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2 | Boston Bimmer • January/February 2007
Vol 41
January/February 2007
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Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems . . . . . . 11
Autocross 2006 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26
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The Boston Bimmer is
the official publication
of the Boston Chapter,
BMW CCA, Inc., and
its contents remain the
property of the Club. All
information furnished
herein is provided by the membership of
the Club, for members only. The Club assumes no liability for any of the information
contained herein. The ideas, opinions, and
suggestions expressed in the newsletter
are those of the authors and no authentication is implied. Unless otherwise noted,
none of the information in this newsletter
is “factory approved.” Modifications within
the warranty period of your BMW may void
the warranty. Permission is hereby granted
to reproduce any material published herein
provided full credit is given to the author
and the Boston Chapter.
COVER: staff photographer Barry Tarr, design by Todd Merrill
www.boston-BMW CCA.org | 3
Tales from the Creeper
have been a certified car nut
since high school, and now 20
years later, little has changed.
Besides reading every car magazine that I can find, I spend most of
my spare time in the garage
detailing, maintaining and
modifying my fleet, as well
as my friends’ cars that dare
to get to close to my garage.
My only qualifications are
20 years of fearless wrenching. That sometimes yields
painful lessons that come
with attempting anything.
I also have a strong desire
to do the job correctly.
With that said, this column will focus on common
repairs and upgrades, along
with occasional articles on
tools, garages, etc. While
I’ll try to keep to as many
BMW specific repairs as
possible, I will occasionally
cover work on my other
cars and friends’ cars that I
think will be of interest to
the BMW enthusiast. To get
the usual disclaimer out of
the way and get on with the
article, these are the general
procedures that I followed.
Attempt these procedures
and utilize this information at
your own risk. Always use properly functioning tools and all safety
equipment and gear.
Everyone needs a good hydraulic
jack to lift a car quickly and safely, before positioning one or more
4 | Boston Bimmer • January/February 2007
jack stands. After years of dragging around a heavy yet durable
steel jack (~100 lbs.), I purchased
a portable, lightweight aluminum
1.5-ton jack. (This is also perfect
for taking to autocrosses or driving
events.) It weighs only about 35 lbs.
and has a low 3.5” minimum height
for fitting under my lowered 1998
E36 M3. This jack can be found on
various web sites for about $90-120.
With that said, one needs to be very
careful never to put a shearing force
by Colin Whelan
on an aluminum jack (for example,
by jacking on an uneven surface or
slope) as the jack can catastrophically break. Always jack the car so
the weight travels directly and vertically upwards.
This jack has
served me well,
but I wanted
something a little more robust
for around the
garage, since I
ended up using
this “travel” jack
more often than
my steel one.
Sears recently
came out with a
2-ton aluminum
jack that weighs
43 lbs., feels
more substantial and durable
than the smaller
travel jack, and
only costs a little
more, about $150
on sale. I’m very
happy with this
jack and now
use it all the time
in my garage.
performing a transmission job by
precariously balancing a transmission on a traditional jack (not
recommended!), I have now purchased a transmission jack, which I
hope will make this maneuver more
graceful in the future. This jack features a V-shaped cradle with a strap
to secure it in place. A screw mechanism can then be turned with a
traditional 0.5” ratchet to raise and
lower the transmission. I can’t wait
to use it on the next clutch job!
While I found a jack and a jack stand
sufficient to work quickly and safely on one corner of the car, I also felt
the process of getting a car on and
off four jack stands to be awkward,
slow and unsafe. Yet, like most homeowners I don’t have the ceiling
height nor cement slab thickness to
get a traditional 2- or 4-post lift. I
looked at all the remaining options,
including very low, compact 4-post
drive-on lifts, scissors lifts, and side
lifts, but I wasn’t satisfied with the
compromises they brought. For example, scissor lifts block the center
section of the car, prohibiting transmission, exhaust and driveshaft
work, and they tend to be little tall
(5”) when lowered.
Finally, I found what is called a
pit lift (made by Bend-Pak), which is
meant to straddle a pit (i.e., a trench
in the ground). This type of life is
often found at the local Jiffy Lube.
Two hydraulic platforms raise and
lower in tandem, controlled by a
single hydraulic pump and driven
by a dedicated electrical circuit. By
aligning rubber lifting blocks on
the platforms with the designated
lift points on the undercarriage, the
car can be lifted quickly and evenly
at the push of a button.
To prepare for the installation, I
had a dedicated 30 amp breaker installed in the fuse panel box at my
house and had an outlet installed
where I wanted the hydraulic unit
to be situated. When the lift arrived,
a couple of friends helped wrestle
the two heavy platform pieces into
position—a position that was carefully laid out in advance to ensure
that the platforms would catch the
lift points on all my cars, without
hitting anything else on the underside! After drilling some holes in
the cement with a masonry bit, I inserted lag bolts to hold everything
securely. I plumbed one hydraulic
line to each platform, through a
combiner block, and finally into the
pump unit. After filling with transmission fluid, the lift was ready to
The Bend-Pak pit lift requires
about 25 seconds to reach a maximum height of about 30” and can lift
up to 6,000 lbs. Under-car repairs,
suspension swaps, brake bleeding,
tire changes and general inspections are now trivial. In fact, I find
myself lifting the car for almost any
reason. When the lift is not in use, I
just park the car on top of it, since it
is only 4” tall, so even my lowered
M3 can drive over it without scraping. With the car parked over the
lift, it really takes up no additional
garage space, which is very nice. I
couldn’t be happier with this purchase. It is certainly the most used
“tool” in my garage, and suddenly
I find myself quite popular with my
car friends! ◙
www.boston-BMW CCA.org | 5
The Next Apex
am not much of a vintage car
guy. I mean, why spend so much
money on old parts that somehow defy gravity instead of getting
a comfortable new ride? And how
in the world do you find parts for,
say, a 1932 Plymouth Sprinter or a
mechanic who
knows what to
do with them?
How do you insure the car for
what it’s really
worth? And as
if these weren’t
enough, where
do you find the
courage to take
a car like that on
a real racetrack
for a real race?
beauty trumps
logical reasoning at vintage
car festivals,
more so at the
Lime Rock Rolex
Vintage Festival presented by BMW, one of the
premier automotive events on the
East Coast. Two hundred vintage
and historic racecars were on display in the “always open” paddock
and at speed on the track during
Labor Day weekend of 2006. Drivers from many states and countries
competed in authentic vintage cars
that spanned from pre-1941 Sports
& Racing Cars to 1965-1975 Sports
Racing & GT Cars.
6 | Boston Bimmer • January/February 2007
There were probably as many exciting cars to see in the parking lot
as there were in the paddock and
on the track. It is not every day that
you see 5 or 6 BMW Z8s or Lotus
Elises parked next to each other in
a parking lot. And looking past the
entrance gate, the first thing you
saw was nearly 200 Minis lined up
next to each other on the midway.
Some Mini owners drove 4,400
miles cross-country from Monterey,
CA and were joined by hundreds
more along their way to Lime Rock.
It must have been an amazing sight
to see them all arrive at the same
The paddock looked like an oldfashioned, small town fair and
by Christo Tinkov
I felt like a kid in a candy store.
There were two fantastic BMW NA
entries in the 1965-1975 Sports Racing & GT Cars group: a 1975 BMW
3.5 CSL, driven by Nick Craw, and
a 1980 BMW M1, driven by Rug
Cunningham. The two cars, both in
classic BMW Alpine Weiss and
M stripes, were
showcased in the
BMW display
area of the paddock next to an
incredibly well
restored Isetta
and a “new” 1972
BMW 2002tii
know you’ve
been spoiled
when you see
a recent Maserati coupe and
it doesn’t even
get your attention next to that
gorgeous 1950’s
Alfa Romeo.
There were nine race groups,
each running a 15 lap race. The
races were fiercely fought with close
battles to the checkered flag. The
best part about watching the race
at Lime Rock was that you could
walk around the infield and sit
anywhere you’d like on the grass.
It was like a giant picnic with fastmoving beautiful cars around you.
This year in 2007, Lime Rock will
be celebrating its 50th Anniversary
and the Vintage Festival will be a
must-see event!
On our way out of the track, I
found myself right in front of a
1920s Bugatti Type 35, which was
being carefully loaded on the second level of a trailer. Back in the
1920s, sports cars were fairly heavy
and needed huge displacement to
make decent power. The Bugatti
Type 35 was one of the very first
cars to use a higher-revving smaller displacement engine bolted to a
lighter chassis. Does it sound a lot
like a car that we all love? Yes, they
are both legendary cars and they
even share the first letter. Both the
BMW 2002 and the Bugatti Type
35 went against the grain and held
their own against much bigger and
more powerful cars.
“That’s a very nice replica!” I
blurted out to the Bugatti owner
who was standing nearby.
“What makes you think it’s a
replica?” he asked.
Well, let’s see: There were only
50-something of them ever made
and 20-something surviving. And
of those, are 5 really at the Lime
Rock festival?! I have seen some of
the surviving Type
35s displayed in the
incredible Schlumpf
Museum in Mulhouse, France but
none of them were
being loaded on the
second level of a
trailer less than an
inch away from being
scraped on both sides
and the top. I was
still trying to recover
motion in my jaws –
“Because it is such a rare car…”
The car owner looked at me and
said: “I have two for sale in the
trailer. Are you interested in buying
This was a priceless offer on a
priceless car. I was so lucky I wasn’t
much of a vintage car guy. ◙
www.boston-BMW CCA.org | 7
President’s Message
would like to welcome the members of the Boston Chapter to a
new year of Boston Bimmer and
to a new Boston Chapter Board of
Directors. I am excited to be serving
as your new chapter President after
a year as Treasurer.
Who is this guy?
