique. Sib to Cat’s Eye and
canadian kisses (Black
06) Snow white with clear blue
plicata bands & styles. Makes one
of the prettiest clumps.
circus clown (Black 05)
Mid slate-violet with large grape
fall spots. Orange beards. $6.00
devoted (Black 05) Mid vio-
let-blue standards & narrow band
on wine-red falls. Fabulous!$6.00
eye of the tiger. (Black
08) Buff gold with large, glow-
ing garnet fall spots. Makes very
showy clumps!
Median Iris General Listing 2009
chubby cheeks (Black 85)
cat’s eye (Black 02) Mauve
rose with BIG, vibrant red fall
spots. TOTALLY UNIQUE! $5.00
clash (Black 03) Orange-
peach with mid red-purple
splashes. Color breaker. $5.00
classic sunrise (B.Jones
05) Bright yellow with big rosy-
orange fall spots. Orange beards.
Yummy colors.
CELEBRATE (Black 07) Silvery
dime (Black 05) Greenish brass
standards. Light slate violet falls.
Bold dark blue beards! $6.00
double life (Black 06)
White with pale violet plic bands.
Strong rebloom.
easy does it (Aitken 07)
orchid bitone with sharp red-grape
plic bands. NICE!
White standards & edge on slate
blue falls. Orange beards. $9.00
exotic aire (Black 04) Ce-
rise-purple. Diffuse wine fall spots.
Orange to lilac beards. $5.00
clever (T.Johnson 07) Mid
gold with slate violet washed plic
bands through fall centers. Orange
beards. Super parent. $10.00
certainly (T.Johnson 05)
Rose-pink washed standards.
Black-cherry falls with paler edges.
Purple beards.
FACT (T.Johnson 06) Silvery
violet with almost solid blue-violet
standards & narrow plicata bands.
Pretty form & color.
false (T.Johnson 06) Small
bright old gold with falls overlaid
coppery gold. Rich color. $10.00
fiesta flame (Aitken 04)
Pink-orange standards. Orange
falls with darker red spot. $6.00
fine idea (Black 05) Mid blue-
purple. White sunburst around
orange beards.
fire coral (Aitken 07) Orange with diffuse burgundy fall
spot. Red beards.
cliche (Black 03) Mid blue-
fire eater (M.Smith 05) Mid
violet standards & darker falls
with white patches around orange
beards. Striking clumps. $5.00
orange. Fat red beards.
expectations (T.Johnson
04) Pale orchid standards & bands
on black-cherry falls. $5.00
fires of fiji (Black 03)
chart (Black 05) Cream-lime
with mid lilac plic bands. Exceptionally fine parent.
chocolate fondue (Ait-
ken 07) Red brown with darker
fall spot and red beard. $10.00
Classy mid blue. Orange beards.
Very popular. $5.00
cub cadet (T.Johnson 06)
Claret with darker blue veins.
White & orange beards. Very
pretty round form.
Dainty pinafore (B. Jones
04) White standards and band on
blue falls.
Web Site
experiment (Black 05) Bur-
nished gold with fantastic dark
blue beards. Great clumps. Exciting parent. Popular.
freeze frame (Black 04)
White with dark violet plic standards & precise 3/8” plic bands
on ruffled falls.
Median Iris General Listing 2009
frenetic (Black 06) Peach
wildly plic veined & dotted redplum. Superb parent.
hugs (Black 06) White with
dark purple plicata bands. BRIGHT
orange beards. WOW! $7.00
juicy tidbit (Black 08) Mid
apricot standards. Paler falls with
apricot plic marks. Bright orange
beards. Superb parent. $12.00
Lad (Black 05)
R Petite, dark
purple bitone. Reblooms.
fret (T.Johnson 08) Buff apricot with darker fall spot. $12.00
Canary yellow with light brown
plicata markings. Makes a very
bright and cheery clump. $12.00
Wine standards & rim on blackcherry falls. Showy light violet
lavender lynx (Black
2008) Mid lavender with big or-
chid fall spots. Lovely.
Bright yellow glaciata with showy
white fall spot.
