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It’s Elementary!
The newest branch of AEA is already in the works
Who’s got Spirit?
How you can help shape AEA traditions
By Mali Gilbert
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By Kendall Irvin
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There has been a lot of hype
about the possibility of an
Albert Einstein Academy
primary school, but the dream
has never been this close to
becoming a reality. On
October 18, Dr. McDonnell
and about 20 A.E.A. parents
attended a presentation given
by Mr. Gika. The presentation
was centered on a petition for
the approval of an Albert
Einstein Academy for Letters,
Arts and Sciences elementary
school. On November 15, the
charter for the new school will
officially be approved or
denied by the district board.
According to Mr. Gika, the
principal of A.E.A., the new
elementary school will be very
similar to the middle and high
school. Like A.E.A‘s
middle/high school., the
elementary school will offer a
diverse selection of languages.
―It prepares them [elementary
students] for a smooth
transition into the junior high,‖
Mr. Gika stated.
In its founding year, the school
will offer a kindergarten
through third grade education.
One grade will be added each
year, until the school offers
grades K-6. So far, staff
members have not been
chosen for the new school,
but there have been
applicants for the position of
Mr. Gika confirmed that the
elementary school will be part
of the Saugus Union School
District, and that it will be
located as close to the middle
and high school as possible.
―Imagination is more
important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited.
Imaginations encircles the
world.‖-Albert Einstein
So far, AEA doesn‘t really
have a slogan, just
inspirational quotes from
the genius the school is
named after, Albert
Einstein. He graced us with
a legacy of intelligence that
runs throughout the world
and into our school. Yet,
with so much inspiration to
draw on, our school still
does not have an original
Another thing we don‘t
have is a school song that
all the students could learn
by heart and listen to at
pep rallies. One hit song,
―Written in the Stars‖ by
Tinie Tempah ft. Eric
Turner, is a viable option
because it relates to
rockets zooming through
the stars.
Some other songs, like
―Rocket Man‖ by Elton
John and ―I Believe I can
Fly‖ by R. Kelly might be
good choices for us, too.
Some students might
wonder what AEA‘s mascot
is. Again, the school has
not come to a decision
concerning the emblem
that should represent AEA.
The obvious answer would
be a rocket. But, given the
abundance of creativity
among AEA‘ students, we
might be able to think up
something more original,
like someone dressed up
as Albert Einstein, running
around with a chalkboard
writing down physics
Try thinking up some
interesting and creative
slogans, songs, and
mascots, and let us know
what you come up with!
Email your slogan, song, or
mascot suggestions to me
at [email protected]
How well do you know
Ms. Pasternak?
By Gabrielle Lewis
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The Man Behind the Desk
Meet Dr. McDonnell, AEA‘s busy vice principal
By Ali Soleimani
You may not yet be acquainted with a rather
mysterious and elusive member of the AEA faculty,
Dr. McDonnell. Most students don't know much about
him, other than the fact that he is the vice principal.
Here‘s a chance to get better acquainted with him.
Dr. Michael McDonnell went to UCLA for college and
grad school. He has two kids: Dylan, who is 14 and
Jennifer, who is almost 12. He enjoys photography,
music, traveling, and computers. He also enjoys many
sports, such as running, mountain biking, and surfing.
He has two dogs: a black lab named Bella, and a
chocolate lab named Otis. His favorite ice cream flavor
is Ben & Jerry's Phish Food or Cherry Garcia.
Before he came to our school, Dr. McDonnell taught
chemistry and biology for 20 years. He has been the
head of some schools and has worked for private
He has also coached football, track & field, and basketball.
He met Mr. Gika at Montclair Prep in 1989 while working
So, we know about his hobbies, but who do we never see
him? What does he do all day? Well, I went to his office to
find out just that. According to Dr. McDonnell, there is simply
too much work to be done, leaving him little time to step out of
the office. He is always solving problems, rearranging student
schedules, assisting teachers, managing school finances, and
monitoring the state reporting of the school.
