Newsletter – June 2013
Grand Bazaar 2013 by CitraGarden City Jakarta
Jakarta – Again, a grand bazaar was held
in CitraGarden City. This time it was
related with the marketing of luxury
houses at FineHomes Cluster in Citra 6
and also several products of houses and
shop houses. The bazaar was intended as
a promotion event to them and also to
gather the community of CitraGarden City,
so that customers and residents can feel
the rapid development in CitraGarden City,
with the additional of new commercial
facilities such as Pizza Hut, Bakmi Gajah
Mada, Bangi Kopi Tiam, Get Clinic, several
new cafés and minimarts.
The grand bazaar was held for two days, from 15 to 16 June 2013. The event was started with “Jalan Sehat”, a healthy
walk program, which was participated by hundreds of CitraGarden City residents. There were also social activities such
as blood donor and laboratory check for blood. Other activities included were food and household products bazaar and
entertainment by famous artists. The activities were ended with fireworks celebration. One of the most interesting
programs during this bazaar time was creativity show by youths realized in vocal and band competition from schools
nearby CitraGarden City.
Open House of StoneGate Park by CitraLand Surabaya
Surabaya – A new flagship cluster of CitraLand was named
StoneGate Park. The six-hectare cluster is very exclusive,
modern and independent. StoneGate Park is located on
the edge of main road Radial Road, which connects West
Surabaya to the city center of Surabaya. Located in very
well formed and occupied environment, near Ciputra
Waterpark, Ciputra University (Universitas Ciputra/UC)
and UC Apartment, StoneGate Park will surely become a
strategic residential area as well as a profitable investment.
StoneGate Park is designed in such a way to become a
complete residential with gardens and open area. The
concept is modern and minimalist architecture with
combination of “TechnoHome” which uses sophisticated
security system and all are digital systems.
Open house of StoneGate Park was held for three
consecutive Sundays, on 16, 23 and 30 June 2013, starting
from 9 a.m.
Ciputra World Jakarta 1 Has Started Operation
Jakarta – One of icons in Jakarta Golden
Triangle, Ciputra World Jakarta 1 (CWJ 1) has
started the operation in the first semester of
this year. CWJ 1 is a mixed-use development,
consists of office, high rise residential, hotel,
shopping mall, auditorium and art museum.
“CWJ 1 is the beginning of the actualization of
Mr. Ciputra, our Group Fourder’s vision, that
Jakarta has a financial, shopping and art district,
like other big cities all over the world”, said Mr.
Candra Ciputra, the President Director of PT
Ciputra Development Tbk and PT Ciputra
Property Tbk. He added, “We are very proud to
work with many parties that have world-class credibility, such as Raffles, The Ascott and Lotte Group. This is the fact for
us to be grateful for, that we are trusted to stand with those big names, and at the end, the mixed-use of CWJ 1 can
become a synergy icon for Jakarta people as well as a hub for international residents.”
The operation of CWJ 1 was started with the operation of DBS Bank Tower office in April and Lotte Shopping Avenue
(LOVE) on 22 June. “CWJ 1 provides various interesting features to complete LOVE, such as tree wall on 6th and 7th floor,
the main staircase is completed with LED screen and also the atrium’s ceiling is decorated with colourful LED lamps” said
Mr. Artadinata Djangkar, the Director of PT Ciputra Property Tbk. “Besides, we try to create comfort for the pedestrians
by providing wide pedestrian walk which is decorated with interesting art installation,” he added.
Ciputra World is also appointed by Green Building Council Indonesia to become a project with green certification at
national level. This refers to the energy/electricity saving by using double glasses which are heat-resistant of sunlight
that can minimize the use of air-con, the operating the escalator that will move slowly when it is not used and also using
energy saving lamp.
The development of CWJ-1 will be completely finished at end of this year. By the first quarter of 2014, operation of CWJ1 will have been started. After that it will be followed by the development of the fourth tower on the second phase,
which is predicted to be finished in 2016. The fourth tower will be a 46-storey office building with gross floor area of
75,000 sqm.
CitraRaya Tangerang Launched Fiorenza Shop houses
Tangerang – Fiorenza shop houses is a line of shop houses located near Citra
Berkat School and facing the boulevard lead the Curug Market. Around the
area are several clusters of house with populous residents. Price of Fiorenza
starts from Rp 920 million to Rp 2.3 billion per unit.
