5M Company is SME manufacturing company which specializes in composite production and bonded sandwich structures.
5M Company was awarded as "Company of the Year 2010" in Czech Republic, which corresponds with our strategy to be the
leading company in composite industry in the Czech republic. Our slogan "Smart technologies in the world of composites"
shows our effort to develop the right products and materials for each customer.
5M Company develops and produces structural epoxy adhesives for extra strong joints, epoxy resins for production of fibreglass components, pultruded composite profiles, semipregs (as substitute to prepreg technology) and sandwich constructions (from composite or aluminium). Except the production of raw materials, 5M company is active in the field of the final
composite parts production. The product assortment covers composite sandwich panels for trains (interior walls), fibreglass
parts for aircrafts (interior panels, fuselage parts, wheel covers), radome for antennas, bulletproof equipment or carbon parts
for skies. Whole company covers strong and innovative R&D department with own laboratory, 130 employees and more than
3000 m2 production space.
● Epoxy adhesives for high strength gluing of metals (mainly
aluminium), fibre-reinforced composites, wood or plastics.
Suitable for bonding of primary aircraft constructions.
● Epoxy resins for production of fibreglass components.
Room temperature curing, nonylphenol free, great impregnation ability, foil and liquid variants, semipregs. Certification
from Aeronautical test and Research Institute
5M s.r.och. 1177,
● Pultruded composite profiles (glassfibre or carbon fibre
rod, tubes, custom made difficult shapes). Composite profiles have high tensile and impact strength, corrosion resistance, low weight, electro insulating, low heat conductivity,
age resistance.
● Sandwich panel constructions with honeycomb core
inside. Sandwich structures offer excellent mechanical properties together with very low weight of the finished part.
686 04 Kunovice,
Na Záhone
Czech Republic 711, fax +420 572 433 700
3 tel. +420 572 43 ,
e−mail: [email protected]
Since 2005, our company is specializing on design
and construction of 2 seat, all composite, low wing
aircraft with retractable landing gear. The airplane
was primary designed for American LSA (Light
Sport Aircraft) market as well as for European VLA
(Very light aircraft) market and will be introduced
under business name “Ellipse Spirit”.
Dipl. Ing. Jan Podhrazsky
Tel.: +420 603 378 587
[email protected]
Currently, we have finished the strength tests of the
plane and look forward to the official roll out, which will
take place on the international exhibition AERO 2011 in
We expect the first flight at the end of April 2011. The
serial production of the plane will be commenced at the
end of 2011.
Aero Vodochody, a.s., produces, sells and a services
both military and civil aircraft and equipment. It proudly
bears the tradition of the Aero Company, founded in
1919, and belongs among the world's oldest aircraft manufacturers. Aero is currently
the largest manufacturer of the aircraft and aircraft structures in the Czech Republic and
historically the largest manufacturer of the jet trainers in the world.
Aero Vodochody, a.s.,
U Letiště 374, 250 70 Odolena Voda,
Czech Republic
tel: +420 255 761 111,
Currently the
the Aero Vodochody, a.s.,
two programmes:
two programmes:
• cooperation
with major aircraft producers
programme of cooperations entails
• collaboration
provision of with
deliveries of air●
major aircraft
craft technology
● provision of complete deliveries of aircraft
produces the complete S−76 heliAero
copter airframe ready for installation of
the complete
copter, ready for installation of dynamic
Hawk helicopter cockpit, centre wing box
assemblies, produces the wing centre secfor the
of the
the hinges
structures for
of Embraer
the doors170/190
for the
through 170/190
the company
the Latecoere
in other
has shares
in other
The military programme:
• provides
training system using the
● provides the training system using
Aero L−159 aircraft
the Aero L−159 aircraft
• provides the programmes operational
● provides the programmes operational
support of
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Q Contai
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Since 2010, our company is specializing on design and construction of 2 seat, all composite, high – wing monoplane Legend. The aircraft is intended for the UL (450/472 kg),
ELSA (540 kg), LSA (600 kg) categories. The LSA version will have bigger wing. The
airplane is intended for sport and recreational flying and tourism
Currently, the development and the preparation of the serial production is finished. The
first public representation will take place at the international exhibition AERO 2011 in
We expect the first flight at the end of April 2011. The serial production of the plane will be
commenced at the end of 2011 with the final capacity of 50 aircraft per year
Aeropilot s.r.o.
Jeníkovská 1815,
28601 Čáslav
Czech Republic
e-mail: [email protected]
Aeroprofil, s.r.o.,
Za Drahou 1415,
696 62 Strážnice,
Czech Republic
tel.: +420 518 334 291
mob: +420 604 520 056
e−mail: [email protected]
is a small private company with 16 years tradition.
The company capabilities:
manufacturing duraluminium ribs, frames,
pressure forming,
riveting aircraft subassemblies
on−demand production of aircraft
Aerospool CZ, ltd.
is a company concerned in
development, prototype building, testing and services for
ULL producers.
Manufacturer of welded (TIG)
metal structures, such as
engine bearers, undercarriage legs, fusselage frames.
Producer of wheels and
brakes, parts for landing
gear and control systems
and special bollts.
Sale of componets and parts
for homebuilders.
Na Záhonech 1177
686 04 Kunovice
Czech Republic
Tel: +420 572 816 111
Fax: +420 572 816 112
Email: [email protected]
Aircraft Industries, a.s. is the largest
Czech civil aircraft manufacturer building on the 70-year aviation tradition of
LET Kunovice company. Its present
core business represents production
of the L 410 twin turboprop commuter
of which over 1,100 have already been
produced and operated in more than
50 countries all around the world.
Aerospool CZ,
Company´s Main Activities:
•Design, Development, Production
and Sales of L 410 Aircraft (PART 21)
•Maintenance, Modifications,
Upgrades (PART 145)
•R&D and Production Cooperation
•Private International Airport Kunovice
•Private Aviation Training College and
Training Center (PART 147)
AirLony company is specialized in the field of design, construction and production of light aircraft. Company started
its production in 1998 with UL biplane HIGHLANDER,
which has among others outstanding strength properties
and G-limits. Since 2004 AirLony has been producing its
latest airplane – SKYLANE, the really ultralight aircraft
with high useful load and roomy luggage compartment.
In combination with high cruising speed, long flying range
and enjoyable flying characteristics the Skylane is the best
solution for wide range of usage – from trainer to long
distance tourer.
AirLony also provides services and support in design and
construction of composite materials.
AirLony - Aircraft factory
Nové Náměstí 702
411 08 Štětí
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 411 136 208
GSM: +420 608 029 816
e-mail: [email protected]
spol. s r.o.