Obviously, Dr. McDonnell is a very important part of our
school, and he is very happy to be here. He believes it is a
great opportunity to be involved in a brand new school and to
help create a new culture. Being involved in anything from the
beginning is a great privilege.
Ms. Pasternak is one of the
only founding members of the
AEA staff who still teaches
here, but how much do you
really know about her?
Ms. Pasternak teaches English
for seventh and eighth grade,
but her skill set extends
beyond the classroom. Ms.
Pasternak also teaches Latin
during seventh period and
supervises the school literary
magazine. She isn't married
and doesn‘t have any kids, but
in her free time she likes to
hike and bake her worldfamous brownies.
If you go into her classroom,
Room 7, you can see some
examples of her photography
on the walls.
Some students say she is
strict, but that isn‘t
necessarily a bad thing.
Strict doesn‘t mean cruel; it
just means that if you start
fooling around, she will not
tolerate it.
Last year, Ms. Pasternak led
a group of students to
Australia for AEA‘s first
People to People trip. She is
also the faculty advisor of
the Pickle Club.
As you can see, Ms.
Pasternak has many unique,
unexpected talents beyond
teaching English.
Volleyball Finishes Strong
Photo courtesy of Gerry Rodriguez
By Claire Jennings
After an eventful first season, AEA‘s high school
girls‘ volleyball team played in a round-robin
league tournament at Milken. This grueling
eight-hour competition featured seven other
teams, including Milken, Santa Clarita Christian,
and the Rockets‘ newly minted rivals from
After two impressive victories against New
Jewish Community High School and Pacifica,
and two close losses at the hands of Milken and
Santa Clarita Christian, the Lady Rockets moved
on to the consolation championships. In this
bracket, they placed second, putting the Rockets
at sixth overall.
The team was led by Sabrina Hinojosa, Jessie
Walkowiak, and Diana Posada. Sabrina earned
a spot on the All-Tournament Team (and a
trophy) for her outstanding performance. For
such a largely inexperienced team, AEA pulled
out an impressive finale to a season of
improvement. Many of this year‘s players are
planning on attending skill camps and playing
club in the off-season to prepare for another
victorious fall.
Sabrina Hinojosa slams the ball over to the Jaguars
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November 2011
Less is More?
The pros and cons of attending a small school
By Ali Soleimani
There are many ups and downs
to going to a relatively miniscule
charter school such as ours,
concerning matters both social
and academic.
A better quality education:
With such a small student body,
teachers do not have to
remember the names of 200+
students, so students get more
attention and feel a stronger
relationship with your teachers.
More field trips and other fun
activities: Given the current
state of the economy,
charter/private schools are
striving in comparison to their
public counterparts, where an
entire grade going on a field trip
is almost unheard of.
Easier to get around
campus: It sure is great to
have the principal's office just
a few feet away from your
classroom, whereas in bigger
schools reaching the
principal's office requires a
golf cart.
Less of a load to carry:
Students here are blessed
with indoor hallways and
lockers, but in bigger schools,
students are forced to carry
their textbooks and materials
all across the campus,
whatever weather there may
A sense of belonging: In a
large school, where
communication between
administration and students is
limited, the biggest taste of
school pride students
experience is at pep rallies.
At our school there is much
more communication and
students feel closer to the
Lack of friendships: Smaller
schools may have less of a
variety amongst students,
meaning it may be difficult for
certain students to make
Lack of relationships: The
faculty may not find this to be
such a drawback. Since grade
sizes are sharply reduced at a
small charter school, dating
options are also limited,
making it difficult for
relationships to emerge.
Fewer clubs/extracurricular
activities: Bigger schools
usually have more programs
and clubs, such as marching
band or ROTC, because they
have the facilities to host
From dating to education, there
are more pros than cons for
students attending small school.
Going to a charter school like
AEA is definitely the better
choice for most students.
Heated Debate
Photo courtesy of
Where do you stand in the global warming controversy?
