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La Serena
Fortsatt fare
for etterskjelv
Puerto Montt
Sponsored by
Nazca-platen beveger
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Infomaker is one of Scandinavia’s leading
for newspaper and media companies. The software solutions of the
company include Pickup for managing
ads andNTB / USGS.GOV
images, XLibris® for archiving articles, pages and images,
and Newspilot® for editorial work. Infomaker serves more
than 110 newspapers in Sweden, Norway and Finland.
500 km
Storytelling in
a Multiplatform
Wild Story­
telling Caviar
n How things we do have
Channel Surf­
ing: Editorial
Design for
Modern Media
#twjourn –
Expand Your
Newsroom With
140 Characters
n How to encourage
user-created content and
what to give back to your
embraces technology,
interface design and
branding, is there still
space for us to be art
directors and journalists?
n It is time to break down
the barriers! Presenting
information beyond
the printed page, using
interactivity, video,
photography, dynamic
databases, and anything
else that exists in the
digital world.
Anna Thurfjell
Bente Kalsnes
Mark Porter
John Grimwade
Kinga Sanden
Thursday 15.00
FRIDAY 10.00
FRIDAY 11.00
Juan Antonio Giner
(Barcelona, Spain) is the
president and founder of
INNOVATION International
Media Consulting Group
and he is based in the UK.
He was the first European
Director of the SND, founder
of the SND Spanish Chapter
and the Malofiej Awards. As
a consultant he has done
work for more than one
hundred media companies
in Europe, America, Asia and
Middle East. His last work
was the creation of “I”, the
new compact and compelling
Portuguese daily-newsmagazine, and the relaunch
formula of Libération in
Paris. Editor since 1999 of the
Global Report published in
Paris by the World Association
of Newspaper (WAN). He was
called «An Outspoken Fan of
Newspapers» by the Harvard
University Nieman Journalism
Read his blog on
Anna W Thurfjell has worked
as an editorial newspaper
designer since 2000 with the
majority of that time spent
as Art Director of Svenska
Dagbladet. During that period
she had the opportunity
and trust to develop the 125
year-old quality newspaper
to a modern contemporary
newspaper. When it relaunched in November 2004 it
was considered a ‘role model’
in the Nordic newspaper
market. Anna has also been
a judge at newspaper design
competitions: European
Newspaper Competition,
Berlin 2009, SND, Syracuse,
US 2009 and SND/S, Billund,
Denmark 2008. Her latest
work was the re-launch of SvD
in August 2009, the redesign
is both the daily and weekend
paper and all supplements.
Bente Kalsnes is a
communication advisor at
Origo.no. Origo is a Norwegian
social network which offers
people digital tools for group
blogs, image sharing and
advanced calendar features.
Origo is also the community
tool for 50 local and regional
newspapers in A-pressen, a
Norwegian media concern.
Kalsnes is writing a
technology column for
the Norwegian weekly
Morgenbladet, and before
joning Origo, Kalsnes worked
as a freelance journalist
in Brussels, writing about
technology and the EU. She
has a Master of Arts degree
in communcation technology
from Georgetown University,
Washington DC. She has
also written for Dagbladet,
Morgenbladet, Mandag
Morgen, Dag og Tid, Dagens
Mark Porter is an editorial
designer. He was born
in Scotland and studied
modern languages at Oxford
University. Initially selftaught, he learnt from some
of London and New York’s best
art directors.
He has designed a range of
award-winning magazines
and newspapers including,
Wired, Colors. Internazionale
(Italy), Público (Portugal),
Het Financieele Dagblad
(Netherlands) and NZZ am
Sonntag (Switzerland).
He joined The Guardian
in 1995, and in 2005 he
masterminded the seminal
Guardian relaunch, which
has become a benchmark of
contemporary newspaper
He then oversaw the redesign
of guardian.co.uk, and now
divides his time between print
and digital projects for the
Guardian and other clients.