Hlavní 439, 687 25 Hluk,
Czech Republic
tel.: +420572582287
fax.: +420572582288
mob.: +420602749316
e−mail: [email protected]
Current production schedule
contents three types of UL-types
• top advanced cruiser ATEC 321 Faeta
• economical trainer and cruiser ATEC 122 Zephyr
• wild racer for skilled pilots ATEC 212 Solo
ATEC company was founded in 1992. First started up with custom manufacturing of ultralight aircraft´s components. Nowadays is a producer of modern and
high performance ultralight aircrafts – utilizing mainly glass and carbon composites construction. Untill now has produced and delivered hundreds of ultralight
aircrafts which are operated in EU, United states, Asia and Australia. Continuous
improvement and quality system guarantees high level of its products.
ATEC v. o. s.
Opolanská 350
289 07 Libice nad Cidlinou
Czech republic
tel: +420 731 44 01 44, +420 603 57 93 58
[email protected]
General Aviation activities:
● Service and maintenance under EASA approval of gliders and motorgliders
● Production of the VL−3 all−composite UL / LSA airplane
● Aviation services − Business flights directly from Brno − Tuřany airport
to any airport in the Czech Republic or Europe.
Some vintage gliders restored (far left and above)
VL-3 taking off ➭
Aveko Aircraft, a.s.,
Lipová 22, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic
www. Aveko. com, www.VL−
Avia Propeller s.r.o. main activities:
R&D, manufacturing, overhauls, service and Sales of aircraft
all metal in flight pitch changeable propellers designed both for piston
engines of 140 up to 600 HP and turbines of 603 up to 1820 SHP, used on
regional aviation, agricultural, general aviation, sport and aerobatic aeroplanes
licensed blade and spinner manufacturing for historical propellers made by world
famous US company UTC Hamilton Standard, designed for "Warbirds"
P−51 Mustang, T−6 Texan, Junkers etc.
high quality products certified in Czech Republic, USA, Russia and in many
of European, Asian, Australian, Central and South American countries
world−wide export activities
Sales and repair service center in USA, Canada, Venezuela
system of quality management according to ISO 9001 implemented
Beranových 666
190 00 Prague − Letňany, Czech Republic
tel: +420 2 96 33 65 11
fax: 420 2 96 33 65 19 / 33
e−mail: [email protected]
Universal, electrical flaps actuator UFA−900L
The electrical flaps actuator offers to the pilot not only more comfort but also increases the security.
During operation with mechanical flaps there are possible unwanted changes of the flight attitude
caused by: - insufficient space in the cockpit
- flaps lever is too long or in improper position and therefore abrupt flaps setting
The positions of the electrical flaps depending on the aircraft model are easy programmable by everyone. There are only 2 buttons on the backside of the control unit for programming the requested
flaps positions. When the flap positions are programmed, the compact electrical actuator brings the
flaps in the correct position by a simple change of the lever position.
The LED-indicator of the last flaps position lights until the next resp. requested position is reached.
During this time flashes the LED-indicator of the requested position given by the lever. If the force
exceeds the programmed limit (e.g. by flaps setting during too high flight speed), the flaps return
to the previous, lower position. Also reaching of this flaps position and the activation of the security
system is indicated by the LED-indicator and so is the pilot advised to his mistake.
Because of reliability reason, for the changing the flaps position instead of an electrical switch we
have used a mechanical lever which position is checked by 4 Hall-sensors (non contact switch).
Control Unit:
Dimensions W x H x D
Ambient Temperature
Power Supply
Power Consumption
Flap Positions
1.65'' x 3.23'' x 3.66''
3/4 Lbs
−25°F to +140°F
10V to 15V DC
50 mA
3 or 4
Linear Actuator:
Ambient Temperature
Stroke max.
Force max.
Stroke Speed
Power Supply
Power Consumption max.
1 1/2 Lbs
−25°F to +140°F
400 − 900 N (programmable)
0.35'' − 0.63''/s
10V to 15V DC
3,5 A
BMZ Air Service, s.r.o.,
Beranových 130,
199 05 Praha 9 Letňany,
Czech Republic
tel.: +420 604 980 093
e−mail: [email protected]
COMLET, s.r.o.,
Areál Českých radiokomunikací
570 01 Pohodlí u Litomyšle,
Czech Republic
+420 326 966 280
+420 326 996 315
mob.: +420 602 350 329
e−mail: [email protected]
Many years of experience in the manufacture of composite parts
of aircraft primary structure. The main specialty is the production of composite landing gear for airplanes of the UL, VLA
and LSA category. In this branch our company is the world's
biggest producer, with regard to the number of undercarriages
sold. We offer all stages of production from model, mould to the
final product.
Applied Technologies: hand laminating (vacuum) tempered and
inject technology (RTM). Materials: Glass, carbon, aramide, sandwiches or other hi−tech composite material applications.
Betakom s.r.o
Aviation Systems Components
Betakom s.r.o.,
Mírová 189, 68501 Bučovice,
Ing. Stanislav Krejčí,
tel.: 777 039 980,
e-mail: [email protected],
BMZ Air Service, s.r.o., is a proven specialist
in the veteran and vintage as well as in modern
aircraft restoration to both static display and especially to the fully airworthy state.
For various aviation museums we have restored
e.g. the C−3 (Siebel Si 204), F−86 Sabre, Avia
BH−11, Ilyushin Il−2, Spitfire Mk.IXe, the US WWI
LWF Tractor, Imperial Russian Anatra Anasal
and many other rarities.
Among others we have returned to airworthy status (with all the necessary paperwork etc.) dozens
of aircraft, including e.g. − Stampe RSV, Bücker
Bü 131/C−104, Yak−11, L−40 Meta Sokol, Piper
PA−18 or M−1C Sokol. The BMZ Air Service, s.r.o.,
has decades of experience and the machines
that passed through their shops fly around the
BRM AERO LTD was established for development, production, sale and
maintenance of ultralight and light sport aeroplanes. Company is mostly
oriented on individual orders, where is able to realize each installation and
modification to the customer request.
Company is as well working on inovations and advanced development of
produced aeroplanes. At this work company promoter pay interest on his
longstanding experience in aircraft development, production and sale.
Company actually started production of brand new aroplane NG 5, which is
available as ultralight, ELSA kit and LSA RTF aircraft. Company helps to the
customers to choose optimal instrument panel layout to their aplication purposes including optimal combination of engine and propeller.
Company offers standard customer service, maintenance work and any kind
of modification.
Composit Airplanes, spol. s r. o.
Peliny 315, 565 01 Choceň, Česká republika
Tel: +420 465 473 974, Fax: +420 465 471 186
Mobil: +420 603 252 319, +420 604 984 825
e-mail: [email protected]
Czech Sport Aircraft a.s.
Na Záhonech 1177/212
Phone: + 420 576 514 032
Fax: + 420 576 519 394
e-mail: [email protected]
BRM AERO s.r.o.
