Spring/Primavera 2011 Vol. 13, Núm. 4


Spring/Primavera 2011 Vol. 13, Núm. 4
Spring/Primavera 2011
Vol. 13, Núm. 4
60625. These five numeric digits identify our place in Chicago. The
campus of North Park University is located in what is widely regarded as
the most diverse zip code in America, a neighborhood as complex as the
world itself. Our campus neighbors are Latino, Native American, Asian,
African, European, Middle Eastern, and beyond. One-half of the
residents of our immediate neighborhoods are foreign-born. The people
who live in this zip code speak over 150 languages.
Latin American Politics Class at NPU
A group of diverse students engaged in the pursuit of knowledge and truth
27th Chicago Latino Film Festival
April 1-14, 2011
Q: Do you like meeting interesting people?
Q: Working with the arts?
Q: Engaging with the public?
Q: Watching free films?
A: Volunteer with the Chicago Latino Film
Contact the Film Festival at:
[email protected]
The 27th Chicago Latino Film Festival is the “biggest and best Latino
Film Festival in the United States.” The film programming represents
the diversity of themes and genres of Latino filmmaking from Latin
America, the Caribbean, Spain, Portugal and the United States.
Minor in Latin American Studies
Latin America Music
(LAS 3910/MUS 3910)
Fall semester of 2011, Dr. Lorenzo Florián, the director of North Park
University’s Latin American Studies, will be teaching LAS 3910 / MUS 3910
(4sh), Latin America Music. This course will be taught TTh from 11:40-1:20.
This course explores the most important musical traditions in Latin America
and the Caribbean Islands, concentrating on musical values and social
styles as they pertain to different cultural groups: Amerindian, African,
Mestizo-Criollo and Iberian-European. It compares musical styles in rural
and urban areas and draws comparisons between different social groups.
This course fulfills part of the requirement for the Latin American Studies Minor. It
can be used as part of the Global Studies Major and it may also be used as an
elective for the Major in Music. You do not have to be a musician or music major
to take this course. All are welcome.
Course Goals:
1. To listen to music attentively.
2. To learn to appreciate and recognize different musical styles and relate them to
a particular culture and geographical area.
3. To broaden the understanding of different musical expressions through the
comparative study of cultures.
4. To familiarize the student with the impact of Latin American Music in North
American music.
5. To examine the impact of music in society and in the process of globalization
and cultural diversity.
This course fulfills part of the requirement for the Minor in Latin American Studies and the Major in Global Studies.
For more information contact Dr. Florián at (773) 244-5742, [email protected]
Raquel Morales (Co-president)
Verónica Ramos
Publicity Officer
Ericka Rodríguez (Co-president)
Prisma González
Chicago Flamenco Festival
concert: "Canteca de Macao"
3/26/2011 The Madrid-based Canteca de Macao has caused a stir
in international music circles in recent years with its wild blend
of flamenco, rumba, rock, punk, reggae, salsa, and jazz. One of
Spain’s most popular live acts, the group makes each
performance an exciting, fun-filled party. The nine-member
group, which includes a juggler, will perform selections from its
new CD Agua pa’ la tierra.
For more information, visit
www.cantecademacao.org or www.cervantes.es
On March 7th North Park University celebrated the release of a new book by our
own “Profe” Dr. Lorenzo Florián. The book is entitled: “A Comparative and
Dialectical Lexicon of Variations in Modern Spanish Vocabulary: Tracking
Linguistic Differences Across Cultural, National, and Dialectical
Boundaries” published by Edwin Mellen Press. Dr. Dennis Bricault called it
“…a significant contribution to the field of Spanish lexicology, it [provides]
samples from every Spanish-speaking country.
Example from the book…
Vehículo grande que se use para el transportar de mucha gente.
Argentina – colectivo/micro
Bolivia – micro
Chile – micro/bus/liebre
Colombia –bus/buseta/colectivo
Costa Rica – cazadora
Cuba – guagua/ruta
Ecuador – bus
El Salvador – bus
España – autobús
Guatemala – bus/camioneta
Guinea Ecuatorial – autobús/
Honduras – bus
México – camión
Nicaragua – bus
Panamá – bus/colectivo/chiva
Paraguay – colectivo/micro
Perú – ómnibus/combi
Puerto Rico – guagua/pisicorre
República Dominicana – guagua/
Uruguay – ómnibus/micro
Venezuela – autobús/buseta/
Movie Nights in the Collaboratory…
THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES - Sunday, April 3rd 2011, 5:30-7:30 pm.
REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES - Sunday, May 1st 2011, 5:30-7:30 pm.
Multicultural Awards Banquet and Dance
Una noche de gala where awards are given out to celebrate diversity at NPU. April 8 th
2011, 6 pm Irish Cultural Center
Fiesta Tropical
A dance sponsored by LASO and MESA. April 29th 2011 Java House, 7-11 pm
Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo celebration in the North Park Dining Hall with a live mariachi band, a
special performance by the LASO DANCE TEAM and Mexican food showcasing a
variety of flavors from all over México.* May 5th 2011, 5 pm.
* Reduced price – If you don’t have an ARA meal plan you can get in for the dinner and the celebration for only $5.
The Latin American Initiatives as part of the Urban and Multicultural Collaboratory for Urban and
Intercultural Learning at North Park University educates and promotes the richness of the Latino peoples and
cultures enabling an understanding between all communities.
Our basic values include:
1. Educate others on Latino Cultures
2. Support Latino Students on the college path to success
3. Reduce prejudices and understanding and promote camaraderie between Latinos and the campus
4. Grow spiritually as we share our common ground in Christ
Uphold Latino values in a non-Latino society
The LATAMIN accomplishes these goals by bringing to campus performers, artists, and exhibitions that
demonstrate the richness and variety of U.S. Latina/o culture, through curriculum development, and the sponsoring
of lectures, colloquia, and conferences on special topics in Latino studies.
Dr. Lorenzo Florián - Faculty Fellow, Latin American Initiatives: Email [email protected]
Marcus Simmons - Coordinator of Student Engagement: Email [email protected]
Latin American Initiatives
North Park University 3225 W. Foster Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625-4895