soundings - Clinton River Boat Club


soundings - Clinton River Boat Club
Clinton River Boat Club
Established 1940
Lat. 42° 33.69’ N
Long. 82° 40.75’ W
March 2014
w w w. c l u b i s l a n d . o r g
“View from the Crow’s Nest”
By Commodore Bruce Reichmann
Imagine a warm breeze off the Middle Channel, the sun shining,
boats cruising by, kids playing at the beach, or a colorful sunset.
What would you be doing on the Island? Maybe you would be
si ng with friends enjoying cocktails and/or dinner, watching
your kids at the Playscape or playing a game of Euchre or Dominoes in the Clubhouse.
At this point, the “Polar Vortex of 2014” is a distant memory, like a fuzzy bad dream.
Island Opening is a month away! I hope you are planning to join us there and are as
anxious to make it happen as we are. I am also hoping that “Mother Nature”
cooperates and we have decent weather and calm waters. If Island Opening is in your
plans, please contact Gary Kirrkamm. He will be arranging transporta6on and already
has lined up Jim and Jennifer Wesenberg’s famous chili to keep us warm and happy.
A9er our Island has been inspected for any winter damage, repairs and projects can be
finalized. P/C Bill Whitley and the Detroit Edison Engineering Staff are working to
resolve the power distribu6on issues on Club Island.
I appreciate all the dedicated, hard-working members who are doing what needs to be
accomplished to keep our paradise a func6oning reality.
Diane and I hope that you enjoyed the Commodores’ Ball. For those who could not
a?end, photos are posted on our website. We want to thank P/C Fred and Joyce Bane,
Don and Debra Kersey and Tim and Lynn Mikolajczyk for all that they did to make it a
spectacular evening for us. A huge round of THANKS also to Dennis Miller for singing
our Na6onal Anthem, to Valerie Miller for giving the Invoca6on and to Eric Ternullo for
taking photos. Lynn and Shannon Mikolajczyk did a tremendous job ringing the bell for
Past Commodores and Flag Officers. Debra Kersey brought us beau6ful flowers and
corsages from Viviano’s Florist. Thank you, all!
Think Spring! Think “Island Opening” and a Wonderful Year together. I hope to see you
Island Opening is April 12th!
“View from the Crow’s Nest” continued on page 2
March 2014
Page 2
View from the Crow’s Nest” FYI:
At the March Board of Directors
Mee6ng, replacement of exis6ng Ground Rule number 8 was approved by the Board of
Ground Rule 8 currently reads as follows:
“Bonfires in firepits within 2 feet of seawall only and with wind blowing away from boats.
Use extreme care with grills, protect grass and tables from, grease, etc.”
Replacement of exis6ng Ground Rule number 8 was approved by the Board of Directors:
New Rule A:
“Bonfires, campfires, or open fires of any type may only be conducted by adult members using propane
(LPG) fueled firepits, and only those firepits provided by the Club may be used on Club Island. Only
propane cylinders provided by the Club may be used. Firepits may only be used with the approval of a
Flag Officer or Fleet Captain, and only at a loca*on approved in advance by such Flag Officer or Fleet
Captain. Club sanc*oned events and maintenance opera*ons are excluded from this rule.”
New Rule B:
“Barbeque grills are provided by the Club for the shared use of adult members, and using only propane
fuel provided by the Club. Members must use extreme care when using grills to assure the safety of
others, avoid damage to picnic tables from hot pans and utensils, and to avoid spilling of grease on the
lawn and picnic tables. For the protec*on of children and pets, chicken bones, rib bones, and refuse of
other types are not to be dropped on the lawn. Propane cylinder valves are to be turned off when use of
the grill is completed to prevent leaks.”
“Fair Winds and Following Seas”
Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, April 9th
All Members are invited to attend.
Juliano’s Restaurant
27380 Van Dyke
(I-696 & 11 Mile Rd), Warren
Order from the Menu and Cash Bar
Meeting begins at 7 PM
Island Opening
Saturday, April 12th
See You There!!!
For only $15 (50% discount on BoatUS Membership
dues), members of the Clinton River Boat Club will
have access to over 26 BoatUS benefits and
services, including :
On-the-water and on-the-road towing service
Low cost marine insurance
Discounts at West Marine
Discounts on fuel, repairs and transient slips at
over 900 marinas.
Members may join or renew their BoatUS
Membership using the CRBC Group Code:
GA 83705 B
If you have any questions, please contact
P/C William K. Whitley, Sr.
