1 MB 24th Mar 2016 Newsletter 24th March 2016


1 MB 24th Mar 2016 Newsletter 24th March 2016
Rangefield Primary School
Thursday, 24th March 2016
Have a safe and restful Easter holiday from all of Rangefield.
A Term In Review:
Our values this term were Trust and Love. We set the children on
two challenges to do the right thing when no one was watching and
show respect and manners to all of our Rangefield community.
The children were very successful and a huge amount of Dojos
were earnt!
Also, we have improved our website, so the children can log on to
safe and secure games, which will help with their learning. With
this opportunity, we have had a real drive to ensure all of our children are logging on to
Mathletics. We are celebrating our champions each week in our Friday Celebrations
Some of the other amazing opportunities around the school were in Nursery where they
went on a bear hunt to Build a Bear. In Reception, they did lots of cooking in our kitchen
this term by making bread, porridge, pancakes– YUMMY. In Y1, they went on an awesome
trip to the Tower of London and Y2 went to St Paul’s Cathedral! In Y3, the children were
lucky enough to learn some circus skills by a trained professional and our Y4 and 5 children
worked hard to become Play Leaders. Also in Y4, they had the opportunity to be involved
in making sculptures for our new library, they also went on a trip to Horniman Museum to
learn about Ancient Egypt and they had a Shakespeare Workshop about Macbeth. In Y5,
some of the children learnt how to cycle safely with Bikability and they all went to the
National Maritime Museum. Our Y6 children, have been busy studying about Shackleton
and have created some amazing art from that experience. We are very proud of our Junior
Governors who have been working with Chartwells Catering to improve our menu choices and
they continued on our drive to teach children about being safe online. Let’s not forget
about our Choir who performed at Young Voices. All of our students participated in the
national Sing Up celebration, Chinese New Year, Shrove Tuesday, Dads, Grandads and
Uncles Hub, World Book day, our Sports Relief flash mob and of course our Easter Bonnet
Competition. There is so much more but it was hard to fit it all onto this page!
OBVIOUSLY, ALL of these wonderful experiences would not have happened without the
hard work and dedication of the Rangefield staff so THANK YOU for going above and
beyond! We would also like to thank all of the parents for supporting us in all we do. Have
a safe and restful Easter holiday!
May th: S hool Closed to Child e —due to Polli g Da .
Ju e
S hool losed to hild e —Polli g da fo Refe e du
May th: Dad's Hu - o e
details to follo ea e the i e.
S hool T ips / Wo
Ap il th: Chi k & Du k egg
i u ato kits a i e
Ap il th: Opal to G ee
O se ato
i h
May d: Ru
O se ato
i h
to G ee
May th: Y
The children at Rangefield
have had an amazing time
raising £404.16 for Sports
Relief this year. We began on Friday where we
wore a red top to show our support. The following Monday morning we decided to complete a
super dance challenge which involved a massive
mob dance in the playground. The children loved
it!!! We then went on to do a 5-A-Day dance every hour on the hour through the entire day!
Phew, it was exhausting, but all for a good cause.
See more overleaf.
Thank you for all
Ju e
Ho i a Museu
th: Y to Lo do )oo
Our thoughts and
prayers are with
Brussels this week.
Let’s continue to pray
Class Asse
lies— p
for peace in this world.
“The dividing line is not
th May: Qua tz YR
th May: Sapphi e YR
and Islam, Sunni and
Shia, East and West– it
is between people who
believe in coexistence
and those who don’t”
Tom Fletcher
Ap il: Ga et YR
th Ju e: Opal REC
th Ju e: Ru
Mums, Dads & Carers
A HUGE o g atulaio s to e e o e ho pa i ipated
i ou Easte Bo et Co peiio . It as e t e el
ha d to de ide the i e s as e e o e had ade
su h a t e e dous efo t! The e e e a its, eggs,
ho olate, lo e s, sheep... ou a e it, e sa it!
Spe ial ell do e to the i e s: Y Maka la, Y
T sho i, Y Mit hell, Y Mill a d a assi e o g atulaio s to the i st p ize i e s: Joshua i Opal a d
Ashle i Topaz! Fa tasi gu s!
Plai u =
= % of
ou hild e got a
P i ilege a d
THIS te …
Because the children at Rangefield excel in maths, they have been asked by the Local Authority to investigate a crime that took place involving her ladyship, Lady Fekete SzilviaSnobbish. All of the children were split up into mixed teams and were assigned to work
together to find out who could have committed this crime. Let’s see what the children
have to say about their day…
“This is tricky, but FUN!” - Group7
I think it is Lady Vander because the
way she looks is cheeky…” Red group
“We love solving the clues”– Group 3
“I think it is Richie Roache” - Group 3
O Mo da , Yea had a isito f o the Lo do Fi e B igade. Be k
a e to C stal a d Dia o d lasses to tea h us all a out i e safet ! The hild e lea t all a out hat to do if the e is a i e, ho to
all a d ho to get out safel ! The also fou d out a out h it is
i po ta t to test the s oke dete to s i ou ho es a d to ake
su e the a e al a s o ki g! Yea a e o i e safet e pe ts!