Brassy gold marked and washed
dark wine-rose overall. $10.00
gold with darker gold fall spots
and bright orange beards. $6.00
Vivid violet with pretty purple-blue
beards. Nice form.
ghost ship (Black 06) Pale
lemon washed & lined ghostly slate
mauve. Variable color depending
on weather.
looney (T.Johnson 07)
lost art (Black 05) Yellow
inviolate (Schmieder 07)
sanded lilac. Very pretty. $7.00
lemon freeze (Keppel 08)
intergalactic (Black 08)
INVESTOR (T.Johnson 04)
GAL PAL (Black 06) White
lively (Black 05) Dark redpurple washed standards & bands
on red-purple washed falls.$7.00
lovesick blues (Lauer 07)
White & violet plicata. Falls are
lined violet.
lucy’s choice (Schmieder
leopard print (T.Johnson
06) Lime-olive standards & margins
on violet falls. All splashed purple.
Markings variable depending on
weather Unique!
07) White with wire rim of purple
plic dots. Pretty violet styles and
white beards. Nice form. $10.00
magnetic storm (Wood
06) Violet to olive standards. Old
gold falls blend to violet. $7.00
irrepressible (Black 06)
Rose-brown standards. Dark oxblood falls narrowly banded red.
Bright yellow beards.
gingerbread trim (Black
06) Dark gingerbread with big
mahogany fall spots. Bright yelloworange beards.
life (Black 08) Rosy mauve standards. Velvety mid wine red falls.
Wide and ruffled.
island (Black 06) Slate violetblue standards & wide band on
brown falls. Excellent parent for
unusual colors.
glamour cat (Black 04)
Mid blue-lilac bitone. White
beards. Lots of fine ruffles. $6.00
going twice (Lauer 08)
Violet purple bitone.
microwave (M.Smith 07)
Pretty petite clear mid blue with
cream-white beards.
mosaic (M.Smith 06) Rust
island sun (Black 03) Lime
yellow standards & rim on white
falls. Lavender beards.
jeweler’s art (Lankow 93)
Amethyst standards. Near red falls.
Great color! Popular.
Mid-America Garden, LLC
meow (Black 08) Mid lavender
blue with darker red violet spot.
Good parent for greens. $12.00
peach standards. Peach falls heavily sanded wine. $6.00
07) Light blue bitone veined deep-
er. White beards.
Phone: 503 390 6072
murphy’s law (B.Jones 06)
White standards & bands on olive
falls. Tangerine beards. $6.00
navy ruffles (T.Johnson
02) Heavily ruffled dark blue with
popsicle (T.Johnson 05) Blue
phony (Black 05) White with
purple plic band standards. Narrower bands on falls. $6.00
neutron (T.Johnson 01) Mid
photon (M.Smith 05) Bright
prospectus (Keppel 07)
big frosty white beards.
purple bitone. NICE!
nine lives (Black 07) White
standards & band on red-black
falls. White beards. Fantastic contrast. Showy clumps.
yellow standards & darker falls.
Vivid red-orange beards. $6.00
pigs in space (Black 08)
Lilac pink with cocoa pink fall spot.
Coral beards.
blended fall spots on claret. Purple
beards. Siberian colors. $6.00
White & violet plic.
prowler (Black 08) Iridescent
claret purple with dark plum fall
spot. Tangerine beards. $12.00
scream (T.Johnson 06)
Screaming canary yellow! $7.00
Median Iris General Listing 2009
ribbons (Keppel 08) White &
violet blue plicata.
script (T.Johnson 06) White
with wide soft lavender plic band
standards & lines on falls. $7.00
pinch me (Aitken 06) White
with lime-yellow fall spots.$10.00
pink latte (Aitken 06) Pink
standards. Cream falls with coffee
fall spot. Orange beards. $10.00
PUDDY TAT (Black 02) Blue
ocean pearl (Black 08)
white standards & precise bands
on blue-black falls. WOW!$5.00
Light pearl blue. Vigorous!$12.00
overcast (Keppel 06) Tan
ple-black standards. Velvety black
falls. Blue-violet beards. $5.00
wide orchid plic band standards &
on hafts. Very pretty.
shallows (M.Smith 06)
Chartreuse standards. Pale slate
blue falls. Precise ruffles. $7.00
standards & bands on lavender
fall. White lumi-plic patch. $7.00
panther (M.Smith 04) Pur-
sequel (Black 05) White with
pink potion (Black 08) Mid
pink with plum plic hats. Pretty pink
beards. Lovely form.
plainsong (M.Smith 07)
Cantaloupe with darker fall spot.
