Le Pacha Egypt Cairo Zamalek - Saray El Gezirah


Le Pacha Egypt Cairo Zamalek - Saray El Gezirah
Le Pacha Egypt Cairo Zamalek - Saray El Gezirah
phone: +202 2735 6730 fax: +202 2735 7905
website: www.lepacha.com email: [email protected]
Top 5 Best Restaurants in the Middle East & Africa Award Winner
A landmark of the Nile River, Le Pacha 1901 is also one of Cairo's
premier dining and entertainment venues.
Originally a floating palace from the turn of the century, Le Pacha was
transformed into a magical place featuring 10 fabulous restaurants and
several function rooms that offer delicious international cuisines,
Located in Zamalek.
Enjoy the delicious tastes of Le Pacha in the comfort of your own home,
office or wherever the craving strikes you! You can takeaway your favourite dishes or let us deliver to you
via our speedy delivery service (within 40 minutes in the immediate Cairo area.)
Spektrarestaurant &cafe Egypt 2523 Cairo Abd El-hamed Lotfy 14
phone: +2019491 mobile: +200109988290
website: spectrarestaurant.com email: [email protected]
As a team work of Spectra Restaurant & Café, we aim at promoting
the foodstuff industry through the branches we establish,
and through the new dishes.
we introduce that suit the Egyptian taste and integrate between
different cultures, by merging different Oriental and western
recipes to make new dishes that are a fusion of the Eastern and
the Western tastes with the overwhelming Egyptian touch.
This is achieved by utilizing the expertise of Spectra's crew and by
selecting the best products in the market; either the Egyptian-made
ones or the ones that are imported especially for Spectra.
Spectra has taken this step to maintain the challenging balance of serving a high-quality product but with a
moderate price which is non negotiable.
Cozy cafe & restaurant Egypt 2523 Alexandria Beside the Internotional Gardin
phone: +2033827444 mobile: +20127392398
website: www.cozycafealex.com email: [email protected]
Cozy is the place to enjoy an intimate & relaxed atmosphere,Here you
can eat , drink Relax & spend quality time with your Friends.
Marciano cafe & restaurant Egypt Alexandria Le Marche Mall
phone: +201221141972 mobile: +201149841444
website: www.marcianocafe.com email: [email protected]
Marciano Restaurant & Café – the authentic Italian cuisine. In spite of all
the competition, Marciano is distinguished by its new & special location
inside Le Marche Maall, beside the International Park, where you find
wide parking spaces & outdoor seating areas, in addition to, all the
entertainment facilities inside the café (shisha, Wi-Fi, Play Station,
parties). Marciano, a new & different concept in the world of restaurants
& cafés.
Cafe Rio Egypt Alexandria El Montazah Gardens
phone: +205474227 mobile: +20111455582
website: www.rio-cafe.com email: [email protected]
Why are we the best, you ask? Yes, we know why you're looking at this
section. You want to know what makes us so great. The answer is
pretty simple: we make all of our ingredients from scratch every day
and then combine them into a snazzy meal for you only after you order.
Just take a look in our super legit kitchens... they are filled with around
20 employees making fresh ingredients by the minute. Try finding that
anywhere else.
Another good thing to point out is that we are huge fans of ourselves.
We eat here all the time. We love our food. Is this cockyness? Nay. This
is confidence. By making food we love, we are confident that you will
love it too.
spektrarestaurant &cafe Egypt 2523 Cairo 14 Abd El-hamed Lotfy St., Cairo, Egypt
phone: 19491 mobile: 0109988290
website: http://spectrarestaurant.com email: [email protected]