Václava Kulíška 1224
686 05 Uherské Hradiště
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 773 984 338
e-mail: [email protected]
Composit Airplanes spol. s r.o. founded in 1992 specializes in production of composite parts for ultralight aircrafts.
At present it has about fifty employees and production facilities with
about 3000 square meters of floor space.
The company obtain certificate ISO 9001.
Prestigious companies both from Czech Republic and from the whole
Europe belong to our customers – e.g.: Carbo Tech Industries GmbH,
Evektor-Aerotechnik, a.s., TL-Ultralight s.r.o., Jihlavan airplanes, s.r.o.,
Remos Aircraft GmbH. We use modern materials (glass and carbon
fibre sandwich construction) and technologies. Our company received awards for developing technologies in manufacture of aircrafts.
Airplanes made of our components also participate in many championships, competitions and reviews with very good results.
We are able to fill a demand for high strength component parts. (e.g.
component part for aerobatic airplanes) by using the highest quality
Customer´s satisfaction means a benchmark of success for us. We
prefer the tailor-made approach to every customer. We try to meet all
his demands and to find together the optimal way to the successful
result. Not just the accuracy and the quality of our products but also
the complete sophisticated production logistics is our target.
The Czech Sport Aircraft a.s., having its seat in the area of Aircraft Industries a.s. company in
Kunovice, is an advancing company focused on development and production of two-seater,
all-metal aircraft in the LSA category.
The PS-28 Cruiser aircraft development and production is currently the main program of the
company. This aircraft is in process of the EASA/CAA CZ Type Certification.
240 employees is employed in the company, the serial production line is set to production of 20
aircraft per month, and the total production area is 9,300 sq.m.
The Design Organisation of the company has obtained the AP DOA approval in the year 2010.
The Design Organisation/the Production Organisation is in process of the DOA/POA approval.
DirectFly – Czech manufacturer of all metal,
low-wing, single engine, two-seat aircraft „ALTO“
powered by ROTAX 100HP and high-wing, single
engine, two-seat „ARGO“. Wide range of options
possible to install. UL certified airplane and NEWLY
designed and complied with LSA category. Currently
looking for NEW DEALERS
Direct Fly, s.r.o. Cihlení 573 687 25 Hluk, Czech republic
e-mail: [email protected],
DISTAR CZ, a.s., Since the year 2000 very famous in the world of diamond industrial
techniques. These activities are to be extended as we move into the coming years.
Since 2010 expanded DISTAR CZ into the aerospace production. It continues in its
production of the famous Samba XXL and Lambada aircraft via its own production
division DISTAR AIR. The production team consists of highly qualified specialists with
extensive experience in the aviation industry. Our work is guaranteed to be of a very
high quality and innovative products.
Distar CZ, a.s.
1. máje 228
504 01 Nový Bydžov
Czech Republic
e-mail: [email protected]
Distar – Air
U Letiště 1381
562 01 Ústí nad Orlicí
Czech Republic
e-mail: [email protected]
Evektor, spol. s r.o.
Letecká 1008
686 04 Kunovice
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 572 537 428
Fax: +420 572 537 901
e-mail: [email protected]
The origin of Evektor dates back to 1991, when it was established by
three men with a vision of creating a strong and effective company
focused on aerospace and automotive industries. At present Evektor is
among the most significant domestic providers of design work.
Long-time company objectives are reaching the dominant position in
the Czech aircraft industry and active participation and co-operation
in the European aircraft industry, especially in design and prototype
A large portion of our employees is formed by experienced professionals
from the aerospace industry as well as young and educated specialists who graduated from the Aerospace Institute of Brno University of
Technology which we intensively cooperate with.
Evektor has developed, in the course of its existence, aircraft such as the
EuroStar or the SportStar (over 1 000 units manufactured and delivered to more than 40 countries), VUT100 Cobra or the EV-55 Outback.
At present Evektor employs about 190 designers and engineers.
Evektor's capabilities:
- Aircraft development - Evektor is certified to design aircraft (DOA)
according to EASA Part 21.
- All types of FEM computations, including crash analyses and computational fluid dynamics.
is one of the world´s largest manufacturers of light sport aircraft,
advanced UL and very light airplanes, with over 40 years experience
in aircraft manufacturing, EASA certified aircraft production and sales
network in 40+ countries globally.
Evektor−Aerotechnik, Inc.,
Letecká 1384
686 04 Kunovice
Czech Republic
e-mail: [email protected]
Fleet of over 1.000 airplanes has been already delivered by EvektorAerotechnik to flight schools, aeroclubs and private pilots all around
the world. Evektor-Aerotechnik aircraft range includes top of the LSA
/ UL class models – SportStar MAX, EurStar SL / SLW and certified
trainer the SportStar RTC.
Long-time experience of Evektor design team in civil and military airplanes has become a base for the latest company General Aviation
projects – single piston four-seater - VUT100 Cobra / SuperCobra and
new generation twin engine turboprop the EV−55 Outback.
Evektor−Aerotechnik is also supplier of aircraft parts and subassemblies as well as production jigs for aircraft programs in European aviation industry. In recent years the company participated in deliveries
to Ibis Ae 270 turboprop program, AeroVodochody L−159 light combat
airplane program, and delivery of assembly moving line for the B747
auxiliary fuel tank program.
Registered office:
Fascination a.s.
Příkop 6/838
602 00Brno
e-mail: [email protected]
Jaroslav Sedláček
Linecká 829
382 41Kaplice
Czech Republic
Fascination a.s. in cooperation with Jaroslav Sedláček is a company specializing
in the production of composite ultralight aircraft of 2 types Fascination F-100 and
Evolution E-100. Other activities are: services and repair of these two types and other
composite, all-metal and Ceconite covered aircrafts. The company Jaroslav Sedláček
started with hang glider production and repair, and soon afterwards began manufacturing parts for UL aircraft. It progressed to building two UL aircraft kits in series,
the Kolibřík (Humming Bird) and the Lišák (Fox). Sunwheel biplanes were produced
for export, and in collaboration with the Dallach company, work soon began on the
Fascination all−composite monoplane. Now, Jaroslav Sedláček produces the improved all−composite Fascination low−wing and the Evolution high−wing UL aircraft, as
well as operating a flying school at the Planá airfield near České Budějovice.
FIMES, a. s.
Sokolovská 573
686 01 Uherské Hradiště, Czech Republic
Tel: +420 572 522 699
e-mail: [email protected]
The production programme of FIMES, a. s.
has gradually developed towards the most
sophisticated products in the respective production areas:
- Production of technologically demanding
thin-section precision castings made of aluminium alloys and precision castings made
of non-ferrous metals.
- Production of moulds for plastics moulding
and moulds for metal castings.