Violet to apricot beards. $10.00
pussycat pink (Black 06)
HOT pink self. One of the clearest,
intense pinks. COLOR!
raindance returns (Ait-
ken 04) R Nicely rounded sky
blue. Reblooms.
peanut butter swirl
05) Rose standards & bands on
strawberry red falls.
plum twist (T.Johnson 04)
replicator (Tasco 06)
White with violet plicata standards. Violet styles. Nice! $10.00
Orchid standards. Claret falls
bluer around violet beards. Siberian type color.
penny (Black 05) Peach stan-
pookie (Black 03) Brassy olive
review (T.Johnson 06) Dark
red-plum standards. White falls
with wide blue-purple plicata
bands. Unusual color.
PEEP SHOW (Schmieder 07)
dards. Copper peach falls. Big
bright red-orange beards. $6.00
very wide plic bands & veins on
white falls. $7.00
ray of light (T.Johnson
(Black 08) Old gold with rouged
red brown spot. Ruffled. Healthy,
vigorous clumps.
shining through (T.
Johnson 06) Yellow standards &
standards & rims on pearl blue
falls. Navy blue beards. $5.00
Web Site
Red-violet, purple-black fall spots.
Wine beards. Reblooms. $8.00
short verse (Black 07)
Warm salmon. Hafts speckled cinnamon. Orange beards. $10.00
Median Iris General Listing 2009
small town girl (Lauer
08) Light pink standards. Peach
falls. Orange beards.
tu tu turquoise (Black
89) R Pale turquoise with dark
turquoise spots. UNIQUE! $6.00
stroke of brilliance
(Black 07) Orange juice standards.
Tan falls with wide amber-gold plic
bands & hafts. Bright red orange
beards. Super parent. $10.00
low standards & precise bands on
mahogany falls. COLOR! $5.00
vivaldi (Baumunk 07) ElLight violet standards. White falls
with overall slate blue plicata
marks. Superb clumps.
sweethearts again (P.Hill
Bright yellow standards & band on
falls veined & washed burgundy.
Orange beards. Color!! $10.00
egant white with clear mid blue
plicata marks. Very fine. 10.00
Very Small plants & flowers no
taller than 8”. Great for rock
Applet (M.Smith 06) Dark
wine. Old gold beards.
droplet (T.Johnson 06) Icy
greenish white. White & tangerine
beards. Round form.
wide open (Black 05) Round
& ruffled bright yellow with white
fall patch. Cute form.
fib (T.Johnson 05) Cute silvery
badge (Black 07) Tiny white
with powder blue beards. Very
Ivory standards with brown plic
bands. Yellow falls with brown plic
bands. Reblooms.
blue with white beards.
fair moon (Hager 03) White
with lime yellow hafts.
fission chips (Keppel 04)
wish upon a star (Black
Bright orange standards & darker
falls. Red beards. Color! $5.00
white beards. CLUMPS!
GOBO (J.J. Taylor 07) Mid pur-
06) Purple black with startling
ple standards and narrow band on
black purple falls. Cute. $9.00
be brief (Black 08) Butter yellow with charcoal purple plicata
marks. Brown beards. Round and
true (T.Johnson 06) Mid peach
standards & paler falls. Light orange beards. Two well spaced
branches & 6 buds. Makes a very
pretty clump.
06) Warm white glaciata. Lemon
hafts & beards. Nice form. $7.00
04) R Pink standards. Cocoa pink
falls. Blue beards. Rebloom.$5.00
tremors (T.Johnson 06)
dollop of cream (Black
dwarf bearded
ultimate (T.Johnson 03) Yel-
surrounded (Black 05)
zooboomafoo (Black 07)
yahtzee (T.Johnson 07)
hat’s off (Black 05) White
standards. Mid chartreuse falls.
White beards. Nice.
Bright yellow with HUGE totally
orange beards. WOW! $10.00
hobbit (L.Miller 04) Clear mid
blue with deeper shading around
pale blue beards.
chemistry (Black 03) Purple
trust in dreams (Black
06) Yellow standards & wide
plic bands on white falls. Orange
beards. Superb!
zap (Black 04) Dark claret &
black-cherry bitone. standards. Velvety dark wine falls.
BIG burnt orange beards. Very
showy. Great clumps. Super parent for big orange beards. $5.00
Mid-America Garden, LLC
Phone: 503 390 6072
icon (Keppel 08) Orange
standards and rim on wine falls.