I live in the western Boston suburb of Harvard, MA with a wife
who talked me into buying my first
BMW* (the same E30 M3 I take to
the track), a son in college on Long
Island, and a 15 year old daughter
who can’t understand why she can’t
enter track events next year. I am
hooked on driving BMW E30 M3s
(yes, another of those zealots) and
own two, a track car and a pristine
street example. I have owned other
interesting cars over the years, including BMWs, a Porsche 911 Turbo
and a Lotus Elan (currently looking
for a new home), but the M3s have
remained my passion, especially
since I moved to the Boston area
7 years ago and discovered BMW
track days.
I joined the BMW CCA over 15
years ago to get the dealer discount in Indiana where I lived.
What started as a way to get a deal,
ended up being a great way to connect with people who had similar
interests. The Indiana Chapter’s
focus was on social events, so I was
blown away by the diversity of
programming offered through our
Boston Chapter. In addition to social events, our club offers some of
8 | Boston Bimmer • January/February 2007
the most fabulous driving schools,
autocrosses, concours, and speaking events of any chapter, and 2007
will be no exception. The Board is
already working on a broader series
of events this year – both on and off
the track.
The Boston BMW
CCA Team
It would be impossible to make
these events happen without a
dedicated group of volunteers,
several of whom have served for
many years. Two such individuals
have chosen to take a little time off
from Board leadership. First, Denis
Friedman, who has had many Board
positions over the years, last as the
Membership Chair, will be enjoying more of his retirement time.
Second, Derek DeSousa, who has
served for several years as the Vice
President and Activities Director, is
getting married this spring. I have
worked closely with both of these
members and want to thank them
for their contributions.
Luckily, several new leaders
have stepped up to fill those spots,
and we have a mix of new and
veteran Board members that are reenergized to lead the Chapter for
the next several years. We have a
new approach to the Bimmer and
are all enthusiastic and optimistic it
will solve a vexing problem for the
chapter. We have two new members
of the Board this year. Larry Barbieri is joining as the Membership
Director, and Miquelangel Aponte
has joined as a new Director. John
by John Oglesby
Sullivan has moved from a Director’s slot into the Vice President
and Activities Director position.
In another change, Joe Marko has
moved from a Director’s position to
become Treasurer. I guess the only
constant is Mike Gilbert as the third
Lessons learned
The best way to improve an organization is to learn from the past.
The Boston Bimmer magazine is
the heart of our Chapter and its
activities. It serves to tie us all
together, inform us about up-coming events and bring us the latest
news of Chapter activities. It has
been less than reliable in fulfilling
these activities over the past year.
I want to apologize to the members for this poor performance in
2006. In all fairness to the Editor,
Mitch Brown, he—and we—had
no idea of the magnitude of what
we were asking him to do. Suzin
Koehler, the long standing Boston
Bimmer Editor (and Art Director of
the Roundel) had asked to leave the
position last year so she could focus
on other projects. Thanks, Suzin,
from all of us at the Boston Chapter! Over many years, Suzin did all
the editing, layout, art direction
and advertising for the Bimmer. It
was too much for our new volunteer staff. We missed several issues
getting everybody up to speed and
let the Chapter down. It became
obvious that a new approach was
needed if we were going to meet
the expectations of our members
and the Board. Joe Marko led the
charge to re-energize the leadership of the Bimmer and to bring a
broader team approach.
Financial Outlook
As the outgoing Treasurer I would
like to point out the financial report
in this month’s issue. We are doing
very well financially, and continue
to show a well managed financial
picture. Our driving events maintain a break-even position while
our autocrosses produce a small
profit that helps us make our social events more affordable. Our
Holiday Party is a great event that I
want to thank Derek for setting up
again this year.
What’s ahead?
As we go to press, I learned that Joe
Marko has managed to get a three
day weekend at Watkins Glen over
Spring Break in April for the very
first time. Miracles do happen! We
also have a new Karting Chair,
Mark Gallagher, and we plan to get
a new Karting series started this
year. There are also efforts started
to bring a fun rally back this spring
and to expand our car show activities to appeal to a broader segment
of the membership.
Your ideas count
There’s still time to bring your ideas
and energy to the 2007 program. I
showed up at my first board meeting
a few years ago, anxious to figure
out how these great events got put
together. To my amazement, they
put the guy who thought “Worcester” rhymed with “rooster” to work
(it’s a Midwestern thing). Along
the way I’ve made some life long
friendships and have driven faster,
legally than I ever thought possible.
If you don’t have time to volunteer
now, keep it on your radar screen,
and keep your eye on our website
http://www.boston-BMW CCA.
org and on the Boston Bimmer for
details of the exciting events coming up this year. Feel free to send
ideas and comments my way at my
e-mail address on the web site, and
be sure to introduce yourself at our
next club event. ◙
*And she now lives to regret it.
Have an idea for an article?
Contact the editor:
Have something to sell?
Looking for something to buy?
Classified ads are free!
www.boston-BMW CCA.org | 9
10 | Boston Bimmer • January/February 2007
For details see:
Would you like to advertise here?
Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
compared with the powerful,
hydraulic tire mounting equipment
Part 1 of a series of 3
at your local service shops! The
sensors also can cost between $80
and $250 each. (Most are closer to
According to a Federal law newly
the lower end.) As a result, it is
in effect, as of 2007, all new vehicles
smarter for you to carry a couple of
of 10,000 pounds GVW or less must
spares in your car. Most installers
include a tire pressure monitoring
are unwilling to be responsible for
system. If your vehicle is older, you
the monitors, and so far very few
don’t have to retrofit it. However,
installers stock them. See if you
every vehicle you buy will need
can’t negotiate for a couple of extra
to have one of the systems. It’s
when you purchase your vehicle
important you understand the law
and keep one or two in your car’s
and how it works and how
glove compartment or tool
much it’s going to cost you.
I have prepared this article,
VIP: (Very Important
the first of a three-part series,
Point!!!): The tire valve core
to give you the information
for the Direct System sensors
you need to know.
is nickel plated. You cannot
use the older non-nickel
What is a tire pressure
plated valve cores in your
monitoring system
sensor. If you do, it will seize
and you will have to buy and
A tire pressure monitoring
install a new one. Whenever
system is a system that allows
anyone changes your tire(s),
communication between
make sure they use the
your wheels and tires and
nickel-plated valve cores –
an on-board computer in
and be sure to remind them
your car. What is being
in advance of their changing
measured is the pressure
your tire(s).
A Direct TPMS sensor (single arrow). The tip is the part you
in your tire. Under inflated can see on a mounted wheel and through which you inflate
Remember: The life of
tires are the cause of many the tire with air. The three smaller arrows show three valve
your car depends on its
cores (nickel only!), one of which is installed into the sensor.
traffic accidents, injuries, The large device in the upper right is an electronic device
engine and mechanics.
and deaths annually. The which helps reset the wheel/computer communication when
Your life depends on your
intention of the law is to your installer puts the wheels/tires back on the car.
wheels, tires and brakes.
prevent these accidents,
Next installment: The
injuries and deaths. Historically, the the same rate. However, you only rationale behind the law and how
first vehicle that used this system know that at least one tire is under- the law serves you.◙
was the 1986 Porsche 959. Systems inflated, but you don’t know which
such as these have already been one(s). (There is a third system—a
in use in many high-end vehicles, hybrid system—which uses the ABS Ina Ames is CEO of Rim & Wheel Works,
such as BMW, Porsche, Corvette and has some of the features of the Inc. This article was written as the first
and Mercedes, often in conjunction Direct systems but it is mostly still in a three part series for their customers.
with “run-flat” tires.
under development.)
If you would like to receive their info
There are presently two major
FYI: The sensors on the Direct emails, please register at their web site,
types of TPMS systems, Direct and System are fragile devices, when rimandwheelworks.com.
by Ina R. Ames
Indirect. In the Direct system, a
sensor with a built-in battery is in
constant communication with your
vehicle. If any tire is under- or overinflated by 25%, a signal is sent to
the car and a light somewhere on the
dash indicates to you exactly which
tire is under-inflated (depending on
the make of the car).
The Indirect system does not
measure pressure directly, but the
car’s computer can figure out via
the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
that not all tires are spinning at
www.boston-BMW CCA.org | 11
mini power
by Lance Woodley
appy New Year to all! I hope
the 2007 year will bring much
driving for everyone looking
to have fun, drive fast, be safe, make
new friends and try out new tracks
this year. Oh, and develop driving
skills that are out of this world.
As you know if you are reading
this, we have a new column this
year, and it is on the Mini. This is
new for the BostonBimmer newsletter, and for the writer too. So let
me tell you a little about myself.
My name is Lance Woodley, and
I live in the Boston area with my
wife and daughter. We have three
dogs, two German Shepherds and
a French bulldog. Wouldn’t you
know, Batman (the bulldog) is the
smallest of the three and has the
most power. “Mini power!” One
might ask, “Why so many dogs?”
That’s because I am a dog trainer
by trade, or you could say that’s
my “day job.” I have been training
dogs for about 25 years, and I have
a training school in the Boston area
as well.
Now let’s talk about the cars I
have owned over the many years.
My first car was a Nova SS that everyone in my house did not want
to drive anymore, due to the fact
that it had no brakes. Back then I
just wanted to drive! So I drove it in
what we now call an “unsafe manner.” Ah, the silliness of youth…
My next car was a ‘73 VW Beetle
which I bought when I was in college. She was a real charmer. Then
came a VW Rabbit, quick and it always would start. This car took a lot
from me — I guess I thought I knew
how to drive. Looking back on that
now, given all I have learned from
the BMW club driving events, that
was a joke.
Now let’s talk about the cars that
I own now. I have a ‘93 Mustang that
I have as a project, that should be
fun. I also have a Dodge Ram with a
hitch (does that tell you something
about its future role?). And, saving
the best for last, I proudly own a
British Racing Green Mini Cooper
S. That is all I will tell you about
“G-Mini” right now, just wanted to
give you a little info, so that I can
leave you asking for more…
“Minis are small, strong and fast
with a whole lot of character.” G o d
Bless. ◙
������������������������� ��
12 | Boston Bimmer • January/February 2007
new members
join the car club
Why join the BMW Car Club of America?