Global Warming: The Real Deal
Times- and Temperatures-Change
By Gabrielle Lewis
By Claire Jennings
The Nuke
Editor in Chief
Claire Jennings
Staff Writers
Beatris Galvan
Mali Gilbert
Joseph Gilson
Daniel Gomez
Kendall Irvin
Gabrielle Lewis
Vaishnavi Mahajan
Elena Martinelli
Hunter Morris
Shalini Quattlebaum
Ali Soleimani
Photo courtesy of
Global warming isn't a
myth. It‘s a phenomenon
that exists in our world and
is caused by the
accumulation of carbon
dioxide gases and other air
pollution in Earth‘s
Pollution traps the sun's
heat like a blanket,
suffocating the Earth.
Automobiles produce about
1.5 billion tons of smog
annually, but power plants
are also large contributors
of greenhouse gasses.
Countries around the world
are noticing a steady
increase in temperature as
a result.
Over the past 50 years,
the average global
temperature has increased
at the fastest rate in
recorded history, and
experts think that rate is
accelerating; the 10 hottest
years on record have all
occurred since 1990.
Scientists say that unless
we curb greenhouse gas
emissions, the average
U.S. temperatures could be
3 to 9 degrees higher by
the end of the century.
Global warming is already
causing damage in many
parts of the United States.
In 2002, Colorado, Arizona
and Oregon endured their
worst wildfire seasons
ever, which may have been
due in part to Earth‘s rising
That same year, drought
created severe dust storms
in Montana, Colorado and
Kansas, and floods caused
hundreds of millions of
dollars in damage in Texas,
Montana and North
Dakota. Since the early
1950s, snow accumulation
has declined by 60 percent,
and winter seasons have
shortened in some areas of
the Cascade Range in
Oregon and Washington.
The impacts of global
warming are not limited to
the United States. In 2003,
extreme heat waves
caused more than 20,000
deaths in Europe and more
than 1,500 deaths in India.
And, in what scientists
regard as an alarming sign
of events to come, the area
of the Arctic's perennial
polar ice cap is declining at
a rate of 9 percent per
decade. All of these
repercussions are cause
for alarm, and to make
matters worse, the country
that is the largest source of
global warming pollution is
the United States. We have
caused most of this horrible
heat, and it‘s our job to
help clean it up.
Does global warming still
sound like speculation?
Photo courtesy of
Throughout Earth‘s history,
fluctuations in climate have
occurred. The Ice Age,
which took place
thousands of years ago
and resulted in a glaciercovered planet, obviously
gave way to warmer
temperatures. The National
Oceanographic and
Atmospheric Administration
have constructed graphs
that show a distinctly
repeating pattern of global
climate trends throughout
history. Scientists who
regard our current warming
trend as a result of manmade pollution seem to
have overlooked the
inherent normalcy of
fluctuating temperatures on
Another flaw in the global
warming theory is the
notion that carbon dioxide
is a ―harmful‖ gas. As
stated by F. Swemson on, ―CO2
is a beneficial trace gas
that exists in such small
quantities in our
atmosphere, that the idea
of it playing any significant
role in determining our
climate is simply silly. CO2
comprises less than half of
0.1% of our atmosphere,
and only 4% of it comes
from human activity.‖ As so
little of Earth‘s atmospheric
carbon dioxide is emitted
through human pollution,
it‘s hard to believe that our
activity is solely to blame
for climate change.
Adding to global warming‘s
incredibility is the fact that
even the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change
can not reach a consensus
in support or opposition of
the phenomenon‘s
existence. In Larry Bell‘s
article for, he
explained, ―Another lie
claims that there is a
consensus among climate
scientists that a known
man-made global warming
crisis exists. Official
statements to the contrary
presented by more than
650 international climaterelated experts who
presented contrary official
testimony recorded in a
2008 U.S. Senate minority
report suggest otherwise.