Orange beards.
pin tail (Kasperek 06) Red
wine with darker fall spot. $6.00
Exotic hybrids of the rather finicky oncocyclus & regelia species crossed with other bearded
irises for easier growth & better plant traits. Give them excellent drainage.
stripe three (Black 07) Dark
desert diamond (Hager
wine plic marked standards. Mid
yellow falls with wide wine-purple
lined & dotted plic bands. $9.00
88) Slate blue white with falls
veined deeper. Dark purple black
signal. $6.00
stripling (M.Smith 06) Violet standards. Cream falls striped
violet. Violet style arms. $8.00
desert plum (Hager 92)
Mauve purple. Red black signal.
Bronze black beards.
anacrusis (Mathes 92)
Satiny oxblood red with red-black
signals and beards. Very oncocyclus species looking. Unusual color.
heimdall (Mathes 95) F Me-
tallic mid to dark blue-violet. Black
signal. Blue-violet beards. $6.00
Rosy copper-brown falls. Maroon
beards. Brown signals.
domingo (Wilson 97)
White standards flushed yellow.
Yellow falls. Brown signal. Very
showy and easy to grow. $6.00
tiny titan (Aitken 02) Bright
orange. Red beards.
Amethyst standards veined darker.
White falls heavily rose. Dark spot
below plum beards. Goes summer
dormant. 18” tall.
kalifa’s fortune (Annand
01) Rose standards veined lilac.
tingle (Black 00) Cream with
large glowing yellow spots. $4.00
hammurabi (Baumunk 04)
Median Iris General Listing 2009
lancer (Shockey 95) Mid
orchid. Large near black pointed
signal. VERY NICE!
bagdad’s folly (Rich 92)
Off white standards infused yellow. Cream falls netted overall with
brown veins. Big brown-black signal. Easy to grow.
wise (T.Johnson 01)
egyptian queen (T. Johnson 07) Mid lilac standards veined
R Dark
red-purple bitone with startling
white beards. $4.00
copper. Rose-copper falls. Wine
signals & yellow beards. Easy to
grow. Nice clear color. $12.00
youngling (M.Smith 05) R
Cream-white with dark violet plic
edges & styles. Reblooms. $7.00
Median Iris Society
loud mouth (Rich 70) Dark
slate mauve with darker veins &
near black signals. 12” tall.$5.00
energizer (Shockey 96) Mid
bionic burst (H.Danielson
violet standards. Buff falls overlaid
violet. HUGE dramatic black-brown
signals. Wonderful!
red falls. Brown beards.
first chapter (Wilson 95)
77) Light lilac standards. Burnished
F Violet standards veined blue.
• Color Bulletins - 2 each year
• New & innovative creations by leading hybridizers
• Make new friends through conventions, robins, local meetings and internet
Cream falls blended rose red.
Maroon black signals.
masada’s glory (Whitely
02) White standards. Cream-tan
falls. Dark wine signals.
noble warrior (Tasco 06)
Ivory standards. Gold yellow falls
veined burgundy.
Median Iris Society
%Rita Gormley
10616 Timber Ridge Street
Dubuque IA 52001-8268
Single Annual $8.00
Single Triennial $20.00
Dual Annual $9.00
Dual Triennial $23.00
Youth Annual $4.00
Youth Triennial $10.00
burra sahib (Hager 90) Pal-
est yellow standards. Yellow falls
with huge brown signal. $6.00
chain reaction (Tasco
grand vizier (Hawkins
burgundy falls. Brown beards. Can
rebloom in some areas. $10.00
veins in fall. Bronze beards.$6.00
07) R Rosy plum standards. Rosy
Web Site
70) Maroon overlaid with black
octave (T.Johnson 08)
Arilmedian 15” tall. Blue violet
standards. Rosy lilac falls with superb wine black signals. $16.00
Median Iris General Listing 2009
ONLOOKER (Hager 85) Light
lilac standards. Cream falls. Big
black signals. Striking!
suspect (T.Johnson 06) Mid
blue-violet standards. Mauve-rose
falls. Big black signals. $10.00
turkish heart (Shockey
90) White standards flushed yel-
low. Yellow falls with big black
turkish herald (Shockey
92) Light violet standards. Buff-
ignite (Black 09) SDB Midseason 13” (33cm) Those blazing dark
orange beards are sure to Ignite
a bright spot in your garden. Light
violet standards blend to apricot
peach margins. Cinnamon lined
and dotted hafts decorate peach
to apricot falls. Sdlg. M211D:
Amusing X Helmsman
T.Johnson Seedling TA134F (SDB)
T.Johnson Seedling TA121i (SDB)
orange falls. Black signal. $6.00
oyez (White 38) Classic. Totally
unique! White with dazzling overall burgundy veining. Easy to grow
but makes smaller plants. $6.00
sahra tash (Shockey 86)
Oyster flushed yellow standards.