He has been awarded the
top honours in the industry,
including World’s Best
Designed at the Society for
News Design, a gold medal
from the Society of Publication
Designers, and a black pencil
in the D&AD global awards.
John Grimwade is Graphics
Director of Condé Nast
Traveler magazine, and has
his own information graphics
business. It is surprisingly
named: “John Grimwade
Information Graphics.” www.
He has freelanced for over
30 other magazines. Before
moving to the U.S, he worked
for 14 years in newspapers in
London (including 6 years as
Head of Graphics at The Times
in London). He co-hosts the
annual Malofiej “Show Don’t
Tell” infographics workshop
in Pamplona, Spain, and has
lectured at many conferences
around the world.
Kinga Sanden is international
news editor and reporter at
the regional Swedish daily
Sydsvenska Dagbladet.
She won the Bonnier Great
Journalist Award, Renewer
of the Year 2009, for her
way to use the microblog
twitter to research, find new
sources, involve readers in
the journalistic process and
publish. She reported on
twitter in real-time from
Teheran during and after the
Iranian election (but rescued
the last fax machine from the
garbage by faxing her last
article to the newsroom after
the internet and the mobile
network were shut down).
Kinga Sanden started working
as a journalist in 2005.
She came to Sydsvenska
Dagbladet as a domestic news
reporter in 2006 after working
at Dagens Nyheter and Quick
n How micro-visual
What Makes the
Weekend Spin
Make the
Public Work
With You
been forever altered and
how to bring print and
digital components in
greater unity.
journalism and
multimedia integrated
newsrooms will save our
n A look around the
world Weekend history,
weekend now, weekend
trends, weekend-fatigue?
Dr. Mario
R. García
Juan Antonio
Dr. Mario R. Garcia is CEO
and founder of Garcia Media.
Mario has 39 years of Design
and teaching experience
and has redesigned over 550
websites worldwide.
Presently, Dr. Garcia helps
media houses worldwide
to rethink their products to
survive in a multiplatform
world. He is author of a
dozen books including his
most recent, Pure Design.
He served as Professor at
Syracuse University (New
York) and the University of
South Florida; and, since 1984,
has been a faculty member
at The Poynter Institute for
Media Studies, St. Petersburg,
Fl., where he founded the
visual journalism department,
and has conducted Eye Track
Research with Dr. Pegie StarkAdam, and is now a member
of the Institute’s National
Advisory Board.
He has won numerous awards
from the Society of News
Design as well as receiving the
First Lifetime Achievement
Award for his work as a
newspaper designer.
PEOPLE Magazine included
Mario Garcia on its 2007 list
of the 100 most influential
Hispanics in the world.
Mario posts a daily blog.
See TheMarioBlog, www.
”Opera 2010”
n As our job grows and
n How a small newspaper
found readers around
the world, got more
unique international
content and beat BBC in
their own backyard twice
(you can do it too). Lab
Infomaker and
Trelleborgs Allehanda
will host a editorial lab for
participants to explore and
discuss efficient workflow
with the editorial system
Home pages are
now branding’s
heart and soul
iPad enough!
Visions of
Media Services
… and make them enjoy,
be entertained and
informed. A survey of
devices and techniques
for grabbing the reader.
n Yet more things we
love and hate about
newspapers, design and
the internet. A slightly
different slant to the rest
of the program - with a
little bit of humour.
n Researchers and nine
Swedish newspapers
worked together to
envision future media
services bringing readers
and advertisers closer to
the newspaper.
Luke Hayman
Terry Watson
Carina Ihlström
Eriksson and
Maria Åkesson
Jacek Utko
Luke Hayman was born in
Hertfordshire, England and
studied graphic design at
Central St. Martin’s School
of Art, London, graduating
with honors in 1988. He has
lived and worked in New York
City since 1992. He joined
Pentagram as a partner in
December 2006.
Hayman has wide-ranging
expertise in the design of
magazines, books, identities
and exhibitions.
