Email from the DFG - San Diego Rod and Reel



Email from the DFG - San Diego Rod and Reel
SDRRC Editor:
Gary Mouritzen
[email protected]
(619) 571-8787
Email from the DFG:
Fish and Game Code Section2353 (a) Birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, or amphibians shall not be imported or
possessed in this state unless all of the following requirements are met:
(1) The animals were legally taken and legally possessed outside of this state.
(2) This code and regulations adopted pursuant thereto do not expressly prohibit their possession in this
(3) A declaration is submitted to the department or a designated state or federal agency at or immediately before
the time of entry, in the form and manner prescribed by the department.
(b) Birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, or amphibians legally taken and legally possessed outside of this state may be
imported into this state and possessed without a declaration if the shipment is handled by a common carrier under a
bill of lading or as supplies carried into this state by common carriers for use as food for the passengers.
(c) The commission and the department shall not modify this section by any regulation that would prohibit the
importation of lawfully killed migratory game birds taken in any other state or country and transported into this
state pursuant to the migratory bird regulations adopted annually by the Secretary of the Interior
Title 14 C C R§ 28.10. Giant (Black) Sea Bass.
(a) May not be taken off California. All fish taken incidental to other fishing activity shall be immediately returned
to the water where taken.
(b) Limit: Two per angler per trip when fishing south of United States-Mexico border. A valid fishing permit or
license from the Mexican government constitutes proof that fish were taken legally.
As far as illegal fish, if the regulation states it is legal to POSSESS in Mexico, you cannot import into the US, perFish and Game Code 2353. When checking the regulations please look for the wording, such as Cow cod, section
28.55(b)(1), cannot possess or take.
Scott M Bringman
Southern Enforcement District
You can always research further by visiting the DFG web site at and do a search on there
for what you would like to look up.
FCM Billy Roach catches an 81 # Yellowfin tuna for the jack pot on the
Vagabond trip to Alijos Rocks while FCM Larry Coffeen gets a 44lb Wahoo
on the same trip. Nice feeesh guys! I am told that the guy in the middle
had never fished for tuna before … beginners luck!!! Ask Larry about that
interesting story.
Here’s the Post from Bill Roecker on
Cofe Cracks Lineup
Charter master Larry “Cofe” Coffeen of Cofe Products repairs and modifies
reels for long rangers, and on his six-day trip aboard the Vagabond with
skipper Mike Lackey he found the best Wahoo, a 44.2-pounder. He brought
it into the lineup with the two jackpot winners.
“The boat wasn’t crowded with 11 passengers,” said Cofe, “and Lackey beelined it to Alijos Rocks for two full days of fishing.”
“The first day was a pick,” said Larry, still recovering from a bout with the one-day flu (picked up next by skipper
Lackey, of course), “but then we settled in on the second day with a bunch of new fish that showed up around the
boat. Everybody got a couple of Wahoo and big yellowtail, and had at least five of the better-grade tuna.”
“We got a couple of Wahoo on balloons,” remembered Cofe, “and most of our fish on the flyline. The Wahoo ate
60-pound wire like it was mono. I got one with just two strands of wire left on my leader. The trip was sponsored
by Squidco, Five-Star Fish Processing, and Big Five.
Billy Roach of El Cajon won first place for his 86-pound tuna. He bagged that boy with a sardine on a 7/0
Gamakatsu hook on 40-pound Izorline and 80-pound Izorline Spectra. He said he used a Penn 16 S reel and a
Calstar 6460 rod.
FCM Bob Woodard Jr with another quality White Sea Bass he caught on
September 25th. The Ghost weighed in at 38 pounds … Way to go Bob!

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