Sammy Fiocchi, Associate Designer


Sammy Fiocchi, Associate Designer
Styling and Profiling with Sammy!
How many years have you been a
Hairdresser- 6 years!
Favorite BY styling product-Glaze! Because
it is gives the hair, texture,
slip, shine and hold!
Inspiration- Sammy gets her
inspiration for hair style from social media,
Instagram, Pinterest and Behind The
Chair! She likes to get ideas from these
sites and then add her
own unique, style!
Favorite part of being a
Hairdresser- Sammy loves
being able to transform
someone's style to suit their personality
and lifestyle which builds their confidence!
Stylist Challenge- Sammy
wanted to create a hair
style that is easy to create
at home, simple and
elegant. This style can be
worn everyday or a
relaxed, special occasion!
Products used- Primer 11, BY Glaze, BY
Mousse Light.
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