Because your membership will add to
your enjoyment of one of the world’s
finest automobiles, and you can take
advantage of the many Club services
that are available.
Whether you own a brand-new BMW
or a classic model, whether you’re
interested in technical information,
driving challenges, interaction with
other owners, or consumer tips, the Club
is here to serve you.
Your membership will bring you 12
issues of Roundel magazine, filled
with maintenance tips, new product
information and the latest BMW news.
your membership
entitles you to:
the Roundel , the Club’s monthly
discounts on parts and supplies
free classified ads
video services
driving schools at internationally
renowned race tracks
leaf-peeping tours
technical tips and information
tech sessions
social events
outstanding National events:
Oktoberfest and TechFest
To join, log onto www.BMW CCA.org or
call (864) 250-0022.
membership rewards
You may be eligible to receive an
allowance based on the purchase or
lease of a new or certified pre-owned
BMW through an authorized U.S. dealer.
A membership in the BMW CCA of one
year or more immediately preceding the
purchase date of the vehicle is required
to take advantage of this program. A
member in good standing cannot have
any lapse in membership during that
12-month period. For more information,
log onto
www.BMW CCA.org.
address changes
If you are experiencing mailing issues
or need to change your mailing address
please contact the National Office at
(864) 250-0022 or www.BMW CCA.org.
Please do NOT contact anyone on the
staff about this issue, we unfortunately
have no control over the mailing list.
Most of the time mailing issues relate to
incorrect addresses. ◙
Ainsley, Dallas
Anderson, William
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Brady, Michael
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Costantino, Bryan
Crosby, Mike
Cryan, James
Cu�er, Christopher
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Murray, Bruce
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Newman, David
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Ramos, Jon
Reinsmith, Paul
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Savage, Mike
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Theodoris, Serantils
Turchi, John
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Wiederspahn, Peter
Wong, Daniel
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Zimmerman, Alma
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New Bedford, MA
West Kingston, RI
Shrewsbury, MA
Salem, MA
Westford, MA
Dover, MA
Newton, MA
Cambridge, MA
Barrington, RI
Newton Center, MA
Scituate, RI
Danvers, MA
Waltham, MA
Pepperell, MA
Milton, MA
Medford, MA
Boston, MA
Boylston, MA
Somerville, MA
Warwick, RI
Chelsea, MA
Quincy, MA
2001 330xi
1997 M3
1999 z3
1987 635csi
1997 528i
2000 M Roadster
2003 M5
1997 540i
2004 M3
2001 M3
2004 M3
1995 M3
2003 540i
2007 328xi
2007 530i Sport
1997 740il
1993 740i
Eric Heinrich
1983 533i
2007 328xi
2006 325xi
1991 850i
2005 330xi
1985 635csi
2001 Z3
1987 635csi
2003 M3
Ralph C. Johnston
2002 540i
2001 330i
1995 530i
2001 525
2001 M5
2006 325i
2007 530xi
2002 M5
2001 325xi
2006 Mini Cooper
2004 M3
2001 325i
2006 325
2006 X5
2001 540i
2002 325i
1998 328is
2005 325i
Audrey B. Reinsmith
2007 650ci
2002 540
2000 323
2006 M6
1999 528i
2006 325i
1995 M3
2002 M5
2004 745i
2000 328i
Kenneth Sullivan
2003 M3
2002 525i
1995 740il
2007 525xi
1999 M3
Joseph Scavo”
2006 Mini Cooper S
2006 325cic
www.boston-BMW CCA.org | 13
November New Members
Anderson, William, Beverly, MA, 1997 M3
Benne�, Robert, North Andover, MA, 1999 z3
Brady, Michael, Tyngsboro, MA, 1997 528i
Cu�er, Christopher, Su�on, MA, 2004 M3
Cuyler, Justin, Newton Center, MA, 2001 M3
Dermody, Alicia, New York, NY, 2004 M3
DeRosa, Nick, Framingham, MA, 1995 M3
Donadio, Peter, Milton, MA, 2003 540i
English, Ma�hew, Watertown, MA, 1997 740il
Fedele, Richard, Milton, MA,, , Eric Heinrich
Felsenthal, David, Marblehead, MA, 1983 533i
Gomez, Herman, Wilmington, MA,
Jones, Neil, Charlestown, MA, 2001 Z3
Knaian, Christopher, West Newton, MA, 2003 M3
Krikorian, Michael, Watertown, MA,
Laaroussi, Adnane, Quincy, MA, 2001 330i
Medynski, Roman, Southborough, MA, 2001 525
Meissner, Ute, Medfield, MA, 2006 325i
Nowers, Dorothy, West Roxbury, MA, 2001 325i
Price, Kyle, Concord, MA, 2006 X5
Ramos, Jon, Providence, RI, 2001 540i
Roach, Daniel, Danvers, MA, 1998 328is
Robison, Gary, Cumberland, RI, 2005 325i
Ruston, Ma�hew, Shrewsbury, MA, 2002 540, K.Sullivan
Salinas, David, Salem, MA, 2000 323
Shear, Elliot, Newton, MA, 2006 325i
Shia, Michael, Cambridge, MA, 1995 M3
Singer, Nancy, Newton Center, MA, 2004 745i
Smith, Michael, Scituate, RI, 2000 328i
Somes, John, Danvers, MA,
Theodoris, Serantils, Milton, MA, 1995 740il, Joseph Scavo
Turchi, John, Medford, MA, 2007 525xi
Wiederspahn, Peter, Somerville, MA, 2006 Mini Cooper S
Zimmerman, Alma, Quincy, MA,
October New Members
Barnes, Ashley, Harvard, MA,
Barnes, Katherine, Harvard, MA, 2004 325xi
Belanger, Johanna, Auburn, NH,
Benjamin, Robert, Chestnut Hill, MA,
Berry, Jim, North A�leboro, MA, 2002 325i
Blackburn, Bob, Methuen, MA, 2007 X3
Braley, Bryan, East Falmouth, MA, 2000 540i, Adam
Bromberg, Rosemary, Beverly, MA,”Jason Bromberg”
Caci, Joseph, Wollaston, MA, 1973 2002
Carpenter, Douglas, Milton, MA, 2000 323it
Cote, Gregroy, Groton, MA,
Cummings, Jonathan, Middlefield, MA,
Curtis, Charles, South Dartmouth, MA, 1974 2002
Dawe, Brian, Harvard, MA
elmolino, John, Monterey, MA
onoyan, Alexander, Lincoln, RI
onoyan, Christopher, Lincoln, RI
oumas, Alexander, Danvers, MA, 2005 X3
Ente, Stephen, Ma�apoise�, MA, 2000 740il
Frongillo, John, Winchester, MA,
Gamel, John, Brookline, MA, 2007 530xi
Gerstl, Sco�, Natick, MA, 1999 323i
Hansen, Bill, Rockport, MA, 2002 Mini Cooper S
Hansen, Sco�, Wellesley Hills, MA,
Huang, Yucong, Cambridge, MA, 2003 M3
Jodoin-Levy, Cynthia, Boxford, MA,
Jonas, George, North Gra�on, MA,
Jorgensen, Kevin, Harvard, MA, 2002 540is
Langone, Jason, Riverside, RI, 1988 M3
Lester, Griffin, Westford, MA,
Leung, Nicholas, Brookline, MA, 1997 M3, Joe Marko”
Levy, Alan, Boxford, MA,
Lidsky, Loren, Newtonville, MA, 2000 323i
Lussier, Michael, Sterling, MA,
Mack, Thomas, Warren, RI, 2003 325i
McGovern, Theresa, Rockport, MA,
McNally, Pat, Warren, RI, 2006 Mini Cooper S
Medrano, Johanlet, Haverhill, MA, 2000 M5
Mitchell, Brian, Spencer, MA,
Mitchell, Kenneth, Spencer, MA, 2002 530i
Moussa-Pervane, Runna, Boston, MA,
Muraca, Peppino, Brockton, MA, 1985 635csi
“LIFE, Ng, Hoi Lam, Babson Park, MA, 2007 328xi
Perruzzi, Angela, Warren, RI,
Pervane, Timocin, Boston, MA, 2006 Mini Cooper S
Ripley, Richard, Georgetown, MA, 1997 328i, Robert
Rozek, Jessica, Sterling, MA,
Scavo, Joseph, North Weymouth, MA, 1989 325is
Sco�, David, Coventry, RI,
See, Peter, Rochester, MA, 1969 2002
Tasho, Peter, North Easton, MA, 1994 325i
Thompson, Glenn, Barrington, RI, 2006 750li
Thong, William, Peabody, MA, 2000 328i
Tosi, Michael, Sterling, MA,
Viscomi, Salvatore, Boston, MA, 2006 650i
Warren, Lindsay, Berlin, MA,
White, Sally, Arlington, MA, 1995 540i
Zacek, Jessica, North Weymouth, MA,
September New Members
Badrak, Maksym, Brookline, MA, 2003 M3,
Bagedonow, Ma�hew, Cambridge, MA, 2006 330i,
Bechtel, Kyle, Cambridge, MA,,
Besse�e, Carolyn, Shrewsbury, MA,,
Block, Kenneth, Sudbury, MA, 2006 330xi,
Browell, Douglas, North Andover, MA,,
Brown, Sco�, Charlestown, MA, 2000 323i,
Catalano, Steven, West Townsend, MA, 2006 650i,
Cease, Dana, Dedham, MA, 1987 325ic,
Cerbo, Louis, Cranston, RI, 2004 525i,
Cloonan, Jim, Framingham, MA, 2006 330i,
Crane, Mike, Sherborn, MA,,
Dreik, Amin, Woburn, MA, 1996 740i, Lecia Shronce
Duprey, Nina, Li�leton, MA,,
Duprey, Peter, Li�leton, MA, 2006 X5,
Farias, Jeffrey, Tiverton, RI, 2000 323i,
Flanigan, Sco�, Westport, MA,,
Goodall, John, Manchester, MA, 2001 Z3,
Grillo, James, Wayland, MA, 2002 325i,
Guerra, Thomas, Lincoln, RI, 2007 550i,
Harrington, Jeff, South Yarmouth, MA,,
Heroun, Joseph, Newton, MA, 2003 Z4,
Hill, Robert, Lynn, MA, 1990 750il,
Jackson, Jason, Cambridge, MA,,
Kelly, Justin, Cambridge, MA,,
Klages, Robert, Reading, MA, 2003 325cic,
Koenig, Marc, West Roxbury, MA, 2005 745i, Michael
Kogan, Alexander, Winchester, MA, 2003 530i,
Lapinski, David, Shrewsbury, MA, 2005 Z4,
Li, Jiageng, East Providence, RI,,
McCabe, Chris, Mansfield, MA, 1998 528i,
McCarey, Rae, Dorchester, MA,,
Menucci, Robert, Andover, MA,,
Misuraca, John, Gloucester, MA, 1998 Z3,
Molloy, David, Lexington, MA, 1982 745i, Dan Molloy
Monaghan, Dave, Newtonville, MA, 1975 3.0csi,
Mou, Andy, East Providence, RI,,Jiageng Li
Murphy, Frank, Medway, MA, 2004 540i,
Narnian, Greg, Westford, MA, 2006 M5,
Olivieri, Renee, Shrewsbury, MA,,
Olivieri, Steven, Shrewsbury, MA, 2003 325xi,
Parthasarathy, Rajan, Woburn, MA,,
Peterson, Joanne, Manchester, MA,,
Pirimoglu, Ahmet, Andover, MA, 2006 325xi,
Rainville, Nicholas, Boston, MA, 1995 540,
Raposo, Saul, North Dartmouth, MA,,
Sblendorio, Zach, Marshfield, MA, 2003 325i,
Sibilia, William, North Smithfield, RI, 2007 530xi,
Stefani, Michael, Shrewsbury, MA, 2006 325xi, Charles S.
