Technical Project and Report Writing


Technical Project and Report Writing
Program/Student Fees
Program/Application Fees............... $650
Technical Project
and Report Writing
(Estimates only; subject to change.)
Other Information
This 80-hour course is delivered over 20
weeks. During this period, participants will
attend lectures to improve their writing skills
and help them understand and practice
technical writing. With the help of an industry
expert acting as project advisor, participants
will work on their own technical projects and
write a report describing their achievements
and results.
Those seeking CET certification will be
matched with a technical advisor who is a
professional in the field, to assist in developing
their project ideas. The advisor will guide the
CET applicants through the project stages. At
the same time, a technical writing instructor
will assist applicants with the formatting and
editing of their technical reports. After their
report is completed and accepted by the
course coordinator, applicants can present a
bound copy of the report to CTTAM as part of
their applications for certification as a CET in
Accounting and
Computer Education
Notre Dame Campus
D101-2055 Notre Dame Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0J9
Exchange District Campus
P104-160 Princess St.
Winnipeg, MB R3B 1K9
[email protected]
204.632.2327 or 1.800.903.7707
In the case of CTTAM applicants, when the
report is accepted by CTTAM, graduates will
be notified that they have met the technical
report requirement for re-classification to
Engineering Technologist.
For additional information contact
Larry Drebniski at [email protected]
or visit
The information in this brochure is accurate as of August 2013.
The College reserves the right to modify or cancel any course,
program, process or procedure without notice or prejudice.
This course is specifically tailored for
participants who are seeking registration with
professional organizations such as the Certified
Technicians and Technologists Association of
Manitoba (CTTAM). It is designed to help with
application processes, which in most cases
require the submission of a technical report.
Participants will submit their printed and bound
technical reports to the academic department;
however, participants who are seeking Certified
Engineering Technology (CET) certification will
have their reports reviewed by a CTTAM panel.
This course will begin with improving English
writing skills. Culture affects writing, and many
will have to learn to adopt the North American
style of report writing. Lessons in the first half
of the course will be based on what participants
need to know “up front” about report writing.
These points are discussed during the synopsis preparation stage and prior to the 10-week
report-writing module because more time is
available in the first half of the course, when participants are working on their two-page synopses.
Each synopsis will be reviewed for its technical
content and assessed for its potential for
producing a Technologist-level technical report.
Participants who do not have the technical
experience for an acceptable topic may opt to
provide content for their technical report. Each
participant will be assessed on their improvement in technical report writing skills as well as
the technical content of their project.
Improve your English writing skills and learn
the North American style of report writing.
Admission Requirements
Who Should Enrol?
• Immigrants to Canada (eligible to work)
• English as an additional language
• Canadian Language Benchmarks 7+ preferred
• Background in their technical field at
Technologist level
• Applicants who are seeking Certified
Engineering Technology (CET) registration by
CTTAM should be registered at the Associate
level, or a waiver should be sought before
registering for the course. (Please contact
the academic department or CTTAM.)
Individuals who are seeking registration at
a professional organization in Manitoba, or
CTTAM applicants seeking registration at
CET level.
Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course of study, you
should be able to:
1.Develop a synopsis of the technical
2.Write a technical report that meets
professional standards
3.Improve your English writing skills and
learn the North American style of report

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