Path of the Faery Seer
Saturday, September 26th Sunday, September 27th, 2009.
Metaphysical Research Society
1001 East 7th Avenue
Denver, Co
$150 for both days
[email protected]
A Weekend Intensive with
Orion Foxwood The Faery
Seership tradition is a collection of
lore, customs, techniques and
prohibitions, which originate in the
Celtic and pre-Celtic tribes of Europe.
It focuses on the living inner common
wealth of the sacred land and
humanity's spiritual cousins in the
other world. It is a philosophy, way of
life and a paradigm through which
we, as humans can re-enter alliance
with the Earth, other living creatures,
the plant/tree kingdom and other
races of beings which share the
Earth's surface and underworld life
with us. The tradition is quite old and
has survived to date in many areas of
Europe and America in folk magic
tradition, ballads and lore. This
intensive will cover the fundamental
beliefs and basic elements of this
stream of the Old Religion and its
relevance to magical and mystical
human development