Stemple, Derek, Boxborough, MA, 1991 318is,
Stemple, Robert, Boxborough, MA,,
Sylvia, Kathleen, Acushnet, MA,,
Thibedeau, Jo-Anne, Burrillville, RI,,
Tsang, Vincent, Lincoln, MA,,
Winston, Thomas, Charlestown, MA, 1971 2002,
14 | Boston Bimmer • January/February 2007
Advertising Rates
Rates are found in the following
table. Discounts are given for
multiple issues.
Black and White Rates
Ad Size
1 time 5 times 10 times
Full Page $200
1/2 Page 141
1/3 Page 100
1/4 Page
1/6 Page
1/12 Page 40
(business card)
Color Rates
Ad Size
1 time 5 times 10 times
Full Page TBD
1/2 Page TBD
1/3 Page TBD
1/4 Page TBD
1/6 Page TBD
1/12 Page TBD
(business card)
Cover Rate
Ad Size
1 time 5 times 10 times
Cover 2
$330 $314
(Inside Front Cover)
Cover 3
(Inside Back Cover)
Cover 4
(Outside Back Cover, 2/3 page)
Inserts and Special Units: Rates
available upon request.
Terms: Payment must accompany
all ads.
General Rate Policy: No changes
or cancellations after the closing
Commission: There is no
discount for frequency.
Would you like to advertise
here? For details see:
Membership Drive
December 1, 2006 to
September 14, 2007
The BMC CCA membership drive
is open to 3 categories of participants:
• Current BMW CCA members,
• Current BMW CCA members
who work for a BMW dealer
or independent BMW shop,
• BMW CCA chapters.
For each new member that joins,
referring members will receive
a one-month extension of their
existing BMW CCA membership, and one ticket in the prize
drawing. There is no limit to the
number of extensions a member may receive based on new
member referrals. In addition to
the prize drawings, there will
be grand prizes for the three
BMW members who refer the
most members. The First Grand
Prize is a trip for two to visit the
BMW Manufacturing plant and
Zentrum in Spartanburg, SC.
The Second Grand Prize is a $250
shopping spree in the BMW CCA
store. Third Grand Prize is a BMW
CCA MP4 player. These winners
will also be officially recognized
in Roundel magazine.
For official rules and details,
please see
Questions about the 2006-07 BMW
CCA Membership Drive may be
directed to the Executive Director, Wynne Smith, by e-mail to
[email protected] CCA.org.
Upcoming Event
Tech Session at
Schneller Performance
BMW Shop
Saturday, March 31st
— 9:30AM-3PM.
There will be a Tech Session
at Schneller’s an Independent BMW shop at their
location in Newbury located
at 26 Middle Rd. Unit 1-2.
The event is limited to the
first 20 persons that call
Mike Morris @ Schneller
(978)465-2002 or e-mail Mike
at: [email protected]
net. You must contact Mike
in order to participate.
Every car will have a
complete undercarriage
inspection checking for
problem areas and recommendations will be given by
Mike’s Technicians. Since
this event is just before the
April 20-22nd Chapter Driving School at Watkins Glen
Schneller will be doing
complimentary brake fluid
flushes and will provide
Track Inspections to the first
twenty members to sign up
for the Tech Session.
Event Coordinator:
John Sullivan
Directions from South: Rte. 95
North to Exit 56 Scotland Rd.At
bottom of exit ramp go right
onto Scotland Rd., Drive 2 miles
to Highfield Rd. Go right onto
Highfield Rd. and drive to the
end, go left onto Middle Rd. for
1/4 mile, turn left into parking
lot at 24-26 Middle Rd. drive to
the left to unit 1-2 where Schneller is located.
Directions from North: Rte. 95
South exit 56 Scotland Rd. and
follow the directions from the
South on Scotland Rd. to Highfield Rd.
www.boston-BMW CCA.org | 15
boston chapter advertisers
This is a listing of the BMW dealers in the Boston
Chapter area. Most of these dealers offer a 10%-20%
discount on parts .Just present your CCA membership
card to get your discount.
BMW Gallery Norwell
98 Accord Park Drive
Norwell, MA 02061
(781) 982-455
BMW Gallery Norwood
918 Providence Highway
Norwood, MA 02062
(781) 769-9600
These independent shops are supporters of the Boston Chapter. The Boston Chapter BMW CCA assumes
no liability for the work or merchandise from these independent service shops. Please mention the Boston
Bimmer or our web site when you patronize these fine businesses.
Boxboro, MA
(978) 263-9000
Autobahn Automotive
Natick, MA
(508) 647-1500
Autobahn East
Lexington, MA
(781) 676-7700
Bavarian Autosport
Portsmouth, NH
(800) 535-2002
parts supplier
Bavarian Performance Group
Stoneham, MA
(781) 279-4444
Bowen & deNapoli
Peabody, MA
financial services
Blue & White Motors Inc.
A�leboro, MA
(508) 399-6320
driving instruction
BMW of Peabody
221 Andover Street
Peabody, MA 01960
(978) 538-9900
Bruce Ledoux Track Days
Foreign Motors West BMW
253 North Main Street
Natick, MA 01760
(781) 235-9096
Herb Chambers BMW
1172 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02134
(617) 731-1700
Inskip Auto CenterBMW
1515 Baldhill Road
Warwick, RI 02886
(401) 821-1510
Concord Motorsport
Chichester, NH
(888) 477-2697
sales, service, parts
Dick’s Auto Body Inc.
Somerville, MA
(617) 625-9171
auto repair
Gralty Automotive
Natick, MA
HMS Motorsport
Peabody, MA
(978) 532-1170
member deals; equip.
Landshark Automotive
Natick, MA
(508) 655-3957
Mike’s Autobody
Malden, MA
(781) 324-9831
Prudential Financial
Needham, MA
financial services
Rim & Wheel Works
Waltham, MA
(781) 547-5826
wheels; straightening
Tewksbury, MA
wheels, service
Sansossio Auto Body Inc.
Natick, MA
(508) 655-9646
auto repair
N. A�leboro, MA
equipment supplier
Turner Motorsports
Amesbury, MA
(978) 388-7769
parts & service
Vintage Sports and Racing
Bow, NH
(603) 288-2888
Newport Auto CenterBMW
1215 West Main Road
Middletown, RI 02840
(401) 846-6636
Trans-Atlantic BMW
25 Falmouth Road
Hyannis MA 02601
(508) 775-4526
(no parts discounts)
Wagner BMW of Shrewsbury
752 Boston Turnpike
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
(508) 845-0505
16 | Boston Bimmer • January/February 2007
To become an advertiser, please see
boston chapter officers & staff
2007 Boston Chapter Board
Vice President &
Activities Director
Membership Chair
Director of
Director of
Driving Events
John Oglesby
John Sullivan
Ice Racing
Stan Jackson, Sr.
Stan Jackson, Jr.
Baer Connard
Joe Marko
Larry Barbieri
(open position)
Karting Chair
Mark Gallagher
Luka Serda
Concours Chair
Derek DeSousa
Miguelangel Aponte
Mike Gilbert
Steve Hazard
Rhode Island
RI Activities
Bob Sweeney Jr.
2007 Boston Chapter Staff
RI Representative
Bruce Machon
Driving Events
Newsletter BostonBimmer
Editor in Chief
Art Director
Christo Tinkov
Larry Nicklas
High Performance Driving Schools
Luka Serdar
Joe Marko
Chief Instructor
Craig Olmsted
Tech Steward
Mike Barton
Mentor Program
Leonardo Topa
Larry Barbieri
Peter Bergwall
Simon Cooper
Denis Friedman
Todd Merrill
Instructor Registrar
Denis Friedman
Advanced Driving Skills School
Sean Silva
Club Racing
Bruce Smith
Armand Aquino
Mark Lipsky
Tom Merrifield
Todd Merrill
Gail Tanzer
Lance Woodley
Colin Whelan
Christo Tinkov
Todd Merrill
Dan Mull
Chapter Services
Legal Advisor
Technical Advisor
Trish Farnsworth
(open position)
(open position)
Jim Dresser
Email spam is a huge problem. By some accounts 90% or
more of email traversing the Internet today is spam. You
will notice we are removing published email addresses on
our website and in the BostonBimmer. We are replacing
those with a form-based email link on the website, under
the “Officers and Staff” menu. It’s a bit of a hassle, we know,
but we want to ensure we get the email you send us and
that it is not lost in a mountain of spam. If you recently send
us anything and did not get a reply or acknowledgement,
please contact us again via the website http://boston-bmwcca.org/people/index.aspx
www.boston-BMW CCA.org | 17
Boston Bimmer is seeking
new contributors to lend
their writing, editing,
photographic, or artistic
skills to the magazine.
