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 The Duende Cycle.
Two shows. Two languages. In repertory.
Dos obras. Dos idiomas. En repertorio.
Tanaquil Márquez and Eliana Fabiyi present The Duende Cycle.
Two stories of resistance and empowerment.
Physical, reimagined, told with duende.
The plays:
Bodas de Sangre by Federico García Lorca
Spanish and English, with subtitles.
Miami, 2016. A young bride abandons her groom on her wedding day and runs off with her lover
into the forest. Horrified, the mother of the groom orders the town to hunt them down. Tragedy
ensues when the moon above and death personified intervene.
I Only Came to Use the Phone inspired by a short story by Gabriel García Márquez.
Barcelona, 1973. When Maria drives home on a rainy afternoon, her car breaks down outside the
city. Desperate to relay the message to her unsuspecting husband, she agrees to a ride from a bus
with the promise that there will be a phone at their destination. Upon arrival, however, she is caught
in a web of confusion and mistaken for a patient in what she comes to realize is an asylum.
Performances located @
Asian Arts Initiative, 3rd Floor | 1219 Vine St. | Philadelphia, PA 19107
September –
16th, 8pm
17 , 8pm
Bodas de Sangre
I Only Came to Use the Phone
18 th, 2pm Bodas de Sangre
I Only Came to Use the Phone
Bodas de Sangre
18 , 7pm
20 , 7pm
21 th, 7pm I Only Came to Use the Phone
Jose Aviles
Sanchel Brown
Eliana Fabiyi
Kelly Filios
Sidney Gantt
Ezekiel Jackson
Julia Lopez
Sol Madariaga
Aneesa Neibauer
Yajaira Paredes
Shelvy Paredes-Parrales
Veronica Ponce de Leon
Joshua Tewell