So do petitions signed by
more than 30,000 scientists
that have challenged
IPCC's 1995 procedures
and report
representations.‖ Global
warming is presented as
having the backing of the
entire scientific community,
whereas in actuality, it is
still a polarizing topic. Many
prominent researchers
question not only the logic
behind global warming as a
result of human activity, but
the integrity of such
research organizations as
the IPCC. Frederick Seitz,
the former president of the
U.S. Academy of Sciences,
Rockefeller University, and
the American Physical
society expressed his
skepticism: ―I have never
witnessed a more
disturbing corruption of the
peer review process than
events that led to this IPCC
A ―scientific claim‖ that
doesn‘t even have the
backing of prominent,
respected scientists? I
think I‘ll take my chances
and enjoy the warm
weather while it lasts.
Faculty Advisor
Mr. Erenberg
Letter from the
By Claire Jennings
Photo courtesy of
After an eventful October, the staff of the Nuke is
taking a step back to explore the more impactful
issues we as a nation-and a world-are confronted
with today. You‘ll find an enlightening debate
concerning the credibility of global warming‘s ties to
pollution. Elena Martinelli and Gabrielle Lewis‘s
insightful commentaries prove that this controversial
dilemma may not have a simple solution.
We also revisit Libya this month. Kendall Irvin
summarizes the Middle Eastern turmoil which has
continued to unfold in the past several weeks. New
to the Nuke‘s staff is Hunter Morris, whose report on
the NBA lockout will surely be of interest to our
school‘s professional basketball fans.
Local goings-on are covered in Ali Soleimani‘s latest
installment of Santa Clarita news. And for any
students who missed out on AEA‘s October
festivities, Mali Gilbert and Beatris Galvan are here
to help. You can find their recaps of the Oktoberfest,
Dance-a-Thon, and ice skating night on page four.
With Thanksgiving approaching quickly, we at the
Nuke are grateful for your readership and support.
On behalf of the entire staff, have a happy
Thanksgiving! And make sure to check out our little
gift to you, the December issue, which will be
published in a few weeks.
November 2011
Fall at AEA Brought more Treats than Tricks
From Monsters InCORPSErated to Oktoberfest to the Dance-a-Thon, students had a
packed social schedule
Ice Skating
Ben Montano takes off
The MPR, buzzing with activity (Photo courtesy of Mali Gilbert)
Students catch a sleeping break
The AEA school band performs…
Sam Zimmerman, Gabe Malka, Louie Mangilit, Josh Brooks,
Yaniev Parsay, Griff Scott, Tal Edelstein, Rachel Blazer, Dillon
Lutza, and Claire Jennings on ice
Rachel Caruthers, Dina Blazer and Jessica Horowitz feel the love
Quentin Bechtol with his winning pumpkin
(Photo courtesy of Mali Gilbert)
Casey Harkavy, Shalini Quattlebaum, Jesse Walkowiak,
Gaby Abreu, and Emma Bellamy
(Photo courtesy of Rachel Blazer)
Kaley Okasek, Taylor Zimmerman, Amy Edelstein, Makayla
Dempsey, Caroline Malka, Annie Anderson, Sarah Wexler, and
Harlie Monroe came in costume
… and so do Griff Scott, Jonathan Levite, Clay
Masoner, and Ben Montano
Mad Dog Game Truck opens for business
Spider webs, streamers, and balloons everywhere! (Photo
courtesy of Rachel Blazer)
Maya Kaplan and Taylor Camacho are ready to skate
(All ice skating photos courtesy of Rachel Blazer)
Christian Manzon, Louie Mangilit, and Dillon Lutza helped
man the soda pong booth (Photo courtesy of Rachel
Louie Mangilit and Dillon Lutza catch some zzz‘s (Photo
courtesy of Shalini Quattlebaum)
(All other Dance-a-Thon photos courtesy of Mali
November 2011
N A T I O N A L / W O R L D
Party Season
A recap of AEA‘s whirlwind fall
By Mali Gilbert and Beatris Galvan
AEA students gear up for ice skating (Photo courtesy of Rachel Blazer)
The streets are filled with fear and
excitement. Lights flicker as fog collects
overhead, and the ringing of doorbells
creeps eerily through the night air. The
hairs on our arms lift in terror from the
fright. Mysterious creatures follow you
through the night. This year‘s October
was a particularly spooky one for AEA
Spooky cupcakes at Oktoberfest (Photo
courtesy of Mali Gilbert)
Some of the activities were a bounce
house, face painting, and a bake sale,
among many other festive events. Loud
music burst through the halls, and
students were left to enjoy themselves
without teachers or parents telling them
what to do. There was also a pumpkin
carving contest won by Quentin Bechtol,
who carved his like a character from
―Corpse Bride.‖ Another notable entry in
the contest was an Albert Einstein
pumpkin. There was also a costume
contest, which drew a huge crowd of
well-dressed students.