Ever wanted to share
your talents with an
Contact editor
for more information.
18 | Boston Bimmer • January/February 2007
ultimate calendar
March 6, Tuesday, 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Business Meeting: Boston Chapter
Board Meeting
March 17, Saturday 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Technical Event: Performance Driving
Ground School. Get your car ready for
the Driving School / Autocross season.
March 21 or 28 Wednesday
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM (tentative)
General Meeting: Boston Chapter
quarterly meeting at Foreign Motors
West, Natick, MA.
March 31, Saturday 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Technical Event: Undercarriage Tech
Session at Schneller BMW Performance.
April 14, Saturday through April 15
Sunday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Driving Event: Evolution Autocross
Training School. Get ready for the
Autocross Season!
April 14, Saturday 9:00 AM to noon
Technical Event: Undercarriage
inspections at Foreign Motors West,
Natick, MA.
April 20-22, Friday
Sunday, 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Driving Event: High Performance
Driving School at Watkins Glen
April 22, Sunday 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Driving Event: Autocross Series.
Don’t miss our first Autocross event at
May 1, Tuesday 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Business Meeting: Boston Chapter
Board Meeting
May 24, Thursday, 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Driving Event: High Performance
Driving School at New Hampshire
International Speedway
June 17, Sunday 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Driving Event: Autocross Series. Don’t
miss our second Autocross event at
July 6, 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Driving Event: High Performance
Driving School at New Hampshire
International Speedway
July 08, Sunday 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Driving Event: Autocross Series. Don’t
miss our third Autocross event at Devens.
July 10, Tuesday 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Business Meeting: Boston Chapter
Board Meeting
July 29, Sunday 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Driving Event: Autocross Series. Don’t
miss our forth Autocross event at
August 10-12
Friday – Sunday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Driving Event: High Performance
Driving School at Mt. Tremblant
August 19, Sunday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Driving Event: Autocross Test and Tune.
Improve your Autocross
September 1, Saturday
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Driving Event: Autocross Series. Don’t
miss our fi�h Autocross event at
September 21
Friday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Driving Event: High Performance
Driving School at New Hampshire
International Speedway
September 30
Sunday 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Driving Event: Autocross Series. Don’t
miss our sixth Autocross event at
September 11
Tuesday 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Business Meeting: Boston Chapter
Board Meeting
September 26-27, Wednesday Thursday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Driving Event: High Performance
Driving School at Watkins Glen
July 6, Friday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Driving Event: High Performance
Driving School at New Hampshire
International Speedway
October 20
Saturday 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Driving Event: Autocross Series. Don’t
miss our seventh Autocross event at
October 26-28
Friday – Sunday 7:00 AM – 5:00
PMDriving Event: High Performance
Driving School at New Hampshire
International Speedway
November 6
Tuesday 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Business Meeting: Boston Chapter
Board Meeting
www.boston-BMW CCA.org | 19
20 | Boston Bimmer • January/February 2007
Letter from the Editor
As our newly elected chapter
President John Oglesby mentioned
in his column this month, there will
be changes to the BostonBimmer in
The most important change is
that “the” editor is now a small
team of people doing all that needs
to be done to produce each issue.
That team is still forming but is
currently comprised of: Gail Tanzer,
continuing as the art director
and layout editor; Mitch Brown,
continuing with a lighter load of
general editing; Steve Hazard, taking
on managing ads and advertisers;
Mark Lipsky, acting as “deadline
manager”; and Armand Aquino
and Tom Merrifield, also taking
on some general editing duties.
Please join me in welcoming them,
and thanking them in advance, for
helping out!
As the new editors, our single
most important goal in the
immediate future is to deliver issues
on time, on a regular basis. The
Boston Chapter strives to print ten
issues of the BostonBimmer during
a calendar year: two combined
issues (Jan/Feb and Nov/Dec) and
eight individual monthly issues
(for the remaining months). We are
trying to get “back on track” (pun
intended) as soon as possible.
However, in doing so—to let
you know up front—we may skip
the Mar issue and start fresh with
a regular schedule in the Apr issue,
instead of hurrying to produce
three issues (Jan/Feb, Mar, Apr)
in a very short period of time and
having them be late. Also, in an
attempt to make things up to our
members and advertisers for the
shortcomings in 2006, we hope to
have a special issue published. Stay
Sometimes knowing what
will not change is as valuable as
knowing what will change. The
great work that Suzin, Mitch, et al.
have done with the style and layout
will remain largely unchanged. We
plan to continue to publish a 20-30
page newsletter each month, half of
which is in color. We plan to continue
with a mix of monthly columnists,
feature articles, announcements of
upcoming events, reports on past
events, a calendar of events, and
classifieds. ◙
www.boston-BMW CCA.org | 21
Boston Chapter BMW CCA
2006 Financial Summary
Beginning Balance
2005/6 Driving Events
Evo School
Evo School Fees
EVO Instructor cost
Autocross Fees
Ice Racing
Ice Racing Insurance
Nashoba Valley Chamber of C
Autocross Truck Expense
Misc expense
Undercarriage Tech
Mini Autocross
Entry fees
Office Supplies/misc/food
Wine Tasting
Holiday Party
Events Total
Bimmer and Web
BMW CCA National
Web Services
Bimmer Layout total
Web Domain
Post Card
Charity donations
22 | Boston Bimmer • January/February 2007
Cash on hand 1/1/06
No net change from DE account
Total income
EVO School Contract Package
Extra day charged/refunded
BMW CCA contract
facility rental
Net Evo School Income
Income to date -~$200 still in PayPal
One Event in 2006
Insurance per BMW CCA contract
2006 Trophies
Good Will membership
Truck Subtotal
Insurance per BMW CCA contract
facility rental
participant stickers
Wicklund supplies
Net Autocross Income
Food, Photos
Insurance from BMW CCA contract
FMW, Dent Wizard
from BMW CCA contract
Small Loss
reported at net
Deposit for 2007 paid in Sept
Net Event Income
Income from memberships via National office
Includes $500 truck storage credit
low due to $5,796.45 credit from 2005
Web master and web design services
Postage & Misc
Total Year
Bimmer pos
Postage and promotional items
10 year renewal
3rd Qtr, Concours, tech - Post Card for events
Net Income from National
Per Nov Board Meeting Minutes
Postage, board meetings, bank fees
Cash on hand 12/31/2006
BMW CCA Boston Chapter Board Meeting Minutes
The Boston Chapter holds its Board meetings generally the first Tuesday of odd months (January, March, etc.), and they are open for all members to
attend. Please see the Calendar on the website for the actual dates, contact info, and other details. We hope to see you there!
November 07,2006
Location: 3 First Ave. Peabody, MA
Steve Hazard, Baer Connard, Todd Merrill, Derek Desousa, John Sullivan, Joe Marko, Denis Friedman, Michael Gilbert, Mark Lipsky,
Simon Cooper, John Oglesby, Larry Barbieri
Call to order (Steve Hazard) 7:10 P.M.
Secretary Report: (Baer Connard) Minutes discussed and approved
Treasury Report (John Oglesby)
AutoX income period as expenses have been covered
Concours ($400) loss due to insurance
Wine Tasting (broke even)
Income from Holiday party reported in July. Deposit for Lombardos 07 was expensed in November
$57,670 cash on hand
Bimmer cost is $3-4K per issue
Mike Gilbert provided a list of all Bimmer advertisers and accounted for people that have current accounts.
i. Steve Hazard will contact all advertisers to update accounts and gauge interest in future advertisement
Idle Cash Discussion
i. CD’s in increments
ii. Denis & Baer to provide Money Market information to John
Membership Report (Denis Friedman)
Since August we are down 30 members
Membership to date 3,577
Discussed an email received from the ABC show Wife Swap. Board decided that it would not serve the clubs members
Activities Report (John Sullivan)
Activities meeting to be in December rather than January to plan for the new year
Annual party is January 20 th – 6pm Cocktails 7 – Dinner at Lombardos
i. Registration is open on the website
ii. Call for silent auction donations
iii. Chapter funded silent auction donations (possibly car related)
iv. Scholarship for Jim Albright (Mighty Motors)
v. Board voted in favor $500 spending for non donated silent auction goods
Last years donations
i. Foodbank $1,500
ii. Lahey $500
iii. Animal Rescue $500
iv. Dana Farber Cancer Clinic (Matt Muller) $500
Vote for charities for ’07 - $5,000 budget – Voted and approved by board
i. Largest Charity – (funded by silent auction proceeds) – Voted and approved Jimmy Fund
ii. FAN (Food Allergy) www.foodallergy.org - $750
iii. Charlie Fund - $500
iv. Lahey Clinic - $750
v. Dana Farber - $500
vi. Food Bank Walk for Hunger (Greg Scott) - $500
vii. Harvard Vanguard Kenmore Square - $1,000
Motion made to cover half of BMW Peabody’s 4th Quarter food expenses up to $1,000 if the turnout is poor approved by the board
Tech/Social Events (John Sullivan)
Rob Mitchell will speak at the 4 th Quarter Meeting at BMW of Peabody
$75 gift certificate to be sent to John Calladine for hosting the Wine Tasting event
Committee Reports
NHIS – (Joe) $33,240 student fee revenue $8,800 racer revenue – Driving Schools (Joe) – Close to break even for the year. Paypal for
driving schools to help reduce drivers school registrar stress.