FIMES, a joint-stock company Uherské Hradiště is a subsidiary of a joint-stock
company MESIT Holding.
FIMES a.s. was established at the beginning of 1993. The management and
majority of employees continue the successful work of the FOUNDRY and TOOL
SHOP of the original parent company MESIT a.s.
FIMES, a. s. products find their application in the fields placing high demands on
quality, such as aerospace and military industry, automotive and textile industry,
electrical engineering, health services, optics, etc. A continual attention is paid to
quality assurance of all processes as well as to improvement in the organisation.
Since 1998 the company has been certified according to the ISO standards.
Throughout its production history the company has been gradually developing its
export sales activities and at present we have important customers in Germany,
France, Austria, USA, Finland, Sweden, England, Israel and Slovakia.
Flying Machines s.r.o. is a producer of modern and high performance ultralight aircraft, utilizing mainly glass− and carbon fibre
sandwich construction. Among the types of aircraft the company designed and produced is the B−612, a single−seat, retractable
landing gear ultralight monoplane, the current world speed record holder in its class.
In addition to the aerodynamically controlled ultralight aircraft, the company also produces the ultralight weight shift trikes of composite structure. Actually the Flying Machines Co. concentrates on the production of classic low−wing FM−250 Vampire ultralights
and also offers the FM− 301 powered hang−gliders (trikes).
B−612 (left)
FM−250 Vampire
FM−301 Stream (below)
Flying Machines, s.r.o.,
Rasošky 132,
552 21 Rasošky
Czech Republic
[email protected]
Ing.Arch. Roman Ivanov
tel: +420 739 292 850
Peter Zeman
tel: +421 903 524 900
From theoretical 3D shapes ...
Design, development and styling of light sport aircraft
Free group of professional aircraft enthusiasts, created aircraft designs for more producers – from
first sketches to its documentation, prototype production, arranging of suppliers - till the type certification and preparing of serial production.
200 planes of our design are flying around the world - from one-seat Gryf ULM-1with stall speed 45
km/hour ( serially produced by TIB ), Skyboy for Interplane with stall speed 55 km/hour, its US version
for Interplane USA with smaller wing - received SLSA approval, all-metal UL and LSA type certificated
strutted high-wing MD3 Rider with 1,17m wide cockpit, flying 220 km/hour .... till our last baby named
Shark – UL aircraft touching 300 km/hour of max level speed.
2011 is the time for first flight of our
last design P27, and type certification of Shark, produced by Shark.
aero company
Welcome all interested in our next
designs production - a lot of studies
use 50 to 90% of approved documentation from our former designs.
- designs
inspired by the Nature
GRYF design
Jaroslav Dostál
Wilsonova 18
695 01 HODONÍN
Czech Republic
tel.: +420 721 459 168
e-mail: [email protected]
Airframe custom parts production by order • Metal sheet rolling (airfoil leading edges with
minimum radius 30 mm, maximum length
Manufacture sheet metal parts up to 3 mm
2400 mm, up to 1,5 mm thickness)
thickness (aluminium, high-tensile steel, stain• Special sheet-metal aircraft-grade handiwork
less steel)
• TIG (in argon gas) and other type of welding
(CO2, regular oxy/acetylene welding)
Production facilities and equipment:
• CAD/CAM capabilities for prototyping
• Rubber stereo moulding of aluminium
(technology production setup)
alkou sheet (500 x 1200 mm size)
• Sheet metal parts shaped by English wheel
• 3D CNC milling (600x500x400 mm)
• CNC bending to 3100 mm length
Production to order:
and 2 (3) mm thickness
• of parts of airframes according to the order
• CNC cutting of sheets up to 3100 mm
length and 2 (3) mm thickness
of the customer
... to the 300 km/hour border
High Performance Aircraft
International, s.r.o.
Lobeček 732
Kralupy nad Vltavou 278 01
e-mail: [email protected]
HPH 304TS Twin Shark − in development
HPH 304S Shark with auxiliary turbine
Scale models
of the L−200,
and Ae−45
Museum and exhibition quality scale models of aircraft
HPH 304S, 304MS, 304C hight−performance sailplanes
Computer−based design work to order (SolidWorks), CAD/CAM
Large−format five−axis CNC machining (9x3x2,5 m)
Moulds and tooling for industry
Cobra trailers for the road transport of gliders
We welcome collaboration with highly−motivated specialists!
HPH Ltd., Kutná Hora, Czech Republic, phone: (+420) 327 512 633,
Jihlavan, a.s.,
is a traditional producer of hydraulic
equipment for the aircraft and automotive industry, for
medical applications and general use since 1952. So far
more than 10.000 aircraft have been equipped with our
hydraulic devices.
You can meet our products all over the world − flying on the
Ilyushin, Yakovlev, MiG, L−29, L−39, L−159, L−410, SAAB JAS−39
Gripen, aircraft etc., on the Zetor tractors, on the Bobcat construction machines and on Tatra trucks, in the aircraft engines
from Walter, GE, Pratt & Whitney, etc. Besides its traditional
products, our company coope−rates with a range of partners
in the field of precision machining, completion, assembly,
and testing of components made from special materials
(stainless steels, titanium, inconels, etc.).
Jihlavan, a.s.,
Znojemská 64, 586 52 Jihlava, Czech Republic
tel: +420 567 115 311, fax: +420 567 310 187,
e−mail: [email protected] ,
Jihostroj a.s., Budějovická 148, 38232 Velešín, Czech Republic
JIHOSTROJ a.s. − design, manufacture and testing of propeller control systems, aircraft fuel and hydraulic system
designed for use on reciprocating aircraft engines with
a constatnt speed single acting propeller using pressure
oil to decrease or increase propeller pitch. The governor
is smaller in size and weighs less (by as much as 2.1 lbs,
or 1kg), than other existing governors, but pumps 30 to 35
percent more oil to ensure the propeller maintains control
in all operating conditions.
Josef Weiss Plastic - CZ
Manufacturer of various glazing in the highest quality
For more than 60 years we have been processing first class raw material.
Our manufacturing processes are certified
according DIN EN 9100 : 2003 (AS 9100 and JISQ 9100).
• Best quality (no distortion, no inclusions)
• Precise fitting
• Various tints
• UV protection
• Competent consulting for new projects
• Many years of experience in all segments - helicopters, jets, ultralights,
LSA, gliders, motor gliders, sports aircraft
Josef Weiss Plastic - CZ, s.r.o
Na Záhonech 1177, 686 04 Kunovice
Tel : +420 572 508 700
Fax: +420 572 508 701
email : [email protected]
Established: 1992
Number of employees: 15
Yearly production: 200
Export: 80%
Actual production programme
of paragliders:
MO.YO. − powered paragliding
Quest − tandem
JOJO WINGS, s.r.o.,
Chvalínská 2109,
413 01 Roudnice nad Labem,
Czech Republic
tel/fax: +420 416 831 863
email: [email protected]
Other company products
Parachutes for skydiving
Parachutes and harnesses for B.A.S.E.