@[email protected]
March 2014
Grounds and Maintenance Report
From the desk of Gary Kirrkamm
It is the middle of March and the weather in
Michigan is still confused!! Although we are
still planning for Island Opening on April 12th,
there is a possibility that it will be delayed,
depending on the ice in the harbor and
availability of boats to transport people. Any
change in the date will be communicated
through a mass e-mail to the members. As the
date approaches, please check your e-mail for
any updates.
Prior to Opening Day a few members are
going to attempt to visit the island to check on
the buildings and docks.
We are moving forward with plans for installing
the cement floor in the pump house. A
member has generously offered his expertise
and equipment for this project. Materials for
the pump house floor will be delivered to a
Clinton River location for transportation to the
island. There are some minor plumbing and
electrical tasks to be completed in the pump
house before the floor can be installed. After
that is finished we will secure a date to work
on the floor.
Once again, we are looking for volunteers to
transport members to the island for Opening
Day. Please let me know if you will have a
boat available and are able to assist with this.
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the
Island. Thanks, in advance, for your support
now and throughout the summer. Please feel
free to contact me at
[email protected]
Page 3
On behalf of the CRBC
Membership, the Flag Officers
and Board of Directors wish to
offer their condolences to Butch
and Jane Henderson and their
family for the death of Jane’s
Dear Father, John Phelan. Mr.
Phelan passed away on March 2nd. The family
requests that donations be made to the St.
Vincent de Paul Society at St. Thomas More
Church in Troy or the Beaumont Foundation, 3601
W. Thirteen Mile Road, Royal Oak, MI 48073.
Check out the Photo Gallery at
P/C Rob Leonetti and Rob Grant took
photos of Club Island while flying in Rob
Grant’s Helicopter last summer. The photos
are posted in the 2nd album in the Photo
March 2014
Page 4
Entertainment Report
From the Desk of Chris Nevison,
Rear Commodore, Entertainment Chairman
The Entertainment Schedule was published in the
February Soundings and is also available for
viewing on the front page of the website at
The only thing missing from the itinerary is YOU!
I can’t stress enough the importance of Member
participation is to the success of the Entertainment
The Flag Officers have seriously considered the
feedback received from the member survey.
Adjustments are being made based on your
suggestions through all of the operations of the
This year’s Entertainment Schedule is a direct
result of your comments and the commitment this
year is to make you more than dinner…it is to
make memories.
The first big event will be the Annual Diva Party
hosted by Valerie Miller over the Memorial Day
Weekend. There will also be a Gentlemen’s
Gathering featuring Scotch and Cigar Sampling
hosted by Steve Nikkel. This party is no small
undertaking, requiring the coordination of 20
vendors and the logistics to get them to and from
Club Island. So please show your Chairpersons
support by making an appearance and support the
vendors...have a mimosa…get a massage...paint
your toenails…buy some wine...sip some scotch…
smoke a cigar. Come up to the clubhouse for a
little pampering. You deserve it because life is
hard, but not on Club Island.
To host a table at the Divas and Gents Party,
contact Valerie Miller at [email protected]
Thanks and see you at the island.
[email protected]
Please submit articles
for publication in the
SOUNDINGS prior to
the 2nd Wednesday of
each month.
Beverly Lathrop, SOUNDINGS Editor
Email: soundingsedi [email protected]
Memorial Day Weekend
Party in the Clubhouse
Sunday, May 25th
10:30am - 2pm
Ladies, pamper yourselves get accessorized
and fantasticated at the Diva Party! Enjoy
fresh fruit and Mimosas! You say you need
a getaway? Well, forget the Calgon! Have a
therapeutic massage to take you away.
Now refreshed, feeling adventurous? Get a
Mani/Pedi with hot pink or chartreuse polish
to liven things up! Want some new BLING?
We’ve got you covered with an assortment
of handmade jewelry, hair accessories and
cosmetics to complement the new you!
Browse the Island Store for the latest in
fashion and be sure to see the Wine Vendor
on the way out. He has the answer to
extending the party past 2pm!
Gentlemen, come join the ladies in the
clubhouse at noon. Those of us still with
some change in our pockets will be
congregating to enjoy a sampling of
Scotches. After a brief education of the finer
whiskies, with palettes satisfied by a chosen
flavor, we will migrate outside to take in
some cigars, talk boats and tell fish stories.
Joe Ternullo, Database
requests that personal information,
such as address, phone and email
address changes, be forwarded to
him to maintain updated
information in the CRBC database.
Contact Joe at (586) 468-4366 or
[email protected]
March 2014
Page 5
Going on Vacation?
Cruising the Caribbean?
Skiing the Scenic Mountain
Resorts of Colorado or the
Canadian Rockies?
Wine-tasting in California?
