1. Teacher, Which Is The Greatest?:
Cultivating Mercy In The Schools
A workshop on how schools may become places of
love and compassion. Specifically, on how to address issues of bullying and discrimination, the
“safety nets” that may be instituted to protect the
most vulnerable students, how to promote charity
and solidarity rather than punishment and negative
2. A Field Hospital For The Wounded:
Marks Of A Merciful Ecclesial Community
A workshop on how we can become a more welcoming and accepting Church. Specifically, on how
we can promote unity in diversity, listening and dialogue, reaching out to those who have drifted away
from the Church, introducing systems of conflict
resolution and reconciliation, caring for the wounded and neglected.
3. A House Is Not A Home: Fostering Mercy
In The Family
A workshop on how to create a healthy environment in the home that is conducive for positive
emotional and spiritual growth. Specifically, on how
families can be helped in dealing with challenges
and threats, how to foster a culture of dialogue and
forgiveness, how to understand and adapt to the
ever-changing family roles, dynamics and relationships.
4. Mercy And The Market Can Strike A Deal:
Mercy In The Workplace
A workshop on how to make the workplace a meaningful and positive institution for the workers. Specifically, on how the organization is promoting human and Christian values and virtues, how it cultivates significance over success and as a green pasture of mission more than monetary compensation.
5. On The Basis Of Love: Malasakit Sa
Bayan Ni Juan De La Cruz
A workshop on how to care for one’s country and
be a responsible citizen. Specifically, on how to use
power for the service of the common good, funds
with transparency and accountability, influence
with humility and respect for human dignity.
6. On The Wings Of Mercy: Young People
Aiming High
A workshop on how young people can go beyond
“selfies”. Specifically, on how the young can make a
difference and contribute to their communities,
how they can be agents and not just recipients of
charity, how to choose Jesus over idols and mammon.
7. Hele Sa Naghihinagpis Na Lupa: Caring For
Our Common Home
A workshop on how we can be merciful to our
Mother Earth. Specifically, on what we can do to
ensure the integrity of creation and take care of the
earth, our common home.
8. “Welcoming the Stranger”: Mercy To
The Refugees
A workshop on how to do pastoral care for the refugees. Specifically, on how they may deal with the
trauma and the horrors of war, ensure that they are
given their basic rights as human beings and give
them a future full of hope.
9. Ever Ancient, Ever New: Mercy For
The Indigenous People
A workshop on how to care for the indigenous people who at present have been suffering from eviction from their ancestral land, exclusion, discrimination, disenfranchisement leading to poverty, health
issues and the destruction of cultures. Specifically,
the workshop seeks to show how we can share in
the mission of helping preserve their traditional wisdom, culture and the social and economic systems
which and ensure their basic human rights that
have been threatened in the name of development.