Oyster falls blended violet to old
gold. Blue-black signals. $7.00
P. Black Seedling # O174XX (TB)
T.Johnson Seedling TX16AA (TB)
turkish tangent (Hager
84) Amethyst standards. Deep
plsuh red falls. Dark red black signal and beard.
welcome reward (Sundt/
sheba’s jewel (Shockey 94)
White. Shocking large rose-maroon
signal. AWESOME!
Rich 71) Lilac standards veined
darker. Gold-bronze falls with
hafts veined mahogany. Dark
brown signal. Great parent.$6.00
P. Black Seedling #O38A (TB)
T.Johnson Seedling TA18B (TB)
Aril Society International
Aril Society International
% Reita Jordan
3500 Avenida Charada N W
Albuquerque NM 87107
sheik (Hager 76) Fuchsia-violet
standards. Mauve-rose falls. Big
black signals. Very exotic. $7.00
P. Black Seedling #P54C (TB)
T.Johnson Seedling # TY114A
‘Dancing in the Dark’ (TB)
Single Annual $10.00
Single Triennial $28.00
American Iris
P. Black Seedling # P9A (TB)
• Color Bulletins - 4 each year
T. Johnson Seedling TA18B (TB)
solar wind (Wilson 95)
Pale lilac standards. Amber blend
falls. Big black signals.
% Tom Gormley
10616 Timber Ridge Street
Dubuque IA 52001-8268
Single Annual $25.00
Single Triennial $60.00
Mid-America Garden, LLC
P. Black Seedling # O177A (TB)
Phone: 503 390 6072
THANK YOU to -Keith Keppel for his help in
proofing this catalog to help
insure as much accuracy as possible in a publication with so
many entries.
and other fun things
We are very glad to once again say “Thank You” to our loyal customers for another prosperous and rewarding year. We are always very
aware that without you, we wouldn’t be where we are. You are our backbone. We are hopeful that gardening helps calm the nerves and jitters of
these challenging times and also that somewhere you have a little money
tucked away for a new plant or two. Flowers, like our companion pets,
help make life more beautiful.
Many of you have followed the trail that
our companions, our very much loved pets,
have made with us. On December 20, it was
a very sad note to have to say goodby to our
oldest husky, Fancy. It is a sadness for us, a
sadness of missing her and her gentle, loving
nature. We can’t be sad, however, that after
a great life of 13 1/2 years, she went to sleep
and didn’t wake up. There was no pain or prolonged sickness. As the snow began to fall on
December 19, I took this picture of her enjoying
great husky weather.
Nickel is also starting to slow down. It
seemed time to add a new husky to help keep
the property cleared of rats, mice and gophers. A new little husky girl named Kita, short
for Nikita so she doesn’t get confused when we
call Nickel, has been adopted by all the MidAmerica crew. Some of the crew are liking her
better than others. Cher thinks she’s a bit too
rowdy. Adjustments are a part of life, even for dogs. There may yet be
another husky added to the crew before you get this catalog. Cher and
Diva are doing fine, but like us, they get the winter blues. They’re ready
for spring so they can romp and play among the plants. Amazingly, these
low to the ground bulldozers cause more damage to iris stalks than the
huskys ever did.
Thomas and I are both delighted with how well some of our irises were
recognized in the awards system. We appreciate all the judges who took
their time and energy to grow and evaluate some of our creations. We
hope that they continue to please not only AIS judges but also the gardening public. We work toward creating hybrids that can withstand the
rigors of the everyday garden. Here is a look at those awards.
