Rendering created using Photo Lab in CET Designer.


Rendering created using Photo Lab in CET Designer.
Change the industry with us
The renderings are amazing, but renderings are only part of the story.
In 1990, the people of Configura set out to make something that could
handle the technical side of furniture specification. That “something”
became CET Designer®.
Twenty years, 80 employees and 9,000 users later, Configura software
is the single solution of choice for dealers and designers around the globe.
Our products are developed in collaboration with our manufacturer clients
and our end-users: people like you who believe there’s a better way to work.
People who get the need for change, who want to lead, not follow.
Rendering created using Photo Lab in CET Designer.
CET Designer is first and foremost a calculation tool, which is
why it can simplify your work.
It’s based on Parametric Graphical Configuration
technology developed by Configura. This means there
is intelligence behind every product symbol loaded into
CET Designer’s manufacturer Extensions. In other words,
the symbols that represent furniture made by Haworth,
Steelcase, Teknion and others are more than symbols.
They are imbedded with product rules that:
1) help users to learn product lines
2) won’t let users make mistakes
3) automatically add hardware and
support components in the design
Design >
Specify >
Render >
Order >
in collaboration
with confidence
to impress
with accuracy
Best of NeoCon Award-Winning
CET Designer is highly visual.
You drag and drop product symbols into place, creating an environment
as you go. Through rapid configuration, CET Designer reveals photorealistic renderings in 2D, 3D and videos with Movie Studio.
Your clients experience their space before they – or you – order the
product. Changes can be made in minutes, and costly mistakes are
avoided. Accurate Bills of Material and installation documents are
generated in seconds. And specials are easily accommodated.
CET Designer is compatible with (but doesn’t need) AutoCAD.
It’s easier and less expensive. It’s also compatible with Revit®
and Enterprise Resource Planning systems.
Configura stands behind the CET Designer
program and wants to help you succeed.
Free Support (chat, phone, email) is
offered from 8 am – 8 pm ET along with
webinars and online instructional videos.
Feature requests and suggestions
from users are implemented with each
new release.
Configura hosts the CET Designer User
Conference in Las Vegas every year for
users to learn from experts and each other.
With our users, we collaborate to
create the solution that they want,
need and can truly call their own.
“We chose CET Designer because it’s a single tool that handles all
of our drawing, specification and rendering needs. We see tangible
cost savings through CET Designer’s rules-based, intelligent symbols
specification software. We’re 40 percent faster on the front end
of specification and 70 to 80 percent faster on client changes.”
Brad Baker, President, Bakers atWork Office Interiors
“Since I began using CET Designer three years ago, my projects
have been far more accurate than using other programs –
I don’t have to take the time to worry about little connectors
and brackets because the rules are built into the software.”
Together with our
manufacturer clients,
Rob Canova, Designer/Specifier, Dancker, Sellew, & Douglas
we build and continually update product details into
the software.
“CET Designer positions us for better presentations, accurate
pricing and a quicker customer response. Plus, we can design
on the fly with customers so they can see exactly what their
workspace will look like when it is physically installed.”
Each manufacturer has its own proprietary Extension
to CET Designer. Haworth’s Extension is called Canvas,
Steelcase’s is SmartTools, Teknion’s is Storyboard.
There are more, and more are under development.
Andy Gaerthofner, LEED AP, President, Nordon Business Environments
Our manufacturers make ongoing investments in the
accuracy and completeness of their Extension – so you,
in turn, can design, specify and sell with confidence.
“CET Designer has allowed me to be more creative and efficient
with an overall superior customer experience. I encourage
all dealer-designers to explore all aspects of CET Designer
to enhance your own experience.”
Nicole Riha, A&D Real Estate Team Designer, OEC Business Interiors
Configura has a unique, collaborative relationship with our
manufacturing partners to make the best tools possible.
“Haworth is dedicating the necessary resources to optimize
CANVAS and to help dealers maximize this powerful tool.
CANVAS represents a great way to communicate a design
visually and in a way that will reduce the risk of technical
errors and time spent on proposals.”
Mabel Casey, Vice President of Global Marketing, Haworth
Kathy Kim, E-Marketing Manager, Haworth
“The KI team is very excited about our new Configuragenerated SpecEngine solution. We anticipate improved
customer satis­faction through the integration of many visual
tools, including 3D previews, floor plans and automated
quotations, all through SpecEngine. The significant improve­
ments this provides for our sales and ordering process
will give KI a competitive advantage in the industry, while
reducing errors, resources and turnaround times.”
Angela Koltz, Marketing Communications Specialist, KI
“Steelcase is committed to SmartTools/CET Designer as our
future design and specification platform. We will continue
to add new products, existing products, new features and
training programs to support our dealers as they migrate
to this effective and efficient toolset. We also know we can
count on Configura to quickly evolve this platform to meet
the ever-changing needs of our dealers.”
Steve Eriksson, SmartTools Program Director, Steelcase
Used around the world. Developed in collaboration with global manufacturers.
Configura Inc. 100 Grandville Ave SW Ste 501, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, Phone: 1-616-242-6262, Toll Free: 1-877-238-0808, [email protected]

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