Deep Sea Fishing in
the Pacific Ocean?
Or a trip to Europe?
Aboard !
The 2014 CRBC Flag Officers and Board of Directors proudly welcome our newest Member:
Richard A. Rozewicz and his wife, Sarah who
reside in Harrison Township.
Paid Boating Members stands at 140.
***Please note that Membership Applications MUST
be completed in FULL and Legible, as well as signed by
the Applicant, Sponsor, 2 Endorsers, a Director and a
Flag Officer.
Take a photo displaying the Burgee and
send it to the Soundings Editor with
names, date, and place to be posted in the
Email: [email protected]
Dick and Carole Bania, Linda and Duane
Schachinger, and Diane and Commodore
Bruce Reichmann enjoyed lunch together
while on vacation.
Where did they get that CRBC Burgee?
Bev and Phil Grigal chose Jamaica as their
destination to escape from the Polar Vortex
of 2014!
March 2014
Page 6
ABYA March 2014 Meeting
(submitted by P/C Robert A. Leonetti, Delegate)
The March ABYA Meeting was held at Jefferson Yacht Club in St. Clair
Shores. The JYC Clubhouse is quite a nice place, and their chef serves
a great meal. If you have an opportunity, make a reservation for
dinner and take advantage of their hospitality.
The guest speaker was Amanda Oparka. She is the program coordinator for the Clinton River
Watershed Council (CRWC). The Mission Statement of CRWC is “to protect, enhance, and
celebrate the Clinton River, its watershed, and Lake St. Clair.”
Basically, the CRWC works with individuals, groups and communities to protect and improve the
health of the Clinton River. They do this with programs such as Adopt-a-Stream, which is
similar to the Adopt–a-Highway program. They lobby local communities to address the river,
and organize recreational activities. Check out their website at
Their most important event is the annual ABYA Sponsored Clinton River Clean-Up. Logs and
debris are removed from the Clinton River and the mouth of the river leading out to Lake St.
Clair. The Clinton River Clean-Up will be held on Saturday May 3rd. If you are interested in
participating, please let me know.
Unfortunately, no one from the CRBC attended the Annual ABYA Spring Rendezvous in Midland this
year. The CRBC figured we’d let other clubs have a chance at winning the annual Euchre tournament!
Some other ABYA events that are on the horizon:
* ABYA General Membership Meeting - April 7th, 2014
* ABYA Sponsored Clinton River Clean-Up - May 3rd, 2014
* ABYA Sponsored Pride of Michigan Open House - May 3rd, 2014
The ABYA strives to promote charity and camaraderie within the 30 affiliated Boats Clubs. These goals are
accomplished by donating funds to the Tri-County Marine Sheriff Divisions and the Sea Cadets. The ABYA
is a 501©(3) non-profit corporation. The website is
CRBC New Members
Cocktail Party
Saturday, May 24th
6PM in the Clubhouse
Members: Please bring a Hot or Cold Appetizer
to share
March 2014
Page 7
Boner of the Year Award
Boater Of The Year Award
The Clinton River Boat Club Boater of the Year Award
recognizes and honors an individual who has
contributed to the Club Island boating community.
The Clinton River Boat Club Boner of the Year Award
recognizes and honors a member that has committed a
boating-related action that has resulted in a less than
desired outcome!
This year’s recipient, Matthew Schaden, displayed
outstanding generosity during the Labor Day weekend,
transporting an injured child to the mainland for
emergency treatment.
This year the Boner of the Year Award goes to Jeffrey
Laethem for losing the Boston Whaler Tender from
the swim platform of his 56’ Sea Ray in the Middle
Talia Sokolitz, 9 year old daughter of Christa and
David Sokolitz, was brought to the “Liberty” by her
parents to have Annmarie Schaden, First Aid Director,
look at her thumb that had been crushed between their
boat and the piling. Talia needed to be taken directly to
a trauma hospital as quickly as possible.
Jeff’s plan was to take a leisurely ride from his family’s
cottage on Harsens Island near Minnich’s to Club
Island. Knowing this was going to be slow ride, he did
not secure the Tender securely.
The Sokolitz’ said they had a boat readily available to
transport Talia to the Clinton River and would have a
family member take them to St. John Hospital.
Matt and Gene Schaden saw the Sokolitz family
leaving the harbor in a small boat. Matt, comprehending
the urgency of Talia’s arrival to the trauma center,
insisted that he would run them across the lake in his
24' Edgewater. Matt and Gene chased after the Sokolitz
family, calling them back to the harbor wall. They pulled
their boat next to Matt's, transferred onto his boat and
proceeded to the GPYC.