Kites for powerkiting
The company Kaspar was established in 1990 as a machinery enterprise with concentration on
precision machinery production, namely as supplier of parts, assemblies and prototype production for bigger machinery enterprises.
The system of operation and production management in our company makes it possible to deliver
high-grade products without regards to the number of products being manufactured.
The predominant part of production is carried out on CNC machine tools – milling, turning, wire
cutting, in connection with programming system on DNC network. For the manufacture are used
also classical machines, namely for grinding, thread rolling, keyway slotting, gear milling. Our
company has at disposal more than 30 machine tools. A separate part of the company engaged
in the development and manufacture of various gearboxes for racing use. The entire production is
controlled on our checking workplace.
Serial production of parts for ultralight aircraft started since 1997, we now offer more than 200
standard parts and many custom versions. Thanks to our own development we are able to deliver exactly the parts according to customer needs. As the main groups are supplied the landing
wheels, brake systems, propellers, control levers, mechanical parts of control.
KAŠPAR a synové – strojírna Kalmar s.r.o.
Nádražní 76, 150 00 Praha 5
Email: [email protected]
Balóny Kubíček spol. s r.o.,
Jarní 2a, 614 00 Brno, Czech Republic
49°12'52.88"N, 16°39'32.86"E
tel: +420 545 422 620, fax: +420 545 422 621,
e−mail: [email protected]
Kubicek Balloons is currently the third biggest manufacturer of hot−air balloons
and airships in the World, producing complete balloon systems − envelopes
of up to 14 200 m3 volume, baskets for 2 to 32 passengers, burners and other
balloon equipment. Kubicek also developed its own special polyester balloon
fabric. All production is EASA certified, incl. various special shaped balloons.
Light Aircraft
Light Aircraft (part of AIR TEAM, s.r.o.) is a Czech company with seat in
Brno, Southern Moravia, which specializes to provide full range of flying and engine instruments for ultralight, experimental and LSA aircrafts. This range of products is made to the
highest standards at a very reasonable price.
Customers of Light aircraft are people and companies from the whole
Europe. The company employs a team of skilled professionals. Customers support is
ready to give technical help and service during all phases. Facility is located at BrnoMedlánky airport (ICAO: LKCM).
Airport Brno Medlanky
621 00 Brno Czech Republic
+420 725 508 058
[email protected]
Product line:
Airspeed Indicators
Vertical Speed Indicators
Artifical Horizons
Directional Gyros
Tur nand Bank Indicators
Temperature gauges
Pressure gauges
Tiskařská 8, 100 38 Praha 10
Phone: +420 296 505 551
[email protected]
Fax: +420 296 505 610
LOM PRAHA s.p., is a traditional representative of the Czech
aviation industry dealing with repairs and modernization of
aircraft technology, production and repairs of aircraft piston
engines, basic and advanced flying courses for the Czech air
force pilots and manufacture of simulation equipment.
The company provides life cycle support of civilian and
military Mi-8/17/171 helicopters. The company is certified by
a number of internationally respected civilian authorities and
helicopter design bureaus.
MAMBA AIR, s.r.o, is an exclusive importer of the CH−7 Kompress helicopters of
Italian manufacture for the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. MAMBA AIR s.r.o
imports, assembles, services and commissions the CH−7 Kompress UL helicopters
already 11 years. During that period we have amassed a large volue of experience
with this type of helicopter. It was not an experimental machine, but ta respected
factory−built machine respected the world over, able to operate as reliably as the larger
ones. Over 60 machines produced are a testimony to its quality.
MAMBA−AIR, s.r.o.,
Bohuňovice 662,
783 14 Bohuňovice,
Czech Republic
tel.: +420 585 389 100
fax.: +420 585 389 101
e−mail: box@mamba−
Emergency Parachute ATL and PTCH
• simple control
• Quick and reliable canopy opening
• Comfort landing
• Construction of the harness
enables easy adjustment
MarS a.s.
Czech Republic
MESIT přístroje spol. s r. o.
Sokolovská 573
686 01 Uherské Hradiště
Phone: +420 572 522 200
Fax: +420 572 522 602
e-mail: [email protected]
Aircraft and special instrumentation is one of the three leading production areas for MESIT
přístroje spol. s r.o. This is a traditional production area that the company has a great deal
of experience in from the point of view of research, development, batch production and also
quality assurance. Our instrumentation has been used in military and civil aviation programmes
and for the implementation of programmes for the modernisation of ground forces of the Czech
Republic's Army. Quality and reliability of manufactured products and services provided is
decisive for maintaining customer satisfaction.
• Instrumentation for Measuring Physical Variables (temperature of oil, fuel, exhaust emissions,
cylinder heads and air, oil and fuel pressure etc.)
• Converters (single-phase and three-phase voltage converters)
• Aircraft Communication Technology (Two-band airborne communication transceiver)
• Instrumentation for Controlling APU (Control and Monitoring Units)
• Testing Technology (More than 1500 testing devices)
• Services (design and development of electrical instrumentation and equipment)
Quality Management: EN ISO 9001:2009
After the World War II, MIKROTECHNA PRAHA has become
one of the main suppliers of aircraft navigation instruments and
equipment for the Czech Aircraft Industry.
At the present date the company production is based on
membrane and gyroscope type instruments- altimeters, artificial
horizons, airspeed indicators, vertical speed indicators and act.
MIKROTECHNA offers high quality products for the general aviation and ultralight aviation in compliance with the international
standards (TSO, ETSO ).
LUN 1216
Turn Indicator
LUN 1128
LUN 1241
Attitude Indicator
LUN 1120
CDP Altimeter
Barrandova 409, 143 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic, tel.: +420 225 273 513, fax: +420 225 273 514, e-mail: [email protected]
Association of companies from the area of aircraft industry and creation of
a comprehensive offer of research and development activities as well as
production capabilities (airframe design, avionics, composite materials)
Moravian Aerospace Cluster
Na Záhonech 1177 686 04 Kunovice, Czech Republic
tel. +420 725 570 901
Email: [email protected]
NIRVANA SYSTEMS s.r.o. Jateční 523, 760 01 Zlin, Czech republic
mob.: +420 775 917 006, tel.: +420 577226616, fax: +420 577019117 e-mail: [email protected],
Nirvana Trike NV360
Nirvana Glider Katana
Nirvana Paramotor Instinct
High Line
Nirvana Glider Komaka
Nirvana Paramotor Rodeo
Nirvana Paramotor Colibri
Nirvana Trike Cruise Carbon
Nirvana Paramotor Instinct
Comfort Line
Nirvana Trike Cruise Carbon
Nirvana Systems s.r.o is a successful manufacturer of PPGs and accessories for over 10 years.
