happy boats project


happy boats project
The C2C Foundation creates communityrebuilding programs to empower & educate
disadvantaged women and children in the
So why education and empowerment?
cause an additional year of schooling is associated with 10% increase in wage earnings.
cause if all girls had a secondary education there would be 59% fewer early pregnancies.
cause if all women completed primary education, maternal mortality would decrease by 66%
cause a good education is vital to achieving good health and building functioning communities.
…… And that is my Mission
The Philippines Foundation has a goal to replenish boats
lost during Typhoon Yolanda
1,000 boats. 1,000 livelihoods restored. 5,000 mouths fed.
100% kids back to school
What makes it “HAPPY”? Because the art will be
designed by terminally ill kids with Cancer in Manila’s
Children’s Hospital
Philippines is hit
with an average
of 8 – 9
typhoons each
Typhoon Yolanda was the 2nd worst typhoon on record
People affected: More than 16 million
Death toll: More than 6,000
People injured: More than 27,000
People displaced: 4.1 million
Homes damaged or destroyed: 1.2 million — over half of which were completely destroye
6,200 fishermen
and 15,000 farmers
lost their livelihood
in Leyte’s 4th
District alone
In times of disasters and
emergencies, children are
more vulnerable to child
trafficking, sexual
exploitation, abuse & risks
of HIV
The Philippines
everyone’s lives
restored posttyphoon and
have each child
back in school in
My story:
Charity for me started in Africa in 2006. One day, whilst
visiting Manila, a friend asked if I wanted to particiapte
in a charitable project he was hosting . I said “YES!”
One project led to another and yet another. I inevitably
started my own.
Years later I had the right people in place, the right
project organized, my own systems in order and the
right influence within the gov’t.
Since that Day, I have put to good use what I have
learned in Africa, years on Wall Street and in business,
to a country that gave so much to me growing up– The
Now, not only am I a founder of my own foundation, but
am a patron of two charities focused on education.
t’s now my turn to give back to a world who’s blessed
me. It isn’t always easy, but I am needed.
Current & Ongoing Community
Programs predominantly Operate in Manila, Olongapo and Leyte
Medical Cleft palate surgeries
Educational & Information technology training at a Blind Orphanage
Creative, Art Therapy for kids with terminal cancer in Manila
Vocational Job Skills training -- fishing and farming
Provides Medical
surgeries to
children with
cleft palate and
training for
orphans whom
are deaf & blind
Provides a
creative outlet
for kids with
terminal cancer
programs for
women in
depressed rural
training in
remote villages
Tracking Impact
Cleft Lip Mission:
Computer Center: There are 50
Portraits of Love: 100 portraits each quarter. Each child & family receives a portrait as a
Mission 6200:
. 150+ surgeries annually. Schools provide data of enrolled kids through
attendance records. All cleft-lip/palate patients have returned to school post-surgery
blind or deaf kids at the Orphanage aged between 3 month
– 24 yrs old. There are currently 4 kids in College. 1 alumni has graduated and is gainfully employe
memorial keepsake. 11% survival rate.
Restore the livelihood of6,200 fishermen who lost their boats after Typhoon Yoland
in 2013. 1,500 Fishermen are back to work
C2C 2015 goals: Post-Typhoon Livelihood Recovery
1,000 Art fishing Boats – The community of terminally ill kid
of Manila helping the community of displaced fishermen
Launch the Training Farm in Leyte to educate rural residen
on recycling & sustainable, agricultural practices and help
promote backyard farming. (Replicate the successful
model used by the Mayor of Palompon)
2016 goals
farming &
Expand the Philippine
Training farm facility
to include one other
training center.
Build a poultry coup
& an Emergency
Management team
Evelin Weber
Trevor Neilson
Pilar Tuason
Marc Nelson

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