The launching itself was held on 1 June 2013 at the marketing office of
CitraRaya Tangerang through a lottery basis, due to a large number of
customers interested in the products. More than 90% of the shop houses
were successfully sold within 3 hours.
Topping Off Ceremony of Ciputra World Hotel Surabaya
Surabaya – Ciputra World Hotel is located right beside shopping mall in the Ciputra World superblock. With this strategic
location, it will give more value added to the success of the five-star Ciputra World Hotel. This is based on the
experience of our Group, which has developed hotel in a superblock together with shopping mall, that hotel can enjoy
higher occupancy and room rental rate compared with other same star hotel. The design of Ciputra World superblock
itself is well accepted by public, that Ciputra World Hotel is already sold out within one year since it is launched.
Ciputra World Hotel is managed by Swiss-Belhotel International, a Hong Kong base hotel operator that is well-known in
Asia Pacific and Middle-East and is included in Global Top 100 International Hotel Management. Up to now SwissBelhotel has managed 32 hotels in 12 countries including Indonesia.
Right now the work of hotel structure has already finished and the last casting for the roof was done in the series of
Ciputra World Hotel’s Topping Off Ceremony. After that it would be followed by the signing of Memorandum of
Understanding between each party.
The Topping Off Ceremony will be followed by an exhibition held till 23 June 2013.
Crazy Birds’ Battle in Crazy City at Ciputra Mall Jakarta
Jakarta – Welcoming the school holiday, Ciputra Mall Jakarta held a program for kids called Crazy Birds’ Battle in Crazy
City. This event took place at center court area of the mall on lower ground floor from 19 June to 14 July. This time,
Ciputra Mall Jakarta worked with Dokter Toy Indonesia, the producer of Crazy Birds toys and for this event, Dokter Toy
Indonesia launched about 60 new characters. Crazy Birds themselves have new main characters: the bad one “Crazy
Monster”, which were represented by Humanoid and Skull Spider and the good one “Ethnic Hero”, which were led by
Dokter Toy Evo, Bima and Srikandi. Visitors, especially kids were challenged to become the member of Ethnic Hero in
Crazy Battle Ciputra Mall Jakarta.
The event was also enlivened by various interesting programs such as: live show of Crazy Birds Battle in Crazy City
characters, workshop for cooking class, art and craft, creativity competition, “Pump It Up” competition and kids fashion
show competition. Apart from the programs, famous artists such as Super Seven, Tina with D Girls and others took part
in the event.
Launching Terrace Avenue by CitraRaya City Jambi
Jambi – To launch the new product of Terrace Avenue shop
houses with double-decker concept, on Saturday, 1 June 2013
CitraRaya City Jambi organized an event called CitraRaya City
Vaganza for one day, full stop from morning. The event, which
was attended by all the stakeholders and their representatives
and also guests who are invited, resulted in the very crowd of the
Boulevard CitraRaya City visited by Jambi citizen, especially at
Event in the morning was started with a series of competitions
such as fashion show, colouring and photogenic. All these
competitions really raised up participation from the community. This was shown by the large number of people
participated in the competitions, regardless the hot weather that day.
In the event highlight at the evening, guests were greeted at the main gate. Then they were ushered to the photo booth
and after that they could taste various Jambi’s authentic culinary. The event was opened with contemporary dance
which meant welcome and greet and then followed by opening speech from CitraRaya City Jambi’s General Manager,
Mr. I. Gede Putu Wingara. After that, fireworks were displayed.
The celebration of this event was also enlivened by performances from Williana Wizzy (Mamamia), Gentar Vyandra
Agasta (electronic cinema artist) and Pasto Duo Vocal. Event was ended with the festive of fireworks. During the event,
every purchasing of Terrace Avenue shop house would get bonus of air conditioners for every floor of the shop house.
Open House of Aquamarine at CitraSun Garden Semarang
Semarang – From 22 to 23 June 2013, CitraSun Garden Semarang invited
customers to visit its new show unit, namely Aquamarine. Aquamarine, which
has land area of 375 sqm and building area of 335 sqm consists of 4+1
bedrooms, 3+1 bathrooms, a garage and 2 carports. The interior adopts
modern deco concept, with different colours for every single room and
application of geometric element that creates spacious rooms.
Open house started from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. On 22 June, to enliven the open
house, CitraGarden Semarang held “Glamour and Fabulous Night” with Vina
Panduwinata as special guest star and also a fashion show organized by
Gregorius Vici. Events started from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. As for 23 June, a program
called Holiday on Hill was held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The program consists of
fun games for kids, treasure hunt on pool and also live music.