The ongoing development of Nirvana products, continues to ensure its success among the most elite PPG equipment in the world,
including safety, reliability and technical support. Nirvana Systems has sold over 1,600 paramotors worldwide.
e−mail: info@ok−
tel.: +420 318 690 644
fax.: +420 319 690 645
Our technical service facility specializes in technical support for ultralight
and general aviation aircraft. From simple 100−hour inspections up to
complete glass cockpit installation, our team will manage all your technical
needs. Through our direct affiliation with several aircraft and equipment
manufacturers and cooperation with renowned Part 145 shops, our customers have access to full scale of capabilities and technologies. While other
technical shops focus on bigger and more profitable business aircraft, we
remain the “general aviation people”. It your aircraft needs technical help,
come to see us.
Contact: Ladislav Kuděj
GSM: +420 724 203 408
e−mail: ladislav .kudej@ok−
Mailing Adress:
Drásov 201
Příbram, PSČ: 261 01
ELEVATION 1529, RWY 06 − 24, INFO 118,75 MHz
the world under our wings…
Orbis Avia spol. s r.o. is a new Czech aircraft maintenance company licensed to
perform service and repair to a wide range of aircraft types under EASA Part 145
since 2010.
●Preparation of production line of a turboprop aircrafts SM-92TE Silver Fox
●Maintenance of piston and turboprop aircrafts MTOM above 5700 Kg
Since 2007, when work on the project of SM−92TE Silver Fox started, the company
began working with its partners and investors to finalize the development, certification and line production of the aircraft, finally succeeding in 2010. This new utility
multi−purpose aircraft has been long awaited by customers around the world and
instantly became the company’s brand.
Orbis Avia is currently focusing on obtaining other EASA certificates, such as Design
Organization Approval, Production Organization Approval, Maintenance Training
Organization Approval and Continuing Approved Maintenance Organization. It is
expected to obtain these certificates in the nearest future.
Orbis Avia is the nearest partner and member organization of the Heritage of Flying
Legends o.s. Česká Republika.
Established in year 2008.
Phoenix Air is young company with experienced workers,
constructors and pilots.
Our main target is development, production and servicing
of composite airplanes.
We are producing ultralight motorglider U−15 Phoenix
in versions with different engines including electric.
Serial production started in 2010.
Phoenix Air, s.r.o.,
Lochmanova 64,
562 01 Ústí nad Orlicí
Czech Republic
e−mail: [email protected]
Orbis Avia, spol. s r.o.,
Headquarter: U kříže 632/24, CZ
158 00, Prague 5
Subsidiary: International Airport
Hradec Králové (LKHK)
e-mail: [email protected]
PBS Velká Bíteš, a.s.
is a modern, prospering and dynamically developing company. We
have reached a prominent position on the market not only in the Czech
Republic, but also in other countries. The PBS Velká Bíteš, a.s., gained
during more than fifty years’ history of the company a considerable
reputation and experience in design, development and production of
many different kinds of turbines for various purposes.
Turbojet engine
TJ 100A
Aircraft technique division
PBS Velká Bíteš, a.s.,
Vlkovská 279,
595 12 Velká Bíteš,
Czech Republic
e−mail: [email protected]
Turboprop engine
TP 100
Production programme of the Aviation Division
● Small turbine engines for unmanned air vehicles,
gliders and other applications
● SAFIR 5 APUs for various types of aircraft
● Air start turbines
● Air conditioning units for aeroplanes and helicopters
● Cogeneration (combined power/heat) units
● Transmissions/Gearboxes
● Low−temperature compressors,
helium expansion turbines,
Pumps, high−revolution machinery
Sdružení R4,
U Průhonu 3643,
27601 Mělník,
Czech Republic
[email protected]
The company is active in the aircraft and aircraft parts design, including the aircraft of the UL and LSA category
according to the customer’s requirements.
Schempp−Hirth, spol. s r.o.,
výroba letadel, Choceň
U Dvořiska 1733
P.O.Box 19, 565 01 Choceň
tel.: 465 352 651, fax: 465 352 659
e−mail: [email protected]
Schempp-Hirth, spol. s.r.o. Choceň was founded in
1996 as the successor of Orličan Choceň's Aircraft
division. The new company took over all employees
and the entire production program of the old company,
which included the production of Discus CS sailplane
under license since 1990. At that time production of the
Janus sailplane seized after 30 pieces were completed
and from January 1995 the company gradually started
production of the Duo Discus sailplane.
During the coming years Schempp-Hirth Choceň participated in making parts for other types of aircraft,
such as fuselages for Discus 2b and Ventus 2b, tail
feathers for the Ventus 2c sailplanes and various metal
To date Schempp-Hirth Choceň has made more than
331 Discus CS sailplanes, participated in production of
611 Duo Discus sailplanes and made metal parts for
another 520 gliders of various types.
In 2007 Schempp-Hirth Choceň took over the production of wings for the VL-3 for Aveko and participated
in design and preparation of manufacturing of an
amphibian airplane.
Sky Paragliders, a.s.
Actual production
Fides 3
Atis 3
Ares 2
Eris 4
Antea K2
Cima K2
Metis 2
Atis 2 freestyle
paragliding equipment since 1988
Sky Paragliders is a Czech manufacturer with seat in
Northern Moravia with yearly production of up to 1360
paragliders, 6500 reserve parachutes and about 960
harnesses. The complete production, marketing and
sale/after sale services is in high season provided for
by up to 100 employees. The company has its own
production capacity with the latest production technologies for paragliding equipment manufacturing −
automatic cutting device, automatic sewing/stitching
machines and the CNC technology for strap and line
system adjustments.
Sky Paragliders certifies all its products both in the
DHV and EN laboratories. Sky Paragliders holds
the DHV status of a manufacturer and is just about to
finish its ISO certification now.
We specialize in design, manufacturing, sales and maintenance
of all-metal and carbon-composite light aircraft ((UL/LSA category)
for recreational flying, pilot training and special operations.
Our aircraft provides safety, prestige and emotion to our worldwide customers.
We are also a certified component supplier for aeronautical industry.
JIHLAVAN airplanes, s.r.o.
Znojemská 826/64
586 01 Jihlava
Czech Republic
Tel. +420 567 115 312
Fax: +420 567 115 323
e-mail: [email protected]
Sky Paragliders, a.s.,
Okružní 39,
739 11 Frýdlant nad Ostravicí,
Czech Republic
tel.: +420 558 676 088,
fax: +420 558 675 305
e−mail: info@sky−−
High level of flight safety
Smooth and easy handling
Wide range of flight speed
Very short take-off and landing distances
High level of customization
Full factory customer service
ASTM certified materials and production
Long-term durability
Fast assembly and disassembly
Low maintenance cost
Drilling, milling, routing, forming, slotting, riveting, sealing, chromating
Additional equipment airplane cockpit
These are elements of upholstery, including
the dashboard, which are easy assembly
and disassembly. These elements do not
interfere in the cockpit and aircraft construction, to maintain the functionality and
safety of the crew.
