Packmaster specifications


Packmaster specifications
Semiautomatic bagging and clip closing
machine for the packing of various bread types
Ipeka PackMaster is a versatile packaging machine for different types of
bread products. The equipment includes one or two bag opening air flow
tables, stepping band conveyor and clip-closing unit. The two table model
can be used by one operator or two operators.
Operator pushes the bread into a pre-opened bag and continues to band
conveyor. Conveyor moves forward step-by-step to the clip-closing station
and after forming the closure, ready bag continues for example to a rotating
collection table. In two operator use it’s able to reach capacity up to 45 bags
per minute.
Ipeka delivers also complete slicing and bagging lines. Our Masterslicers can
offer you the most efficient alternative for slicing of white of dark bread.
Packmaster is designed to easily combinate with Ipeka slicer. We deliver also
high quality clip bands for closing.
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