During these two days, promotions offered to customers were, among others,
interest rate of 4.6%, free of mortgage administration fee and lucky prizes to
win Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet and shopping vouchers.
Ground Breaking of Vida View Apartments
Makassar – For urban community,
especially for professionals and
business men, at the moment, living
in apartment is the best choice.
Simple, practical and safe are the
main considerations. And for these
past five years, life style trend of
urban community in big cities in
Indonesia has changed rapidly,
especially for the choice to live in.
Apart from more practical, limitation
and high increasing price of the land
in the inner city are the rationals for
apartment to become a choice for
the urban community.
Makassar, with its economic growth
of above 9% per year and huge
potential market, has transformed
into metropolitan city. As a result,
now Makassar also needs modern
high rise residential (apartment) for its society. PT Ciputra Development Tbk, through its subsidiary, PT Ciputra Graha
Mitra together with Galesong Group is currently developing an exclusive, prestigious and practical apartment for urban
community of Makassar, namely Vida View Apartments. The ground breaking was done on 10 June 2013. Vida View
Apartments are targeted to be fully completed in 2015.
Barbie Ballerina Met Visitors at Ciputra World Surabaya
Surabaya – As one of current lifestyle icon, Ciputra World Surabaya (CWS) always promotes entertainment, as well as
programs which are new, unique and interesting for all ages of its visitors. And at this holiday moment, CWS, together
with Mattel and Kidz Station presented Barbie in a program called “Barbie in the Pink Shoes”, starting from 19 July to 7
July at the ground floor of Oval Atrium.
“Barbie in the Pink Shoes” told about a ballerina, called Krystin, who took ballet exercise for an important performance
at school. And Krystin would say hello to the audiences and visitors through an event called “Meet and Greet with Barbie”
on 28 to 30 June. And by paying Rp 60,000, visitors might take photo with Krystin and in the same time could bring the
5R photo result.
Visitors might also take photos with Barbie’s costumes in photo booth area and directly took the 5R photo results,
together with the CD and its frame, by paying starting from Rp 50,000. A beautiful crown might also be taken home by
shopping in the event area amounted to Rp 250,000.
During the event, visitors were also entertained by exciting performance “Le Ballet Comique de La Reine” presented by
Marlupi Dance Academy every Monday to Friday at 5 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Visitors could
also participate in various competitions with total prizes of million Rupiahs. There were colouring contest for
participants ages 6-9 on 29 June and also modern dance competition in group of 2-6 persons, ages from 8 to 12 on 30
For children who love ballets, there were also ballet competition for group of 2-6 for ages 8-12 on 6 July and also singing
competition for children ages 6-12. Barbie Look Alike Contest were also held for girls ages 2-5 and 6-12 who want to
copy the Barbie’s style on 7 July.
Other than watching the unique and special performance of Barbie, visitors could also shop for Barbie merchandise,
from dress, shoes, perfume, bath gel, shampoo, school stationery, Barbie doll to bicycle and Barbie saving. They were all
presented to complete the kids’ joy during this holiday.
Launching Terrace Avenue by CitraRaya City Jambi
Jambi – To launch the new product of Terrace Avenue shop
houses with double-decker concept, on Saturday, 1 June 2013
CitraRaya City Jambi organized an event called CitraRaya City
Vaganza for one day, full stop from morning. The event, which
was attended by all the stakeholders and their representatives
and also guests who are invited, resulted in the very crowd of the
Boulevard CitraRaya City visited by Jambi citizen, especially at
Event in the morning was started with a series of competitions
such as fashion show, colouring and photogenic. All these
competitions really raised up participation from the community. This was shown by the large number of people
participated in the competitions, regardless the hot weather that day.
CitraLand Tegal Launched The Imperio
Tegal – Success in marketing the clusters of Grand Mansion and The
Horizone, CitraLand Tegal now presented the third residential
cluster of The Imperio. The launching was held on 21 June.
According to Mr. Alfa, the project manager, The Imperio offers
three types of luxury houses with classic and contemporary
architecture: Celtiea (7x12 sqm) at around Rp 600 million, Everon
(9x20 sqm) at Rp 1.3 billion and Trivia (12x23 sqm) at Rp 2.4 billion
per unit.
Bonuses will be given to customers buying those products. Buyers
of Celtiea will get extra one child bedroom, Everon will get a Mio J
motorbike and Trivia will get an 8x3 sqm swimming pool. “The
launching of The Imperio attracted very positive interests from the society. A number of more than 800 customers
attended this launching and we booked Rp 20 billion sales that day”, added Mr. Alfa.
