El Pulso Fall 2007 - Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center


El Pulso Fall 2007 - Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center
Issue 3 / Fall 2007
El Pulso
prlacc’s newsletter
Throughout the years, the United States has become more diverse and this diversity has made a
positive impact on today’s society. Latino heritage was first celebrated in 1968 when Congress
designated the week including September 15 and 16 as National Hispanic Heritage Week.
On August 17, 1988 the week was changed to National Latino Heritage Month. It begins on
September 15 because it is the anniversary of independence for five
Superheroes Exhibit
Latin American countries (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala,
Honduras, and Nicaragua) and extends until October 15. During
this month, the United States celebrates the culture, traditions, and
achievements of its residents who trace their roots to Spain and the
Spanish-speaking nations of Central America, South America, and
the Caribbean.
Mayor John DeStefano
La Bruja
Inside this Issue
Latino Heritage Month...............1
Director’s Desk...........................2
Testing Your Knowledge............2
Involvement Opportunities........3
Event Highlights.........................4
Latinos have come from around the world to accomplish their goals
and their contributions are demonstrated infinitely through
achievements in areas such as science, medicine, government,
literature, film, music, and sports. Some Latinos that have played an
important part include Severo Ochoa, who won the Nobel Prize for
Medicine in 1959, Dennis Chávez from New Mexico who was the
first Latino senator to serve an entire term, Richard E. Cavazos who
became the army's first Hispanic four-star general in 1982, and
Antonia Coello Novello who was the first woman and Latina to ever
hold the position of U.S. surgeon general.
Beginning September 15th, the Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural
Center proudly honors the richness and diversity of the Latino community by sponsoring our 39th year of great Latino heritage programs. This year’s theme,
features great programs such as the PRLACC Open House,
3 Annual Latino Faculty and Staff Luncheon, films, Latino Jeopardy
Night, and Rethinking the Latino Intellectual Ecology Conference.
For complete details, check out our website at www.latino.uconn.edu
or stop by the Center.
Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center 860.486.1135 www.latino.uconn.edu
2 - Issue 3, Fall 2007
From the Director’s Desk
On behalf of the Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center (PRLACC), I would like to extend a warm
welcome to all. We are here for all students, faculty, staff, and community members interested in
increasing awareness and understanding of issues impacting Latinos.
If you are new to the University, I wish to invite you to visit PRLACC. The Center is an ideal place to
learn about Latinos and our culture, as well as a place that can be your home away from home. I
would also like to invite you to get connected to campus life. Through PRLACC, you can get involved in
student organizations, attend educational and cultural events, participate in METAS, volunteer for
Homecoming, or assist in other community projects.
We would also like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to the new faculty at the Puerto
Rican and Latino Studies Institute- Charles Venator Santiago, Guillermo Rebollo Gil, and Odette Casamayor Cisneros. We are looking forward to continuing our collaborations with the Institute!
Last but not least, I would like to remind everyone that we are celebrating our 39th Latino Heritage
Month. We have some great programs on our calendar and I hope to see you all there! At PRLACC, we
believe in being an advocate and support network for students, staff, faculty, and the community. In
order to better serve you, we appreciate your feedback on our programs, services, and newsletter.
Please send suggestions to [email protected].
Test Your Knowledge
A) Science
B) Literature
C) Medicine
A) True
B) False
C) Roberto Clemente
3. A) Juan Marichal
(Joaquin Balanguer is the president of
Dominican Republic.)
B) Juan Marichal
4. A) True
A) Joaquin Balanguer
2. A)True/ He went to space in the
Columbia space shuttle in 1986
B) False
1. B) Literature
A) True
3 - Issue 3, Fall 2007
Involvement Opportunities
M.E.T.A.S. is a peer-mentoring program
designed to assist Latino first-year and transfer students with their college transition by
pairing them with a mentor who provides
guidance and support throughout the
mentee’s first year at UCONN.
The Center is an active participant in
Homecoming, which consists of banner, alma
mater, float, lip sync, and royalty competitions as
well as a football game.
Join us and get involved!
The following organizations are part of the
Latino Organization Council:
Latino Student Association
Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.
Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc.
Mu Sigma Upsilon, Sorority Inc.
Event Highlights
Tues. 9/18- PRLACC Open House
Tues. 10/9- Latino Jeopardy
Wed. 9/26- Aracelis GirmayReading “Teeth”
Thurs.-Fri. 10/11-10/12- Mapa Corpo:
A Performance by Gomez-Pena
Thurs. 9/27- Latina Confessions:
A Screening & Discussion
Sun.-Sat. 10/14-10/20-Homecoming Week
Thurs. 10/4- 3rd Annual Latino
Faculty & Staff Luncheon
Thurs. 10/4- Brujalicious: An evening of
poetry and music
Sun.-Wed. 10/7-10/10- La Pocha Nostra
Visiting Artist Workshop with Gomez-Pena
Tues. 10/23- Activism in the Community:
An insider’s perspective with Josie
Thurs. 11/15- Women’s Political Representation
in the Dominican RepublicLecture
Wed. 11/28- From Hip Hop to ReggaetonLecture