adventures for the adventurous



adventures for the adventurous
If you are an adventure-loving person
and at the same time you are eager to
find out something more about traditions of Slovakia, then this is the best
tour for you. In this busy five day tour,
you will experience water, ground and air
adrenaline together with Slovak cultural
traditions. Our tour is designed to get
you pumped and enable individuals and
groups to experience the best of Slovakia. Travellers and adrenaline junkies of
all ages can enjoy meeting like-minded
new people while seeing and experiencing life in beautiful new places.
DAY 1 Arrive at Bratislava or Vienna airport and then transfer to your hotel in
the heart of the city, you have some free time to enjoy your first day in Slovakia.
Overnight in Bratislava
DAY 2 Tour of Bratislava in the famous old-timer train “Presporacik”, in the afternoon RAFTING near Bratislava on wild water of channel Cunovo. Overnight stay
in Gaderska valley.
DAY 3 A full day of cycling in Gader valley, plus ROCK CLIMBING with a professional instructor. It is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced rock climbers. Overnight stay in Gaderska valley.
DAY 4 PARAGLIDING from one of the most popular spots in Central Europe
- Stranik hill, where you can enjoy beautiful views of Zilina and the nearby
villages. In the afternoon we will walk through the amazing passages and
canyons of Janosikove diery full of natural waterfalls, climb the special metal
ladders to see the stunning views of the birth place of the Slovak the national
hero Juraj Janosik, our ‘Robin Hood. There is a legend saying the Janosik´s
treasure is hidden there.
Overnight in Terchova.
DAY 5 Transfer to Bratislava where you will have free time to do some shopping & to spend your last few minutes in the beautiful city centre of Bratislava
until your departure and transfer to the airport.
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