Erotic Sign 12/09: page 34


Erotic Sign 12/09: page 34
individual products and their sensual qualities. For example you have the “Sinfonia“, which typifies the musical category Symphonies
and the slightly curved
silicone sex toy can
be used both vaginally and anally. The
“Harmonia“ is literally a manifestation
of harmony, which
basically means ‘origin’. In the music it
is the anchoring point
of all melodies, to that
effect, for Orion and Close2you,
the ”Harmonia“ is a linear shaped G-spot
vibrator with an anatomically fitted design. A
musical opus generally means the complete
works of an individual artist – and one such
artist is the pleasure provider “Opus“, with
its bent angle of 180 degrees that makes
it easy to reach the depths of the G-spot
and at the same time, offering stimulation to
any other part of the body for that matter.
It is not only violin players that will be able
to enjoy the “Legamento“, but in music they
predominantly play two notes in a legamento, letting them melt into one. Once again
the name of this toy says it all, because
the ”Legamento“ is a clitoral vibrator with
two different stimulation spots. The Orion
designers have taken just as much freedom
as a composer would do when writing a
rhapsody, in developing the “Rhapsodia“,
which stands out because of its imaginative
shape with the different sized beads, which
contain vibro-balls within. Furthermore, the
More variety for couples: ”Rhapsodia“
34 erotic
The promise of
deep resonating enjoyment “Opus”
“Rhapsodia“ is not only
good for anal and vaginal enjoyment, it is
also perfect for massages or foreplay. The
encore is given by the “Glissando“. Musically, the term glissando means that one
should move smoothly from one note to the
next. In the world of erotic accessories, a
lubricant is just begging to have this as its
product name. These are all prime examples
of musical manifestations, which couldn’t
have been better conceived, as the Orion
Press Representative, Ann-Kathrin Döbbeke, confirmed: ”With Close2you we are
taking a new direction in the love toy sector.
We have included the fusion of music and
emotions in the product philosophy. We see
the Close2you products as instruments of
passion and have symbolically included this
in the design. The corresponding decoration
was derived from a clef.“
The first presentation of the new
was almost just
as important as
a well-thoughtout design concept, which is
why the people
at Orion were
very happy to find
a well-known German celebrity, Nadja
Abd El Farrag, as the
face for their advertising
campaign. After all, Nadja
Abd El Farrag was the Venus
ambassador 2009 and in Germany she
is generally recognised for lifestyle and
enjoying life to the full, and thanks to her
experience as a singer and as DJ Jane,
she also has a musical connection, so she
is basically the perfect candidate. As well as
this, the toys of the new collection are of
such high quality and so elegant, that a person who is in the public eye isn’t ashamed
to associate herself with them, as Nadja
Abd El Farrag confirmed: ”These days it is
natural to speak about erotic products without any inhibitions. I am really impressed
with the Close2you products and wouldn’t
think twice about recommending them to a
friend!” If you would like to find out more
about the new musical themed products
from Orion, please go to www.close2you.
de, or contact Hauke Christiansen at [email protected], tel: 0049 461 5040210,
fax: 0049 461 5040244
A stylised clef as the distinguishing feature of the “Legamento“

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