His work has been recognized
by the American Society of
Magazine Editors, the Society
of Publication Designers,
the American Institute of
Graphic Arts and the Art
Directors Club. His tenure at
New York culminated in 2006
and 2007 with a prestigious
National Magazine Award
for excellence in magazine
design from the American
Society of Magazine Editors.
New York was also twice
named Magazine of the Year
by the Society of Publication
Design and received an award
from British Design and Art
Direction (D&AD).
Hayman has served as the
vice president of the Society
of Publication Designers and
currently sits on the board of
the New York chapter of the
American Institute of Graphic
Arts. He teaches at the School
of Visual Arts.
As one of the Founding
directors of Palmer Watson,
Terry has been consultant
together with co-founder Ally
Palmer since 1998 and have a
record of creating respected,
innovative and durable
designs for newspapers and
magazines across the world.
Before becoming consultants,
they both worked with The
Scotsman’s titles in their home
town of Edinburgh, Scotland.
They first met at Scotland on
Sunday where they discovered
a mutual love of music
discussing the various merits
of The Fall and Prince. They
still can’t agree.
In recent years they have
been involved in launches,
redesigns and relaunches
across Europe and in South
America, Africa, Russia and
Four of Palmer Watson’s
projects, The Scotsman, The
European, The Herald and
Politiken, have been included
amongst the World’s Best
Designed Newspapers at the
Society of News Design.
Carina Ihlström Eriksson
is Associate Professor at
Halmstad University. She is
research leader of the Media
IT research group (media-it.
hh.se) and has been project
leader of several research
projects with the Swedish
newspaper industry, e.g.
DigiNews, UbiMedia and
LoCoMedia. She wrote
her PhD thesis called “The
Evolution of a New(s) Genre”
about the establishment of
online newspapers and has
published over 50 articles at
international conferences and
Maria Åkesson is Assistant
Professor at Halmstad
University. She is a researcher
in the Media IT research
group (media-it.hh.se) and
has been engaged several
research projects with the
Swedish newspaper industry,
e.g. DigiNews, UbiMedia
and LoCoMedia. She wrote
her PhD thesis titled “Digital
Innovation in the Value
Networks of Newspapers”
about the digitization of news
media and the associated
opportunities and challenges.
Her research has been
published in international
journals and conferences.
Make Them
Look …
Content for New
Hall of Femmes
and storytelling, the
Oslo Opera
n Preparing for the
Journalism in a
Changing World
future, newspapers need
to launch a continuous
stream of new digital
products, many of them
reusing existing content.
n The impact from trends
and forces surrounding
the media are causing
changes in journalism
and editorial products.
n The project Hall of
Femmes - initiated by
the Swedish graphic
design studio Hjärta
Smärta - draws
attention to the
female role models in
graphic design and art
Staffan Lamm,
Björn Engström
& David Hellsing
John Einar
Jens Barland
Hjärta Smärta
Simon Ewings
Kenny Bogø
FRIDAY 16.30
Jacek Utko, Polish designer,
based in Warsaw. After
obtaining an architectural
degree, he began his career as
an architect.
After a few years, he became
the art director for Puls
Biznesu (a newspaper
run by Swedish Bonnier
Business Press), and then
later advanced as the
design director for the
whole BBP group for eight
Central European countries.
Despite working with small
newspapers with small
staffs and small budgets, he
collected more than forty
awards in various design
competitions for front pages,
redesigns, and individual
Two of the papers he
redesigned, Poland¹s Puls
Biznesu and Estonia¹s Aripaev,
were named ³World¹s Best
Designed Newspaper² by
Society for News Design. In
2009 he was a speaker at TED
conference in Long Beach.
Recently he was a speaker for
various conferences around
the world.
F&B is ranked as one of the
world’s foremost web agencies
– even though they aren’t a
web agency. Instead Forsman
& Bodenfors is a Swedish ad
agency that, early on, began
to work with the web in a
completely integrated way.
