News2You online newspaper - T-Room


News2You online newspaper - T-Room
Presenters: Marion Dell and Sharon Day
October 2013
News2You online newspaper
News‐2‐You's weekly format of simple symbol‐supported text,
charts, maps and graphs is tailored specifically for beginning and
struggling readers. It subscribes to the thought that a regular dose
of current events can achieve a multitude of positive teaching
goals. Build language, vocabulary, reading comprehension, critical
thinking, problem solving, oral expression, and turn‐taking and
listening skills
Offer ideal opportunities for cooperative group instruction,
classroom debates and directed follow‐up discussions
Newspapers help teach students to be effective readers
Newspapers can help develop and improve student vocabulary,
word recognition skills and comprehension
Weekly News
Every week, students will connect with the world by
reading about current events and doing pertinent
activities. Games, puzzles, recipes, jokes, and more
review material are included in the newspaper to keep
students engaged in their studies all week. A subscription
also includes monthly newspapers in the summer, with 41
editions published per year.
News 2 You in action
Each week, students connect with the world
through symbol-supported news articles and
dozens of worksheets, games, and activities.
News‐2‐You stands alone as the national
newspaper for special education.
We’ve had a child who was never able to
read go to reading independently with the
help of News-2-You."
Judy W. (Peoria, Illinois)
For more information in Monroe County, please contact:
[email protected]
[email protected]

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