Newsletter – July 2013
Safari Ramadhan by Projects in Surabaya
Surabaya – It is a regular agenda in the holy month of Ramadhan for projects under PT Ciputra Surya which located in
Surabaya and the greater area to hold a “Safari Ramadhan” to practice their sincere concern to others.
First of all, they distributed rice boxes as sahur meal to street hawkers, becak drivers, scavengers and others on 20 July
2013. Then the charity activities were followed by giving away 1,000 pieces of sarong to various newspaper deliverers,
starting from Kompas, Surya, Jawa Pos and Radar Surabaya on 24 July. These activities were participated by projects
CitraLand, Ciputra Golf and Hotel Surabaya, CitraHamoni, CitraGarden Sidoarjo, Ciputra World Surabaya and The Taman
Dayu Pandaan. And then on 29 July, CitraLand held break fasting together among its all of the employees, to promote
togetherness among them. Events included were spiritual preaching, break fasting together and the sharing of
reminiscences. The activities were ended on 30 July. On that day, a break fasting with all the media in Surabaya was held
in V2 Apartment, Ciputra World Surabaya.
All these charity events have become annual programs of projects under Ciputra Surya that located in Surabaya, Sidoarjo
and Pandaan as part of the celebration of Eid.
Eid Full of Blessing by Ciputra Mall Jakarta
Jakarta – This year, “Eid Full of Blessing” was taken by Ciputra Mall Jakarta as the theme of event held to welcome the
Eid celebration. The event was held at the Center Court on the Lower Ground level of Ciputra Mall from 17 July to 14
August 2013. Including in the events held were entertainment from Marawis, religious jazz, harmonisation of drum
(rampak beduk) prior to the break fasting and also special performance from famous artists, Titi DJ and Hedi Yunus.
There were also drawing and colouring competitions for kids and moslem fashion show for children age of 3 to 12 years.
Matahari department store as anchor tenant and other tenants of Ciputra Mall Jakarta also held bazaar to provide the
Eid celebration needs.
The opening event was held on 19 July, along with the the program of break fasting with the media. And as a form of
Corporate Social Responsibility, Ciputra Mall, together with Media Bintang Group held a social event called “Break
Fasting to Share Cheerfulness”, by inviting 100 kids from Madinatur Jannah and Chairunissa orphanages to share joy
together. This event was also enlivened by the performance of artists Tommy Kurniawan, Manda Cello and Dragon Boys.
Activities during Ramadhan in CitraLand Kendari
Kendari – Right before entering the holy month
of Ramadhan, the city of Kendari had
experienced a disaster. The non-stop heavy rain
had resulted in the floods in Kendari. It was
grateful for us that our CitraLand Kendari did not
attacked by flood, hence this affected in the
construction progress as well as the field
activities in CitraLand Kendari.
CitraLand Kendari invited the affected areas of
disasters to keep moving, not just dissolving in
the disaster attack. This was realized in the social
activities, such as visiting the flood area and
donating basic needs, clothes as well as money
Besides, CitraLand Kendari also held a break fasting together with
the orphans, with the theme of “Sharing Love with Others is Such
Abundant Blessing”. The event was held in the project location of
CitraLand Kendari, inviting a number of around 100 orphans from
Nahdiyat orphanage in Anduonohu, a nearby of CitraLand project.
They also invited Mr. KH. Abd. Wahid as the religious lecturer who
gave preaching while waiting for the time of break fasting. In this
occasion, CitraLand Kendari also gave donation of prayer rugs and
money, which was given after the break fasting, maghrib prayer and
dinner together.
This time’s break fasting was the third time held by CitraLand
Kendari since the project was developed in 2011.