Bimmer: (Mitch Brown – not in attendance / Derek Desousa):
Bimmer issues cut from 4 outstanding to 2 (8 issues total) Board Voted and approved – Board has voted to make a Holiday advertiser
special (to compensate paid advertisers for missing issues) this will also replace the Xmas party
Old Business: Have not moved to Bank of America yet.
Elections – vote online or at the general 4 th quarter meeting.
i. Online Voting for ’07 Elections (Pending verification of memberships and Jim Dresser can execute before the 1st of
December) – Denis Friedman to champion
New Business:
Mark Gallagher – introduced as Karting chair
Replacement for Mitch Brown as editor of the Boston Bimmer:
Todd Merrill has volunteered to head the editor function on the condition that there are people to help him complete the tasks.
Motion to adjourn – seconded – accepted 9:17 P.M.◙
www.boston-BMW CCA.org | 23
We have a small library
of books for loan!
We’d like a
picture of YOUR car!
Someday it might be on the cover!
For details, see:
24 | Boston Bimmer • January/February 2007
Performance Driving Ground School
Saturday, March 17th 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
HMS Motorsport – Centennial Park – Peabody, MA
You already know how much fun
it is to drive a BMW or MINI, but
if you have never experienced the
thrill of an Advanced Safety Skills
School, Autocross, or High Performance Driving School, you can’t
begin to imagine how much fun
your car can really be!
Our annual Performance Driving Ground School will introduce
you to each of our different types
of driving events. We will teach
you everything you need to know
to become a participant. If you have
been thinking about trying one of
these events, this meeting will help
you make up your mind.
The Driving Events Committee
will explain the format of each type
of event and show some great videos of what you can expect. Whether
you are new to these events, or even
if you have already participated,
we are sure that you will find the
presentations informative:
• Video and commentary from
Drivers Schools at Mt. Tremblant, NHIS, and Watkins
• Video from the Autocross series at Ft. Devens
• Video from the Advanced
Skills Schools at the New
Hampshire International
Speedway parking lot
• Tips for getting the most out
of a driving event
• Basic driving techniques
• Inspection and preparation of
your car for the track
• Safety flags
• Update on the latest safety equipment (helmets,
harnesses, rollbars, etc.)
• Boston Chapter Mentor Program
• Questions and answers
This annual event is always well
attended and is beneficial to everyone, novice or experienced. With
the first Driving School or Autocross nearly one month away, you
will have plenty of time to get yourself and your car ready for the start
of the new season. The tech session
is a great opportunity to meet your
fellow participants, get psyched,
and gather some great tips about
how to make the most of this season’s events!
The presentation part of the
meeting will be from 10 AM until
1 PM allowing time for lunch provided by our host HMS Motorsport.
HMS will stay open until 2 PM for
socializing and shopping. HMS
is offering ONE DAY ONLY DISCOUNTS on safety equipment such
as Schroth harnesses, helmets, driving shoes, driving gloves, Red Line
& Motul fluids, and Performance
Friction Race brake pads and fluid.
Remember, the new SNELL 2005
helmets are now out and you must
have at least a SNELL 2000 helmet
to participate.
From Boston: Take Rt 1 or 93 North
to Rt 95/128 North. Take Exit 45
staying to the left on Rt 128 at the
point where 95 North splits to the
right. Take the next exit (Exit 28
Centennial Drive).
From Portsmouth, NH: Take Rt 95
South to Rt 128 North (Peabody). As
you exit for Rt 128 the Centennial
Drive exit (#28) will appear before
you actually enter onto Rt 128.
From Mass Pike: Take 95/128
North until you reach the split of 95
and 128 (about 20+ minutes). Stay
left onto Rt 128 North. Take the first
exit off Rt 128, Exit 28 (Centennial
From Exit 28 (Centennial Drive)
off Route 128: As you get off of the
exit stay to the right and merge onto
Centennial Drive (you will pass the
Peabody Marriott on your right).
Centennial Drive will end at a ‘T’ at
First Avenue. Take a left onto First
Avenue and HMS is immediately
on left hand side of the road. There
is plenty of extra parking around
the back of the building if there is
no more space in front. ◙
If you have any questions about
the prep session please call
Matt or Jay at (978) 532-1170.
If you plan to attend, please
RSVP by phone or e-mail
[email protected]
so that they can get a count
for lunch.
See you there!
www.boston-BMW CCA.org | 25
Autocross 2006 -Congrats to All!
Words by Christo Tinkkov and Larry Nicklas
Photos by Carl Gustin
Another autocross season rolls
off the calendar and what a great
season it was. As we’re all now
thinking about shoveling the driveway or wondering if the early lack
of snow is making those steel wheels
wrapped with a set of Hakkapeliittas a worthwhile purchase, we had
some challenges with weather of
our own this season. One may recall
one particularly windy day where
gusts were blowing entire chunks
of the coned course off the runway!
However, the thrill of a well executed run, the knowledge that you’re
becoming a better driver, and the
camaraderie of your fellow drivers
were definitely present throughout
the season. If you haven’t experienced autocross in a while, or at all,
you owe it to yourself to see what
it’s all about.
Of course the autocross series is
a season long competition, where
qualifying for a standing requires
at least 5 of the 8 events. Cars are
classified on a points system based
on make/model and modifications,
to square things up. There are also
BMW and Non-BMW classes, as
many of our member participants
choose to compete with a nonBMW.
The competition was pretty fierce
in many classes this year and congratulations to everyone who was
in the running. You all made the
series enjoyable to both participate
in and watch as things unfolded. Of
course there’s always a class or two
where there is just a runaway winner, too. We’re lucky enough to get
to watch some very gifted drivers.
On with the results!
• BMW Classes •
Class AR
1 Steve Hazard
2 Mike Shields
3 Corwyn Miyagishima
Class AR is our fastest BMW class
and is a fairly ‘unlimited’ class with
regards to modifications. This class
also adds the distinction of having
race compound tires. Our illustrious former chapter president Steve
Hazard has historically walked
away with this class. Well, this
year he won (again), but it wasn’t a
cake walk. There is some new competition that certainly kept things
interesting and also keeps Steve on
his toes! Mike Shields traded the
top spot with Steve on a few events,
just falling into 2nd place. Mike also
wrangled up a national title for
himself in Topeka! Our morning
gate greeter and check-in person,
Corwyn, rounded up 3 rd place in
his M3.
Class AS
1 Mark Schnoerr
2 Miguelangel Aponte
3 Robert Sweeney
Class AS is similar to AR, minus the
race rubber, and allows for quite
a bit of go-go mods, yet not quite
“unlimited.” The battle in this class
was as highly contested and close
as they come. The class standings
rested on a couple hundredths of a
26 | Boston Bimmer • January/February 2007
second! The stogie-wielding Mark
Schnoerr eked out Miguelangel by
just a hair, both driving insanely
well, as Bob Sweeney grabbed 3 rd
fairly handily.
Class B
1 Jake Stevens
2 Jason Daoust
3 Gerry Desrosiers
Class B is similar to AS, but again
reduces the amount of modifications you can have. Jake Stevens
and his well tuned 330Ci really
showed what they can do as a team
this season, taking on mainly M
cars and putting down times that
rivaled faster classes. Jason wasn’t
any slouch either in his “sneaker”
M Coupe, topping Jake a few times
earlier in the season. Gerry Desrosiers rounded out the top three with
some awesome driving of his own.
Class C
1 John MacDonald
2 Larry Nicklas
3 Prescott Baston
Class C is a large, diverse class
of fairly stock M and Z cars, as
well as some modified Minis and
330/328/325s. Lots of good competition here as well! Our illustrious
course designer extraordinaire,
Johnny Mac, co-drove in Larry’s
(our event co-chair) E90 330i, and
bested him in his own car. D’oh! He
was even seen driving the tires off
the car on one blazing run! Larry
did his best to keep up, trading 1 st s
with John, but fell by the wayside
to garner a 2 nd place finish. Prescott
stepped up this season, taking a 1st
in class for one event. This was a
very competitive class.
Class D
1 Hank Wallace
2 Christo Tinkov
3 Ralph Zajac
Like class D, class C consists of
many varied BMWs and Minis,
with a sprinkling of a few M cars
to round things out. This is one of
those dominating classes. Hank was
our “2005 Driver of the Year, Kvale
Award” recipient, and he certainly
lived up to those kudos this season,
putting down times that many in C,
B, and A would have been proud
of. Our other co-chair, and One Lap
veteran, Christo Tinkov, drove incredibly well himself, but still got
overshadowed. Ralph picks up his
first ever autocross trophy in four
seasons and has really made some
great progress in his driving skills!
• Non-BMW
Classes •
There were many great drivers, exciting cars, and close battles in the
Non-BMW classes.
Class G
1 Dave Griswold
2 Eric Chiang
3 Nikolay Nemchuk
Dave Griswold drove well all season and won the class over rookie
Eric Chiang. We are not sure about
the exact color name for Dave Griswold’s ‘03 MazdaSpeed Protege
but at least one announcer lovingly
called it the “Questionably Orange”
Mazda. Nikolay Nemchuk’s allwheel-drive Subaru WRX was
praying for more rain after the first
two events, but the lack of rain relegated his wagon to 3 rd place in class
for the season.
Class H
1 Grant Reeve
2 Oliver Lucier
3 Michael Condict
Grant Reeve owned class H. He is
officially being requested to please
stay home for a couple of events so
other drivers would have a chance
to win an event in this class. Keith
Casey, who came in 2 nd in all his
three events (two in class H and one
in L), would be much obliged/ Finally, Oliver Lucier pushed his car
hard all season and hopefully has
realized by now that his Porsche
Boxster does need that rear sway
bar after all!
Class I
1 Chris Masiello
2 Jeffrey Kotce
3 William Brundige
Chris Masiello, one of the best newcomers to the series, drove his ’92
Class E
1 Mark Chambers
Class E has historically been one of
our largest and most competitive
classes in past seasons. This year,
Mark drove exceptionally well but
didn’t have the competition in his
class to show just how well he did
drive. You all probably know Mark
for his great demeanor and “worker
boss” role at the events.