A big thank you to Barry our Assistant Premises Officer who made sure the fire was started and put out
The fu did 't e d the e! O Wed esda , Yea
e eated the G eat
Fi e of Lo do
u i g the Tudo houses that the had ade. We
at hed the i e sp ead th ough the 'to ' hilst si gi g 'Lo do 's
Bu i g'.
To end our Sport Relief
activities at Rangefield, on
Monday the whole school
gathered to take part in an a
Mob Dance to 'Cha-Cha' in
the playground.
Jarrell "People give money to charity and
they do lots of sports. We wore red tops like
strawberries! I would do it again because it
was fun!" Diamond Y2
Rainier "It was fun dressing up in different
clothes for a day and its important to give
money to people who need it." Topaz Y4
As you can see from our photos we have some
stylish dancers
among us!
What the children had to say…
Batare "Really exciting and started the day for me!" Zircon
Bobby " It was funny. It was a good thing to do for Sport Relief." Zircon
Andrew C "That was good, I liked the 'Ne ne' one!" Nursery
Damien "We danced and we had to wear red t-shirts. Everyone
had to! I liked the dancing the most!" Crystal
Healthy Tips from
Ms Gilmore!
By Miss Inglis
A Piece of Cake
Jill Mu ph
M s La ge is feeli g a i
it i l - o l - so deides to put the hole fa il o a diet! Bis uits a d
isps a e out, health eals a d jogs a e i . But fo
hu g elepha ts, diei g is deiitel ot a pie e of ake...Just
hat ill happe he G a
se ds the so ethi g deli ious
i the post?
One way for children to eat vegetables is to help them
to help grow their own. If you plant vegetables they already like then you are on to a winner. The staples of
the vegetable plot in children’s gardens are carrots and
tomatoes. These can be grown in a small space in your
garden or even in a tub – all you need is a packet of
seeds, some compost and a little TLC.
This Weeks winners: Attendance and Punctuality
KS1 - Ruby 13 late
Diamond 97.2% attendance
KS2 - Sapphire 8 late 97.7% attendance
Overall winner this term: Sapphire class
A e
E e ald
C stal
Dia o d
. %
Sapphi e
. %
Ga et
. %
. %
. %
Qua tz
. %
Tu uoise
. %
A eth st
. %
)i o
. %
N- William
N- Tilly
R – Bhumika
R – Isabelle
R- Essien
R- Shajeena
Y1- Cerise
Y1- Imran
Y1- Soukeina
Y1- Mason
Y2 – Riley
Y2- Amina
Y2 – Mitchell
Y2 – Chloe
Tha k you to e e yo e
ho do ated akes fo the
PTA Cake Sale last F iday.
The akes sold e y ui kly
a d e aised £
. fo
p oje ts i the s hool.
Tha k you to the PTA fo
o ga isi g the e e t a d
e e yo e ho helped set
up, sell akes a d all ho
ought the deli ious
t eats.
Annishika, Shanuja,
Abeena, (Nursery),
Sabah, Nakiyah,
Michalina, Prosper, Lilly
GB, Lilly Elms, Amira,
Diaz, Soukeina, Safia, Fraizer,
Ameera, Frankie A, Layla D, Melek
(Sapphire), Sam S, Afsar A, Bobbie
G, William W, Abbey R, Angela O
(Yr 6), Zach, Ruby, Amy, Yasmin
(Turquoise), Cerise (Amber), Gisele,
Yassir, Caitlin, Alfie, Mikael Y5, Ryan
H Y6.
KS2 Class
Y3 – Rafal
Y3 – Macie
Y3 – Micah
Y3 – Ruby
Y4 – Thomas
Y4 – Angelina
Y4 – Aimee
Y4 – Hiruna
Y4- Mohamed
Y4 – Tandia
Y5 – Sarah
Y5 – Louis
Y5 – Gisele
Y5- Yassir
Y6- Angela
Y6 – Daniel
Y6 – Hector
Y6 – Camilla
TERM DATES 2015/2016
Sp i g Te
Tuesday 5th Jan – Fri 12th Feb
Half term – Mon 15th Feb – Fri 19th Feb
Mon 22nd Feb – Thurs 24th March
e Te
Monday 11 April – Thurs 26th May
Half term – Mon 30th May – Fri 3rd June
Mon 6th June – Wed 20th July
Inset Days
Fri 27th May – School closed to pupils
Crystal 2,631
Emerald 2,560
2,302 pts
Quartz 13,328
Turquoise 10,
578 pts
Sapphire 9, 158
EYFS/KS1 Class
Look on our website to see who the
‘Top 10 highest
Show respect
Take responsibility
Make right choices