For Paul - Cook Douglas Medal for SDB, Cat’s Eye. Walther Cup for
SDB Bluebeard’s Ghost. Ben R. Hager Cup for Crow’s Feet. Devil May
Care was runner up to Sass Medal and Tingle was runner up to Caparne-Welch Medal. Award of Merit for TBs, Bold Encounter and Aardvark
Lark. Also for BB, Be My Baby; IB, Spiced Peaches; and SDB Attack
Cat and Eye of Newt. Honorable Mentions received were TBs, Padded
Shoulders, Conjuring Cat, City of Gold, Dressed to Kill, Cimarron Trail,
Fine Porcelain, with Bushwhacked and Dramatic Style runners up. HMs
were also awarded to BB, Crow’s Feet; IBs Nickel and Fire in the Sky,
with runners up Abbey and Sweet Potato Pie; and SDBs, Bluebeard’s
Ghost, Wish upon a Star, Canadian Kisses, Big Blue Eyes, Hugs,
Pussycat Pink, Experiment, Gingerbread Trim, Fine Idea, Ghost Ship
and runner up Bright; and MDB Dollop of Cream. City of Gold won 5th
place at the International Iris Competition in Florence, Italy.
For Thomas - Award of Merit for TBs, Brussels and Mythology with
Bridal Icing a runner up. Honorable Mention for TBs Wild Angel, Discovered Treasure, Athens, Peace Prayer, Material Girl, Modern Woman,
Spiced Lemon, with Foreigner and Gallery as runner up; SDBs Leopard
Print, Scream, True, and Cub Cadet. Suspect was top AB. Saving the best
till last, Thomas had an amazing array of awards from the International
Iris Competition in Florence, Italy. Morning Sunrise won 1st Place and also
the award for Most Original Color. Power Point won 2nd place and also
the award for Most Commercial Variety. Last but not least, Peace Prayer
won the award for Best Scented Variety.
Thomas and Kirk added a lovely new gazebo to the garden. You are
welcome to come and look around a bit and then sit in the shade of the
gazebo and enjoy your lunch or snack and maybe a sip of wine.
As always, may your gardening bring happy days filled with loving
friends & beautiful flowers.
Paul Black & Thomas Johnson
Each spring there are many exciting new breakthroughs plus advancements of existing lines. I have a little space at the end of the catalog in which I can indulge my creative spirit and share some of them with
you. For more history, check the last page of the 2008 catalog.
Advancements in the aphylla and mixed chromosome derivatives
have developed faster than I ever thought possible. Most of these invovle
Dolce, Alberta Clipper, Silverberry and Good to Go and Amusing.
Q18D flower
and 3 branched
stalk - 19” tall
Pollen parent is
SDB Amusing.
Q34A - 23”
Q48B - 22”
Q67B - 24”
Each of these seedlings has a high
Q137B - 25” percentage
plicata heritage
which should make
them very exciting
to work with since Q18D - 19”
it allows the expression of many colors and patterns over them. Q68A is
a beautiful peach and cream glaciata, while Q137B is a
startling luminata. Q32F and
Q32F - 25”
Q67B are both very close to
MTB in character, and colors
are bright and cheery with
falls of Q67B looking very
red. Both are a result of tetraploid MTB X SDB parents.
The most interesting IB cross,
Q74, was a combination of my pink and
blue breeding in both TBs and SDBs. The
quality of this cross was very high. The
diversity of the genes is evident from the
variation of color within the cross.
Q68A - 26”
Q74 series
Why would I care about something that looks like Q29A?
It is a single seed from a bee pod on Suspect. Suspect
is a traditional aril-median (arilbred X SDB) cross which
so far has been stubbornly infertile. To get any seed is
unexpected and for it to germinate is even more unexpected. To be of value
it must have some fertility to move forward.
And now to my favorite bearded class - SDBs. I’ve
worked many generations toward pink standards, blue falls
with pink bands and the reverse. The results still remain a bit smoky but it is there
as evidence Q108A and Q108B. This has
been combined with plicatas. Seedlings
such as Q87A are showing up with pink
standards with hazy blue plic and white
falls with mauve pink bands and blue
plicata bands inside those. Other plicatas that were exciting are the colorful luminata Q95B out
of Trust in Dreams, bright orange bearded Q117D out of
Amusing, and maroon lined plicata Q111A out of Shining
Through. Q116E is a unique minimal plicata with wide gold bands from my
line of late blooming SDBs. It blooms at the end of the SDB season.
Please come by this spring and see for yourself what’s cookin’
Q116E late
Mid-America Garden, LLC
1995 - 2008
P O Box 9008
Brooks OR 97305-0008
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