Class F
1 Robert Knochenhauer
2 Rostislav Molodyko
Rounding out the BMW classes is
the F class. This class tends to be
the most diverse class and is a mix
of cars from the current year 330xis
to the older 635CSi, and a healthy
smattering of some 5 series cars.
Robert piloted his E34 525i to the
seasonal top spot, taking 1st place in
all five events he drove in. Rostislav,
who generally has had top spots in
this class, still drove great and held
off lots of newcomers.
www.boston-BMW CCA.org | 27
Mustang convertible to three 1 st s,
one 2nd , and one 4th to take the class
championship. He is living proof
that driver skill can trump an ancient suspension design, a ton of
weight outside the wheelbase, and
the diminished structural rigidity
typical of convertibles. What magnifies Chris’ achievement is that he
took 1 st place in class even after a
late start to the season and qualifying with the minimum number (5)
of events!
Class J
1 Charles Moss
2 Kevin Camire
3 Cara Ness
Charles Moss’ ‘95 Eagle Talon (or
whatever the resulting car is called
after all its modifications) ran
great…when it ran. Spitting a dizzying cocktail of fluids and blowing
clouds of blue smoke, the car tore
up the pavement earning a few
FTDs (fastest time of the day) over
the past few years. It even did duty
as a dual driver car for a few events.
Fedja Jeleskovic started the season
late, nabbing a few 1 st s in Charles
Moss’ car nonetheless. Fedja needed just one more event to qualify
for a trophy (and probably 1st place
in class) but unfortunately for him,
the car finally gave up and he never
got that chance. On a separate note,
we have noticed that some drivers
have stopped walking the course in
the morning; instead they just watch
Charles Stromeyer’s steering inputs
while he sits on the pavement and
visualizes the course layout with
his eyes closed during driver meetings. Not accidentally, those drivers
hit the exact same cones as Charles’
class J prepared Porsche 996!
Class L
1 Chang Kim
2 Scott Thursby
3 Anthony Alves
Nathan Whipple did a couple of
drive-by-shootings by taking 1 st
place in two of the events. Luckily
for Chang Kim, who won the class
again this year, Nathan moved on
to wreaking havoc in other classes’
podiums and did not qualify for
a trophy in class L. Chang drove
consistently well, as usual, and
won the class again this year. Scott
Thursby’s Toyota Matrix grocerygetter won 2 nd place in class, even
though another driver complained
that Scott had forgotten to take the
groceries out of the car’s trunk at
one event and had an unfair advantage, by shifting them from one side
of the car to another under heavy
took some of us a while to figure
out how to open the doors in this
car: the handles are cleverly hidden
in the air vents. I was fortunate
enough to ride in the Ferrari; you
feel the power and purpose of the
car even at idle. No need, or money
left, for a stereo here! To this day,
Mike Condict still brags that he
punked the Ferrari with his Mitsubishi Evo. By the way, Mike, why
is that Evo’s inside rear wheel off
the ground under heavy cornering?
Here are some
honorable mentions…
Driver of the Year
Jake Stevens
Jake has won three years in a row
and he has been a great sport on
and off the course!
Most Improved Drive
Miguelangel Aponte-Rios
Miguel came incredibly close to
stealing 1 st place in class AS, and
we know he will be back in attack
mode next year!
Novice of the Year
Eric Chiang
Eric did not miss a single event
all season, and his times got better with each event, allowing him
to take 2 nd place in class G. He also
holds the record for most spins in
a single run: three! It was a clever
strategy to get all your spins in the
same run instead of spreading them
over separate runs, Eric!
Best Female Driver
Cara Ness
Cara went to the SCCA Nationals
for the first time this year and came
in an impressive 3 rd in class (driving
Chang Kim’s 1989 Honda Civic).
And here are some
special notes of interest…
Best exotic: Don Hileman’s 1995
Ferrari F355, running in Class I. It
28 | Boston Bimmer • January/February 2007
Did Mitsubishi steal the car design
from the VW Rabbit?
Smallest class: Class, with a single
Citation Formula Ford, driven by
Jim Garry and his “tire warmer”
Ken Hurd. Ken could walk around
in the grid claiming, “I can finish
2 nd today with both eyes closed!”
Best Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation: Claude Clerc, who
worked the microphone announcing times at the May event. You
know his Arnold impersonation
is spot on when another Germanspeaking person (Sigrid Schnoerr)
mentions that the guy sounds just
like the Governor of California himself!
Driver most likely to be
looking for a ride
Cara Ness
If our memory is correct, she drove
other people’s cars all season and
did a tremendous job placing well
with each one of them. She even
convinced another driver to let her
use his Mazda Miata while he was
on a long trip overseas, and she
managed to drive it to a 3 rd place
in Class G. Unfortunately, she also
managed to drive it into another
car while pulling out of a driveway, which did not stop her from
borrowing even faster cars for each
subsequent event. Great driving
skills and just as great power of
persuasion, Cara!
Best classic:
1 place: ‘69 Lotus 7
2nd place: ‘73 Lotus Europa
3rd place: ‘78 Triumph
Dolomite Sprint.
All beautiful cars, but some of
them look like it would be hard to
contort your body to get into the
car. Even if I could pull that off,
there is absolutely no way I’d ever
be able to get out before I’ve shed
at least 10 lbs!
Best vehicle typo submitted by entrants:
1st place: Ford “Mustabg” (Mustang) GT
2nd place: Acura “ESX”-S (RSXS)
3rd place: Triumph Dolomite
“Sprite” (Sprint).
We are not sure if the last one
was “regular” or “diet” but we are
pretty sure that car was sponsored
by Sprite.
Most memorable moment: the fire
extinguisher in Christina Colburn’s
Porsche Boxster going off spontaneously in the car during her first run
of the day. And not just once, but
twice: once on the final turn leading
into the runway and a second time
just yards from the finish. I was in
the car right behind her when she
pulled over and everyone else on
the course was red-flagged. We
thought the car was on fire from
all the dust coming out of it. Christina later told us she couldn’t see or
breathe when the fire extinguisher
went off, so she just slammed on
the brakes and opened the door to
try and get fresh air. The powder
was in her eyes, her mouth, and in
her hair. Oliver Lucier cleaned the
car using one of the old and tried
guy’s cleaning methods: put the top
down and drive the car fast! Ollie
thought that was pretty cool, and
he is now looking to move into a
trailer. He’d never have to vacuum
his place again: he’d just have to
tow his trailer around with the windows wide open. (OK, that’s our
best attempt at a Larry The Cable
Guy-style joke.)
And last but not least, we are
very proud of all our drivers who
participated in the SCCA Solo National championships in Kansas.
Some did exceptionally well: Cara
Ness (3 rd STX Ladies 89 Honda
Civic), Keith Casey (9 th B Stock 04
Mazda RX-8), Chang Kim (8 th STX
89 Honda Civic), Alex Shchipkov
(2nd in DSP in a BMW), Mike Shields
(1 st in DSP in a BMW - national
champ!), Russ Siggelkoe (50th SS 05
Lotus Elise), Dan Cernese (29 th STX
89 Honda Civic), Fedja Jeleskovic
(3 rd ESP 95 Eagle Talon AWD),
Charles Moss (12 th ESP 95 Eagle
Talon AWD), and Nathan Whipple (11 th C Mod Reynard Formula
Ford). Here is a link to the final results from the SCCA Solo Nationals
Combined%20Nationals.pdf in
case we forgot someone. Our local
events have national-level drivers!
Thank you all for a great season! ◙
Undercarriage Tech Session
April 14, 2007
at Foreign Motors West BMW
253 North Main (Rte. 27) Street, Natick MA
(508) 655-5350
This legendary event is always fun and educational. You won’t
want to miss it and the event fills up fast so don’t miss out! This
event is limited to twenty persons and you must call Lance Mitchell (BMW Service Manager) at (508)655-5350 or e-mail him at
[email protected] to make an appointment. The event
will run from 9AM to 12PM on Saturday, April 14th.
Lunch will be available courtesy of Lance and FMW.
This year there will be the usual door prizes for the participants and
BMW Parts will be open. All cars will have a complete undercarriage
inspection by BMW Technicians, they will make recommendations
based on what they observe, and all computer equipped cars will
be checked, via the DIS/Modic Computer, for fault codes. This year
there will be no extra work done on cars.
Coordinator: John Sullivan
www.boston-BMW CCA.org | 29
classified ads
Cars for Sale
2000 Dinan M Coupe: VIN WBSCM9345YLC61604
Cosmos Black/black interrior, 115k miles. Dinan air
meter, Dinan throttle body, Dinan stage 4 software,
and Dinan exhaust. OBD1 conversion, Bilstein
sport shocks. Asking $16,500. The car is in awesome shape. Please call or e-mail. 603-548-0224
or email: Jdklein at aol.com
2000 B MW 528i Touring Wagon, VIN
WBADP6341YBV63425, 87K Miles, Silver with
Grey Leather, Automatic, Six Cylinder, Sport &
Premium, M Steering Wheel, Shadowline Trim,
Heated Front Seats, Power Moon Roof, Verona
Wood Trim, 2001 Front Bumper, Sport Suspension,
Six CD Player in Trunk, Non Smoker, Just Tuned
Up, Always Garaged, Exceptionally Clean, Asking
$13,500.00 Contact Roger Boudreau, email: rogboud at msn.com or 781-878-1817
1998 Audi A6 Quattro VIN WAUBA24B4WN107073,
Green with beige leather interior, 92k. Beat on an
Audi this winter rather than your beloved Bimmer!
2.8L 200 horsepower V-6 with Tiptronic automanual. New Michelin Pilots. Well maintained with
records. Asking $9,000. Contact George Caldwell
at (508) 989-1774 or email: gwcaldwell3 at yahoo.
1996 328IS 2 Door Coupe with Sports Package.