On October 29th, from 9:30 - 11:30 pm,
students of AEA joined together at the
Valencia Ice Station, bringing friends
along to celebrate a spooky night.
Costumes weren‘t required but a lot of
people showed up dressed to bring
school ―spirits‖ to light. There were
ferocious creatures, superheroes, 80s
girls, and root-suited ghouls skating and
having a blast. It didn‘t matter whether
you were a horrible skater or a great one;
the night was full of fun.
The following Monday, we celebrated
Oktoberfest at school. ASB sold tickets
for activities and booths, and for the last
three hours of school students were free
to participate in plenty of ghoulish games.
This October was a great success and a
joyful event for AEA students. It was a
wonderful way to celebrate the season.
Monumental Changes for Libya
By Kendall Irvin
On October 20, 2011, Muammar Gaddafi
was captured and killed by Libyan rebels.
The dictator had been in charge of Libya for
decades, and now his reign has finally
ended. 69-year-old Gaddafi was the first
leader to be killed in the wave of uprisings
that are sweeping across the Middle East.
While U.S. troops attacked Gaddafi's
hometown, rebels searched the city for
Gaddafi. He was found in an abandoned
building, and over 400 rebels took part in an
attack on the building. Gaddafi was
captured, and sustained many wounds.
He was put in an ambulance, but died en
route to the nearest hospital. Gaddafi was
buried in a secret desert location, to prevent
his grave from becoming a shrine to any
remaining followers.
With Gaddafi dead, the rebels have met
little resistance in their takeover of Libya.
However, they are still disorganized, and
there are already signs of infighting. Before
Gaddafi's death, there was a lot of dispute
between those who wanted him alive and
those who wanted to kill him. Now that the
rebels have fulfilled their primary objective,
how will they shape Libya?
What form of government will rise from Gadafi‘s ashes?
Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of
Santa Clarita Prepares for the Holidays
By Ali Soleimani
―During this time of giving
thanks, this provides the
perfect opportunity for
people to express
appreciation for their good
health and help those less
fortunate,‖ said Rashida
Soni, MD, medical director
pathology and laboratory
-A 63-foot tall Californiagrown Christmas tree is
headed for the U.S. Capitol
and is making a stop in
Santa Clarita! For those
who are interested, it will
be at the Saugus
Speedway on Soledad
Canyon Road in Canyon
Country on Saturday,
November 12th from 10
AM to 2 PM. U.S.
Congressman Buck
McKeon and Santa Clarita
Mayor Marsha McLean will
be overseeing the event.
There will be many
activities and plenty of
entertainment, such as a
performance by the
Valencia High School Choir
and ornament making.
-In honor of Thanksgiving,
Henry Mayo Hospital will
be hosting the annual ―Pie
for a Pint‖ event on
Thursday, November 17,
from 7 AM to 7 PM at the
HMNMH/COC Clinical
Education Center on the
hospital campus.
Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of
-The Santa Clarita Valley
Emergency Winter Shelter
invites the city to a comedy
fundraiser and an open
house a week before
opening its doors to the
needy on Dec. 1. The
fundraiser will feature
comedian Michael Loftus
and two special guests on
November 27 at the
Blessed Kateri Catholic
Church, 22508 Copper Hill
Drive, Saugus 91350.
Tickets cost $20 and the
show starts at 6:30 pm.