The materials are certified and they can be
combined according to the manufacturer's
offer. Are engaged in production since 2007
and detailed processing is among the best
in this field.
We offer individual solutions to design the
cockpit for the aircraft manufacturer.
Office: Š+Š přesné autopotahy, s.r.o
Ústecká 28, 560 02 Česká Třebová
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 465 531 064
Fax: +420 465 530 230
GSM: +420 603 503 120
e-mail: [email protected]
● Is
a well−established
manufacturer of landing gears, control blocks,
hydraulic units, actuators
and other accessories for
airplanes and helicopters.
Aero Vodochody a.s.
Landing Gear Division
U Letiště 374
250 70 Odolena Voda
Czech Republic
Tel. +420 255 761 111
[email protected]
consolidated from
Technometra Radotin
● Has extensive experi-
ence in development and
production of landing
gears since 1930s, having produced more than
10 000 units.
● Has a high−quality tech-
nology base comprising all
qualifications, equipment
and services necessary
for development, manufacture, sales and after−sales
support of its products.
Airport, Building 125,
503 41 Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 49 548 23 92-3
TL Elektronic Inc. was founded in 1995 and has developed more then 40 instruments determined entirely for aircrafts.
Our products are glass cockpit solution EFIS+EMS Integra with 3D terrain together
with standard instruments for engine monitoring system, intercom, hourmeters,
altimeters, accelerometer, flight position logger etc. for ultralight aircrafts and
We are supplier to companies such as Honyewell, BAE systems, Red Bull Air Race
Team, BRP-Rotax, Extra Aircraft, Evektor, Czech Air Force and others.
Integra glass cockpit solution
Glass cockpit EFIS & EMS Integra TL-6624 is a multifunctional system that integrates all primary flight and engine instruments. The Integra
also includes navigation systems (HSI, CDI with connection to the popular Garmin SL-30) and worldwide 3-D terrain maps. Optional autopilot
servo with magnetic clutch of our own production (torque 4.5Nm / 40in/lb, weight 0.7kg/1.5lb) with no force in the steering when autopilot is
not activated and with remotely controlled slip.
Established in 1989 in Hradec Králové,
TL−ULTRALIGHT has produced more than
1000 ultralight aircraft. The TL-ULTRALIGHT
factory uses the most sofisticated machines
such as CNC lathes, CNC milling cutters,
water jet cutting and 9 meter (30feet) long
5-axis milling cutter. This equipment allows
TL-ULTRALIGHT to keep up with the latest
technology and to offer the best quality
products. You are welcome to visit us for
a factory tour and a demonstration flight.
Letiště − budova č. 84
503 41 Hradec Králové, Czech Republic
Tel: +420 495 211 753
Tel: +420 495 218 910
e−mail: [email protected]−
Tomáš Podešva,
výroba, opravy
a servis ultralehkých letadel,
783 96 Újezd u Uničova 87,
Czech Republic
tel.: +420 605 550 708, 605 255 605
skype: tomas.podesva
e−mail: [email protected]
Primary (certified) aicraft line:
Trener UL, Tulák Dandy, Piper UL Cubby, Amigo
Custom−made types, replicas:
Me 109 UL, Fokker DVIII UL, Stearman UL,
Aero C104 UL, Brigadýr UL
The company activities consist of production of custom−designed airplanes, replicas, as well as aircraft made to the speciffications
provided by clients. We specialize mainly the "classical" style aircraft − made of standard materials (metal and wood); the starting
structural element of our aircraft is the steel tube truss or the all−metal semi−monocoque structure. Thanks to our in−house design
capability we are able to fulfill various, often unconventional, clients’ requests (providing the design solution for mono−, bi− or triplanes;
high−, mid− or low−wing, side−by−side or tandem seating arrangement, etc.).
Besides the manufacturing activities we provide also the servicing − we carry out inspections and checks, repairs and overhauls of
light aircraft and we offer all other aviation services, e.g. supply of spare parts, modifications and rebuilding of aircraft etc.
Za viaduktem 429,
400 01 Ústí nad Labem, e-mail: [email protected]
We are pleased to inform you that we have resumed manufacture of the Allegro 2007 aircraft. This Allegro
model was born through cooperation between the Kábrt brothers from Vanessa Air and the Czech
Technical University in Prague. This high-wing monoplane driven by Rotax engines has proven to possess
very good flight features and pleasant manoeuvrability at low speeds. The fuselage is made of composite
materials and the wings, elevator and rudder are made of metal.
The Allegro's manufacturer, ULAS s.r.o., is based in Ústí nad Labem, in the north of the Czech Republic,
and the manufacturing is certified under ČSN EN ISO: 9000. We have resumed manufacturing and hope
to see continuing growth in sales on world markets.
The aircraft has gained certification in the Czech Republic and Germany for towing gliders, and it is certified in the LSA category in the USA. We offer a wide range of flight and engine instruments, from standard
items to fully digital equipment. The cockpit is comfortable and spacious. These and many other features
of the new Allegro are reflected in the very positive responses from experienced pilots.
Complete ULL and GA aircraft care l flying school l pilot´s training l real and simulator procedures
Call us or visit at:, +420 777 769 722 in English, German, Polish and Czech languages
Aviation Technology
(Avionics, ECU / FADEC)
Power Electronics
Critical Control Systems
Micro−turbine Control
Embedded Systems
● Research and development
● Analysis, HW & SW design, testing
● Certification (DO/254, DO/178B, DO/160E)
● Prototype and serial production
Jundrovská 33, 624 00 Brno, Czech Republic, tel.: +420 541 515 111, fax: +420 541 210 361, e−mail: [email protected]
The company activities are aimed especially
at the design and calculus work for the UL and
sports aircraft and includes:
− preliminary design and design studies of aircraft
− design using CAD (Solid Works)
− stress calculations (FEM NASTRAN)
− aerodynamic calculations
− consulting
− design of both static, stress and flight testing
G304 Shark
HPH, 2006
Samba XXL
Urban Air, 2004
Aveko, 2004
TL-96 Star
TL-Ultralight, 1997
U-15 Phoenix
Phoenix Air
Raven 257
Wolfberg Aircraf, 2000
Allegro 2000
Fantasy Air, 1999
TL Ultralight, 2008
HPH, 1997
UFM-13 Lambáda
Urban-Air, 1996
Wuest Gmbh, 2009
TL-2000 Sting Carbon
TL-Ultralight, 2001
The company specialises in design
and calculation of composite aircraft.