VIN - WBABG1328TET00476. Montrea Blue with
Off White interior. Low Miles - 79,227. A modified gem! Garaged! You’ve got to see it. Comes
with another set of alloy wheels with mounted
high performance tires. Modifications include: AC
Schnitzer Roof Spoiler and Rear deck emblem, M
Tech Front Spoiler, BMW Rear Wing, Power Flow
Intake, LED rear lights, White directional lights,
Halogen High powered front light bulbs, Racing
Dynamics Front Stress Bar, Blaupunkt Heidelberg
AM/FM radio with CD player. The car has been
meticulously maintained. Castrol Syntec only. New
battery in 2006. Trunk liner and BMW year round
battery charger included. LoJack installed. Priced
at $12,400.
Mansfield, MA. Call Barb at (508)243-0515 or
email: bfsono at yahoo.com
1995 M3 Luxury Coupe, VIN WBSBF9320SEH07,
Black, Champagne, 160,000 miles,5 speed, One
Owner,Sunroof, Factory 6-CD Changer, new GForce ZR 17’s on original wheels, One season
on Blizzak REVO 1’s on MSW 16”Mags. Recent
brakes, rotors, springs and Bilstien shocks. Looks
great, runs great. $7995.00 or best offer Sam (401)
723-7240 Days, email: Sam at bergerrecycling.
1995 M3 coupe, VIN WBSBF9321SEH06680
(Build 7/95), Arctic Silver, black interior, 5spd,
131k, dual purpose (track/street) build with full
interior and COLD A/C. Exceptionally clean,
well-maintained, reliable and fun. Recent service includes UUC lightweight flywheel & E34 M5
clutch/pressure plate, rear main seal, pilot/release
bearings, guibo, carrier bearing, full cooling service, Redline & Motul fluids, stainless brake lines,
UUC transmission mounts (black) and reinforcement cups. Safety: Bolt-in 4-point roll bar, Cobra
Suzukas GT seat, Schroth harnesses (6-point
driver, 4-point ASM for passenger), OMP wheel
plus factory 4-spoke motorsport wheel w/airbag.
Suspension: Ground Control coilovers and race
camber plates, Koni adjustables, Turner sways,
Turner adjustable rear camber arms. Euro floating
rotors, brass caliper guides, Turner carbon fiber
brake duct kit, Kosei K1’s w/Yoko Advan (hard),
DSII’s with PS2’s. Custom trailer hitch. Available
separately: Contours with Hakka 2 snows; Harbor
freight tire trailer. Hi-res photos available upon request. Asking $15,500 without Kosei track wheels
and tire trailer. $17,500 with Kosei’s and tire trailer.
Motivated seller. Will consider partial trades (prefer E46 or Audi). Contact Ray at 617.733.6913 or
email: tomlinson.ray at gmail.com.
1992 BMW 735il VIN wbagc4318ndc31018
3.5 engine 140,000 low miles Silver Exterior has
a couple tiny dings, paint shines great. interior
black leather excellent condition no rips or tears in
seats, door panels, carpet, dash pad, orignal floor
mats all great condition.sunroof.multi disk player in
trunk.am fm cassette cruise,dual climate controls,
electric mirrors,electric 3 position memory drivers
seat, rear window defrost. New items include tires,
emblems, battery, fuel pump, head gasket, temp
sensor, windshield and expansion tank cap. Idle
is a little off, otherwise runs good and is peppy.
Call Kevin after 4 pm (781)224-9716 $4500 or best
1989 325I coupe,VIN WBAAA2307K4257545,20
8,000 miles Bronzit/Beige with numerous IS style
additions including, leather seats,spoilers,sway
bars,BBS style basketweave wheels. Euro mods
include rear headrests,front grills and elipsoid
headlites. Performance features include Split
Second Mass air flow conversion,rising rate fuel
pressure regulator,8 mil wires,custom hot chip,4.10
LSD differential, fresh Billstein Sport inserts with
Racing Dynamics linear perfomance springs, front
and rear strut bars and stainless brake lines.
Alpine CD reciever with power amp and 12”sub
woofer positioned in trunk. This car is very,very
quick. This would be a great track car!! Must be
seen and driven.Offered at $3,650.00 Please call
Paul at (603) 753 8888, or E mail: lilco485 at hotmail.com
1988 325is, VIN WBAAA130XJ4142303, delphin
grey/dark blue leather, 189k miles, $3,500 OBO.
Sport seats, no dents, remus stainless exhaust,
zimmerman cross drilled rotors, strut bar, 5 spd,
sunroof, basket weave alloys with Yokohama ES
100s. New blower motor, 6 speakers directly wired
to Alpine head unit, ellipsoids, wires, cap, rotor,
plugs, heat shield, cam seal, water pump, tensioner, timing belt, diff seals, shock mounts, stock
springs, fuel filter, K&N air filter, front lip spoiler,
front rubber floor matts. Extras: passenger door,
trunk lid, 4 shorter\stiffer than stock h&r springs,
h2 & fog bulbs, rear seat cushion, thule rack, 4
snows mounted on steel wheels, tailight gaskets,
bentley manual. email: mark_dietlin at hotmail.com
Cars Wanted
WANTED: BMW 325is E30 in decent shape with
reasonable miles. 2-door, manual transmission
preferred. Thanks, Josh 978.457.6870 or josh.
redding at gmail.com
Parts for Sale
Wheels for sale: 15” steel wheels with 205/65R15
snow tires and BMW hub caps. Used on 1990 E34
535i. Mounted tires include 2 Continental TS810
with 7/32” tread depth and 2 Nokians which are
almost gone. Asking $200. Also for sale, four 7.5 x
16” 8-Series ‘turbine styling’ forged alloy wheels. 2
left and 2 right. 15mm offset worked with E34 535i.
Wheels are in decent condition with little curb rash
and have no tires mounted. $200 for all 4. Contact
John at 978-618-0749 or johncbetz at gmail.com
Tire Trailer. Perfect trailer for hauling track tires
and tools to the race track. Custom built tire rack
is very stable and easy to load/unload and lock.
Trailer includes large, securely mounted locking
toolbox. Also included are Da’Lan hitch that fits
30 | Boston Bimmer • January/February 2007
E36, trailer wiring module and several padlocks
with spare keys. Trailer has 12” tires for smooth
highway ride. $500 obo. Contact Larry email: larry
at logicalconclusions.com or (978)618-9768. Pictures available by request.
Snow tires for BMW M3 4 Total Brigestone Blizzak. 2- LM22 225/45R17 91H, 2- LM22 245/40R17
91H . 90% tread. Excellent condition. Bagged in
dry storage. Used 1 season. Asking $450.00
Chelmsford MA Call Fran 978-857-1463 or 978244-1180
Set of 4 225/55R16 Bridgestone Blizzak snows on
16” alloy wheels. Rear drive 5 Series. Only used
for 2 winter seasons. bagged and in storage. 90%
treads $600.00 call Anthony at 781-665-5027
Parting out several 3,(e30)5,(e28)6,(e24)
and 7(e32) series cars.1991 M 5 also parting
out.(body,suspension and drivetrain components)
call or e mail with needs.I prefer pick up. Located
in Concord, NH for easy access. Email: access.
lilco485 at hotmail.com Paul (603)753 8888
Original BMW Wheels Four Type 46 takeoffs
from early E46 323i; 6.5Jx15H2; BMW P/N 1
094 499; 42 mm offset; new condition. Perfect
for E36/E46 spare wheels or snows. Pics can be
seen at http://community.webshots.com/album/
555416489tgXQOi. $325 for all four. In RI, prefer
not to ship. E-mail Jay: jaykenty at cox.net
Mini parts: Mintex race brake pads, 1155 front
pads, 1144 rear pads. In box, never installed,
$200 obo; Bentley service manual, used (grease
stains in only a couple of sections), $50 obo; Madness 22mm adj rear sway bar, used, $100 obo. All
originally bought for a 2003 Cooper S. Noam: (781)
641-2902; email: noam.levine at comcast net
Mille Miglia 11-2 wheels, 5 spokes, set of 4,
17”x8” with Bridgestone RE750 235/40-17 with
4/32” tread remaining. Currently on E36 M3, will fit
non-M3 E36 chassis, maybe E46 too. Rims in good
condition, may not all be true (one causes a bit
of vibration - maybe a balance issue?) with minimal scratching/scuffing although the centers were
refinished after being marred during a balancing.
Prefer to sell locally, may deliver near Beverly.
Priced at $300 or bro. Contact Tom at tomgsr at
hotmail.com will try to get photos.
GM Tow Vehicle Snows: Set of near mint Bridgestone Blizzak Winter Dueler DM-Z2 LT 265/75R16
Ice Tires on ASA TRS 16x8 Alloys. Fit all GMC/
Chevrolet 6 lug hubs on the 1500 series trucks
and SUV’s. Used less than 3000 miles. 90% tread
depth remains. Costs $1100.00 new. Take your tow
vehicle ice racing this winter! $575.00. Call (978)
250-8400 or gary at garyrosetraining.com
Floor mats, new OEM in black for E46 M3. $65.
osamah elrifai 617-470-1770
E39 snow tires and wheels. Michelin Pilot Alpin,
225/55R16H mounted on BMW Cross Spoke 29
wheels. Tires were used for about 2,000 miles.
Both tires and wheels in excellent condition, $700
for set of 4. Tom Shields, (508) 668-7546 (evenings), email: thomas.m.shields at verizon.net
E34 Winter wheels and tires: Borbet 5spoke 15x7
ET18 wheels in good condition (hub rings are old
and should be replaced). Wearing 205/65 Hakka
1s with minimal tread. Free with pickup in Derry
NH. email: jeffrey at smethers.org
E34 5-Series parts for sale: Early style unpainted
front bumper cover for sale. Purchased to fit 1990
E34. BMW P/N 51-11-1-944-630-8. $100 obo.
Steering linkage new parts: tie rods (2), idler arm,
center track rod. $70 for all. TMS/Conforti ECU
chip for E34/E32 535i/735i. Used but genuine.
$35. Contact John at 978-618-0749 or johncbetz
at gmail.com
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