To purchase tickets go to and
search ―winter shelter‖ or
call (714) 510-6972. This
event was designed to
generate the money
needed to keep the shelter
going this winter, and to
provide people with basic
―As Santa Clarita‘s
homeless population
grows, the demand to meet
the basic needs of our
homeless guests has
become more challenging,‖
said Tim Davis, executive
director of the Santa Clarita
Community Development
The Winter Shelter open
house will be on November
30 from 5:30 PM to 7:30
PM on the shelter grounds
at 23031 Drayton Street,
Newhall 91321, off
Railroad Avenue. Board
members will be giving
tours and answering
questions. ―This is a great
opportunity for anyone who
has yet to see our Drayton
Street location or anyone
who is interested in
learning more about Santa
Clarita‘s homeless
services,‖ Davis said. ―We
want everyone to feel
welcome to stop by for any
amount of time. We have a
demanding year ahead of
us and we want to invite
the community into the
rewarding work we do
November 2011
What’s Cooking, Frankie?
Off the Air
Bridgeport restaurant serves up Italian classics
What‘s happening to beloved Disney shows?
By Daniel Gomez
By Shalini Quattlebaum
If you‘re ever craving good
Italian food in Santa
Clarita, Frankie‘s is a safe
bet. Frankie‘s is a New
York Italian restaurant on
Newhall Ranch Road next
to CPK. They are very well
known for their clam and
oyster bar as well as their
pastas, lobster, lasagna,
and osso bucco. You can
order off of Frankie‘s lunch
menu everyday from 11:30
AM to 4 PM, and the
restaurant serves dinner
from 4 PM to 10 PM. On
Saturday and Sunday,
Frankie‘s has a breakfast
menu in the morning before
lunch starts. And Frankies‘
happy hour starts every
day at 4 P.M.
When you enter Frankie‘s,
you will be greeted by a
warm black and red interior
and flat screen TVs playing
ESPN, as well as Frank
Sinatra-style music. The
atmosphere of the
restaurant is vivid and
Photo courtesy of
They have patio seating, for when you want
to enjoy your meal outside, and a bar. The
big booths add privacy to each table; the
restaurant also looks much bigger on the
inside than it actually is. The appetizers are
great, especially the calamari. The oysters
are delicious, and are probably some of the
best in Santa Clarita. I went to Frankie‘s
during lunchtime and had a chicken
Parmesan sandwich and a sausage and
pepper sandwich. Both were served on a
baguette and were scrumptious. The food
was not pricey and the service was great. I
give Frankie‘s a Wolf It Down rating of 4 and
a half howls out of five.
Visit Frankie‘s at: 24025 Newhall Ranch
Road, Valencia, CA
Match Set
Explore ―Matched‖, a new, addictive fiction series
By Vaishnavi Mahajan
The new book series
Matched, by Ally Condie,
may just fill the void that
Twilight‘s conclusion left on
your bookshelf. It‘s a great
read if you like conflict,
romance, and adventure!
The first book of the series
is Matched. According to
reviews of the novel,
―Matched takes place in the
Society, where Officials
decide everything: who you
love, where you work,
when you die. The main
character, Cassia, has
always trusted the Officials‘
choices. Putting the
decisions in their hands is
a small price to pay for a
long life, the perfect job,
and the ideal mate. When
her best friend appears on
the Matching screen,
Cassia knows with
complete certainty that he
is the one… until she sees
another face flash for an
instant before the screen
fades to black. Now Cassia
is faced with impossible
choices: between Xander
and Ky, between the only
life she‘s known and a path
no one else has ever dared
follow — between
perfection and passion.‖
Interesting, right? Crossed
is the sequel to Matched,
and it builds on the drama
and intrigue of its
predecessor. As one
reviewer explained,
―In search of a future that
may not exist and faced
with the decision of whom
to share it with, Cassia
journeys to the Outer
Provinces in pursuit of Ky –
who has been taken by the
Society to his certain death
- only to find that he has
escaped, leaving a series
of clues in his wake.
