Sometimes marketers get caught up in the creative process and


Sometimes marketers get caught up in the creative process and
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Sometimes marketers get caught up in
the creative process and forget it’s about
selling products, says BrandWorld MD
Richard Stevens.
what’s the biggest mistake some marketers make?
Some marketers seem to have completely abdicated their sales and ROI
responsibilities to their company sales teams. Marketing is selling and
everything should lead to sales. It’s not about how clever the packaging is
or how entertaining the ad is. It’s about giving consumers a reason to buy;
about identifying what’s in it for them.
What does that mean in practice?
Lion’s ‘Made to Match’ and Wattie’s ‘Food in a Minute’ integrated
projects are classic examples of how you can give consumers a reason
to buy your products.
Giving beer lovers the knowledge and an excuse to drink good beer with
food was what many people wanted. They wanted to turn up to a BBQ
with beer, not with wine!
Same with ‘Food in a Minute’. Yes, busy mums like to know beans are
nutritious, but more importantly they want to know how they can use
them to provide quick, interesting and tasty meals for their kids.
It’s a fact of life: when you give to people, they’ll normally reciprocate.
It’s the oldest sales technique in the book - trade useful, interesting
information and you get engagement – but it’s also the one that’s most
often forgotten.
Q But how do you know what consumers
need to hear?
It’s hard. We mix our experience and the latest consumer insight research
to understand and then carefully test scenarios. Then you’ve got to make
sure you use the best media channels and programmes, balancing online
and/or television, to make your target consumers really sit up and take
notice. But that’s a whole other story.
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