Everyone at the agency is
expected to be a web creative,
and that’s one key to their
success. In order to stay at the
forefront digital specialists
and web directors collaborate
closely with the work
groups. Unlike many other
advertising agencies, Forsman
& Bodenfors works on home
pages. That is a result of the
insight that the soul of a
brand is more and more being
formed on the web.
Among Forsman & Bodenfors
clients are brand names such
as IKEA, Tele2 and Volvo, as
well as media companies like
The Gothenburg Post, Swedish
Television and Swedish Radio.
Forsman & Bodenfors has
taken gold and grand prizes
at all the big international
ad shows such as the Cannes
Lions Festival, The One Show,
D&AD, New York Festivals and
Eurobest. Read more at fb.se.
Speakers: Staffan Lamm,
designer and web director.
Björn Engström, copywriter
and senior partner. David
Hellsing, web designer at the
Aino production company.
John Einar Sandvand works
as digital media strategist at
Aftenposten. Among his tasks
are exploring new platforms
to present Aftenposten’s
content and trying to find
ways to make user payment
work for digital products.
Sandvand has long editorial
experience a variety of
positions, including being
Asia correspondent, assistant
managing editor for editorial
production and responsible
for building up Aftenposten’s
travel web site.
He happily discusses digital
media trends on his blog
BetaTales and on Twitter
Jens Barland will elaborate
about these trends and pick
examples from his research
project concerning changes in
Jens Barland (43) is a PhD
candidate at the University
of Oslo, researching on
journalism. His professional
background is from media
management and newsrooms,
holding positions as deputy
editor in Aftenposten (200509), editor-in-chief and CEO
in Stavanger Aftenblad (200002), and various positions
in Dagbladet (1987-99).
Another major engagement
for Barland is involvement
in international cooperation
concerning press freedom.
Hjärta Smärta is an award
winning independent graphic
design studio in Stockholm,
established in 2001 by Angela
Tillmann Sperandio and
Samira Bouabana. They are
working with a wide range of
commissions - from company
profiles to exhibition graphics
and book design. In Oslo they
will present Hall of Femmes
and explain in more detail
about two-three design
Simon Ewings is a Senior
Architect with Snøhetta
and has been influential
in developing several key
projects, notably the recently
completed National Opera in
Oslo where he was Snøhettas
design team leader and senior
site architect.
Kenny Bogø works as Business
Development Manager
at Adobe Systems Nordic
where he focuses on rich
internet experiences and
how companies can expand
existing business models
with creative use of digital
content. Kennys background
is from Copenhagen Business
School combined with 10+
years of experience in the
communication universe.
n Forsman & Bodenfors
10 Ideas to
Save Your
reveals how they work on
web strategy and design
via short case studies and
an indepth look at the
Gothenburg Opera’s new
site that has attracted a
lot of attention. Website:
n A presentation of the
design processes and
intentions for the Oslo
Opera House.
n ... by the use of rich
internet publications
on any device.
The event will be held at
Thon Hotel Opera in Oslo,
Christian Frederiksplass 5,
phone +47 24104000.
Thon Hotel Opera is located
at the Airport Express
terminal at Oslo Central
Station. All public transport
can be found right outside
the door. The hotel has a
great view of the Oslo Fjord
and the Opera House in
Participation Fees
Participation and fees are
divided in four alternative
SNDSs members: 795
EURO including the total
program and meals from
Thursday to Saturday.
Non-members: 895 EURO
including the total program
and meals from Thursday to
Saturday. Such participation
will include one year
membership and the fee for
members at the next year’s
SNDS workshop.
Engage your
readers and
One day ticket:
390 EURO, for
members and nonmembers, includes the
conference program and
lunch Friday April 23. Dinner
is not included.
One day ticket for
students: 125 EURO
includes the conference
program and lunch Friday
April 23.
Dinner is not included.
Register online at
From 12:00 – Registration
13:30-14:30 Guided tour
in Aftenposten and the
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20:00 Award ceremony Best of Scandinavian News
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