Cassia's quest leads her to
question much of what she
holds dear, even as she
finds glimmers of a
different life across the
border. But as Cassia
nears resolve and certainty
about her future with Ky, an
invitation for rebellion, an
unexpected betrayal, and a
surprise visit from Xander who may hold the key to
the uprising and, still, to
Cassia's heart - change the
game once again. Nothing
goes as expected on the
edge of Society, where
crosses and double
crosses make the path
more twisted than ever.‖
Photo courtesy of
Lately, many shows have
been taken off the air
because of an actor‘s poor
decisions. It‘s disappointing
for viewers, as many of
their favorite programs are
being cut. More and more
shows are either ending or
are being removed early.
Miley Cyrus starred in a
show called ―Hannah
Montana.‖ Her show ran for
four years, and this year
was her last season. This
Disney comedy was
definitely a great show for
people of all ages. Now
that Miley Cyrus is
nineteen, she is taking on
more adult responsibilities
and wants to be treated like
an adult. After wrapping
―Hannah Montana,‖ Miley
Cyrus is receiving more
adult acting jobs and trying
to construct a more mature
Demi Lovato starred in a
show called ―Sonny with a
Chance.‖ Her show aired
on the Disney Channel for
about a year before it was
cancelled. The reason for
the cancellation was that
Demi Lovato had been
cutting herself. She made
the decision to enter rehab.
She said that throughout
her life, she had been
emotionally depressed.
Photo courtesy of
Many fans of ―Sonny with a
Chance‖ are hoping that
when she solves her
personal problems, she will
be able to finish her show,
but so far it seems an
unlikely prospect…‖It made
sense for me to go ahead
and leave the show to
focus on my music… It‘s
kind of sad for me that a
chapter of my life has
ended but there couldn‘t be
a better time for me to
move on… I don‘t think
going back to Sonny would
be healthy for my recovery.
Being in front of a camera
would make me nervous,‖
Demi Lovato stated.
Dylan and Cole Sprouse
starred in a Disney channel
show called ―Sweet Life
with Zack and Cody.‖ They
then changed the name of
the program to ―Sweet Life
on Deck‖ in a later season.
The actors are twin
brothers. They have both
graduated high school and
now are starting college.
With this development,
their show‘s run has ended.
The last episode of the
―Sweet Life on Deck‖ aired
this year. Now both Dylan
and Cole Sprouse have
moved onto bigger and
better things in their life,
like pursuing a college
Star-Crossed Romance
A refresher course on Hollywood‘s power couples
By Shalini Quattlebaum
Photo courtesy of
In case you aren‘t caught
up on Hollywood romance,
take a look at what
happens when the stars
1. Beyonce and Jay-Z are
well known as the ultimate
couple. They have been
together for a very long
time. So far, their
relationship is successful
and they have taken their
love to the next level.
Beyonce is now pregnant
with Jay-Z‘s son and is due
to give birth later this year.
Photo courtesy of
Will Cassia run into trouble with the Society?
Will Xander betray Cassia despite being her
best friend and match? The answers to all
of these questions lie in the second book!
One avid reader of the series commented,
―After reading ‗Matched,‘ I can‘t wait until I
read ‗Crossed‘! The life of Cassia is sooo
hard and I found it so wrong that the society
was using her as an experiment. I mean,
like, seriously! Playing with someone‘s
perfect life is terrible, especially their love
life. Nevertheless I love this book. I would
tell anyone who hates or loves books to read
this!‖ ~ Vaishnavi Mahajan
Matched and Crossed are available iBooks,
Kindle, audio tape, and in the library! Check
out the official Matched website for an
2. Kristen Stewart and
Robert Pattinson are two
stars that any Twilight fan
would recognize. They
have finished filming the
Twilight Saga and are now
officially a couple. The two
talented actors have
earned several awards for
their performances in the
popular vampire movies.
Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of
3. Johnny Depp and
Vanessa Paradis have
been a happy couple for
thirteen years. They have
two children. They also
have their own island and
their own yacht.
Despite the pressures of
fame and fortune, all of
these happy couples have
managed to maintain
stable, fulfilling
relationships. It just goes to
show you that when the
stars pair up, sparks fly!
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