CV - Zahran


CV - Zahran
Curriculum vitae
Mohamed Mounir-Zahran
Born in Cairo on 17 July 1935, married; son and daughter
Academic degrees
1956 Licence cum laude, Cairo University
1966 Doctorat d’État in public law, University of Paris
1956-1958 and since 2000 Attorney-at-Law, Cairo
1958 Joined the Egyptian Diplomatic Service
Member and/or Director of the Departments of International Organizations,
International Economic Affairs and Research, and the Cabinet of the Minister of
Foreign Affairs of Egypt
1985-1989 Ambassador to Morocco
1991-1999 Permanent Representative of Egypt to the United Nations, Geneva
Assumed different responsibilities as staff member of the Egyptian Embassies/
Missions in Paris, Brussels, Washington, D.C., and New York
1989-1990 Special Envoy of the President of Egypt to the African countries and
participant in the mediation between Senegal and Mauritania
1999-2001 Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cairo
Multilateral diplomacy
Represented Egypt in numerous international and regional conferences, including
the United Nations General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, sovereign
bodies of the specialized agencies and other international organizations, including
the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the
International Labour Organization, the World Health Organization, the General
Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, the International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO, the
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the World Trade
Organization, the International Organization for Migration, the League of Arab
States, the Organization of African Unity and the Organization of the Islamic
1992 President of the Committee of Participants of UNCTAD/GSTP, Geneva
1992 Vice-President of UNCTAD VIII, Cartagena, Colombia
1995 Chairman of the UNCTAD Standing Committee on Poverty Alleviation
1998-1999 Vice-President of the UNCTAD Trade and Development Board
1993 Chairman of the Coordinating Committee, World Intellectual Property
Organization, Geneva
1993 President of the Conference on Disarmament, Geneva
1992-1993 Special Coordinator and Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee on
Transparency in Armaments of the Conference on Disarmament
1996 Chairman of the Legal Working Group of the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty
negotiations in the Conference on Disarmament
1998 Special coordinator for the improved and effective functioning of the
Conference on Disarmament
1993-1995 Chairman of the GATT Committee on Trade and Development,
Chairman of the GATT Council of Representatives and Chairman of the GATT
Contracting Parties, Geneva
1992-1999 Deputy Leader of the Egyptian delegation to the International Labour
1996-1999 Leader of the Egyptian delegation to the Governing Council of
International Labour Organization
1996-1997 Chairman of the Government Group at the Governing Board of the
International Labour Organization
1997 Chairman of the Government Group at the International Labour Conference,
1997 Vice-President of the fifty-third session of the Commission on Human Rights,
1995-2001 Personal Representative of the President to the Group of 15 (G-15)
developing countries
United Nations expertise
2003-2005 Member of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary
Academic, research and public affairs institutions
2000- Member of the National Council for Women and Rapporteur of its Standing
Committee on Foreign Relations, Cairo
1995-2001 Member of the Board of Trustees of the United Nations Institute for
Training and Research
1995- Member of the Council of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law,
San Remo, Italy
1998- Member of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs, Cairo
1999- Member of the Alexandria chapter of the International Law Association,
1975- Member of the Egyptian Society for Economics, Statistics and Legislation,
1967- Member of the Egyptian International Law Society, Cairo
Published books in French on “L’Administration locale en Égypte”, and
“L’Association Internationale de Développment” and several articles in Arabic,
English and French in various periodicals on economic, legal, political and security
Order of the Republic, Egypt
Order of Merit, Egypt
Grand Chevalier de l’Ordre de la Couronne, Belgium
Commander of the Order of Alawi, Morocco