Vanessa air, s.r.o.,
Toulovcovo nám. 1163,
570 01 Litomyšl,
Czech Republic
Verner Motor, is on the market since 1991.
Its main production programme is the
development and manufacture of engines
for ultralight and Experimental category
aircraft including replicas. The company
produced over 900 engines, powering
also some hovercraft and also some other
vehicles and equipment. Currently the
Verner Motor, offers the proven VM−133M
engine of 62 kW / 86 HP and this year
brings a newly developed JCV−360 engine
of 25,7 kW / 35 HP, designed for use in
powered paraglider trikes and ultralight
single−seaters. The company also finishes
development of even smaller JCV−180
engine of 13,5 kW / 18 HP and now
in prototypes undergoes evaluation also
a small five−cylinder radial engine slated
especially for the historic aircraft replicas.
e−mail: [email protected]
Verner Motor
New JCV−360 engine (above),
the well−proven VM−133M (left)
Scarlet - prototype of a small five−cylinder
radial (below)
JCV MOTOR, s.r.o.
Strojní 562, 788 13 Vikýřovice, Czech Republic
e−mail: [email protected]
VZLÚ - Výzkumný a zkušební letecký ústav, a.s.
a major aeronautical research and testing centre in the Czech Republic
• CFD computations and simulations, flight mechanics, optimisation, aircraft and
UAV/UAS aerodynamic design
• affordable wind tunnel testing from 2000 EUR/day (test section 3 m, flow speed up
to 70 m/s)
• FEA, structure analyses and computing, aeroelasticity analyses, material analyses
• structural testing - static and fatigue testing, test of landing gears, test of metal
and composite structures, coupon and material testing, bird strike tests, NDT
• ground vibration testing and modal analyses
• composite structures design and infusion production technologies development
• aircraft propellers design and testing
• combustion research and turbine engine testing and engineering
• mechanical and climatic testing, corrosion engineering
Address: VZLÚ, Beranových 130, 199 05 Prague, CZ
Contacts: e-mail: [email protected], tel: +420 225 115 332
W−Motor−Service is a small Czech company with fifteen years of tradition, active
in the field of repair, restoration, design and building of current and vintage/veteran
aircraft engines and airframes. Among the more common production engines we
repair and refurbish mainly the Walter Minor line and the M series (Avia) for the
Zlin aerobatic and touring aircraft. Of the historic engines we maintain and repair
mainly the radials − Shvetsov ASh−21 (7 cylinders), ASh−62 (9 cylinders), ASh−82
(14 cylinders) and others. The W−Motor−Service company also provide for supply of
spare parts for the abovementioned engines.
W−Motor Service, s.r.o.,
Letište Bubovice,
267 18 Karlštejn,
Czech Republic
tel: +420 311 670 031
fax: +420 311 670 032
mob.: 602 393 155
skype: wmotorservice
e−mail: w−m−[email protected]
paramotors equipment
WALKERJET paramotors equipment is a Czech manufacturer of engines and paramotors. Located near Pilsen (west Bohemia) its products
find their way to customers all over the world.
The process of a continous development and innovation culminated
in a model range 2011 which meets the toughest reliability and quality
requirements, placing its products among the best in the field of PPG
in the world.
Currently the company offers two models of engines F100 and F200
both with electric starter and two models of paramotors equiped by
these engines.
Tatiná 32
330 11 p. Třemošná
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420776555509, +420602314406
[email protected]
[email protected]
Vodolská 4,
25070 Odolena Voda,
Czech Republic
tel. 00420 283 971 309
fax. 00420 283 970 286
mob. 00420 724 049 595
e−mail: [email protected]
WOODCOMP came into existence at the end of 2000 as
a result of merger of the two largest manufacturers of aircraft
propellers in Czech Republic having a rich and long tradition.
The result of this merger is a high−tech company, with production capacity of more than 2000 propellers annually and with
a top daily prodution rate of 38 units. The company employs
30 qualified workers. Customers can visit the deve−lopment
and testing facility at the company premises and also the
special shops for processing and testing of wood, composite
materials and metals. In the production program there are
tens of types and more than 150 versions of aircraft propellers
of fixed geometry, ground adjustable and variable pitch. The
propellers are produced almost for all types of engines and
aircraft in the UL, LSA, Experimental and also in PPG category.
We offer here the all−wood propellers, all−composite and also
the wood−composite propellers. The propellers are marketed
and exported into 40 countries worldwide. Our propellers are
designed for piston engines up to 220 kW/ 300 HP.
Sales and maintenance/repair centres are in 40 countries
Quality system: MOA, DOA, POA.
ZLIN AIRCRAFT a.s. is a successor of the traditional production of world reputable training, sport and
aerobatic ZLIN aircraft.
More than 50 types of ZLIN have been produced
since 1934 and over 5600 of them supplied to more
than 60 countries around the world.
ZLIN AIRCRAFT a.s. offers complex service and
maintenance activities on aircraft at ZLINservice
center together with maintenance management at
ZLINcamo organization.
ZLIN AIRCRAFT a.s. also provides training for pilots.
Support of ZLIN aircraft operations includes the
training of mechanics and engineers for all levels of
maintenance of both types produced.
ZLIN AIRCRAFT a.s. also manufactures flight components for other aircraft manufacturers – in particular wheels, brakes and individual ensembles of
aircraft fuselage.
ZLIN AIRCRAFT a.s. Letiště 1578
76581 Otrokovice
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 725 266 711
Fax: +420 226 013 830
[email protected]
Since 1999 the construction of the
Savage planes (which employ the
best aeronautical materials coming
from USA, Italy and France) started
in Czech Republic and it is carried
by the aeronautical company ZLIN
All workers are fully qualified and
have gained extensive experience in
the Country's most important aeronautical companies (Moravan, Let,
etc.). The production line features
a whole series of product quality
controls and construction checks.
Zlin Aviation s.r.o. actually is manufacturing the Savage Classic, the
Savage Cruiser and the Savage Cub.
The company will introduce a new
model named Savage Bobber for the
first time at the next German internation exibition of Friedrichshafen. The
Savage Bobber has been designed
to become a new original idea for
real flying enthusiasts.
2 Kvetna 685
Czech Republic
[email protected]
Zlin−Avion service, s.r.o., is a company
with many years of experience in overhauls,
repairs and alterations of various types of
sport and training aircraft, mainly of the Zlin
Aircraft serviced by Zlin-Avion service, s.r.o.
can be found flying in many countries around
Europe and overseas.
Zlin−Avion service, s.r.o.,
Letiště 1618, P.O.Box 1,
765 02 Otrokovice 2,
Czech Republic
Tel.: 420 577 921 781, 420 577 921 782
e-mail: milan.jancar@zlin−
[email protected]