Simultaneously, phone calls
were being made for the
change in plans and an
ambulance and police escort
were waiting at the Grosse
Pointe Yacht Club.
Talia was transported to St.
John Hospital where a surgical
team was awaiting her arrival
and she was transferred
directly to the OR.
The actions taken by all involved that day helped lead to
a full recovery for Talia.
Upon seeing friends from the club returning from dinner
on their center console, Jeff decided to get the Sea Ray
up on plane. The Whaler was swiftly caught in the wake
of Jeff’s Sea Ray and washed away doing flips in the
Middle Channel.
Unaware of this, Jeff continued on to Club Island.
Seeing all of this unfold in front of them, fellow club
members in the center console rescued the Whaler.
The Boston Whaler lived up to the unsinkable Whaler
legend; the rescuers arrived and the boat was still in an
upright position, yet completely filled with water.
The life jackets, cushions, and fuel tank were all floating
in the boat, but the motor fired right up! The Whaler was
brought back to its owner.
Back at the club, Jeff told the story of leaving his dock
prior to the incident. He recalled making the decision
not to secure the tender because his plan was to simply
idle to the CRBC and idle back……
March 2014
Page 8
Ads are limited to nautical items. All ads must be placed by a CRBC member and
have a CRBC member contact. Please submit your ad to the Soundings Editor prior
to the 2nd Wednesday of each month ([email protected])
Boats for Sale
1995 10’ Zeppelin Hard Bottom Inflatable - 9.9HP
Gamefisher Outboard by Chrysler/Force sold by Sears.
Includes cover, oars, foot pump. Low hours, runs great. Tune
up in 2011. Contact Dave Charon @ (586) 675-8732 or
[email protected]
MAKO 1989 231 Center Console 225Hp Evinrude Purchased from original owner in 2004. Light weekend use for
swimming and anchoring at CRBC. Winter heated storage.
Recent Upgrades: Significant outboard work by local dealer &
runs strong, VC-17, Black Bimini and full canvas, Clarion
Stereo/amp &Sub, Icom VHF, Garmin GPS, Trailer, Teak
stripped and 8 coats of Epiphane varnish, Please contact
David Schaden @ (248) 766-6014
1992 Sea Ray Sundancer 290 - Clean boat. Runs great.
Professionally maintained. 600 hours on single 454. $21,000.
Call Terry Hogan (586) 703-3541
1992 Powerquest 290 FX Enticer - Twin 7.4 bravo 1,
approx. 700 hrs, new Vinyl in 2010, Bimini, Refrigerator, Shore
power, Porta-potty, new Mooring Cover 2012, well- kept,
Trailer stored, includes 2012 all aluminum 10,500gvw tri-axel
Trailer. $ 22,500. Contact Dan @(248) 628-3400
1984 Sea Ray 34” Sundancer - “Blue Agave”, Professionally
maintained and extremely clean; Camper top with screens,
heat/AC, radar, refrigerator, cook top, dinette, microwave,
stereo/CD payer, wash-down pump and custom teak work;
kept in heated winter storage. Twin Crusader 350s recently
tuned and running well. Asking $26,000. Contact Mike or
Sherry Nowakowski @(248) 651-1382 or (248) 953-0588
According to the National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Great
Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory,
about 94% of Lake Superior, the world largest
fresh water lake, is covered with ice. This ship
is frozen in port in Lake Superior.
1999 3430 Sea Ray Sun Dancer - Twin 7.4 MPI Mercruisers,
remote control windlass, A/C, RL 70CRC 7” Color Chart
Plotter, Davits, wash down pump, VHF Ship to Shore, Camper
top with screens, remote spotlight, 22” HD TV, ice maker,
Radar, new cockpit carpet, freshwater wash down, Raymarine
Tridata. One owner. Asking $79,000. Contact Dennis Agusti @
(586) 777-1426 or [email protected]
1994 Mainship 47’ - Detroit Diesels. This is a very nice
Club Island boat. $150,000 to club members. Contact Bud
Westenfelder @ (352) 751-6361 or (248) 941-1551
Nautical Items For Sale
50a/240v, 50’Electric Cable - $250. Contact Franz Forster
(313) 885-0757.
1994 9.9 Evinrude Remote (Kicker) for sale - Great
condition. Painted black. Runs great. Cable and throttle
included. $750.Tom Gebeck @ [email protected] or
(313) 418-8999
Sea Watch Portable Satellite Receiver with cable, barely
used. $100 - Tom Gebeck @ [email protected] or
(313) 418-8999
Sightseers trek across a frozen expanse of
Lake Superior to the sea caves of the Apostle
Island National Lakeshore.

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