The launching of The Imperio was enlivened by the performance from Koes Plus, with members of Yon Koeswoyo and
three other new personnel and also artist Nadia Vega.
Caddy Personal Training at Ciputra Golf Surabaya
Surabaya – Caddy holds an important role in golf. Not only help
bringing golf bag of golfers, but also need to know the situation of the
court, weather condition and wind direction. Caddy should always be
persistent, because penalty caused by caddy’s fault will be charged to
golfer’s score. And a caddy should understand rules of golf and also
has good attitude in communication.
On 4 and 5 June 2013, Ciputra golf organized training for the caddy.
Inviting personality training Yovita Lesmana as training instructor,
they were trained “How to be a good caddy”. It was expected that
caddy will take their position in the court, so a close but professional
relationship can be built between golfer and caddy. Caddy will also
serve well and give good recommendation to the golfer with their ability in golf game.
According to HR & General Affair Manager of Ciputra Golf, Ms. Retno Widyaningsih, “Our goals were: apart from to
refresh caddy, this event was intended to motivate them, so they can improve their performance in the court. This event
will be held every year as a reward for caddy, as well as creating caddy to be professional in golf field.”
Gathering for CitraGarden BMW Cilegon
Cilegon – To introduce the new project of CitraGarden BMW
Cilegon, a gathering for special potential customers and invitees
was held on 6 June 2013 at the marketing office. The new
project is strategically located on Jalan Raya Serang Cilegon,
Serang. It will be developed on an area of 47 ha, and will be
completed with facilities such as mosque, school, lifestyle
commercial area and also a lake. Houses built will mainly consist
of big houses, with the concept of new residential in green
For the first phase, there will be two clusters to be marketed:
South Leaf cluster and Citra Gateway shop houses. Introductory of this new project has been waited for a long time by
the customers and invitees. And this project also got good acceptance from the community of Serang and Cilegon and
also the surrounding area.
Ciputra Hospital Will Be Built in CitraGarden City
Jakarta – As long with the growth of CitraGarden City,
West Jakarta to become a very fast growing residential
area, an increase in the completeness of facilities should
be realized too. For that reason, the second Ciputra
Hospital will be built in Citra 5 of CitraGarden City.
The ground breaking of the hospital was held on 12 June
2013, attended by Mr. Ciputra and the Managing
Directors. The event was commenced with opening
speech, followed by the worship for invocations and the
release of balloons and some pigeons. By doing these, it
was marked that the development of the second Ciputra
Hospital has started.
The development of this Ciputra Hospital will be in several stages. First stage will start with the development of a fivestorey hospital building and the basement area for parking, clinics for specialist doctor, medical room, pharmacy,
emergency room and other supporting medical equipment. It is planned to take a year for the development and after
that the hospital can start to serve the health care of CitraGarden City and the surrounding community.
New Project Launched
CitraLake Sawangan
Depok – CitraLake Sawangan is located on Jalan Cinangka
Raya, Sawangan – Depok. The project, with a total area of
12.4 ha offers a residential area with environment friendly
concept that has green environment and beautiful scenery
to Sawangan Lake. Houses are designed with modern and
minimalist concept, with spatial planning based on the
needs of the family. Besides, the development area is also
equipped with commercial area.
The strategic location of the project, which is close to
South Jakarta, with many accessibility and green
environment, fresh air and beautiful scenery of Sawangan
Lake will promote CitraLake Sawangan to become a
successful residential area. At the launching period, from
the total of 53 units shop house and 39 units house were offered, 49 shop houses and 37 houses were successfully sold.
On 9 June 2013, on the site of the CitraLake Sawangan project, a series of activities are held as customer gathering. The
festivity was marked with the various events, which started since 6 a.m. in the morning to 4 p.m. in the afternoon.
Activities included fun aerobic, colouring competition, cooking demo by Chef Otto, fashion show competition, with the
performance of artists Titi Kamal, Boyband Mr. B and Secret Band. Customers could also enjoy various dishes such as es
Oyen, bakso Growback, batagor Cipayung, es rujak serut, ayam penyet, soto tangkar and so on.
Activities are ended with the giveaway of prize to one of the lucky buyer, given by Mr. Dandy Permata Kusumah, the
project manager of CitraLake Sawangan Depok, accompanied by Titi Kamal.

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